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Chat Stratics de cette nuit

*DrTwister* There seems to be a high level of focus on player craftable items for the game, do you feel this will stimulate a high desire to sell items on eBay? What will be your stance on selling in game items for a monetary profit offline?
<Steve_Snow> As far as the evaluation of online items go in regards to our crafting system that is yet to be seen. We do not endorse or support the exchange of in game goods for real world currencies.

*Kalanye* About housing : can we have news about silos, houses, acces rights, personal vendors ?
(treeeeeeeesssss long silence.....)
<Graccus-AE> The first piece of news on the housing front will be silos and personal storage. The whole process is currently in development, and we seem to be on schedule in getting that out to you. Existing storage structures will offer three different choices, based on whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. This will be the first functionality you will see in this regard.
<Graccus-AE> Access rights and personal vendors are on design's radar, but we have a lot things right now to schedule and plan for. We will address communities fully, and we are shooting for getting more control and property flexibility in the property owner's hands.

*Hybris* Is there any chance that you will make it so battlemages can cast and melee at the same time so we actually get use of beeing a hybris class between caster and melee? As it is now its not much point in beeing weak both in melee and casting if we cant use the both skills at the same time.
<Steve_Snow> This is an interesting idea but not something that is in our current plan for school balance. We have some balance plans for the battlemage school specifically that will go out over the next few months. But I can't discuss those in detail until the design staff has signed off on them as viable changes.

*Hybris* Are you planning to balance racial skills before everyone turn Dwarf or Sslik? It would be nice if you boosted the weaker races instead of nerfing the stronger.
<Graccus-AE> Racial skill balancing are on our list to do. We are cognizant that some of the races' abilities are arguably better than others on a consistent basis. Well, we are not only working toward balancing those, but also enhancing them. I personally would like to see some mo9re distinct abilities rather than the standard augmentations most have right now. The design staff will weigh that into the mix when we approach the issue

*Spectre* Now that the map is out, and the Satyr will be free soon, what other new features are being planned for Horizons in the near future?
<Steve_Snow> Currently we are finalizing the plans and implementation on the dragon Right of Passage process. After that, we have another Satyr like thing in the works which will be announced in a more official fashion as it gets closer. And the first stage of item tricking is on the way.

*Kastian* Is there any ETA on all the crafting posibility that are on the official home page for the game. Like what about the runes that acording to the page can be applyed to spells, and the custom armor and weapoon.
<Graccus-AE> So the first step in getting the customization of items to where it needs to be is to get what we have here working the way it is supposed to be. The first part of this will be the roll out of tricking in regards to weapons, once the assets we have are properly integrated with the system. After that, the emphasis will move toward tools and armor. The tricking system is modular, in that we will be able to add more and more option
<Graccus-AE> Over the course of time, we will expand upon this. Internally, we are weighing further customization options like tinting, but this would need a solid re-treatment from design. You will also see some of the improved options associated with the fixes and enhancements to techniques that we are addressing right now.

*Chioxin* I feel this is a question coming from most dragons of Istaria. We have spent a great deal of time on our characters and feel as though we are still "in the dark" as to what our purpose and how we work within the world. I, along with many others, would like to know what your "vision" so to say, is for the dragons.
<Eski-AE> We have continued to read the message boards and our customer suggestions with regards to Dragons and have heard the call. There are several plans for Dragons that will be launched in February. I don't mean to dangle a carrot or sound evasive with the answer, but Dragons are about to receive Dragon specific content and quests shortly.
<Eski-AE> Distinctions between Lunus and Helian will be defined within this new set of information delivered in quests, lore and in-game challenges. This has been a major focus of the design and development team this month.

*Emrys* here comes my first questions : what about db lag issue ? improvement has been made, but its still a sensitive point, any reaction ? 2) Are we going to see adults dragons in the few weeks coming or is it to be counted in months ?
<Steve_Snow> As far a database lag goes we still have some work to be done on this issue, that's very apparent. We have some optimizations, which will be going out next week, which will help the issue greatly. But we are not going to stop with those. We are going to keep at this until it's resolved.
<Steve_Snow> I can't discuss adult dragons in detail. Most of it is linked to the Right of Passage. We have a schedule for the time release on information leading up to this that we must adhere to so I can't say much in terms of when. But I can say that when the Right of Passage is available then you will start to see Adult Dragons.

