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Ouverture de Bullroarer MàJ 30.3 session II (Bagarreur et Objets légendaires)

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Bullroarer ouvre dès ce mardi jusqu'à vendredi 08 octobre 16h00 environ.

Les notes de version :

Notes du 5 octobre :

Use of the Appraise button on a classic LI will cause the client to crash. This issue is being addressed.
  • This issue is resolved with the 10/07 Update
Several Metalworking recipes and crafted items will be missing from this update. This includes many lower level armour pieces, some crafted LIs, and many Shields and Rune-keeper class items.
  • This issue is resolved the the 10/07 Update.

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Guide to the Eyes and Guard Tavern
Character Copy is AVAILABLE. This can be accessed through the 'Transfer' button on any LOTRO Launcher.

Bullroarer is open for a look at Update 30.3, specifically focusing on the Brawler class and the New Legendary Item System.
Please refer to these threads:

Release Notes


  • Chapter 13: Khazad-dûm At Last! challenge level reduced (51->50)
  • All lvl 50 traceries, enh. runes, & LI2 reward packageitems changed to allow use down to level 45.
  • Disabled several old LI tutorial tips, and updated text for remaining ones.
  • Imbued LI's now grant more Incomparable Enhancement Runes on conversion.
  • Archivist now acts as a forge master.
  • LI starter quests now grant a specific tracery to each class that should be usable and generally relevant in most builds.
  • Removed most of the old runic/LI rewards from quest treasure tables.
  • The convert button on the LI panel now says, "Appraise" and gives you a summary of what you are going to earn by converting with the options of Cancel and Claim.
  • Removed old LI rewards from a few more quests
  • Tweaked level ranges for Enhancement runes
  • Tweaked level values for LI reforges


  • Changed name of 'set up buff' brawler traceries to 'Innate Strength'
  • Changed name of Set up mettle chance traceries to 'Battle-wise' and increase their % bonus.
  • Increasing Cooldown of Hurl Object back to 6s
  • 'Gift Skill CD' tracery renamed to 'Share Skill Cooldowns'.
  • Fix for Battle Gauntlet DPS display.


  • Bonus from Muster Courage Fear Resist tracery reduced to ~20%, as the existing bonus was too effective in negating fear mechanics.


  • Deep Strikes bleed is now affected by champ bleed bonus tracery.
  • Bonus from 'Fight On' critical chance tracery improved, and display fixed to show as a %.


  • Some Guardian traceries were not properly affecting DoT dmg. Fixed.


  • Some hunter traceries were not affecting DoT dmg, fixed.
  • Some hunter traceries were not affecting 2nd strike dmg. Fixed.
  • Hunter skillsw/oil buffs no longer directly benefit from fire/light damage bonuses (only skills with permanent damage types will benefit from these)


  • Insult to Injury is now fire dmg and affected by fire dmg buffs.
  • Ring of Fire Aoe damge fixed, was bugged significantly too high.
  • Ents go to War damage has been buffed considerably.
  • Ancient Craft base armor debuff value has been buffed to bring its performance in line with live.
  • Sigil of command parry rating mod has been changed to parry chance.
  • Hope initial heal effect is now affected by single-target traceries rather than aoe.
  • Staff skill damage is now based off magic damage.
  • Fixed an issue where some pets were not properly receiving their startup effects due to effect conflicts.


  • Echoes of battle song resistance now properly increased by its Tracery.
  • Anthem of Compassion tracery name and tactical mitigation bonus fixed.
  • Fixed traited cooldown reduction for Triumphant Spirit.
  • Inspire Fellows was not considering weapon/class item HPS bonuses.
  • Fixed some values for old imbued versions of Anthem of Composure & Call to Ioreth Crit Mag legacies.


  • Fixed Epic Conclusion dot dmg
  • Scribe's spark CD reduction tracery fixed (was -0.05s, now -0.5s, reducing cooldown from 3.0->2.5s)
  • Mending Verse tracery now increases initial heal as well as DoT.
  • Fixed name of Searing Words tracery.


  • Warden's Taunt dmg fixed when under Recklessness effect, and dot effect is now called 'Reckless Taunt'.
  • Warden Javelin skills w/oil buffs no longer benefit from tracery elemental set bonuses (only skills with permanent damage types will benefit from these)
  • Generally rebalanced the damage of Warden DoT's as they seemed to have benefitted enormously from a recent normalization pass and the new Tracery bonuses.

