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Dev-Chat du Jeudi 25/09

Voici le dev chat qui s'est déroulé hier...
Je ne sais pas si des membres de l'équipe UXO Jol ont été après avoir prévenu Gothmog...

Citation :
<Gallahan> Thanks for coming to tonight's Ultima X: Odyssey House of
<Gallahan> To ask a question /msg or /query [QT]Eldorian, [QT]Kheldon or
<Gallahan> Please DO NOT message either myself or the developers as these
questions WILL be ignored

<Jalek> Hi, I'm Jalek, content programmer on UXO. Responsible for combat
systems and animations and well all the stuff no one else wants to do
<Calandryll_OSI> I am Calandryll, Lead Designer, responsible for creating
work for Jalek
<Stellerex_OSI> I'm Stellerex, Producer and holder of the corporate credit
<Wolfen> Hi, Im Wolfen, world builder on UXO. Responsible for creation of
some of the environments you will explore.
<Kirreia> 'Lo there, I'm Kirreia. I'm one of the Quest designers when I'm
not plotting how to take over the world
<Morgaine_UXO> Hey there! I'm Morgaine. I came to OSI five years ago and
worked on several Ultima titles before finally joining the UXO team as a

<Gallahan> *Aby* I would like to ask, about the instances... How will the
instance system determine what is a good spawn for a player/group? Isn't
there the chance that it becomes too hard/easy for some? How is this gonna
be worked, can we set a game difficulty or it will be the same for all?
<Calandryll_OSI> The adventure system will control most of the instancing.
So if you're on a quest, it can scale the monsters (both number and type)
depending on your level and the size of your party.
<Calandryll_OSI> Most adventures will have a range (for example an adventure
might be for people of level 30 - 40) so we'll build the adventures to fit
the appropriate level ranges.
<Calandryll_OSI> And the system won't give you adventures that are too high
or too low for your level.

<Gallahan> <Bio-Eng|Correspondent> Your newest Ultima incarnation sounds
alot like what EQ has done with LDoN expansion and upcoming EQ2, also what
Microsoft is doing with Mythica...what is going to make you folks stand out
from them? so far UOX sounds like a single player rpg with a multiplayer
<Stellerex_OSI> Well, I think you answered your own question, Bio-Eng.
UXO will be an MMP but it will be quite accomodating to players who like to
play solo. This is not to say that parties and guilds and groups are
discouraged. There will be lots of things for them to do, but...
<Stellerex_OSI> The aim is that you are free to go solo whenever the mood
strikes you. Groups are encouraged, but by no means required. But in
addition to that...
<Stellerex_OSI> UXO will stand out because our questing is very detailed,
making great use of the Virtue System in order to give more purpose to
quest. Also it will be a great RPG aid

<Gallahan> <Guest177085821> what kind of activities might the average
adventure contain?
<Kirreia> First of all, Guest, I don't think this is such a thing as an
average adventure in our system. Questing in UXO will be much more immersive
because the choices make a difference.
<Kirreia> Not only do we have random elements that we can throw at you while
you're saving the village, but you must choose how to do it based upon the
virtues you're following.

<Gallahan> <ghyde> If I'm in the middle of some combat, and have to pause
suddenly - to go to the toilet suddenly - will there be any way of doing so
without endangering my character, or are fights expected to be very short
<Jalek> Fights are expected to be quick but I surely wouldn't leave your
keyboard. You must be there to make decisions about combat. You can't just
push a button and walk away
<Calandryll_OSI> No 'sandwich combat' in UXO.
<Jalek> no "chicken pesto wrap combat" either!

<Gallahan> *Odeloth* Maybe this is a bit off-topic but...Can you tell us
where is the roleplaying aspect in UXO(hence in the Adventure System as
well, I suppose)? For example some typical RP scenarios we may expect and so
on. Thanks!
<Calandryll_OSI> The adventure system is ALL about roleplaying. In most
games, the quests tend to be very linear. Go kill this monster"
<Calandryll_OSI> Go find this item, etc.
<Calandryll_OSI> but in UXO, you'll get to make choices during the quests.
So for example...
<Calandryll_OSI> You might be asked to find the ingrdients to make a
strength potion for a local baron. After getting the
ingredients, you come across a healer camp and the healer might ask you for
some of the ingredients to make a healing potion for a wounder warrior.
<Calandryll_OSI> Do you show "honor" and keep your vow to get the potion for
the baron? Or do you show compassion and give the ingredients to the healer?
<Calandryll_OSI> The choice is yours and it all depends on how you want to
RP your character!