*NelsonT* What is your current schedule for adding higher level (100+) content?
<Steve_Snow> As some have noticed we are rolling out a lot of our higher level content with the events program we have. This isn't an exclusive content addition process but it is the biggest one right now. We are continuing to fill the world with more areas that support higher level content on a regular update schedule as some of our more diligent explorers have noticed too.

*boone* will there be some sort of a system for people 'hoarding' on plots, i.e, buying plots just to sell to other people more expensive? as it is now, there are tons of plots empty with nothing happening on them
<Graccus-AE> well, part of this comes back to the real issue of business. There's not much way for us to say to someone who buys property that they cannot choose to sell it back at a profit. One thing that we should address though is the cost associated with property ownership in HZ. Right now, there is little means of assessing upkeep and the value associated with upkeep on a property. When we do our pass to strengthen the communities in what they offer, this too will be considered. So, if someone is buying property to resell it at a higher price... well, we want to allow them to do so, but there should be a proper cost associated with it. "Location, location, location" should mean something in our game as a result.

<ChewY[FL]> any plans for a free trial
<Eski-AE> Yes, we have a complete plan to launch a free trial program this month (Feb). It is the standard plan that almost every MMO has launched. There will be several phases of this plan, the first of which launching in the beginning of February and the second phase launching in the middle of February. Both plans will last for a couple months.

*Kenji* hi, it would be nice if u can ask when we can expect the missing j-forms and tier 3/4 ressources for confectioner. There is only 1 useble form availeble atm and we need them urgent. thx
<Graccus-AE> The issue of most Journeyman forms missing for the confectioners is, well, my fault. Sorry. :/
<Graccus-AE> It is literally at the top of my to-do list, along with extending the blighted T1 and T2 resource regions in the world. I plan on getting out the missing items before we roll out the upcoming Dragon advancement stuff we have been working on as well as the technique work we have been doing. At any rate, design knows it is an issue, and we are all over it like a cheap suit.

*jodowein* Do you have any intention to solve the "adventurer kill the glowing wisps resources" problem. I.e. remove experience from the wisp kills?
<Steve_Snow> We've been monitoring this and it's something that is on our radar to address. It's just a matter of getting to it at this point.

*Imric* Are there any Plans to change the way the craft rating is working, atm its only a number...
<Graccus-AE> There are plans for it, yes. In the scheduling-mania that I and Snow have subjected design to recently, we have a much better idea of the priority of things. Don't get me wrong -- having a crafting rating mean something is important, but we need to get confectioners situated, the dragon advancement out, techniques doing what they are supposed to be doing, and blighted resource regions in the world at the levels they are supposed
<Graccus-AE> We will address it though. That's all I am able to offer in that regard right now.

*Fairheart* I for one love the game, but is there any possibility in the future to do away with the Web Based log in in order to handle faster log in process as well as streamline the DB and connection issues?
<Steve_Snow> Glad to hear you're enjoying the game. The priority list that is currently pending starts with addressing the database lag issues on the live shards right now, which is not related to load generated from logins. We want to finish up the Dragon Rite of Passage process. Then we will move into shoring up general responsiveness in Horizons across the board.
<Steve_Snow> Once we get through those we are going to look at what the player base is in need of. We have gotten some requests for this and we understand the desire for it. But at this time I have a few other things I want to see corrected before we start considering new systems like this.

*Fridlekh* is it just my imagination, or was the "move without clipping to terrain or objects" exploit fixed in the last patch? (approx 24 hours after submitting to support)
<Steve_Snow> This is an issue we are keeping an eye to be sure that we have corrected everything associated to it. So in short it should be corrected but if anyone sees it again please let us know.

