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Mythic : It's Another Friday Grab Bag

Citation :
Q: I recently reactivated my account after a “leave of absence” and found myself unable to get to my main character. I left her parked in the old frontier, which no longer exists! What can I do?

A: Our in-game customer service team will fish you right out. Please be sure to tell us in the appeal the name of the stuck character, and the server the character is on. Use the “stuck” category of appeals – it’ll move you to the head of the line, since your problem is preventing you from playing the game.

And remember, any appeals filed as “stuck” when you’re not really stuck will get moved to the back of the line, so please, keep this emergency channel clear for those who really are… stuck.

Q: What exactly do you have to accomplish to get a toon into the top 25 for their class? My bonedancer, in the past, had more on his IRS score than one or two listed, but was not listed.

A: I Remain Standing and class standings are different. IRS is calculated based on how many times you die and how many realm points you scored – but your class standing is purely based on realm points.

(To get to class standings, you click your server, and then choose your class from the drop down menu directly beneath the server name on the page.)

Now, if you’re talking about your specific class’ page, and the IRS score on that page, the boys in Customer Service just reminded me that you need 10,000 realm points before you start showing up on the Herald IRS scoreboard.

Q: I recently bought a belt item from a housing merchant. The stats on it were great and fit my toon perfectly. Only problem is that once I bought it and tried to equip it, I got a message saying that my realm “cannot use this item.” Is there any chance that this is a mistake or a item bug? The item is called “Stout Belt.”

A: Whoops! I passed this to the content producer, who wondered how your realm got the item in the first place, considering you’re on a regular server. The Item Mistress quickly cleared up the mystery: ”This item is dropped by quite a few mobs found in the frontiers as well as in Hibernia's homeland regions. As it is jewelry, I was able to change it so that it usable by players from any realm. This item will change retroactively, so do hang onto it and watch for the patch note.”

Thanks for letting us know – if you see any other such items, please report it with a bug appeal. I can’t promise that we’d be able to adjust everything – armor requires a lot more tweaking than jewelry and belts (which just need a setting flipped in our spreadsheets).

Q: I recently downgraded my house and did not get my deed back. Is this a bug?

A: No – our real estate program does not provide incentives for downgrading. For more information –

Q: Where do I find armor and weapons for levels 30 to 50?

A: You find a crafter, go on quests, or head over to Darkness Falls. Or some combination of all three. And welcome, new guy, I hope everyone’s treating you well.

Q: The new housing, specifically Chiltern, seems to be missing a few things. We were curious when/if the map and market return token would soon be activated?

A: As you no doubt know, we hot fixed the tokens today. The maps will be created as soon as the artist who makes these things is unchained from his desk in the basement.

Q: Do new quests get added to the game periodically? If not, then would it be possible to list level & class requirements and starting locations of all quests (no spoilers/walkthroughs of course) on the herald or in the knowledge base?

A: Yes, they do get added periodically – you can either wander around towns looking – or just ask your local barkeeps, who look at you and your level and recommend good local quests. We’re also discussing both in-game and external solutions to the new quest seeker’s dilemma.

And I would dearly, dearly love to have a comprehensive list of quests on the Herald someday, but the Herald Team’s current documentation projects are a lot more basic. Like, class pages, and a more searchable Grab Bag Archive. I will certainly add your suggestion to my list of Cool Things To Do.

Q: Is there a change in the parry percentage when facing multiple enemies? This question pertains to both pve and rvr.

This is a job for Code Ed! What does the cold hard code have to say? ”The parry chance is divided up amongst the attackers, such that if you had a 50% chance to parry normally, and were under attack by two targets, you would get a 25% chance to parry one, and a 25% chance to parry the other. So, the more people or monsters attacking you, the lower your chances to parry any one attacker.

Q: Currently the tech services department at the school where I live has all MMPORG and online game servers blocked. I have managed to persuade the tech department to unblock DAoC (by asking them every other day) so long as I provide them the IP adresses that are required to log on and play the game. Would it be possible for me to get those? Thanks.

A: This information is available in our handy Knowledge Base. I’m not going to be annoying and tell you to look it up, though.

From our Technical Support supervisor, Mighty Mike - From:

Please note: Mythic Entertainment will not be able to assist with the setup for users running behind a PROXY server or any home network setup. Please contact your ISP, computer manufacturer or networking hardware manufacturer for further assistance on configuring Dark Age of Camelot to run through your PROXY server or Home network.

All UDP ports 1024->65535
TCP ports 1280, 10500 and 10622

Make sure to open 2-way traffic to the following class C: / (netmask)
a.k.a. / 24 (universal)

Q: Http:// is the best site around for character builders. Can you please explain what the max level pet a hunter can charm if they are fully Beastcraft specd? The community feels its no higher then 41, but the builder says max level 50.

