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connexion impossible

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bonjour, depuis à peu pres 2 heures quand j'essaye de me connecter (lorsque je doit taper mon mot de passe ) j'ai le message d'erreur suivant :
Unable to connect .Please check your internet connection.

Bon comme vous pouvez le voir avec mon post, j'ai bien ma connection internet XD
Est ce que c'est pareil pour tout le monde ? ( Car il y avait une mise a jour qui duré a priori jusqu'a 15 heures )
Ou est ce que vous arrivez à vous connectez normalement?

Merci d'avance.
Fallen Earth v1.3.8

Graphics engine
· Added support for compressed fonts in dynamic text on signs, reducing their memory footprint.
· Made several memory optimizations in the terrain system and animations.

· Fixed a memory leak with creature animations when being removed from the scene.
· Fixed an issue with collision when moving backwards when on a horse.
· Replaced the text fonts on the sector maps and signs with compressed images.
· Fixed bonus experience modifiers to now apply when completing recipes.
· Fixed a bug where a player could remain in the world if they lost connection to the server.
· Updated the mount action to toggle when the player is forcibly dismounted.
· Added safeguards to ensure players can not drop to level one while in Hoover Dam.

· Added a return message if you harvest a corpse that does not give items (instead of saying the action was canceled or interrupted).
· Fixed a bug where some player-centric AOE effects, like Devastating Shock Wave, were returning "Invalid Target."

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