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Alpha & Oméga
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Nouveau (gros) patch

Client Release Notes
Camera Updates

We have increased the resource unloading distance from the camera from 50 to 60 meters to accompany the increase of the maximum third person zoom out distance. The camera panning speed has been increased with keyboard controls when "Free Look Around Character" control binding is used at the same time. The updates will also give the player smoother transition from third to first person views. You will notice better camera zooming transitions between race selections in character creation. The camera will also respond to both sitting and crouching actions taken by the player.

There is one known issue with the updated camera: when sitting in first person and zooming out to third, the character may appear to stand still for a moment, and the view may be slightly disoriented.

Community Updates


The Planning Window will now show the correct information when a player clicks on a plot.
Plot size is now properly displayed in the Plot Window.

Guild Updates


Players may use the command "/gadd", followed by the name of the character, to invite a player to the guild from any point in the world.
A player's guild name will now show up in the player search result list.
The guild URL text box should be able to display longer URLs.
Race and Gender have been added to the Guild Member List.
Guild members without permission to edit guild information cannot edit data locally on their client.
Command group names should not get truncated within the Guild Window.
There is a new "Refresh" button for guild structure editing. This allows the editor of the guild structure to immediately request its current state. The button will be available only when an edit is detected.

The guild rank editing system has gone through the first pass of optimization:

The default ranks have been renamed to "Officer" and "Member" to dispel the confusion surrounding the previous Guildmaster rank.
Rank numbers are no longer used in the guild system.
The rank order is now embedded in the rank title.
Guild ranks are ordered according to their place in the Guild Rank List, not by their renamed equivalent.
Ranks no longer require a command group assignment.
Ranks can now be ordered in the Guild Rank List by using the up and down arrows in the Rank Edit Window.
Rank Titles, Event Names, Event Types, Event Descriptions and Command Group Names now have a character limit.

Interface Updates


Let there be much rejoicing!

Client preferences should now be saved without relogging.
There were some instances where hotkeys would not grey out when used; this has been fixed.
You can no longer modify another player's coin offer in the Trade Window.

The Map Window

We suggest running the tutorial by pressing the "?" button in the upper right corner.

More information to follow shortly...

New Chat Features

Chat Windows now support individual tabs that can each display their own chat channels.
To add a new tab to a Chat Window, press the "+" icon in the lower right corner.
When selecting "Chat Settings..." from the right-click menu (or pressing the new Chat Settings button) you will be modifying the channel lists for the current tab only.

You can now browse a list of the available player-created chat channels directly from a Chat Window.

The active Chat Window is now more clearly denoted as such by a blue chat area. This is the window that will receive focus when you press the "Start Text Entry" key (Enter and/or slash (/), by default)
There are four new key bindings in the Options Window that will allow keyboard users to quickly switch between active Chat Windows as well as tabs within Chat Windows.

When a chat tab receives a new message, it will pulse with a gold color to notify you that there is a new message waiting. This can be disabled in the Options Window.

To delete an entire text line while typing in a chat window, you can now press "SHIFT + DELETE".

In the Chat Settings Window you can customize the chat tab names to your liking.

There is a new option in the Options Window called "Send New Player Tells to..." When receiving a new tell or joining a new chat group you can specify whether you want a completely new Chat Window, a new tab in your primary Chat Window, or to simply use an existing chat tab. You can specify which Chat Window is your primary window in the Chat Settings Window.

Two New Right-Click Menu Options

There is a new "Show/Hide Position" right-click menu toggle for the Compass Window. When turned on, it will show your world position, updated in real time, without having to continually type "/printpos".
There is a new toggle for the Player List window that sets the lists to show the members that are online only.
Cargo Disk Interface Changes

The process to attach or ground a Cargo Disk has changed. Instead of moving the disk to a different equipment slot, you can now press the Attach/Detach toggle button. When detached, there is an arrow locator to help you find it.
The command "/cargo" has been added for use in the Hotkey Editor. When executed, this attaches or grounds the equipped Cargo Disk.
Other Interface Updates

A new Quest selection system has been added that will allow players to select which quest they want when they are offered many possible quests at once.
Statistics raised by spending training points will properly show the increase in the base value without having to relog.
The Attack button will now be disabled if you have a dead creature targeted.
A "Delete Knowledge" button has been added in the upper right corner of the Knowledge Window. This should work for all tabs, including viewing products in the Formula tab.
Windows should now save their normal positions correctly when they are closed in minimized mode.
Newly created read-only windows can no longer become the active window.
Read-only windows can't receive the focus when using the "Next Chat Window" key binding.
Completed quests are now displayed on a separate tab in the Quest Window.
The Map Window will display world coordinates based on the position of your mouse cursor.
The Map Window can now be bound to a key in the Options Window.

