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Patch ?

Bizarre, je télécharge actuellement des dizaines de Mo. Ce matin je me suis connecté normalement pour jouer. C'est un bug ?
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Alpha & Oméga
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Il semble il y avoir un patch en effet.

Toto le maudit
Alpha & Oméga
oui et d'ailleurs les serveurs sont down
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Ashraam Darken
Alpha & Oméga
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Qu'est ce qu'il nous prépare ?
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Saxoprane [ShM]
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Voilà le patch en question:

Citation :
Shadowbane Release Notes v.

The latest Shadowbane patch has completed its testing on the Test Server and will be placed on the Live worlds tomorrow morning following the daily restarts. The servers will be down from 9 AM EST to 11 AM EST while we push the latest version online. The Shadowbane client will be updated to version


- The mysterious floating water in Hethland Holm has disappeared (Vorringia mapset)
- Integrated Northland environments to other mapsets
- Ruins on Dalgoth are no longer safe


- Greater Astral Tether (Group Recall) will now teleport the group and not just the caster


- Tears of Saedron are now available on Rank 3 Refiners and will disappear with use
- Characters many now only have one Were-Discipline on their character
- The Werebear "Hibernate" power will now only affect the caster


- Open Player Cities below Rank 5 will be closed
- Northman architecture can now only be placed in icy areas


- Camera presets have been added which are saved camera locations that can be activated by the touch of a button. Functions keys 1-3 now let the user go to a camera preset or set a camera preset.

- New debug data has been added to the server to log client crashes; this will not affect server performance
- Fixed an exploit allowing players to use socials while moving which made them un-targettable.Socials can no longer be executed while running or walking.
- The Scrollbar on the Server Selection Screen during Character Creation now works properly
- The sky now moves in the proper direction no matter which way the character moves

- You can no longer loot dead players (who have yet to respawn) on the Newbie Island
- The Mouse Pointer for the Windows 98 and ME should be working properly
- You can no longer 'spam' the Say or Shout Channels
- A Server Crash bug has been fixed
- Added a "Vorringia" Login Skin

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