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Star Wars Galaxies
La Cantina de Mos Eisley
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Bientot sur le TestCenter (donc dans pas trop lgtps sur Kauri...)

Dsl j'ai la fleme de traduire la vu la longueur (je pense à Shan en particulier qui va m'en vouloir et à Nood qui va pleurer quant elle va lui demander la trade )

Bonc ourage pour la lecture il y en a longuet là...

July 2003 Currently In development
These are the items targeted for the first update to Star Wars Galaxies. These items are planned to be pushed to Test Center shortly. Note that sometimes we put things on Test Center just to try them out, so not everything here will necessarily make it to the other servers. We welcome comment and discussion on this list.

Fixed a problem with the armorweave armor segment which prevented experimentation on it's special effectiveness.
Armor should be properly hueable now.
Fixed armor segments so that their special protection effectiveness properly corresponds to the armor set.
Crafters can now experiment on the special protection effectiveness attribute on armor segments
Special protection effectiveness is now falls under resistance experimentation. Integrity is affected by the durability experimentation.
Fixed a problem where skills were not granting enough assembly and experimentation. These skill mods now add up to 100 for the master.
Fixed bad resource references on the advanced chemical dispersion and advanced padded armor components. They should now be craftable.
Fixed bug that added component armor values to the final object twice.
Fixed a problem with mind encumbrance using the wrong experimentation attribute in armor schematics.

A weapon stock is no longer required on the DH17 carbines.
The minimum HAM penalty range on option weapon components has been reduced to zero. Therefore it is technically possible to experiment away all of the penalties.
The positive effects of optional weapon components have been increased slightly.
Fixed durability experimentation on weapon components so that it affects their integrity properly.
Fixed a problem where skills were not granting enough assembly and experimentation. These skill mods now add up to 100 for the master.
Fixed a bug in the beam rifle which made it appear to be an acid beam rifle.
Added attribute examination to munition components as well as weapon and armor component enhancements.
Corrected bad resource references in several advanced components: Dispersal Mechanism, Vibro Blade Unit, and Chemical Dispersal Mechanism.

Fixed a bug in XP calcs when sampling from creature deeds
Added range check at end of sample time to prevent exploit
Can no longer sample from the rancor in the cage at Jabba's palace (funny though)
Reduced xp rewards when sampling from deeds
Allowed Bio-Engineer to sample from their own pets
Removed ability to sample from baby creatures.

Combat Medic
Reworked the way area healing and area damage over time medicines function. They should be much more reliable now and they shouldn't use a charge for each target affected.
Fixed a problem with area stimpacks requiring Medicine Use. They should require Combat Medicine Use. This fix only affects newly crafted stimpacks, so old ones will still require Medicine Use.
Fixed a problem where the Combat Medic's effectiveness skill mod was not properly increasing the power of medicines that do damage over time..

Creature Handler
Non-creature handlers will not gain creaturehandler xp now.
You must have at least a 15% chance of taming a creature to get the taming menu option
Reduced regen stats of baby creatures and pets.
Creature pets will have the same chance of being death-blowed by ferocious creatures as players do
A creature pet which is incapacitated when its master is killed or not around will die (pet control device will delete itself).
Baby creatures will not attempt to follow each other
Pet control devices cannot be transferred to someone who is at their max-count for number of stored pets
Creature handlers will be able to transfer pets to non-creatureHandlers. The non-creature handlers will not be able to train the pet new commands, but they will be able to store them, call them, and issue any commands that the pet already knows. Note, only certain types of creatures, all fairly low level, can be controlled by a non-creature handler.
Pets can now attack creature lairs.
Fixed scaling bug with tamable creatures which resulted in too-small or too-large baby variants.

Increased the damage and the action cost of the /lastditch smuggler attack.
Weapon slicing no longer has a chance of slowing a weapon down. It now properly speeds the weapon up.

Droid Engineer
You can now get a more detailed Examine window on droid components.
Changed the armor integrity attribute to armor toughness
Added mechanism quality to the Examine window for droid deeds.
Removed personality chip ingredient slots from droids that don't talk
Added the surgical droid to the list of droids that do talk.
It is no longer possible to apply damage over time effects to droids.
Droid medic modules should now have a variable effect on medical wound healing, depending on what quality medical modules were built into the droid.
Droids allow a person to drag an item on top of their pet droid to store an item in it. (assuming that the droid has a storage module, of course).
Droid pets will die when incapacitated
Fixed a problem that prevented surgical droids from being used to heal wounds.

