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[Maintenance]Mercredi 13 Janvier

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L'ensemble des serveurs EverQuest (sauf Al'Kabor) seront fermés pour maintenance le mercredi 13 janvier à partir de 11h00, heure de Paris. Les serveurs seront à nouveau disponibles à partir de 17h00.
*** New Stats Page ***

- A new tab has been added to the inventory window that includes totals of many item stats in one handy location. NOTE: This is brand new and it not yet going to live servers. We welcome your feedback.

*** Items ***

- The tradeskill made ceramic and Black Acrylia ornaments can now be traded on normal and Firiona Vie servers.
- Removed the errant tradeskill flag from Living Underfoot Diamond.
- Corrected the AC on the Eyepiece of the Fancy Tinker.
- The higher levels of the monk evolving weapon have been reduced in ratio to match the intended tier for the weapon.
- Corrected many weapons that were not usable by dual-wield classes but could be equipped in the secondary hand.
- Added standard worn and click effects to Stalwart Bows.
- Increased instrument modifiers on Underfoot instruments and added them where they were missing.
- Made several two-hand augments primary-only to reduce confusion.
- Increased the duration of the Orb of Suspension's effect to a base of one hour and made it self-only.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Significantly increased the damage Tallon and Vallon Tactic poisons deliver.
- Bounty Coffee now uses the more common generic coffee beans.
- Removed the lore tag from the Soloist Seals.
- Changed the Cosgrove Soloist Seals to recommended 85 required 81.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Fippy the Immortal's Army should now be more manageable.
- Corrected an issue that could cause corpses to be lost when the Brell's Rest raid instance closes.
- Greph will now be available to show the way out of the Foundation raid area.
- Corrected an issue that would prevent you from receiving a White Dragon Scale if you looted it from the chest in the Vox classic mission.
- Players entering the instance of the Search for Saunk mission in the Foundation will no longer be immediately swarmed by shade NPCs.
- Fixed grammar errors in the Search for Saunk mission.
- All undead should now see invisibility in the Cooling Chamber Mission zone.
- Added a few informational messages to the Unburrowing event, and now all 4 bosses must be defeated to set the explosives.
- Moved Darott and Greph in the foundation to a safer location away from their more curmudgeonly brethren.
- Adjusted rank 1 spell rewards to ensure that all spells are available via current mission rewards.
- Adjusted rank 1 spell rewards so that no class will have more than one spell on any given mission.
- Fixed an issue that would cause familiars to agro NPCs in the Search for Illsarus mission.

*** Spells ***

- Increased the number of charges granted by the Mana Reiterate aura to 6.
- The pets summoned by blast of hypergrowth have had their damage increased.
- The latest rank of Bestial Alignment will now properly change to the appropriate warder race.

*** AA ***

- Self-Stasis, Friendly Stasis, and Inconspicuous Totem will now count down normally within the Guild Hall and other timerless zones.
- Shadowknight - Quickened Encroaching Darkness will now only affect Encroaching Darkness.
- Enchanter - Mana Overburn should now correctly focus your Mana Resurgence line of spells.
- The useful range on Burst of Life has been extended to 200 to match other similar abilities.
- Fixed an issue with the new version of bestial alignment so that it changes the beastlord into a warder of the correct race.

*** Achievements ***

- Fixed an issue with the Burn the Heretics achievement for the Silent Schism mission in Shining City.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Global tradeskill and Defiant loot will no longer drop from mobs flagged with raid timers.
- Many underfoot zones that did not allow campsite or banner teleportation have been changed to allow teleportation.
- Added an Underfoot auto-join channel.
- Fixed an issue with the extended target window that allowed players to target entities that they should not normally be able to target.
- Fixed a problem that occurred when a player disbanded from a group while another player in the group was being feared or charmed. The group UI would become non-functional.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a problem that caused achievements with sub-components to not display properly in the single achievement pop-up window.

- Changed Files -
- EQUI_AchievementWnd.xml
- EQUI_AchievementsWnd.xml

- EQUI_Inventory.xml
- SIDL.xml

Sur les server Test hier ( source Lanwein des Legendes Celtes , Rathe server ) .

Cela fixe quelques problèmes d'objets , leurs nouveaux systèmes d'achèvement , quelques monstres à UF et des AA / abilités qui ne marchent pas correctement .

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