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W11 1er fevrier 2019

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Je vois 3 francophones qui en seront, je me souviens plus de rien, sur un malentendu on se donne rendez vous une nouvelle fois sur ce jeu.

Dernière modification par brute ; 24/01/2019 à 00h33.
These are the approximate, non-exhaustive, but perhaps feedback-relevant changes that we have made. We will begin working around 14:00 hours, UTC, on Friday the 1st of February, and will aim to launch the W11 server @ 20:00 UTC. We will not launch before 20:00 UTC.


  • Bounding boxes are now generally symmetrical. Strange offsets and artifacts removed.

  • Claim shields have been removed entirely, quite simply.
  • Catapults and battering rams dry, initially in 24 hours, and then in 8 hours after repairs.
  • Brick walls have 10000 health, 50 soak, and can be repaired for 500 health every two hours.
  • Palisades have 2500 health, 30 soak, and can be repaired for 250 health every two hours.
  • Your claim will warn you on login if a siege machine has been set to dry within a hundred tiles of any point on it.
  • Added Visitor Gates. Normal gates no longer give the visitor debuff when entered. A player may, for Palisades and Brick Walls, choose to build a Visitor Gate instead of a normal gate. A visitor gate is indicated by two red flags, fluttering in the wind, ontop of it. Players entering through a Visitor Gate will receive a Visitor debuff, exactly as they normally would now. You cannot enter through Visitor Gates if you have an open combat relation.

  • When you buy the "Rage" skill, you lose your immunity to further damage after being knocked out. Suggested here. The intention being that you opt in to both the abilities to attack and die at the same time.
  • There is now a slight, somewhat random, delay before a Nidbane starts pursuing its quarry. About a day.
  • The aim speed of ranged weapons now scales with the ratio of the geometric mean of your Marksmanship and Perception values to the bow's quality. You, thus, need higher values of perception and marksmanship to use higher quality bows.
  • Lowered base damages of ranged weapons, but increased their armor penetration.
  • Buffed boar spear somewhat.
  • Reduced the maximum agility induced cooldown bonus to around ~20%.
  • You can no longer pick up multiple speed-buffs.
  • Speed buffs no longer disappear when you stop running.
  • Speedbuff spawn rate reduced. Suggested here.

  • All Natural wonders will initiate as depleted, as will the Mandrake pool.
  • There is now decay in caves, albeit only about 1/10th of what it is in the overworld.
  • Implemented travel weariness for travel along roads. Roads are cheaper to travel along than charter stones.
  • Charter stones do not work over deep ocean.
  • Moved travel weariness from trait Charisma to trait Will. You can travel further with increased Will.
  • Roads block themselves, and can't be built in a weird line that can't be followed by foot.
  • Belts can't be held and used while in an inventory, but are significantly more generous in what they hold.
  • Mine supports, except for Tower caps, are damaged every time they prevent a cavein.

  • Increased authority cost for personal claim upkeep a good deal.

  • If your highest base attribute is lower than, or equal to, the quality of a symbel item, you get the full effect of that symbel item, and otherwise the effect of the item diminishes the higher your highest base attribute is above the quality of the symbel item.
  • The effect of the symbel fire has been significantly reduced.
  • Most foods only satiate one food category.
  • Food items generally only satiate food categories to which that food item itself belongs.
  • Satiations heal naturally in about one ingame day, this instead of the old effect of healing the lowest satiation whenever you had four satiations below 50%.
  • A food item affected by several satiation categories only counts the most satiated one among those categories, this instead of using the product of all such categories.
  • Drinks reduce satiations much like they do now, but each drink targets multiple food categories, some better than others, and drinks do not give an actively positive bonus to anything.
  • Adjusted the multipliers from the hunger level, and they are now, from Ravenous to Overstuffed: 3, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.9, 0.75, and 0.5. You will, thus, never eat at worse than a 50% penalty due to hunger level.
  • Looked over all food items in the game (you're welcome) and buffed all foods that have not been used (we checked), or have seemed undercosted relative their complexity. No clue if good, but at least different.
  • Base effect of pepper lowered from 50% to 25%.
  • Peppered foods now have a chance to give you a Bum Burn wound.
  • Reduced the effect of salt crystals from 20% to 5%.

  • Artifact creation quests nerfed.
  • Charisma effect on quest rewards nerfed.
  • Removed the death bonus from Credos.
  • Contemplation & Meditation cost increases by the base cost with every use, and decreases again over time.
  • You no longer get LP from learning store hats.

  • Wild animals are now hardcapped in quality by the survival values of everyone who has dealt damage to them.
  • Mouflon, Goats, and Aurochsen can only give you wool or milk once
  • Wild Chickens now have quality.

  • Natural quality fields cover larger areas.
  • Cheese racks soft cap quality of cheese.
  • The "Fuel bug" has been fixed, so that any heating process is reset if the oven burns out before it is completed.
  • Axes now affect branch quality for branches created by splitting woodblocks by the geometric average of the wood and axe quality, rather than the arithmetic average.
  • Potter's clay no longer uses a potter's wheel
  • Chance to get wrought when pounding bloom is now always 50%, unaffected by skills. The skills Metallurgy, Steelmaking and Deep Artifice instead increase the chance of getting a positive critical hit when forging wrought iron, up to a maximum of what the effect has been historically.
  • Rock Crystal quality is, in addition to the quality of the tool used to chip it, also determined by a local quality field.
  • Tanning fluid in coops and cauldrons prevent their normal use and function.
  • Blacksmith's coal bonus is now a fixed value, rather than a percentage.
  • Blacksmith's increase in chance for critical hits when forging wrought iron reduced.


  • The base growth speed of crops has been lowered.
  • The growth speed of trees is now randomized over the map, meaning that different trees will grow with varying speeds in varying locations.
  • You can no longer pick any fruits or nuts from trees or bushes when they aren't fully grown, as it were in Legacy.
  • All tree/bush produce is now quality modified with the growth stage of the tree/bush.
We will be working all day tomorrow, so you have time to scream bloody murder about the things you do not like.

TLDR: We will aim to launch the...

W11 server @ 20:00 UTC, Friday February 1st, 2019

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