Notes du 29 septembre :

ATTENTION : De nombreux objets légendaires ont été accidentellement omis des données de ce build, ils disparaîtront donc de tous les personnages transférés. Cela inclut tous les objets légendaires fabriqués.

Release Notes

  • Brawler Fundament traits now cost only 1 point to rank up instead of 2.
  • Yellow-line set bonus: Reduce Efficient Strikes cooldown from 3min -> 2min
  • Red-line set bonus: Each point of Mettle increases critical damage by 2%
  • Weather Blows cooldown reduced to 75s
  • Weather Blows damage reduction duration increased from 10s->15s
  • Iron Will Cooldown reduced to 180s
  • Hold the Line cooldown reduced to 180s
  • Efficient Strikes cooldown reduced to 180s
  • Battle Fury cooldown reduced to 180s

Legendary Items

  • Champion's 'Fear Nothing' CD reduced (30->15s), tracery reduction changed to ~-5s.
  • When you pull up the LI Panel, weapons that can be converted to the new LI currency will have a button that says Convert on them.
  • Tracery sockets will now correctly maintain their level. Note that placing a tracery with a lower max level into that socket will lower the level to that new max.

Notes du 22 septembre

Release Notes

  • The majority of work has been bug fixes, polishing, and balancing so while the Release Notes are lean, quite a bit of work has been done.


  • New Fulcrum trait, "Invite Mayhem" adds a Morale bubble to Brawler taunt skills
  • Crafted Battle-gauntlets have been added for Weaponsmith crafting tiers 1-5

Legendary Items

  • Adjusted Tracery deconstruct values and costs.
  • You can no longer co-equip old LI's with new LI's. Don't cross the streams...It would be bad.
  • Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries in The Last Homely House in Rivendell is now open to all players who have obtained the title of Seeker of Deep Places


  • The Archive door is requiring you to have completed V2B1C13 in order to use it, which is preventing Valar'd characters from entering. We hope to have this addressed soon. For a workaround on Bullroarer you should be able to visit Stumpy the Balrog in the basement of the E&G Tavern and finish the skip V2B1 quest
  • Volume II, Book 1, Chapter 11: Forged Anew: The quest does not advance after reforging your weapon, blocking progress.

Notes du 15 septembre

Release Notes
  • Ancient Script currency cap increased to 10000.


  • Yellow line Skills "Share Innate Strength" are now active and should function properly.
  • The Fulcrum trait set bonus "Flurry of Blows" now functions properly
  • Tooltip for the Brawler Trait "Aggressive Posture" has been updated to better reflect how its bonuses are handed out
  • The trait descriptions for Battle Flow, Enhanced Battle Flow, and Battle Fury have been updated to reflect their actual functionality.
  • Iron Will always overrides Weather Blows if both are active at the same time.
  • New Blue-line trait "Healing Increase." Increases incoming and outgoing healing.
  • Brawler Skill "Joy of Battle - Offence" now triggers based on hitting enemies instead of being hit
  • New Brawler trait "Joy of Battle - Heal" now grants a skill. Heals the brawler upon hitting enemies.
  • Brawler skill damage has been increased

Legendary Items

Beorning Traceries & Skills:

  • New tracery: Nature's Bond CD
  • New tracery: Recuperate Heal Pulses
  • Thickened Hide Tactical Mitigation: Tweaked the tooltip for this effect so that it lists the bonuses separately, and added a duration bonus to the tracery.
  • Encouraging Roar: Now benefits from several old mods that were missing. No longer benefits from the Rally heal mod which it erroneously had.
  • Second swing of Beorning Dual Wield abilities now benefit correctly from tracery mods.

Brawler Traceries:

  • Quick Feint: Replaced useless damage bonus with Evasion Buff

Burglar Traceries:

  • Reduced Mischievous Glee tracery bonus as it was way overpowered.
  • Changed name of 'Gamble Loaded Die Chance' to 'Gamble Upgrade Chance' to reflect what it actually does.
  • Increased healing for Relish Battle and Bob & Weave. May need to change these to tiny % heals to keep them endgame relevant.
  • Fixed a number of skills that were receiving the wrong 'Word of Power' bonuses.

Please keep in mind much is still in development, and many changes may not have notes here.
All costs are placeholder.
All Feedback in encouraged and Bugs are welcome!
Please continue the existing threads with your Feedback, and as always thank you for your participation!

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