Bigger camps now grant xp slightly faster than smaller camps.
The rate at which camps accumulate XP to award when they are disbanded has been increased.
You can now place camps in no-build regions (but you still cannot in city regions)
Camps now auto-heal faster as their level increases (i.e. a high tech base heals faster than a two person kit).
Baby creatures now yield 1/4th the resources and xp of an adult when harvested.
The mind pool damage done by the sharp bone spur has been decreased.
The ranged and melee defense debuff traps have been strengthened slightly.
Fixed the description of FX on a couple traps.
Attempts at scent masking against creatures should be more successful.
Scent masking should be much less likely to break against large groups of creatures now.
There is a chance that a creature that detects you while you are scent masked will attack you.
Improved mask scent's ability to make a creature ignore the player
Camps will now properly give XP.

Added the ability to experiment on duration with the resilience compound.
Reduced the number of resource attributes that are factored into medicine crafting. This should make it easier to keep track of what is needed.
Removed durability experimentation from medicines since medicines do not decay.
Experimentation on the duration of damage over time and Enhancement medicines is now done through experimental effectiveness.
Fixed a problem with enhancement medpack B's which prevented them from granting crafting experience.
Added healing kill credit for medics that perform healing on same group combatants
Added the /diagnose command to novice medic skill. This command gives you feedback on what wounds a targeted player has.
Added auto-wound select to tendWound if no wound is specified.
Fixed a problem that enabled revive packs to fire on a /healWound command.

Fixed an exploit where you could steal things from vendors
Fixed the max sale price on vendors being the same as the bazaar.
You now have to select "init vendor" from the vendor options after you place your vendor to activate it.

Entertainers, Dancers, and Musicians
Added checks and failsafes to prevent getting stuck "performing" when not actually performing.
Added check when player joins group to make sure they are playing the same song as the group.
Added messages for /bandflourishes
New flourishes for rhythmic dance: Flourishes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
New flourishes for lyrical dance: Flourishes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
New flourishes for poplock dance: Flourishes 5, 6, 7, 8
Fixed bug with /changebandmusic and band members that are not performing
Made /bandflourish on/off setting persist
Added status check for /bandFlourish on/off
Corrected a mixup in the Dancer dance grants.

Exploit fix for surverying, now if you sell back your survey skills and try to use a survey tool, it will ask you to reset your survey settings. If you abort this, the lowest setting will be used.
The survey UI will scroll to the last used resource in each survey tool
Survey Fix "here" icon rotation when inside.
Various visual & usability improvements to the survey UI.
Fireworks: Made all fireworks not loop after the first display of particles.

Bazaar and bank
Make instant sales money transfers go player to player rather than through the bazaar (receiving the payment should be more reliable)
Update automated bazaar mail messages to contain more data
Add resource type name to auction name for resource containers
Show original object name for named objects (prevents exploit misrepresenting items)
Enforced a timeout of 30 seconds for bank transfer window
Forced bank transfer window to close on other bank transactions

Many fixes to crafting experimentation were made. It should be working much better now.
Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate components
You now only get UXP on components that someone else made.
Made crafting/manf hoppers visible to players.
Creature lairs now have a "Search Lair" option. This option may only be used once per lair.
Searching a creature lair may now yield egg resources or animal samples. The eggs can be used for food crafting
Animal samples may be used in animal particle effects generator craftable by an artisan with Engineering I.
Fixed powerups to work properly when manufactured from a schematic. This means that they should function correctly when built in factories.
Added messages for when manf stations run out of ingredients.
Made double clicking factory crates work in craft assembly to extract one object from the crate
Fixed manf schems & factory crates to display the attributes of their manufactured item
Don't let users try to activate a harvester without setting a resource first
Fixed "can't retrieve resources the first time" bug
various visual & usability improvements
fix default button on harvesters page
- fixed an issue that prevented certain powerups (stocks) from being attached to items they should have been allowed to attach to.
Send mail to player when their manf station runs out of power.

