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Q & R par Kevin et Keaven développeur chez Mythic

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Voila à l'occasion du Grab Bag ou des Blogueurs et moi même posons 2 questions chacun à Kevin et Keaven développeurs chez Mythic une fois par semaine. Je vous propose de poser une question en anglaisconcernant le futur ou l'état du jeu. (Aucune questions F2P Merci )
Que je remonterai le 12 avril en sélectionnant 2 questions dans l'ensemble des propositions.

Voila l’ancien Grab Bag:

1)IDRINTH: Would an in-realm duel option (without rewards) be possible?

KEVIN: Not with the resources we have currently. Sorry.

KEAVEN: The concept of in-fighting runs counter to the unified front each Realm is supposed to be presenting to the enemy. There are conceptual ways to work around this, of course, such as a Training Yard in the Cities, but as Kevin said, we don’t currently have the resources to set something like that up; It would require a great deal of work at pretty deep levels at this point.

2)FOZEE: Burning Elixir causes latency and performance issues, plus they’re commonly used to unfairly win fights that would otherwise be balanced. Are we going to see these toned down?

KEVIN: We find that it tends to help the underdog come back from a no-win battles. We feel that this is preferable over having the underdog demoralized by continuously loosing at no-win battles. The performance issues seem to occur mostly during high population situations. This is partially due to the behavior of AOEs and pets in those situations. These sorts of problems (from my understanding) led to the removal of Fortresses. However in this case, I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and I would rather leave the item as it is.

KEAVEN: The short answer is, No. There was a huge influx of Burning Elixir usage recently, since it was part of the first compensation item giveaway. Now that the majority of those have been consumed, we’re seeing instances of Aspects of Fire on the battlefield returning to normal. Vendor sales of the Elixir haven’t been extraordinary, so, as Kevin said, we feel the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.

3)GIUSEPPE: Since release, there are, in WAR, some areas close to the Tier 4 that are almost totally unknown, unused and deserted. Have you ever considered the idea of expanding or extending the RvR lake to these areas or to the part of maps dedicated to PvE?

KEVIN: Yes, indeed we have! Thank you for asking!

KEAVEN: When we used to have RvR servers (where all of the zones were open for RvR) they didn’t do too well. The idea is nice, in theory, but what ends up happening is the population is spread over such a big area, that it can become very difficult to find anyone to fight. That being said, however, we are open to the idea of extending the existing RvR areas for special occasions, to give new places to fight without oversaturating your options.

4)BLAMECHE: Could PvE PQs be promoted somehow to encourage their use? such as rewarding with a healthy amount of Ordnance / Skulls or Crests?

KEVIN: That sounds interesting. Ordnance and Skulls of the Fallen are starting to see a bit of a comeback and we wouldn’t mind putting a few of those secondary rewards out there.

KEAVEN: Not a bad idea. That’s something we could do pretty easily.

5) ETAEW: I understand a reason for displaying who is under the effect of the Edge Stone but could there be an option to disable the effect on your client? It does not look good.

KEVIN: To disable the effect, simply remove the item. J I didn’t pick that effect for the Edge Stone, but I really like the fact that to gain one of the biggest buffs in the game, you have to wear a huge sign that shows it.

KEAVEN: You already have the ability to prevent effects from displaying on your client: Go to the Video tab under User Settings, then under Performance press the Customize button. In the dialog that pops up, use the dropdown next to “Play ability effects on” and set it to “None.”
Much of the war in warhammer is split between t3 and t4, it could be interesting to put the tyrant and darkpromise set and also the weapons from colossus for lvl 39.
And for the lvl 40, do an epic instance of Lost Vale and Tomb of the Vulture Lord where it could be interesting to drop another set (copy on the tyrant or darkpromise but with better stat) equivalent to the sovereign and
doomflayer set.
For that, maybe you could do another ward (the absolute ward ?) given by the doomflayer set
The harder part of it, is to prevent players from bugging bosses

Is it possible to make a bot, who ask each player computer logging on which addon are set enable, and if he find "cheat" addon, autoban for 3 / 5 days or permanently ?

Is it possible to do a prog which ask if a player has not moved to another zone in 1 or 2 hours to press <random> key to prove he is not afk ?

N'étant pas bilingue je vous laisse corriger les fautes
En Anglais:

Sorry for the downtime today, folks — my ISP decided today was the absolute best day to make unannounced DNS changes, so it’s possible that many of you weren’t able to access the site for the last few hours. Frustrating, to be sure. But not as frustrating a day as the folks at Mythic appear to be having.

To follow-up on last night’s post concerning EA’s Q3 earnings report, Mythic appears to have been beset by another round of layoffs today. From the reports over at Massively and Joystiq, from 60 to 130 folks have been made redundant at EA Mythic. The WAR Herald has a news post up from Mark Jacobs attempting to put a positive spin on the whole affair (good luck with that), but reaction from the gaming press and various prominent bloggers seems a little more telling.
A few relevant posts that are worth a read this evening:

While we’re in the midst of a global economic crisis (err, in case you weren’t aware), it’s easy to shuffle the blame over to worldwide conditions, or throw it on EA’s doorstep, but there’s a lot of talented folks out of work today. It’s a sad state of affairs, but talented people are always at a premium. Hopefully they all land on their feet.
But to play devil’s advocate… I don’t know what kind of options I’d have if I were put in the same situation as Mythic’s management. If you were in Mark Jacobs’ shoes today, realistically, what would you have done differently?

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