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Log du Devchat.

<Vosx> <alex|TG> How long will the wereform shapechange last and how long is the recast timer on this power? Does Hide/Sneak break the werforms?
<Ubiq> The Weretransformations last between 7.5-10 minutes (depending on the power) and have a recast timer of 15 minutes (assuming a Huntsman doesn't dispel them first).
<Ubiq> HIde and Sneak are considered 'skills' and will not break a weretransformation (nor will stances or weapon powers)

<Sachant> <Underpants_Gnome> Do you have any intentions of changing the Rank 5+ tree requirment on open trees? This is just way to steep for the smaller guilds who get most of their money from open trees.
<Ubiq> We will see how the change to open trees pans out in this patch. Initial response to the change has been very positive, as too many guilds were using them to make 'forward trees', which perverted their desired usage.
<Ubiq> Yes, this limits the ability of smaller guilds to take advantage of Open Tree Market Cities, but fundamentally we had to close the loophole.

<Swiftkill> <Simon[SB-MP]> Will there be dungeons once? I remember about a discussion with a fellow UO player, and we agreed on the fact that Dungeon PvP is exciting, and that there should be dungeon to enhance the PvP experience. Sincerly. Are the dungeons a cancelled feature?
<Meridian_WP> Dungeons, unfortunately, are still eluding us.
<Meridian_WP> We got them going briefly in the beta, but there were tooo many issues to make them really playable, the way UO dungeons are.
<Meridian_WP> We're looking at some ways to finally overcome thoise issues,
<Meridian_WP> and we're also looking at some ways to tunr existing areas into really neat, contestable zones
<Meridian_WP> so that not all raids and wars need happen in a city.
<Meridian_WP> So dungeons aren't cancelled, but they're not coming soon either.
<Ubiq> Our top initial priorities for our next patch will be to improve the siege experience. Making SB the best possible siege experience is currently the design team's top priority.
<Meridian_WP> Absolutley

<Sachant> <RealAmerican> Shadowbane has recently implemented first person view, do they have any plans to accompany this with keyboard movement?
<Ubiq> We have plans. I can't give a timeframe though. There are some issues with Shadowbane's architecture which make it unfortunately very difficult for us to implement
<Ubiq> We are currently working on an interface overhaul behind the scenes, though, and one of the fallouts of that is that keyboard movement will be easier for us to implement in the future
<Ubiq> So the short answer is that yes, it's planned, but no, not immediately, and I can't give a timetable.
<Meridian_WP> heh

<Thelanas[SB-MP]> [18:15] <alex|TG> Will actual Shadowbane players be able to change their SB.US account to a SB.EU account?
<Vosx> The Shadowbane accounts are exactly the same, its just where it is billed that is different.
<Vosx> European players can play with North American players and vice versus, all that matters is what currency your billed in.
<Swiftkill> <[HING]Secretariat> Can you tell us about the discussions you've had about the upcoming resource system, and when we can reasonably expect its implementation?
<Ubiq> Depends on how you define 'resources'! I can't tell you much, but our next major patch (currently slated for early-mid March) will definitely have goods that players must find in order to improve the fortunes of their cities
<Ubiq> It may, however, be different than what you expect. Stay tuned for an announcement about this new system soon.
<Meridian_WP> Heh heh heh...
<Meridian_WP> The new system will be a beginning.

<Thelanas[SB-MP]> [18:47] <[MV]Arkaziel> With increased protection slots, will the city zone also be increased?
<Meridian_WP> Good question!
<Ubiq> No, at this time, the city grid size will remain the same. We are considering expanding it in the future, but it's not at the top of our priority list.
<Vosx> <Brutalus|HoP> in new patch it does not list crusaders for huntsmen. i have 2 crusaders with that rune. What will happen?
<Ubiq> Crusaders can be Huntsmen, as can Barbarians, Bards, Druids, Huntress', Rangers, Scouts, Sentinels, Templars, Thieves and Warriors.
<Ubiq> Other restrictions: Dwarves cannot be Huntsmen, nor can anyone who has applied a wereform discipline rune.
<Ubiq> As a general rule, though- if we change a discipline's requirements, anyone who got the discipline under the old rules will be 'grandfathered' in, but that does not apply in this case.

