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World War 2 Online
No Man's Land
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faire un looping avec la bombe , faut prendre pas mal de vitesse avant
Citation :
Publié par fidelis
P39s instruments

thanks to turo and ring for some good input
Key mapping
Be sure you have a key for to fire weapon 2 and switch weapons on your joy stick. This is important since you have to do this very fast.

I’m playing with mapping one of my stick keys to
Drop a bomb/fire the cannon
go to 100% power
this key I use to drop my bomb/90 degree cannon attacks and and pull up from a divebombing attack

Another key
go to 0% power
This key I use to start my divebombing/90 degree cannon attack

I’m playing with mapping one of my stick keys to
Drop a bomb/fire the cannon
go to 100% power
I use this key to drop my bomb/90 degree cannon attacks and pull up from a dive-bombing attack

Another key
go to 0% power
This key I use to start my divebombing/90 degree cannon attack

Take off.
I give the plane about 20% flaps and wp on. I move the plane so I have LONG run. Not as long as the db7 about the same as a loaded Blen 4. I pull off at the the end of the field.

I found 10%K and 2%L works real good with a bomb and 0%k and 2% L works good with out a bomb.

Guide goal:. To give my arg buddies a basic understanding so they can bomb Undefended fbs in one mission 90% of the time.

Be willing to practice on your on off line to get good at it!!!! this is real important the plane is VERY sensative. You got to fly her gently.

BOMBING methods
Aim point
You need to mark with a dry erase marker or your cursor your guide bombing aim point. It is located by drawing a line down from the vertical center linesight line on your gun sight to the anggled portion of the forwar fuse. Tha point of that angle is your aim point for glide bombing.

The aim point above is set up for a 60 degree dive. You can dive at 90 degrees easly wit the plane.
That aim point will move up if you dive steeper and/or go faster and down if you are slower and do a shallower dive. So practice it off line till your happy.

General aiming and dive bombing

general glide bombing aim point

How to do it
1. Start at 1km min in alt.
2. Roll to where your wings are vertical and use your rudder to pull your nose down to start your dive, This is real important to do right. If you don’t you will waoble all the way down. I either doe it slowlly or I roll inverted before I dive then correct on the way down. The planes got a barn door for a rudder so use it very sparingly. This is gonna takes practice so spend lots of time off line getting it down.
2. Approach target at approx. 60 degree angle.
3. Place your aim point on the front edge of your target.
4. When you have to pull the cursor off the target to pull up, drop your bomb. Time this till you get a good release alt, I drop when my inner sight circle. I have done these attacks about 100 time now and died once. So its not to tough.
5. Immediately pull up till you start to black out and climb to avoid the bomb blast. You can pull up to tree top level in a slight climb and youll be going very fast. Rememebr if you climb to much your flak bait. better to get some separation then climb.
6. In combat I separate get some alt and come back for cannoning tanks

If you blast the front of the vehicle spawn with the 200kg bomb first. Then straffe you should get a lot of yhr flak gunss. That way the flak gunners, who always hang around the vehicle spawn, are dead or wounded making it safer to kill the inf spawn.

To flash dive bomb/90 degree cannon attack you
1. Start at 1km and dive on target till your going 400km+.
2. Then pull straight up right over target. You know your going straight up or down when the compass on your hud is a thin circle.
3. Then you pull through on your back and then straight down. At that point you kill your engine.
4. Use your rudder GENTLLY to move from side to side in the x direction/ use your elevator to move up and down in the y direction.
5. When the target is in the center of your sight check your hud to make sure your going straight down, if you are, release your bomb or cannon the target.
6. Then hit the gas and pull up.

Some people use a spiral diving approach to dive bombing tanks. I’m sure they like it.I would glide bomb them its more accurate.

I for one ONLY dive-bomb if there is allot of flak. And then I divebomb from 2+km up using the following manner.
1. Fly at 1km+ till you get to the target there by looking at the map or visually.
2. Then pull straight up
3. Repeat step 3 and beyond.