<Gallahan> <DrAwesomePhD> How do you follow all the virtues to become an
avatar if the decisions you make align you to a certain virtue?
<Stellerex_OSI> there is nothing that prevents you from following all of the
virtues, or just one. Just like the Avatar had to master all of them to
ascend, so will your character. If you decide to follow all of the Virtues,
you will be given lots of different kinds of quests, with lots of different
choices. The particular virtue associated with each choice should be fairly
straightforward. If you focus on one virtue, you'll
<Stellerex_OSI> If you spread your choices around among all of the virtues,
you'll master more of them, although it will take more quests before you
master any

<Gallahan> *Aby* It's been said that quests come to players, but can we also
request them, if we want to?
<Calandryll_OSI> We have two types of adventures in UXO...quests and
<Calandryll_OSI> Quests are the kind that come to you and are generaly
virtue related with different choices and rewards associated with them.
<Calandryll_OSI> Missions are adventures that you can request, but usually
aren't virtue related. They are more like guarding a caravan for a merchent
or going out and killing a number of pesky monsters.
<Calandryll_OSI> We are working on ways for you to get more quests to come
to you (like perhaps tithing a shrine) as well. But the majority of quests
are given to you automatically as you travel the world.

<Gallahan> Reminder: to ask a question /msg or /query [QT]Ghosty,
[QT]Kheldon or [QT]Eldorian

<Gallahan> <Oceania> how does lag/bad connection will affect players playing
the game?
<Jalek> We have tried to make the messaging to/from the server very simple.
We've also taken great strides to visually keep everything looking good on
the client while doing all combat calulations on the server.
<Jalek> In instances of extreme lag you might notice a delay in your
attacks, but, normally everything should feel smooth.

<Gallahan> *Aby* Will players be able to submit ideas for quests (I've read
many times that they are easy to implement, so why not? )
<Calandryll_OSI> We don't have a specific forum for players to send in quest
ideas (yet), but if you have a good idea for a quest we'd love to hear it!
<Stellerex_OSI> Yes. We got some great suggestions for creatures and
spells/abilities on the stratics boards. At least it's a good place to be
sure your idea is heard

<Gallahan> <ghyde> Will there be any need to get a currency from monster
kills in order to get additional items to progress, or are items going to
spawn on monsters that you'd expect to carry them?
<Calandryll_OSI> You'll definitely want to get gold from the monsters you
slay, altough we are still working on getting more things to spend them on.
Most of the items you'll want to use will come from monster loot (we have a
*very* robust item system) though.
<Calandryll_OSI> Gold will certainly be useful for buying items from other
players as well, especially items they have imbued with virtue powers or
have made more powerful through our item leveling system.

<Gallahan> *win2k* Will this new game have any similarities to ultima
online. If so can we expect a web page with what stuff is the same. Thanks
<Morgaine_UXO> There will be some similarities, but the two games are
essentially very, very different
<Morgaine_UXO> right now our web page is more of a teaser, meant to get
people talking about UXO and looking forward to some of the unique features
<Morgaine_UXO> Within the next several months, we'll be working on a
community website that will end up being the equivalent of
<Morgaine_UXO> with more in-depth playguide-type information and a knowledge
base with very specific questions
<Morgaine_UXO> but until we get closer to beta, we don't need that sort of
in-depth info just yet
<Morgaine_UXO> to sum up how we're similar to UO... we do have more of an
open-ended advancement system than most class-based games... but that's too
much to really go into right here.
<Morgaine_UXO> You'll find lots of info on our advancement system already on
Stratics, and more will come at in the near future, I'd guess.

<Gallahan> <DrAwesomePhD> How large will the world be in comparison the
previous world? For example, how big compared to UO?
<Stellerex_OSI> It's hard to compare the size accurately, since UXO is
zoned. However, if you use the length of time it takes to run from one end
to the other, UXO may well be a little larger. We'll have 55 zones, each of
varying sizes. The smallest zones might take 2 minutes to run from one end
to the other. Some of the larger zones can take 7-8 minutes to cross. In
the end, however, have no fear, there will be a LOT to exp.