<Sachant> <Frag-O-Byte> Will you be adding more zones to the game and even more races and classes?
<Meridian_WP> Yes indeed we will.
<Meridian_WP> After building 2 new world maps in a VERY short span of time,
<Ubiq> (I.e. insanely short)
<Meridian_WP> in the near future the SB worldbuilding team is going to shift
<Meridian_WP> our focus to new macrozones.
<Meridian_WP> we have 1 planned for the March patch,
<Meridian_WP> and beyond that we're looking to do as many as we can.
<Meridian_WP> You can also expect us to try to reduce the amount of zone duping as much as possible.
<Meridian_WP> I'm looking forward to the chance to revisit some parts of the Aerynth map,
<Meridian_WP> looking to increase the number of zones that are usable past R3.
<Simon[SB-MP]> Some precision : what do you call a macro-zone, Meridian_WP ?
<Simon[SB-MP]> (for the one who're not used with the term)
<Meridian_WP> A macro zone is a relatively large area with anywhere from 16 to 20+ cmap in it.
<Meridian_WP> camps, that is.
<Meridian_WP> Most of the world mass in SB is relatively empty, to leave room for player city building.
<Ubiq> Basically, if it's an icon on the new world map, it's a macrozone.
<Meridian_WP> But the 'macro zones' are places where the monsters and loot are.
<Simon[SB-MP]> ok thanks for the clarification
<Meridian_WP> They're the watering holes, where player pops will compete for gold, xp, discipine runes, etc
<Meridian_WP> Things like the Mountains of the Giants and Bog of the Black Drake are examples, for those already familiar with SB.

<Vosx> <Frag-O-Byte> When is SB euro servers released? and when can I get the game and where?
<Vosx> The Shadowbane Europe service will officially launch this Thursday. The European Server Damnation will come online around 8 AM E.S.T. about 2 PM Paris time.
<Ubiq> Note that that time is approximate
<Meridian_WP> Yeah
<Meridian_WP> it's relative, too
<Vosx> You can order the European version of the game from the Ubisoft store, and also major software retailers in France, Germany, and the UK.
<Vosx> You should begin seeing Shadowbane in most major software retail outlets all across the EU by mid next week.
<Meridian_WP> I'm REALLY excited about the European launch.
<Meridian_WP> I can remember the petitions and the fan movements to let the entire global base playe together
<Meridian_WP> and now 2 regions will be.

<Vosx> <Vosx> Ubiq, I have been hearing rumors that Thieves will be getting love soon, can you confirm this?
<Ubiq> Yeah, yeah. I tried to sneak in thief love this patch, but flat run out of time.
<Meridian_WP> Man, I can't believe we got this far without a thief love question...
<Ubiq> We're going to fix the stealing formula to account for the higher level cap, and I'm going to try to see if I can get some coder time to fix backstab so that people don't dodge so much
<Vosx> =O
<Meridian_WP> woot!
<Ubiq> Lastly, Lietgardis has some ideas on how to make Thieves do some interesting stuff in sieges... but I'll say nothing else until she confirms or denies she's going to do that
<Ubiq> But at the very least, the steal formula improvements will get into the next major patch (not Vorringia, the next one). Sorry to make you wait.
<Meridian_WP> She could tell you, but then she'd have to backstab you...

<Paris> [18:17] <WillMccabe> Is there any truth to the rumors that all racial vendors will be able to roll any item, that there will be no restrictions on certain races to specific weapon/armor properties?
<Ubiq> Not as far as I know of. If anything else, the design team would prefer to go the other way, so that each racial vendor can offer more in terms of differentiation
<Ubiq> But I don't foresee significant changes in that area coming in the near future.
<Meridian_WP> Serious revision to that system is a dream of mine...

<Vosx> <Kyrre_Ebonlore> When will european payments start being accepted?
<Vosx> European players will get 31 Free Days after purchasing Shadowbane, just like their North American counter parts did.\
<Vosx> But the Billing system for Europe will be online and function at launch on Thursday, for those of you who purchase 6 month or one year subscriptions.
<Vosx> The monthly subscriptions will begin after your 31 free days of course!

<Swiftkill> <ES|Celn> Is anything going to be done to improve the usefulness of city defenses, particularly the usefullness of walls? In the current state of the game, walls are often renedered inconsequential by the presence of furies' group fly and wizards' group translocation.
<Ubiq> The march patch will include a couple of features designed to give more advantages to the defenders, with some significant improvements to counter fliers and teleporters and make walls more useful.
<Ubiq> However, you guys will have to wait a bit for details, as we're still nailing down specifics of the design
<Meridian_WP> The January patch already addresses some of the big guard issues.
<Ubiq> True, guards are now more powerful, as well as less stupid, and the reverse KOS list should help deal with people attempting to avoid your guard's fury

<Simon[SB-MP]> <Myrath> Hiya; My most burning question would be server-up time. Will it be up in EURO-morning or USA-morning? (In other words.. Do I need to take the day off.. or only half the day)
<Vosx> The European Server, Damnation, will open officially at 2:00 PM Paris, France time during the day.
<Meridian_WP> So I reckon that's a half day
<Ubiq> This patch looks pretty solid and we've been pleased with it's performance on the Test server. However, as always, MMPs are fickle creatures, and so consider that time approximate.

