[Actu] Les serveurs légendaires Shadowfax et Treebeard montent de niveau, le PvP et les Landes d'Etten en embuscade

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Kaels a publié le 27 juin 2022 cette actualité sur le site Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online :

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(Très vieille image d'illustration les vrais savent)
Lors de la maintenance hebdomadaire de ce mercredi les serveurs légendaires Shadowfax et Treebeard bénéficieront d'une mise à jour.
Ainsi le niveau maximum sur notre serveur "entique" de Treebeard arrivera à 65 alors que son ami plus rapide Shadowfax (Gripoil) sautera lui au niveau 100.
du PvMP dans les tuyaux !
On a pas encore de date bien arrêtée mais le serveur de test Bullroarer devrait lui aussi cette semaine (ou...

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Le PvP Monstre devient gratuit !
Orion vient d'annoncer quelques nouveautés impactant le PvP lors de la sortie future de la MàJ 33.1

Le PvP Monstre devient gratuit pour tous et toutes les classes y sont accessibles.
Toutes les classes commenceront avec 8 compétences, les rangs sont ramenés à 5 pour débloquer les skills.
Le maximum de citations passe à 20 000. De nouvelles tâches et prouesses ont été ajoutées.

Concernant l'audace, elle comprend maintenant 36 rangs.
Le magasin va s'agrémenter de nouvelles compétences raciales et de classe ainsi que de nouvelles apparences.

Il ne sera plus possible de tagguer via le soin en dehors des communautés / raids.

Le message d'Orion :

In the three months since I teased changes to Monster Play, I went quiet, head down, and hands on keyboard, and while not everything I wanted to do is complete, I do have some items to share about the changes coming to the Ettenmoors! The Ettenmoors occupies a niche role. It is not and never will be the focal point of the game. It is, however, an important piece of the greater whole that sets The Lord of the Rings: Online apart from other MMOs. Monster Play is at a crossroads. We need to solidify its place in the game and give it every opportunity to thrive before making a final decision on how it might be supported moving forward.

Finding Monster Play’s future role in the game is not easy. Not every player is invested in the experience, some flat-out recoil at the mention of PvMP, but those that engage deeply in the experience have done so, loyally, for a very, very long time. After many conversations with Raninia and Severlin, the direction I wanted to take became clearer. The intent with the upcoming changes is to supply support to Monster Play to ensure that it still is another reason to keep playing and a reason to come back.

The changes that follow are all made with these goals in mind.

Monster Play is Free to All

First, Monster Play is going free to all players. Continuing the success of our 15th Anniversary, once you gain level two on any Free Peoples player character, just return to the character generation screen and make any Monster Player character you want. Want to make a Defiler? Free. Warleader? Free. All PvMP classes are free upon reaching level two!

Monster Player Classes Updated

Now that we are making the PvMP classes free, we need to make the classes more accessible and viable at the outset, meaning changes to the initial skill loadouts for all monster classes. The changes focus on providing a better spread of skills more indicative of class gameplay. Each class now starts with eight skills, giving them a better interaction against Freeps.

Rank requirements- while still an important aspect of monster advancement- for Monster Player skills are reduced to a max Rank of five for all Monster Classes. This change should make it easier to attain a fully realized Monster Player character.

To further incentivize Monster Play, we are adjusting the first quests and accomplishments to reward the ‘Map to Gramsfoot’ - a necessity in the Monster Player experience - and adding updated accomplishment rewards to provide Monster Players with four items that grant a rank of Audacity each.

We’ve also increased the amount of ‘Commendations’ an account can carry to 20,000 and added a set of tasks unique to defeating enemies throughout the Ettenmoors to inspire more battles.

Audacity Changes

Audacity has been reimagined and made more important than ever! Each side in the Ettenmoors now has 36 Ranks of Audacity. Free Players get Audacity through the acquisition of gear, including a new set of armour and jewellery available for ‘Commendations’ at Glân Vraig. Monster Players earn Ranks of Audacity by spending ‘Commendations’ at their Corruptors within Gramsfoot.

Because of the reliance and necessity of Audacity, we have reduced the cost to train Audacity from Ranks 1-24. The reduction reflects the need to move to Rank 25 quickly, overcoming the negative impact to outgoing damage and increased incoming damage. At Rank 25 Audacity, all players reach parity and break even with neither bonus nor negative impact. From 26 to 36, there are incremental gains improving the outgoing damage and reducing incoming damage.

Moving forward, you will need Audacity to survive in the Ettenmoors, and to augment that need we have added new tinctures that increase Audacity by 5 Ranks for 60 minutes of real-time. Tinctures be acquired for either ‘Commendations’ or Mithril Coins at barter NPCs found at the respective main bases. These tinctures stack to ten and have a cooldown of 60 minutes to match their duration. The tinctures are not bound by your Rank in PvMP.

Store Updates

We are adding new racial, class skill, and corruption bundles to the store at a reduced cost to encourage new Monster Players.

And for the discerning elder Monster Players, we are adding a new appearance for each Monster Player Class!

Heal Tagging is Removed

Lastly, the practice known as “heal tagging” is gone. Players outside of fellowship or raids no longer earn infamy/renown or ‘Commendations’ when healing a player who defeated an opponent in the Ettenmoors. To get recognition for the defeat, a player must deal at least 2% of the damage to the target or be part of the fellowship or raid that defeats the target.

There is a known issue with the heal tagging fix right now that we are working and it may not be present in the BUllroarer preview uploaded in the next day or so. We are working to ensure that it is fixed for the next iteration of Bullroarer and certainly for the release of the next live update.


The Ettenmoors is changing, and we hope for the better! What I am really hoping for is a reinvigorated experience that drives players and monster players into conflict more often. If we get the fun right and players return to the Ettenmoors more often then we will have moved beyond the crossroads and have a clear path toward the future.

Welcome back to the Ettenmoors!

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