*NelsonT* Are there any plans to implement preventative measures to stop powerleveling?
<Graccus-AE> So there are two things that should be analyzed here. First, there is powerleveling in regards to someone spending a lot of time online to grind out the XP. Well, I don't think we'll be stopping that sort of thing, nor would we want to. Folks who want to play the game should be able to do just that.
<Graccus-AE> Now, and I believe this is where the question is really going, are we going to eliminate the highly-advantageous, borderline-exploit ways a player can race through levels. Well, my goal in this product is to make a game that is fun. I also want to make a game that offers challenges for those who seek it. We certainly are going to fix those bugs that create advantages for players, which in turn till reduce the rate they burn thro
<Graccus-AE> Overall though, players will start to see more challenging content in the future, and this content will start dictating the experience most players will have in the game. We cannot punish players by taking away levels and experience if we change the bar -- that's crazy talk! What we can and will do though is set the bar for the future at a rate that will better address the issue you mention. So yeah, design is aware, and we will(...)

*Tonin* Simple question. The new Dragon trailer out on under the downloads section shows an adult dragon in combat. Are the numbers shown in the movie representative of actual combat damage we can expect to take/give out as an adult?
<Eski-AE> All of the trailers you have seen on are in game trailers with real characters. The Adult Dragon flying in the game is actually engaged in combat and dealing real damage. I am sorry that I do not remember the actual lvl and skill set of that Dragon to confirm EXACTLY that the Adult Dragons will deal that kind of damage. It all depends on your actual character.

*Hecate|Wind* Hi , Will you add more creatures and more things to do for the adventurers soon ?
<Steve_Snow> You bet. Keep an eye out, we are going to be rolling out more events which will have extended content for adventurers and crafters alike. We are also researching some new gameplay styles to put into Horizons but I've said too much even with that.

<phingle> When are gnome pies going to be implented in the game?
<Graccus-AE> So, as I play Horizons, I see many disparaging comments about my gnomian brothers and sisters, most of which usually regard their inclusion in some sort of food recipe, or perhaps as a foot rest for one of the other races. While AE's official position is "We like pie!" I will say this much:
<Graccus-AE> The days of gnomian oppression are coming to an end! The gnomes will rise up and shake the shackles of culinary oppression off for good! GNOME POWER~
<Graccus-AE> Short of that, I do intend to introduce funky racial foods into the game at some point.

<Steve_Snow> Thanks to everyone for stopping by the chat, your time, questions and feedback is greatly appreciated.
Maagthel [ET]
Merci beaucoup kalanye

Le week-end commence par une bonne nouvelle, notre passage à l'âge adulte est donc maintenant LA priorité et la prochaine implémentation

Cerise inattendue sur le gâteau (du moins pour moi) : il va y avoir une réelle distinction entre les Lunus et les Helians
Truch [chapi]
Que du bon tous ça

J avais pas vu la video du dragon en plus ca donne envie d etre adulte quand meme

Par contre rien sur le lag ?

Edit : Houla j etais pas reveillé ce matin
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Roi / Reine
Avatar de Hansek
Toujours pour nos amis Anglophobes voici un resumer du dernier Chat avec les developeur d'AE.

Pour les maisons, ils vont bientot mettre en ligne des Sillos et des moyens de stokage qui fonctionnent.

Il va y avoir un equilibrage des races (apparemment les nains et ssliks sont trop balaise par raport au autre), en fait ils veulent mettres plus de capacité pour les differentes races pour les rendrent de plus en plus distinct.

Dans leur plans tres tres proche (pour fevrier apparemment) en tete de liste il y a la possibilitée de passage au stade adulte pour les dragons et la mise en place d'un autre Event comme celui des satyrs.

En ce qui concerne le craft, leur priorité est la customisation des objets (armes et armures).

Beaucoup de contenu sont annoncé pour les dragons dans le mois qui vient.

Ils bossent toujours sur le probleme de lag et de semaine en semaine ils optimisent leur base de donnée pour resoudre ce probleme.

Ils vont de plus en plus implémenter des zones ayant du contenu pour les haut niveaux, ceci grace aux different "event" a venir.

Un free trial devrait venir dans le mois (c'est le moment de ramener du monde sur HZ )

Nos amis confectionneur vont voir venir plus de formules (journeyman) ainsi que l'implementation des ressources T1 et T2 (c'est un oubli de leur part et ils s'en excusent)

Ils sont en train de reflechir au fait de decourager les aventuriers a tuer les Wisps (apres yen a plus pour nos pauvres crafteur )

Ils n'ont po l'air tres "chaud" pour contrer le Power leveling, ils preferent mettre plus de chalenge pour les joueur et les laisser evoluer selon leur bon vouloir.