Acquiring ground unit targets (Blecks been a big help here)
1. Come in at 3k to target
2. Then diving at the target at around 45deg to 1km going away from my return vector. I keep a good amount of lateral seperation to the suspected target.
3. Spot target from 1k up.
4. If no target is spoted climb gentrly back to 2.5K.”
5. If target spoted then pull up slightly and bank at around 45deg to the target. This looks like a nice wide diving turn to the target.
6. Time the turn to be nose on target around .5k or so. with around a 45 to 60 deg angle of attack.
7. Drop and pull out of the dive with a very shalow climb and a moderate bank. The bank should be light enough not to blow any E but enough to make flak guning hard.

Zooming Fb flak suppression, ab/fb attack

1. Come in very high say 4k. this will get you above most cap over the fb.
2. Spiral down to 3k and look for fighters and spot for flak tracers. Note the terrain feature the guns are by,
3. Climb back up to 4k separate and come back to get the flak guns off of you.
4. Spot your target and shalloew dive down to 2k or 3k.
5. Drop to steep 60 degree dive when close enough
6. And place your bomb on the flak guns position based on the trerain feature that it is by.
7. Pull up to tree top level and duck behind cover for your egress

This is my frvent attack for fb/abs flakThe gunners wont see you when you come in. you can smack them and be gone before they will fire. This ooming orks on ab area attacks as well. Just climb out of the ai flak rather than stay low on egress

Low level spiral Fb flak suppression, ab/fb attack

1. Come in very high say 4k. this will get you above most cap over the fb.
2. Spiral down to 3k and look for fighters and spot for flak tracers. Note the terrain feature the guns are by,
3. Continue to spiral toward your target in a tighting spiral to give the target the hardest deflection shot against you.
4. Drop to steep 60 degree dive when close enough
5. And place your bomb on the flak guns position based on the trerain feature that it is by.
6. Pull up to tree top level and duck behind cover for your egress

This way may niot work for the airacobra sinceit bleed energy a whole bunch in a turn.

Bleck had some good points
The procese fidelis stated works good for areas without heavy flack and air cover. I like to use my method for areas that are heavy flacked and have 109's in the area. This works great in the blen/db7 and should be unstopable in the bell. If the target is realy hot with lots of 109s and a confirmed ground contact at the fb then I cut out the 1k pass to spot and simply start the attack at 3K. An other good variation is fly well past the target at 4K and set up the entier run coming in on an attack vector that pulls out runing for home. If you come in from 4K on a fb with out any warning the flack has almost no time to set up on you. This works very well if you attack with multiple ac in line astern.

More later
Capcom nous gratifie d'un réglage permettant d'adoucir le palonnier du P-39!
Citation :

Citation :
Publié par capcom
I have found a way to fix the P-39 (and 109) rudder sensitivity.
I opened the Playnet/wwiol/data/cfml directory and text edited the global.calib file.

The entry for control of the RZ axis (the "twisty" axis for twisty stick users) is the line that begins with 0x81000005. If you are using a default setting, there will be no lines and not text.

ANYWAY, if you input the line as typed below
You will double your fullband setting (note the last entry of 2.0).
You can then use the red slider to get a rudder setting you like and save. Exit the game. THEN save the global.calib file as p39d1.calib in the same directory and VIOLA! It will only affect the P-39s controls, and everything else will remain as is!

I have provided a lazy link if you dont feel like editing the file by text editor, or for whatever reason cannot.

Download the calib file here and drop it in the cfml directory!

You may need to adjust slightly for your own feel, but it REALLY works well! I can slam the rudder left or right and the plane remains smooooooth w/ little to no wobble!!!