<Vosx> <Vosx> Meridian, what were your thougts on the new Ice world design? It seems quite a bit different than Dalgoth and Aerynth? Can you tell us why and what your strategy is for this new world?
<Meridian_WP> Well, the biggest factor in some of the changes was player feedback.
<Meridian_WP> After Dalgoth's launch, the comment we got more than any other was that travel was too difficult, and that everything was WAY too far from everything else.
<Meridian_WP> So, on this map we've significantly reduced the amount of landmass.
<Meridian_WP> Folks can expect to rub elbows with their neighbors much more than before.
<Meridian_WP> We've also got 15 (!) runegates instead of 4 or 5
<Meridian_WP> so that travellers can get just about anywhere in a hop or two.
<Meridian_WP> But I had 2 other big goals for this new map.
<Meridian_WP> The first was the creation of areas that used biomes we haven't used bfore.
<Meridian_WP> The first was the creation of areas that used biomes we haven't used bfore.
<Meridian_WP> Hence, we have a swamp island in addition to a desert island.
<Meridian_WP> And there's a wasteland area as well.
<Meridian_WP> Also, I wanted to bring a LOT more lore into the geography.
<Meridian_WP> So in addition to the stories the runemasters tell you,
<Meridian_WP> there are 2 areas off by themselves that are honest-to-goodness lore-based landmarks.
<Meridian_WP> Hopefully, we can start integrating more things like these into the existing maps.
<Meridian_WP> Then there's the Epic Mob...
<Vosx> =O
<Meridian_WP> Anyway, there was such a rush to release, that our initial Aerynth map suffered a bit, I think.
<Ubiq> The design team's thought was that it doesn't make much sense to have different worlds if they don't offer different strategic challenges
<Meridian_WP> We're very pleased with how the new map turned out.
<Ubiq> Giving different feels also allows players to determine which world size and what not they prefer personally.
<Meridian_WP> exactly.
<Meridian_WP> it should feel pretty different on a macro level.

<Swiftkill> <[MV]Arkaziel> Will Nephilim Vendors exist? Will Mino vendors also ever exist?
<Ubiq> I asked Lietgardis. She said "Yes" to Neph vendors, and "Sure, why not" to mino vendors. No ETA on that, though.
<Meridian_WP> heh

<Thelanas[SB-MP]> [19:27] <[HoA]Belina> what is the server ruleset of the new server?
<Ubiq> Both Entropy and Damnation will launch with standard exp and gold rates, and no racial/lore modifiers. HOwever, they will have Corruption's city advancement rates, which means higher upfront costs but much lower upkeep rates.

<Simon[SB-MP]> <Janos> the new safehold ruins represent a serious issue. being mostly an errant pk, all i have to do is log on my buff bot errant, and he can summon me to where no danger can get me. are ruins to remain safeholds?
<Meridian_WP> Yes - we've seen that that decision didn't pan out the way we predicted. We thought intially safe ruins might be one of those areas that could vary from server to server as flavor, but it created more issues that it offered.
<Meridian_WP> We'll take care of that pretty quickly

<Vosx> I heard there was an R8 mob on test. Is it killable? What does it drop? Whats the deal with this Uber mob?
<Simon[SB-MP]> What a funny question
<Ubiq> Yes, there is an Epic Mob. We don't know if it's killable.
<Ubiq> As for what it drops... I suppose you'll have to find out the hard way
<Thelanas[SB-MP]> Bring a lot of friends
<Thelanas[SB-MP]> or ennemies in a peace time
<Meridian_WP> Heh heh heh.
<Meridian_WP> For now he lurks in Vorringia, but soon he may go on the road...
<Ubiq> We'd like to thank you guys for coming out. I'm sorry we couldn't get to all of the questions, but there will be some more interesting announcements in the near future
<Meridian_WP> To say the least!
<Ubiq> The design team has some very cool plans in place for the future of Shadowbane, and we hope that you are there to see these plans reach fruition
<Meridian_WP> A new phase is beginning with Shadowbane.
<Meridian_WP> ROC was only the beginning.
<Meridian_WP> For those who read very closely between the lines,
<Simon[SB-MP]> OMG I will have to pay again for another add on ? =p
<Meridian_WP> you'll see that there's arguably more stuff in the January patch than there was in the expansion.
<Meridian_WP> Why? Because we didn't want to charge you for the really crunchy stuff.
<Thelanas[SB-MP]> I think this have to be noted :
<Thelanas[SB-MP]> [19:47] <[HH]Celee> Well, if it helps, Shadowbane is the only game i play. The ony game i have ever enjoyed this much, and i plan to be the last person logged onto the game if it ever ends
<Simon[SB-MP]> (that was a joke)
<Thelanas[SB-MP]> Catch a dedicated fan
<Meridian_WP> Cool!
<Vosx> Excellent!
<Simon[SB-MP]> Play to Crush, thanks for coming, WolfPack
<Meridian_WP> Of the patches we have planned fo '04, the January one is actually the runt of the litter...
<Vosx> Guys just a few things to note before ending the chat....
<Vosx> We will have another Shadowbane Developer Chat at the end of this month, details will be announced soon.
<Vosx> Guys just a few things to note before ending the chat....
<Vosx> We will have another Shadowbane Developer Chat at the end of this month, details will be announced soon.
<Vosx> European Launch will happen on Thursday
<Vosx> the Damnation European world will open sometimes in the morning Eastern Standard Time