Other Client Updates


Characters will not be able to relog until their character has finished shutting down and has saved all character data. This will fix most problems with characters loading old data when logging in.
Crafted or gathered items can now be added to existing stacks in a grounded cargo disk if it is in range.
Dragging a stack of items into a container that would cause the container to be overfilled will now move as many items from the stack into the container as possible.
Gathered resources could sometimes reserve more room than they needed; this has been fixed. This often resulted in the server thinking your inventory was full when it was not.
Both item creation and the splitting of items are now limited to one attempt every 5 seconds.
The computer's screensaver settings are restored when the game shuts down.
"/loc" has been added as an alias to /printpos.
Players can no longer emote while dead.

Server Release Notes

Adventure School Updates and Fixes


School specific additions.

New spells have been added to Dragons., Both Prime Bolt and Improved Prime Bolt have been added to the Dragon spell list. The Formula will be available via task rewards or the lore keepers.
Druid adventure school now receives the following new abilities: Vigor at level 40, Rigidity at level 60, Toughness at level 80, and Fortitude at level 100.
Healer adventure school has had the new abilities, Aura of Health II and III added. They will be available to Healers at level 54 and 74 respectively. Aura of Health repeats an augmentation every 30 seconds that heals all group members in range. This does not affect the caster of the ability.
The Berserker ability at level 52 Berserk Rage is now displayed as Improved Berserk Rage
Bloodmage Adventure school will now receive Coordinated Spirit Bolt in place of the original Coordinated Bolt.
Blood Doll I-IV so that later versions will not be overwritten by the previous version when the character is logged out and back in.
Channel Vitae for the Bloodmage school now works as drain over time and has been given a placeholder effect for the meantime.
Updated the Conjurer ability Glaring Quills I-IV augmentation, it will now be destroyed once it is hit with 20 non-spell melee attacks.
Guardian Trainers will now offer tasks to new members of the schools upon acknowledgment of their membership.
The Healer ability Superior Resurrect now removes an entire death point from the target instead of a half a point.
Knight of Creation adventure trainer now clearly state the player requires 160 summoning skill as opposed to the previously stated 60.
The Reaver Trainers will no longer incorrectly reference to the Paladin school when joining the school.
Wizard adventure school abilities Pulsing Spectrum I-IV have been fixed so that later versions will not be overwritten by the previous version of the abilities when the character is logged out and back in.
The Dragon Adventurer ability Vital Strike now has a special particle effect associated to the animation.

General Adventure School notes.

Changes have been made to allow differences in skill have a greater impact on the likelihood of hitting a target.
The adventure ability Precision Style had a fallacious description. It has been changed to say, "All attacks have an increased chance to hit".
Both the Spirit Master and Spirit Adept have been altered so that they add ethereal DPS instead of physical.
Glaring Quills augmentation have level constraints on it. Glaring Quills I will require 20 adventures levels to use, Glaring Quills II will require 40 adventure levels to use, etc.
Flame Attack, Ice Attack and Energy Attack will now give damage bonuses to ranged weapons and continue to work with melee weapons. Range attackers rejoice! In addition to this change Flame Attack, Ice Attack, and Energy Attack augmentations will now stack with other damage adds! Example: Warrior ability Power Style augmentation.
Both Binding Crystals I and Self-Sacrificium I had been calling to inappropriate skills for use in combat and healing calculations that were adversely affecting their performance. They now call to ice and spirit respectively.
Mark, Brittle, and Blight spell lines have been changed to do blight damage instead of crush damage.
The spell Patch of Bramble now has a range of 30 increased from 15.

Crafting School Updates Fixes


The outstanding issue with the Journeyman Essence Siphon formula not being offered by the Journeyman Lore Keepers has been corrected.
Fixed the few Journeyman clothing formulae that were erroneously being referred to as Beginner level formulae
The issue that prevented Health techniques from being applied to various pieces of chest armor has been found and updated.
All silver bar formulas received from Toraebel should now require smelting to scribe, instead of metalworking. Dragons should now be able to scribe these formulas if they have the required smelting skill.
The Scale of Dance now requires Elnathian Silver Bars instead of Dabihian Silver Bars.

Monster Updates and Fixes


We have just started our first pass on the Named Monsters loot tables. They are now more likely to have appropriate loot.
Avatar of Pain now drops appropriate level crystals instead of Ghost Vapor.
Fire golem no longer drops zombie fingers or embalming dust.
Flies and swarms no longer drop spiderling silk, nor do Fyakki.
Due to feedback we have cut the requested quantities on wolf fang quests in half. On a related note, the level 14 & 17 pygmies will no longer drop wolf fangs.