<Gallahan> <Oshio> You said earlier that groups are encouraged, but by no
means required, Stellerex. This sounds a lot like he gimic for Age of
Shadows. Will UXO, like AoS, have spawns that absolutely requires a party to
defeat? Or if one so desires, he could have a perfectly good time by
<Stellerex_OSI> UXO will have some creatures that do require a party of 8
ascended avatars to defeat. And the loot from such creatures will be
proportionate. When we say it's possible to solo in the game, that doesn't
mean that you will be able to solo any creature. It just means that you can
progress on your own without HAVING to be in a group
<Stellerex_OSI> So yes, it should be possibly to have fun by yourself
<Stellerex_OSI> err... possible, that is

<Gallahan> *ZennM* About how many choices will we have on a quest? Are most
quests just give item "A" to npc B or C like the example that was givin?
Will there be complex quests involving a series of choices, all having
different rewards based on your choices?
<Kirreia> Basically there will be a range in the amount of choices you can
make. Current quests that have been designed have between 1 and 4 large
<Kirreia> Each main choice makes a big impact on the outcome and future
<Kirreia> For example, Some choices could be short term like kill all the
bad guys for a quick fix.
<Kirreia> Where as other will attempt to go to the heart of the problem by
making you investigate, make a potion and do more than just kill monsters
<Kirreia> We are trying very hard to make questing more that just "bring
this here", there are in depth storys that I hopey ou all enjoy.

<Gallahan> <Oceania> will players be able crafting items will special
properties or the uber items will only dropped from monsters?
<Calandryll_OSI> While we don't have a typical crafting system in the game,
we do have what we call "adventure crafting"
<Calandryll_OSI> Basically, all magic items come from monster loot. But some
items can be imbued with virtue powers that make them even better. On top of
that, some items can also increase in power just by using them.
<Calandryll_OSI> So the best items in the game will come from the items that
players find and then enhance while adventuring.

<Gallahan> The devs will be staying a few minutes later than usual as we did
start a bit late

<Gallahan> <Barrackas> In the old UO2 game, a lot of people were looking
forward to fighting the dragons because they looked so massive in the game
world. Are there any creatures which fill a similar role in UXO? (i.e.
massive beasties that scare the life outta people)
<Jalek> We do certainly have themed dungeons and a lot of "boss" monsters
that will scare the daylights out of you.
<Jalek> That's the good thing about 3D is you can really "feel" the scale of
monsters and players
<Jalek> so the simple answer is yes, we will have HUGE monsters to stomp on
your head

<Gallahan> *Stiler* Is there anything that will let players focus on more
social things, instead of combat?
<Calandryll_OSI> Sure. First, we have a very good chat system in the game as
well as a friends list and very easy ways to find groups and guilds.
<Calandryll_OSI> Also, don't think that just because the game focuses on
adventuring, that all you can do is fight monsters. Many of the quest
choices won't involve combat at all, so there will be plenty for the
socializers, explorers, and other play-styles to do.

<Gallahan> <[QT]Kheldon> Was it your (the devs) intention from the start
that UXO was to take a path to a more specialized gameplay (combat) than UO,
where the gameplay was more about..whatever you wanted to do?
<Jalek> We are definitely focusing more with UXO. UO has more of an
opened-ended "world simulation" feel to it. UXO is more of an
action-adventure RPG for question and fighting monsters
<Jalek> question = questing LOL
<Jalek> The combat is more action oriented. The quests are designed to make
you feel like you are playing a single-player ultima. The private-areas let
you party up and quest with your friends. The are 2 completely different
types of games for sure
<Stellerex_OSI> By the way, although it hasn't been officially asked here,
I've gotten a lot of requests from players who did not attend the premiere
event we held in SF in August, asking if they can get a chance to hear the
great music soundtrack in advance. We worked with an awesome Hollywood
composer named Chris Field, and if you want to hear some of his work (some
of UXO's actual in-game music) we posted three MP3 files on t
<Jalek> we like to say we have more depth in our systems, while other games
focus on a bredth of systems. So while you can take on more roles in UO, UXO
lets you take on more diversity within the roles we offer