=========> PARTIE FULL QUESTION EUROPE <=========

<Vosx> Also, I will be standing by for a few extra minutes with Thelanas and Simon to answer some European service questions.
<Vosx> Only Europe related questions.

<Thelanas[SB-MP]> [19:51] <Azh> ooooh, I'm european. Ask Vosx what his opinion is about the european beta
<Vosx> I thought it was going pretty good, I wish we could have had one with European launch as well, but many Europeans were already playing here so it didnt really matter
<Vosx> Some of the European SB players were very very good, IM excited about having them finally join the Shadowbane family now (legally anyway!)

<Simon[SB-MP]> <thangorn> will be able to download the game, and buy a key, to enbable us to play from day 1, or will we be have to wait for it to appear int he shops
<Vosx> You will have to wait for a while.
<Vosx> We are developing a European Free rial similar to what we have in North America. So we do hope to offer that service in the near future for all of Europe as well.
<Vosx> excuse me Free Trial
<Vosx> As for Cd-Keys and other things, we are discussing these options on a Company wide level at this time. We hope to have some news regarding this in the weeks ahead.
<Vosx> But for Europe, you will need to purchase Shadowbane to play for a bit of time before the Free TRial begins.

<Thelanas[SB-MP]> european payment will be accepted by 1st of february, but most of the europeans cant start playing at jan the 15th cause you need a credit card to validate your account, what are you going to do about this problem?
<Vosx> Some of our European players and fans brought this to our attention today. I don't know what the final answer is actually.
<Vosx> Yes you will need a Credit Card to play most likely on the first day of launch
<Vosx> We will have different payment options coming very soon, so I will have more details about this soon.
<Vosx> We are looking into this matter today.

<Vosx> <Simon[SB-MP]> SB comes out in Europe... The Euro betatesters remember that there ARE translations in French and in German(and even in Italian, if I remember). They are not totally finished, but do you plan to find them back to use them? I'm sure that there are a lot of people who can help for this task at Ubi or anywhere else.
<Vosx> Haha =) yes Swing did a lot of localization work on the original game.
<Vosx> The Shadowbane service hoewver will operate in English only, but as far as being players is concerned...
<Vosx> You gusy should be able to use all the keys and chats commdnas and language of your home countries.
<Vosx> So that should prove very interesting...
<Vosx> Thanks for the Chat everyone!! Appreciate your time this evening. For more questions please visit our Shadowbane European forums! Good night!
Donc on voit que les petits gars de WP ont pleins d'idées, reste à voir ce que ça donnera.
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Saxoprane [ShM]
Avatar de Saxoprane
rOooohhh Kuldar j'ai cru un moment que tu avais eu le temps de tout traduire

J'ai tout lu ce matin et ca s'annonce bien
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Kuldar
Provient du message de Katinka
rOooohhh Kuldar j'ai cru un moment que tu avais eu le temps de tout traduire
Non, je ne risque pas de perdre mon temps à traduire vu que la langue principale sera sans aucun doute l'anglais, autant la garder dans les info de ce genre.
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Avatar de Oxis
Avatar de Oxis
Ne serai t-il pas possible qu'une bonne âme fasse une rapide synthèse des points les plus importants/interressants pour le mauvais en anglais que je suis .

Bon je pourrai surement traduire une partie des textes, mais ça me prendrais tellement longtemps que le courage et le temps me manque totalement pour le faire.

Merci d'avance, sinon tans pis .
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Kuldar
Pas vraiment des grandes révélations.
La confirmation de l'amélioration de certaines skill du thief (qui en a grand besoin) pour le patch suivant celui de janvier.
L'affirmation des développeur à faire un système de ressource pour développer des conflits pour la possession de zones.
Les donjons c'est un doux rêves mais pas oublié

Vu que je suis de près SB, je ne vois pas trop ce qui est important à citer ou non pour quelqu'un voulant des informations, car beaucoup sont inutiles à savoir si on ne connaît pas trop le jeu et son système de jeu.
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