Quand on leur pose la question de savoir s'ils comptent remplir leur "monde vide", ils repondent que le monde se remplit d'event en event , aussi bien pour le craft que pour l'aventure (c'est a vous de chercher ). De plus ils sont en train de plancher sur un nouveau type de Gameplay pour HZ ....

Et enfin, le point le plus important !!
Ils annoncent la fin de la tiranie que les Gnome subissent, qu'ils deviendront les maitres du monde, que leur beautée et leur superiorité intellectuelle sera reconu de tous !!!

Pour revenir dans la realitée ils comptent mettre de plus en plus de contenu racial "fun" , comme des recettes de nouriture specifique a chaque race (comme de la Soupe d'asticots a la mode Sslik )

Voilou, ceci un un resumé des grandes lignes, et donc po litterale ni complet
J'eponge donc j'essuis ....
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Alpha & Oméga
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Citation :
Provient du message de Truch
Par contre rien sur le lag ?

Citation :
*Emrys* here comes my first questions : what about db lag issue ? improvement has been made, but its still a sensitive point, any reaction ?[..]
<Steve_Snow> As far a database lag goes we still have some work to be done on this issue, that's very apparent. We have some optimizations, which will be going out next week, which will help the issue greatly. But we are not going to stop with those. We are going to keep at this until it's resolved.[..]
Une question de moi même, ça se fête quand même
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Alpha & Oméga
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C'est bien sympa tout ça .

Maintenant il faut voir si cela va arriver bientôt ou si ce sont des belles paroles pour nous faire patienter.
Pour résumer fin de la semaine prochaine le lag due à la base de donnée fortement diminué.
En Février les dragons pourront passer à l'age adulte.
Pour le reste c'est flou.

Par contre il y a toujours des inconnues :

- A quand l'implémentation de l'hermit mage et du scout ?
- Quand la compétence prospection fonctionnera ?
- Les maisons de joueurs vont-elles continué à être vide longtemps ?
- Y a t-il réellement des zones corrompu que l'on peut "exorciser" ?

Bon je peux me tromper, ces choses sont peut-être déjà la, mais j'en doute.
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Favos | Melinora
Alpha & Oméga
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A quand l'ajout de nouveaux sorts en Summoning ?
(Il y en a que 2 pour le moment ça fait léger pour le Conjurer)
Avatar de Thalie
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Thalie
Je ne sais pas pourquoi on entend toujours les conjurers demander des nouveaux sorts alors que du côté wizard c'est pas mieux niveau choix. Le conjurer a quand même Summoning, Flame, Ice. Et le Wizard, Energy et Flame ... Du côté Sorcerer, Flame Ice et Mind soit pas plus de choix. Bref, tout ça pour dire que le conjurer, pour moi, n'a rien d'un cas d'urgence puisque c'est une généralité.

Autrement pour le dev chat, je trouve qu'ils en ont dit un peu plus que la dernière fois. Dommage qu'ils ne mettent pas ça sous forme de lettre prévisionnelle.
Maagthel [ET]
Citation :
Provient du message de Hansek
...Pour revenir dans la realitée ils comptent mettre de plus en plus de contenu racial "fun" , comme des recettes de nouriture specifique a chaque race (comme de la Soupe d'asticots a la mode Sslik )...
On va enfin avoir les bouchées de Gnomes flambées au miel et les oreilles d'Elfe confites à la graisse de Gruok ?
Avatar de kalanye
kalanye [ASGAR]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de kalanye
oui pour le chat je suis d'accord, y a encore un coté langue de bois mais beaucoup moins flagrant que sur le chat du Vault...
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Perforine
Sa se révèle plutôt pas trop mal.
Moi j'espère bcp pr nous amis dragon que l'age adulte viendras bientôt pr eux.
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Favos | Melinora
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Favos | Melinora
Citation :
Provient du message de Norah
Je ne sais pas pourquoi on entend toujours les conjurers demander des nouveaux sorts alors que du côté wizard c'est pas mieux niveau choix. Le conjurer a quand même Summoning, Flame, Ice. Et le Wizard, Energy et Flame ... Du côté Sorcerer, Flame Ice et Mind soit pas plus de choix. Bref, tout ça pour dire que le conjurer, pour moi, n'a rien d'un cas d'urgence puisque c'est une généralité.
Peut-être parce que Conjurer monte en priorité Summoning qui est le parent pauvre des mages à cause de son faible nombre de sorts, là ou Wizard monte Energy avec ses gros nukes qui font baver les autres.