<Gallahan> <DeckFullOfJokers> The only examples of "enhanced items" i've
come across so far refer to weapons. Will armour and jewelry be
enhancable/intelligent as well? Say for example I find a magic chain tunic
and enhance/level it to the point that its better than normal magic plate?
Or maybe a ring that lets me slowly regenerate health and or mana over time?
<Calandryll_OSI> Yes. Adventure crafting refers to armor, rings, necklaces,
even backpacks. So you could imbue a ring with Justice or a plate tunic with

<Gallahan> *BellaNoir* Will there be any traditional characters from the
Ultimas that we'll meet in Alucinor and/or that will give out quests?
<Kirreia> Although we do not want to name names just yet (it would spoil all
the fun) it is VERY safe to say that you will be meeting old ultima friends
in one way or another during the quests and missions.
<Kirreia> However, if you want to find out have to play the game

<Gallahan> <Drolith> In the Skill training area, what will it be like? Will
I get to gain EXP in skills bey doing quests/dueling/adventuring the fun
stuff too? Or am I stuck smashing key's on a boat for hours again?
<Calandryll_OSI> Skill gain isn't repetitive in UXO at all. Firstly, you
don't HAVE to use the same skill over and over and over again to gain in it.
All you have to do is earn enough XP towards an ability point and then you
can spend that point on any ability (skill) you have access to.
<Calandryll_OSI> You can gain XP from killing monsters and from questing
(which again, may not involve killing monsters).
<Calandryll_OSI> We have a good mix of a class based and a skill based
system that should allow players to really customize their character's
abilities. We'll have some details about the Paths (classes) on the site
right now actually!

<Gallahan> <Drolith> Think it would be possible to have a um "race" quest,
where 2 people are going for the same Prize. *being totaly random, and have
good reward*
<Stellerex_OSI> That's an interesting idea. Hadn't thought of something
like that. It's very possible with the engine as we've developed it so far.
How about if we take that suggestion back to the office and see what we can
do with it?

<Gallahan> <ghyde> If multiple player effects are required to kill a
monster, and some in your quest party do not do damage, but act as healers
etc. is there a system to make sure they receive due credit for the help
they gave the party?
<Calandryll_OSI> Yes. Healers and other support characters will get the same
credit for kills that combat oriented characters in the party get.
<Calandryll_OSI> They'll also get equal reward in quests.

<Gallahan> <DeckFullOfJokers> Backpacks?!?! WooT! Sounds interesting. Could
you elaborate on how a backpack could be enhanced?
<Calandryll_OSI> Well, let me clarify on that one. In the game, you have two
kinds of backpacks. The first are the ones that allow you to carry stuff.
You start out with one backpack and then can gain more as you adventure.
Each backpack lets you hold more items.
<Calandryll_OSI> The other, is a graphical representation that goes in your
back slot. So instead of wearing a cloak, you could wear a backpack. Those
can be enhanced with virtue and can have magical properties assocaited with

<Gallahan> <BellaNoir> When will we see the new pixie concept sketches and
<Stellerex_OSI> we're working with the concept artist right now, and how to
have a new sketch by the end of next week. as soon as we have it, we'll
post it to see what you all think. As for the fiction, I think cal has that
pretty much completed too, so we'll post that along with the sketch

<Gallahan> *Aby* Can you gain points in more than one virtue, when making a
single choice in a quest, or it's only one virtue per choice/quest?
<Kirreia> It depends on the situation. In general we try to make you choose
between 2 virtues at a time so that you can clearly see what you got for
your choice.
<Kirreia> You can gain more than 1 virtue on a quest, it is just usually
spread out more.
<Kirreia> However, we are willing to give out more than 1 virtue per choice
if it is clear why you got those virtues.
<Kirreia> Remember, that there is a range of how many choices you can make
on a quest. (usually more than 1)

<Gallahan> Thanks for coming to tonight's UXO House of Commons chat! Logs
will be posted shortly on! Feel free to head over to
#ultima-Odyssey for open discussion. Thanks and have a great night!

<Wolfen> Yay
<Jalek> G'night ev'ryone!!
<Wolfen> !!
<Stellerex_OSI> L8r
<Calandryll_OSI> Thanks everyone!!
<Kirreia> Sleep tight and don't let the mongbats bite!
<Jalek> oh n0s!! h4><0rz st0l3 my m3g4h3rtz!

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