[MOD - I'm going to sticky this. Very very helpful!]
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Benjoli [3dlm]
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je me suis pris une bombe a coté de mon pz3h et tout est mort direct!! il a une bombe qui dechire!!
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fent [3DLM]
Roi / Reine
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hé hé c ptet bin moi ki T tué ! ! ! hier soir je passait o dessu de mazagran en p39, je largue ma bombinette ds l AB, je rtb et la je suis résté sur le cul :

1 panzer II bléssé
2panzer IIIH bléssés
1panzer IIIH tué

! ! ! tout ca avec une chtite bombe ! ! ! ptin! cet avion est génial! j adopte ! ! !
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Alpha & Oméga
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Perso j'étais a Mazagran hier en 3H sous un arbre.
Boom et zou je prends mon billet pour le cimetière. Votre P39 du moins je devrais dire Bell14a va finir par devenir une hantise pour moins dans ma boite de conserve avec pour étiquette "Laché votre bombe ici"...
Les alliés ont réussi a nous bloqué dans l'AB avec juste 3-4 avions qui nous straffais en permanence...

Je repense a un post ou quelqu'un disais que les axis n'avais pas peur des avions quand il sortais les tanks, si seulement il savais le nombre de fois ou l'on regarde frénétiquement si il y a des avions autour de nous avant de ce mettre a découvert....

Je veux pas mourir.... Surtout enfermé dans ma boite en fer...
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Alpha & Oméga
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C'est marrant, je remplace P-39 par DB-7, et j'obtiens la même chose...
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Avatar de Carbo
Les stats du P39 en chasse sont interressantes :

UNIT-------------- OPPONENT ----KILLS ON ---DEATHS BY --K/D
Bell 14a (FR) ----109E (DE) -----261 ----------260 -----------1,00
Bell 14a (FR) ----Bf110c (DE) ---197 ----------64 -------------3,08
Bell 14a (FR) ----Stuka (DE) ----171 ----------35 -------------4,89
Bell 14a (FR) ----109F (DE) -----130 ----------314 -----------0,41

Comme quoi c est pas un si mauvais chasseur 1/1 contre le 109E c est pas mal, et il est largement superieur au 110 et stukas.
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warmup [GCII5]
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Oui bon, y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d'avis

En fait, en l'état, le P39 modélisé dans WWIIOL est dégueulasse à piloter, si si, mais, je sais pas si c'est très "légal", en voyant les 2 lignes de code du fichier de calibration spécial P39, j' ai bidouillé le fichier Pour l'instant je chipotes encore mais j'ai déjà d'excellents résultat en changeant quelques paramètres.

J'ai déjà un P39 beaucoup plus stable et plus doux en réponse des mouvements du joystick. De plus cela agit sur tous les appareils, les bombardier sont moins instables, etc...

Bien sur ca ne change pas le modèle de vol, mais ca améliore le feeling du joy, avec lequel j'ai toujours eu de gros problèmes de précision. Une fois en jeu, pour rendre un chasseur plus nerveux, il me suffit d'aller dans contrôles/calibrer et d'agir sur la dead et la full band.

J'ai pas encore tout exploré mais rien que mes petits changement (la dernière série de chiffres de chaque lignes) déjà portent leurs fruits. Bon ca reste très perso comme réglage car cela dépend aussi du type de joystick que l'on possède.

Pi j'ai encore pas mal d'essais à faire sachant qu'a chaque fois, il fo : éditer/ lancer le jeu/ tester tous les appareils/ quitter le jeu/ rééditer/ etc/ etc....
Avatar de Carbo
Avatar de Carbo
J aimerais bien savoir qui etaient les attaquants sur Rethel hier, il y avait 6PZ dans l AB, dont deux P3H colles l un a l autre a decouvert

Comme quoi la F200 est vraiment tres puissante :

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Anthoine [7 RCA]
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Tres resistant en tout cas ...
Je me suis crashé dans un depot en straffant un de nos cp spawnable :

Meme pas mort, mission succès, 3 kills :-)

Mort finalement, mais de rire
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Bebel [GCII5]
Alpha & Oméga
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Rahhh !!
Chic ! un bug en notre faveur ???
louloup [esc66]
Alpha & Oméga
ya un truc a telecharger ou fo juste recopier les chiffres????????

Merci a ceux ki peuvent me répondre!!!!!!
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JOL soloje
Alpha & Oméga
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faut télécharger le fichier P39d1.calib et le copier ds le répertoire CFML du jeu , that' s all
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il parle du 109 .
j ai essayé c est mieux.

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