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Dark Age of Camelot
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[Mythic] New Year, Same Old Grab Bag

Citation :
New Year, Same Old Grab Bag
Posted By: Sanya Thomas

2004-01-09 19:56:32

On to it!

Q: Me and a guildie were having a discussion on whether or not distance from a mob affects the aggro generated by spellcasting. For example, if I DD the wee wolf from 10 units away, do I generate more aggro than if I DD it from 1500 units away?

A: According to Mighty Server Man, "It's not so much that you generate less aggro when you're further away – you still generate just as much. Monsters will generally put a higher priority on closer targets though when they're looking for a melee attack, so standing further back means you can do more to them before they'll go after you. Once they've acquired you as a target, however, you've generated a lot more than your tanks and they may have some difficulty getting the mob off you."

Q: I was just wondering what the Morvalt Skydda Eyes are for, or worth? I haven't found any info leading me to what I should do with them, either sell them, or turn them in for loot or xp.

A: The Lady of the Quests looked this up for you. Here's her answer: "Morvalt Skydda Eyes are a Midgard bounty item that can be turned into Cadbg,
in Hagall, for experience. You must be at least level 34 to turn them in."

Please note that our CS people can't tell answer this type of question for you, although they wish they could.

Q: Does the +x% stat debuff bonus with ToA items also work to increase the effectiveness of the melee speed debuff that theurgists have?

A: (Side note – did anyone else need to read that twice? Y'all never ask the simple ones after a holiday break!) I am told that the answer is yes. Overall, the stat debuff bonus affects single stat debuffs and double stat debuffs. Also, some artifact spells and some master level ability spells can also be affected by the debuff bonus.

Q: I recently received a drop in Typhons Reach on one of the encounters for ML6. The item is a Flame Weapon Enamel, and I can't seem to get it to work on anything. (Player then demonstrates he did try darn near everything.) Could you please tell me what this item is used to dye if any, or if this a bug?

A: We've actually got a solution cooking for everyone with similar questions. Our faithful Item Mistress told me that "The next live content patch (not a hot fix) will add a line of text to any weapon able to be dyed by enamels found in either Atlantis or Shrouded Isles zones." So you won't have to ask – your item will tell you

Q: For Grab Bag: Regarding Mad Scalars Gloves for Druids, Clerics and Healers: Currently Healing classes who get this artifact will receive tank-like stats. Is this intentional?

A: Sayeth the Mistress: "Not every armor artifact has a version for casters and meleers. The caster versions usually have different bonuses, as cloth casters just do not melee. So, giving them melee bonuses is not a good option! However, healing and hybrid classes do melee, and are able to use all kinds of bonuses on the version they receive. Please note that all versions have the same level five and ten abilities."

Q: Just wanted to ask what happened to the tempters on the Hib side of DF? In the room just before the drinkers all along the top were tempters. They seem to have disappeared. Was this intentional?

A: Nope. It's not a broken spawn generator, though, it's a little more complex. It is a known issue, and we'll get them fixed as soon as we can.

Q: A recent patch note: "- In response to player feedback, the artifact scrolls have been adjusted to drop from only one mob type per artifact. Scrolls were also moved to different mobs if the associated encounter required players to have good faction with the mobs previously dropping the scrolls." That's confusing. For example, Regarding Shades 1 drops from siam-he priests, Regarding Shades 2 from those deep purple con taurs, and Regarding shades 3 from purple con siam-he warriors. So will they all drop from priests now, or from siam-hes?

A: Good question, and a popular one in the last few days. In your example, they will all drop from siam-he monsters. Here's our Item Mistress yet again with the full answer: "Because scrolls 1 and 3 were found on siam-he, scroll 2 was moved to a siam-he mob as well (siam-he devotees). Scroll 1 remains on the priests and scroll 3 on the warriors.

"Once the players actually go and talk to the npc's, they should understand what happened since the npc's will list out each scroll and what mobs drop that scroll. I can see how the phrase "mob type" was throwing people off."

Hope that helps!


Announcements: If you haven't clicked the "realm ability" link over there on the left sidebar of the Herald, it's changed. We added the "how far to the next milestone" chart in response to popular demand. While an extensive realm ability redesign is cooking along behind the scenes here at Mythic, the number of points it takes to climb the ranking ladder will not change.

Regarding lingering issues with encounter credit bugs: Please, please submit these problems as bug appeals. Include all the information you can. If you cannot fit all the information into an appeal, please feel free to email me, or fill out a Herald form. Our CSRs can't grant encounter credit without a major convoluted process involving half the dev team and me with an edged weapon, so please don't ask them to.

Regarding rumors: Some of the questions this week started off with "I heard a rumor about my class, are you really going to…" Depends on where the rumor came from. If it came from the Camelot Herald and was posted by me, then it is probably true! For those of you who do not particularly think I'm funny, that means that you can't assume anything about rumors until you see what actually happens. Some rumors turn out to be true. Others don't. Until it's on the Herald, you never know. So check the Herald often!

Next week sometime we're going to launch the Frontiers section of the website. It won't be much at first, but we hope you'll make it your go to spot for more information on the progress of the next free to subscribers expansion.

Have a swell weekend, everyone!
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Traduction rapide :

- L'aggro ne dépend pas de la distance qui sépare le joueur du mob, en revanche, certains mobs ont tendance à attaquer les joueurs les plus proches d'eux.

- Les Morvalt Skydda Eyes sont des récompenses à ramener à Cadbg à Hagall pour obtenir de l'expérience ( il faut être niveau 34 ou plus ).

- Les objets apportant des bonus aux débuffs fonctionnent avec les débuffs vitesses des théurgistes.

- Un ajout va bientôt être fait pour indiquer lors du delve si les armes de TOA peuvent être teintes par des teintures de TOA, et si oui, par quelle teinture.

- Certains objets, utilisables par des classes de soutiens, apportent des stats adaptées aux tanks. C'est normal, certaines armures sont génériques, et donc leurs stats sont les mêmes pour toutes les classes.

- Un spot de créatures ( les Tempters ) semble avoir disparu du côté Hibernien des Abysses, ce n'est pas un bug, ils ont été retirés exprès, et ce sera résolu dès que possible.

- Les parchemins des artéfacts dropperont à présent d'un seul type de créature. ( plutôt, d'une même race, Taurens, Scorpions... mais ça peut dropper sur différentes classes ).

Une échelle d'évolution des rangs de royaume a été mise en place dans la section Realm Abilities.

Conservez à l'esprit que tout ce qui n'est pas marqué sur le Herald ne peut être considéré que comme une rumeur. Soyez prudents

Et pour finir, le site Frontiers sera mis en ligne la semaine prochaine, bonne attente
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On a des dates pour Frontiers us ?
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Citation :
Provient du message de Ganondorf
On a des dates pour Frontiers us ?
Bêta sur Pendragon en Février aux dernières nouvelles, donc une sortie effective probablement fin février, début mars.
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La beta prendra pas plus de temps?
C'est de l'avenir du RvR dont il jouent la.
Personnellement, j'espère qu'il mettront du temps a testé les nouvelles maps, ainsi que l'impact offensives et défensives des classes sur chaque endroit.
Je vois Frontier comme un nouveau souffle de DAoC, beaucoup plus que ce qu'apporte Si et TOA.
Beaucoup de joueurs attendent surtout un rapport: fluidité et qualités de nouveaux graphismes ( faite par TOA ) en ZF.

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