Items Updates and Fixes


Fixed Cobalt Battle Axe to hit on the correct damage skill. The Cobalt Battle Axe was incorrectly set to use one hand slash skill, instead of two hand slash skill.
Special Pants and Fearsome Hauberk of the Quester will no longer show up on the consigners as usable by to Dragon Crafters.

World Updates and Fixes


The Empire has allocated additional machines to the player community of Selen.
Community guard posts have been added to several of the frontier communities
Increased undead activity have been seen near some of the Tier 3 and 4 resources
Aughundell crater has been rumored to have been overrun with withered aegis minions
Mulitple pit traps have been fixed across Aradoth
Scouts from the northeastern snowy peninsula region have reported additional undead movement in the area.
New monsters now roam the western desert canyons, travel with caution.
Machines on the Islands of Dabihi, Alged, Corvus, and Elnath have had additional sound and visual effects added to them, as well as new ambient music has been added to the island regions

Hz vault
Roi / Reine
Ca m'a l'air de bien bougé tout ca.

Dommage rien sur l'optimisation ou lag.

Merci pour ces infos.
Alpha & Oméga
d'après certaine rumeur il travaillerais sur le lag et la cartographique
Alpha & Oméga
Citation :
Both item creation and the splitting of items are now limited to one attempt every 5 seconds.
bah peut-etre que ca va peut-etre un "peu" aidé au niveau des base de données, Enfin c'est une simple supposition hein ^^
Avatar de Falith
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Falith
Citation :
Interface Updates

Citation :
bah peut-etre que ca va peut-etre un "peu" aidé au niveau des base de données, Enfin c'est une simple supposition hein ^^
c'est à mon avis un des principaux problèmes
on devrai voir une amélioration sur le lag quand même
Avatar de pkpkpls
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de pkpkpls
Je venais justement de voir ça aussi, vivement lundi
Avatar de Orgasmaya Borgia
Orgasmaya Borgia [FM(W)]
Avatar de Orgasmaya Borgia
sniff toujours rien sur les habilités du conjurer encore bugées
Enfin ça bouge , espérons que ça arrive
Bedellia Furie/ Disciple de Jah War Althen Loren
Orga Borgia Repurgatrice /Fear Mornieo WAR Althen Loren (rip)
Orgasmaya Borgia Ombre/ Fëar Morniëo DAOC Ys
Aglauria Assassin / Fëar Morniëo AOC Ishtar
Avatar de Elixir
Elixir [Nono]
Avatar de Elixir
je trouve la communication d'Atari (artifac?) vraiment extra... franchement rien a redire !

et je trouve meme de la réactivité! ca laisse pensé que pour une fois il y a vraiment des gens qui travail chez les éditeurs :-D

enfin ce que je veux dire c'est que c'est chouette d'avoir plein d'infos meme quasi inutile.. ca montre juste qu'il y a quelqu'un derriere et que l'on est pas seuls

c'est tout

PS: pourquoi ne pas créé une balise [HS] un peu comme le [QUOTE ] ... ?
Avatar de Dr. Gregory House
Dr. Gregory House
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Dr. Gregory House
Parce qu'on est pas censé faire des hors - sujet quand on poste ?
Avatar de kurumund
Empereur / Impératrice
Avatar de kurumund
joli patch vi, vivement lundi =)
Avatar de Favos | Melinora
Favos | Melinora
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Favos | Melinora
En espérant que les Marrows lvl 80 dropperont désormais autre chose que du tiers II

Et prochain patch je veux de nouveaux sorts en Summoning didju
Avatar de Dark_Phoenix
Avatar de Dark_Phoenix
Wow en effet ils se tournent pas les pouces chez ATARI...
Bah pour changer je v dire vivement lundi... ^^
Shard : Unity
Phoenics Dark : Conjurer 100 / Healer 82 / Druid 60 / Fletcher 43 / Blacksmith 25 / Carpenter 50 / Gatherer 25
Lillys : Spiritist 36 / Cleric 20 / Tailor 32 / gatherer 9 / weaver 11
Lord-Eagle : Paladin 55 / Cleric 18 / Mage 10 / Spiritist 10 / Druid 10 / Jeweler 23 / Weaponsmith 11 / miner 13
Yrin Dark : Ranger 34
Firer : Dragon Adv 26 / Craft 16
Avatar de Danthalzar
Danthalzar [IM]
Avatar de Danthalzar
quelqun pourrai traduire
comme je suis anglophobe plz?

Avatar de master71
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de master71
Les US ont ce patch depuis hier...
Et y a quelques soucis au vu des VN boards.

Alors soyez pas trop pressé

Pas confondre Atari, distributeur foireux du jeu, et AE, créateur et développeur du jeu...
Alpha & Oméga
Arf, y a des quetes ou des donj?

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