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Neverwinter Nights
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Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator V1.3 !

Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator V1.3 !

la version 1.3 vient juste de sortir avec plein de miam-miam choses dedans pour les quiches et les autres...

maintenant on peut :

automatiquement gerer des scripts "OnActivateitem" ( en attendant la sortie de HoU avec l'implementation officiel de cette fonction)

faire des scripts d'artisants

plein de bugs en moins

Bugs fixed
When choosing restrictions for a normal script, and when making an if statement, there were
problems checking for multiple classes or races. The generated code would make use of bitwise
operators, which would not work correctly in that context, though the script would compile without
problems. If you have made scripts with previous versions that did this, you should probably redo
At the same time, the code for checking for classes was optimized so that it now checks the
level the PC has in that class, rather than checking each of the PC's three class positions for the
The missing line for assuring that heartbeat scripts are only run if NPC is not talking or fighting has
been added.
The remove XP option didn't work - it would compile, but nothing would happen in game. This is
because the command used for this couldn't take a negative amount. It is used the same way by the
Bioware script wizard, and that doesn't work either. I have now made a custom function for taking
XP, and it appears to work without problems. If you have problems with it, please let me know.
The three victory animations all had a _ before the number, which caused scripts with those
animations to not compile. Fixed.
When making a script that takes XP from the PC, the same amount of gold was taken in some cases.
It should no longer do this, but if you notice that it does, please inform me.
In some instances, the ability DEXTERITY had been misspelled DECTERITY. This should now
have been fixed.
When making a script that creates an item in an NPC's or placeable's inventory, a line would also be
added giving gold to PC and party. This line apparently rewarded 0 gold, but it still had nothing to
do there, so it has been fixed.
When casting spells on objects (not waypoints), the domain level option was never used by the
script generator - and this caused the parameters for the function to get mixed up - the spell would
be cast, but it might have been at different domain levels, projectile paths, and instant spell
The option to not show the popup screen ever again (the one pertaining to the event chooser)
apparently didn't work. It has now been fixed. Part of the fix is that, now, instead of using a file, it
uses Window's registry database.
Thought not really a bug, the generator was made to apply the VFX to a location. In most instances,
it now applies it to the object instead, meaning that if the object moves, the effect will follow it. In
the case of the effect applied at the location, it could look kind of odd, at times. If you experience
odd behaviour due to this change, please let me know.
New functions and options
Due to popular demand, the script generator now supports creation of OnActivateItem script, ie
scripts for Unique Power or Unique Power Self Only scripts.
The generator now includes a function for making blacksmith / item creation scripts - the type
where you put something in a chest (or an anvil or whatever), perhaps firing a spell at it, and if the
correct items were present, a new item is created instead. It has only been tested by one person, me,
so it is recommended that you test if all the item creations are working before you release your
module. If you find a certain part of the blacksmith script generator to produce faulty code, please
inform me about this - instructions on how to submit bugs can be found elsewhere in this document,
as well as in the program.
Added opportunity to make "else if" statements. Previously, it was only possible to make an "if"
with an alternate "else". It is now possible to have "else if". Examples on use are provided within
the program.
Added opportunity to play and handle sound objects via scripting.
Added an option to have somebody speak a string as an action, have the string appear as floating
text over the PC's head, or have the string appear as a message in the chatwindow of the PC.
In the part where somebody is assigned to cast a spell, there is now an option to cast a fake spell
instead - as well as a description of what, exactly, a fake spell is.
It is now no longer only possible to damage the PC, but a whole variety of objects.
Added opportunity to increment or decrement local integers.
Added option to speak a line in the action queue maker.
Added opportunity to check for several classes simoultaneously when making starting conditionals
(text appears when scripts). Also cleaned up the code using GetLevelByClass rather than
Added opportunity to use the appraisal system with merchants which was implemented in Shadows
of Undrentide. Unfortunately, the function used for this is in nw_i0_plot, which can't be used
together with nw_i0_tool, meaning that you can't give or take gold or give XP in the same script as
the one that starts the merchant.
In all three places where you could check for an item, you can now also check for whether that item
is equipped.
Added possibility to check for randomness in the "choose restrictions" bit and the "if maker".
Previously, it was only available for "text appears when" scripts.
Added possibility for two additional script events: OnPlayerDeath and OnPlayerRespawn..

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Télécharge tout de suite le fichier

Merci tonton
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Pareils je télécharge ce machin de suite et surtout merci tonton.
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Le grognon
Alpha & Oméga
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un petit correctif pour le script generator v1.3 pour corriger ce bug :

Speak String / Floating Message / Send Message bug
There's a minor bug in the window reached from the event chooser with the title
as shown above. If you choose one of the first two options, type in a message,
then press "okay - exit", you'll get an error saying that insufficient data is
provided, though you've provided plenty of data.

vous le trouverez sur cette page :
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Terrible. j'espère que Bioware a commencé à prendre des notes pour nous faire un générateur de script encore meilleur que celui-ci . Ce programme me permet d'économiser un temps monstrueux quand je crée des modules .
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