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[Actu] Pathfinder Online perd l'essentiel de son équipe de développement

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C'est en effet ce qui me fait peur pour CF. De ce que l'on a pu voir jusque là, la gestion de nombreux joueurs dans une même zone n'est pas le point fort d'Unity...
Une bonne nouvelle :
Apparemment ils viennent de trouver des fonds pour finir leur jeu :

Citation :
But there is good news to be relayed! Just today, I received a signed letter of intent from a company that wants to take on the Pathfinder Online legacy and see it through to completion. One of the principals of this company has been playing Pathfinder Online since day 1 and understands the vision for the game we are making. The company recently came up to Seattle to the Goblinworks offices and we had 2 productive and exciting days planning for the future and what this game can be.

Now this acquisition of the Pathfinder Online game is incumbent upon them finalizing the funding they are currently in negotiations for, but all signs are very positive on that front right now. This funding will give Pathfinder Online more money to invest in the game than has been spent in over 4 years of development. This will significantly accelerate the development and support of the game to a point unprecedented in Pathfinder Online history. If things continue to go well, they expect to take over the game entirely by March 1, 2016.
Ils vont avoir plus d'argent à investir qu'ils n'en ont eu en quatre ans de développement et estiment tout finir pour mars prochain.

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