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Hello fellow Norrathians!

I am here to talk about the return of Nagafen as a Seasonal PvP Server... and the beta that will start on February 5th!


We have been working to bring PvP back to EverQuest II with renewed excitement! In approaching Nagefen, we wanted to improve on and make changes based on what we learned from the Deathtoll PvP server. We're looking for feedback and testers in a beta before we make any moves towards a full launch, so here's a look at what we to expect right out of the gate.


To get started, Nagefen is a seasonal PvP server that will require membership. Seasons are planned to last three months: the first month featuring vanilla EverQuest II, the second unlocking Deserts of Flame, and the third unlocking Kingdom of Sky, followed by a short break. Future seasons may unlock different expansions.

During a season, everyone will be able to earn unique titles and a special set of Nagafen appearance armor if they complete certain season-specific objectives. For season one, that means racking up enough kills to earn The Dreadnaught appearance armor. Plus, the character with the most unique kills will earn a unique title - the only one on the entire server. When a season ends, these rewards will carry over to future seasons so you can display your PvP prowess.

Perhaps most importantly, Nagafen will be a free-for-all PvP server. That’s right, factionless PvP. If you are a Qeynosian and you want to take out other Norrathians from your city, feel free! Grouped characters will be able to avoid the friendly fire of PvP combat.

Just remember, your actions will be remembered. Your reputation will follow you on Nagafen. That's because you can only create one character, and you will be known for both your victories and your crimes! Your choices in this world will matter.

Also, Nagafen is all about the PvP. Keeping that in mind, experience will best be gained through direct PvP combat. Want to level up fast? Get out there and fight! But also, be careful. Nagefen will also be a Free-Trade server. This means items can be looted from fallen foes, so make sure you attune your items so you don't drop them when someone ganks you!

About your items, we are rebalancing early game itemization and implementing custom rulesets that will allow for tailored itemization on unique servers. This means we can tune the content to more closely resemble original PvE and PvP combat. We are bringing the stats closer to how they were at launch so that items complement PvP and do not “make or break” anyone's experience.

Plus, Marketplace items will be very limited. We expect bags, ground mounts, and expendables to be available, but not much more.
Finally, in the spirit of competition, we also have built all new in-game Scoreboards! There will be scoreboards for total kills, unique kills, and more. Keep track of who's after who on the server... and who needs to have a bounty issued for their head!


We are looking forward to getting this beta started, and we’ll be asking for lots of feedback from those who participate to help us make it even better. Our goal is to relive as much of the glory days of EverQuest II PvP as possible, and bring back the rakish spirit of the Nagafen community. It’s something we have really wanted to do for a while, and hope everyone will be on board.

So just to recap:
  • Nagafen is a seasonal, free-for-all PvP server.
  • Nagafen is a Free-Trade server, where most items are tradeable.
  • Beta access is free, but live will require membership.
  • In-game scoreboards will keep track of the top killers.
  • Only one character is allowed per account.
  • Stats will be customized and updated for PvP and balance.
Answers to some of your questions before you ask:
  • Channelers and Beastlords will not be available for this season of PvP.
  • Spell research will not be available on Nagafen.
  • Familiars will not be available on Nagafen.
  • Experience potions will not be available on Nagafen.
We can't wait for you to join us for the Seasonal Nagafen PvP server beta on Feburary 5th! We're really looking forward to your contributions and feedback.

Kyle “Kander” Vallée
Lead Designer, EverQuest II
Hum ça peut être marrant , mais faut du monde sur le serveur pour que ce soit vivant.

sinon ça se limite très vite à camp les docks et point barre.

Le pvp dans les zones de base en sautant d'un griffon à l'autre ça reste assez fun ))
Vraiment dommage qu'ils aient balancés la trad fr il y a plusieurs années, au moins garder ce qui avait été fait quoi...
C'est rebutant quand on voit la masse de textes ig (oui, je fais parti de ceux qui lisent les quêtes)...
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Publié par meryndol
roh , tu fais pas spécialement le serveur pvp pour les quêtes et le texte (c'est dangereux en plus )
Ouais mais bon, quand t'as pas joué depuis facile 10 ans t'as envie de rerentrer dedans quoi

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