Quant à Flame, à haut lvl si tu ne mets pas de Training Points dedans tu te retrouves à la traîne d'une dizaine de niveaux pour utiliser des sorts intéressants.
Enlève Energy à un wizard, il pleure. Enlève Summoning à un Conjurer, il fait sans, il utilise ses sorts de summoning de 7 secondes d'incant pour pull de toute façon car en combat il y a plus intéressant en Ice ou Flame

Les abilités ? Un mez extrèmement intéressant aussi bien en solo qu'en groupe, nerfé donc devenu inutile (je l'ai viré de ma barre de macro c'est pour dire) ; Un bouclier de dégats sympa comme tout qui bugguait un peu, du coup AE l'a viré. Un super buff bonus Parry, trop utile pour le Conjurer. Une Matter Bolt qui fait 2 fois moins de dégats qu'une Flame Bolt. Une abilité "Phoenix Rising" qui n'a jamais fonctionnée.

C'est sur, tous les mages se ressemblent, maintenant quand on me demande la différence entre Conjurer et Mage de base je ne sais plus trop quoi dépondre, en dehors du fait que Conjurer monte moins Flame et un peu plus une spé (presque) inutile ...

C'est trop demander d'avoir les sorts promis par les développeurs ?

P.S. Ca ne touche pas que les Conjurers, il y a une classe de mélée qui monte un peu Summoning aussi, il me semble KNoC.

Je n'ai pas envie d'attendre 6 mois pour que ma classe devienne plus intéressante à jouer qu'un Mage de base, donc à mon avis ajouter des sorts en Summoning est une priorité, ça n'engage que moi.

[Edit]Phaute d'haurtograf'
Avatar de HalifaX
Avatar de HalifaX
à mon avis on va bientot voir beaucoup de nouveaux bébés
dragons lorsque le passage à l'age adulte sera activé :bouffon:
Avatar de master71
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de master71
euh, summoning pour le KnoC ne sert qu'à ses armes et boucliers et encore.

On monte moins summon qu'un mage, qui n'est pas brillant dans cette voix, du coup on devient nullissime avec 3 sorts qui servent à add dégâts, et puller mais avec un tel différentiel de lvl par rapport au mob que les dégâts deviennent risibles.

Mais bon, le KnoC est mieux loti que le Battle Mage encore, puisque sa partie warrior est correcte et permet d'évoluer sans soucis.

Enfin bon, une comparaison de l'équilibre interne des classes n'a pas sa place ici encore...
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Orgasmaya Borgia [FM(W)]
Avatar de Orgasmaya Borgia
Citation :
Provient du message de Favos ¤}©{¤ Melinora
Je pose la question à chaque fois , et on est pas mal à la poser, mais apparemment , cette question les gêne
Sinon pour les sorts de summoning, les habilités bugées du conjurer ( toutes ), pas de summoning master ( alors qu'on commence à 160 au lvl 20 là où le wizard commence à 200 et gagne 11 points par lvl en energy quand nous 10 ), je pense que le jour où les sorts de summonings promis par les devs arriveront, les Knoc y trouveront une certaine utilité ( cf une amie knoc qui se plaint aussi énormément du manque de sorts )
Bedellia Furie/ Disciple de Jah War Althen Loren
Orga Borgia Repurgatrice /Fear Mornieo WAR Althen Loren (rip)
Orgasmaya Borgia Ombre/ Fëar Morniëo DAOC Ys
Aglauria Assassin / Fëar Morniëo AOC Ishtar

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