A: Sayeth the Oracle: ”It's 82% of the caster's level for the highest charm in beastcraft; or level 41 if the caster is 50. Spec doesn't determine the level of the pet - it's purely based on the spell.”

Q: My question concerns the possibility of items stacking with RA abilities. I currently have the maximum amount of 25% bonus to my healing effectiveness. I also chose to spend 4 RA points on Mastery of Healing II for an added 5% healing effectiveness. Before I purchased the ability, I was unsure if the abilities stacked.

So, my question to you is, does the RA ability to add healing effectiveness stack with items if your items max out that current ability?

A: From Code Ed: ”Yes, the RA healing bonus stacks fine with any item bonuses the player may have.

Q: Is there any way other than doing an in game /appeal to do something about the sudden influx of cheesy names that seem to have invaded the RP servers?

A: It isn’t sudden. For some reason, the inability to read a list of special server rules is directly linked to an utter lack of creativity in terms of naming and always has been. We slog through thousands of stupid names every night, and that’s with all the various streamlining tools we’ve developed over the years.

Please rest assured that if you thought a particular name was moronic, then so did dozens of your like minded brethren. We will eventually get to the name in question, but for every CSR, there are a dozen people who think they were the very first person EVER to think of naming their wizard Gahndolphhh. Just continue to appeal, and try your level best to ignore them. If no one played with them, it might help to create those community standards that help so much.

But here’s that one exception I always seem to sneak in – please, think of the newbies. If Gahndolphhh or Raiztlyn is really low level, they might just be really new to the server and the whole roleplaying concept. A gentle suggestion to reroll and make use of the handy name generator, in return for perhaps a touch of grouping or gear might just make you a new friend and boon companion.


Our executive producer Matt Firor gave a lovely interview to the gang at Worthplaying regarding the upcoming expansion pack – check it out:

Our calendar contest is coming to an end, and with it, your chance to win a sweet video card and tremendous glory. Get to drawing, people!

See you next Monday, and have a nifty keen weekend.

Traduction :

- Divers systèmes de classement de personnages sont utilisés [NdT : en jeu sur nos serveurs à partir de la version 1.70 via la commande /stats], affichant une liste des premiers de chaque catégorie.
Attention à ne pas confondre les diverses catégories : ainsi, il existe un classement basé uniquement sur le nombre de points de royaumes gagnés, mais aussi un autre sur le nombre de points de royaumes gagnés divisés par le nombre de fois où votre personnage est mort.

- La ceinture Stout Belt peut être trouvée sur Hibernia, aussi bien à l'intérieur des terres qu'en zone Frontière, mais pour l'instant seuls les personnages hiberniens peuvent la porter. Cela sera changé rétroactivement à l'avenir.
Si vous constatez que d'autres objets peuvent être obtenus par votre personnage mais sans pouvoir être portés, signalez le à Mythic [NdT : ici]. Certains objets peuvent être convertis plus facilement que d'autres, mais les bijoux et ceintures ne posent aucun problème par exemple.

- Si vous passez d'une maison à une autre inférieure, le jeu ne vous rend pas l'argent de la première maison. Ce n'est pas un bug, mais une décision prise pour rendre moins intéressant le fait d'abaisser le niveau d'une maison.

- Si vous avez besoin d'armes et d'armures de niveau 30 à 50, vous pouvez en trouver chez les artisans, dans les quêtes ou aux Abysses.

- De nouvelles quêtes sont ajoutées régulièrement, et certains PNJs des villes vous informeront de leur présence si vous êtes du bon niveau.

- Les chances de parer sont divisées par le nombre d'attaquant, donc si vous avez 50% de chance de parer de base, et que vous êtes attaqué par deux ennemis, vous avez 25% de chance de parer l'une et 25% de chance de parer l'autre. Donc plus il y a de monstres ou de PNJ qui vous attaque, moins vous avez de chance de parer chacun d'entre eux.

- Les ports utilisés par DAoC sont les suivants :
Tous les ports UDP de 1024 à 65535
Les ports TCP 1280, 10500 e t10622

- Le niveau en Lien Animal d'un chasseur n'a aucune influence sur celui des créatures qu'il peut charmer, qui dépend uniquement du sort utilisé. Le charme le plus haut niveau peut charmer des créatures faisant jusqu'à 82% du niveau du chasseur, soit le niveau 41 au 50.

- La compétence de royaume Maître guérisseur se cumule avec les bonus d'objet +x% d'efficacité aux soins.

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