You can now examine fishing poles to determine their quality.
Made fishing more fun & interactive in stages "nibble" & "bite"
Added the "star rating" fish density & vegetation meters

Housing and structures
Fix bug that was preventing characters from getting ejected from ramp edges
Players now get punted from a house when their access fee permission times out.
Structures under construction could get into a state where they weren't able to finish their construction - structures now detect this state, and fix themselves.
The default image on player structure signs has been updated from the bank/credits symbol
Adding banner like signs for over the door style addresses
There were some turret AI updates
Made public crafting stations immovable to regular folks

Changed berserk to be a 75 point damage increase instead of double base damage
Decreased berserk costs slightly
Fixed double berserk spam
fixed berserk sometimes stopping combat loop
Modified unarmed special move damage modifiers to improve their combat abilities
Increased unarmed damage progression slightly
Increased melee1h damage for special moves
fixed wildshot2 not working
fixed melee2hlunge2 not having an animation
fixed multitargetpistolshot not working
fixed suppressionfire 1/2 not changing posture properly
fixed acid rifle certification
added xp bonus for non-damaging moves
fixed fastblast combat spam
increased power of bountyhunter/commando moves
fix for xp exploit: Killing baby pets won't grant xp.
bring /con messages in line with new colors
fix fragmentation grenade blast self hit/miss
A fix went in for an exploit involving damage over time.

Added error messaging to battlefield reinforcements so that you know when it fails due to lack of faction points.
You can no longer build battlefield structures outside of the battlefield perimeter even if it is in range of a constructor.
Added explosion effects to all destructible battlefield objects.
fix problem with group ham bars all turning violet (or orange, now)

Death and cloning
Fixed issue with player spawning in wrong room of outpost cloning facility
Respawn fx added.

Improvements to help deal with the bug where group members get removed from group chat at the wrong times
Fixed bugs with group difficulty calculations. This should also correct problems with the XP awards in groups.
Fix crazy group icon showing up in all the wrong places
Fixed group chat going away if anyone leaves the group

Control of static factional dungeons now affects the status of control of the Galaxy in the Galactic Civil War.
- The number of player-built factional HQs on the map now affects control of the Galaxy as well.
- The side that is winning in the Galactic Civil War conflict gets a 15% bonus to all earned XP.
- The side that is losing in the Galactic Civil War gets a 30% discount on the cost of all faction perks.
- Reduced the cost of factional perks to compensate for the slower gain rate for faction points.
Fixed duels preventing secure trade.
Faction point caps are now variable for your aligned faction. The amount of faction you can have is equal to the cost to reach your current rank times 10.1. This means at the rank of Colonel, which costs 6000 faction to achieve, you can have up to 66,000 faction points stored up.
Made it so that you will get a faction enemy flag for attacking someone who is factioned, even if the attacker was a personal enemy.

Pathfinding bug fixes and improvements, especially in interiors.
Stuck AI's will warp past the thing they are stuck on to get to a target
All cave/dungeon creatures are aggressive now.
- Reduced frequency that creatures near their lair will 'bluff'
- The first couple creatures spawned by a creature lair will never be Baby creatures.
- Increased spawn rate on boss mob lairs, added new boss mob lairs, moved large creature newbie spawns to world/default spawners, expanded newbie spawn regions.
- Lair defenders will not defend their lair until it has actually been damaged
Updated some creatures' level for balance.
Pets will be able to follow their masters into buildings/caves
Non-aggressive npcs will defend their lairs
Upped level on lantern birds to be inline with rest of Endor.

Login: Fixed case where some characters could get into a state where they were unable to login - happened in approximately 1 in 100,000 logins.
Many, many, many server crash fixes, login process fixes, slowdowns, and database problems have been corrected.

New locations
There are rumors of a new Nightsister Spider Cave on Dathomir.
Rori has seen notable new activity among Garyn Raiders. They may have built a new bunker.
As you know, Lok is a dangerous place. We've even heard rumors of a town terrorized by Kimogilas...
The Empire is not pleased to hear that pirate activity has increased on Naboo, including the construction of a new bunker.
Corellia has also seen more criminal activitythe Chunker Gang has built a new bunker there.
There's a new Giant Decay Mite Cave on Talus.
And a Giant Fynock Cave on Talus.
And a Pygmy Torton Cave on Rori.
And a Bark Mite Cave on Rori.
The Rebels have packed up their base on Tatooine. Rumor has it that they may have relocated to Rori to avoid Imperial detection...
Modran Borvo's Champion has been rumored to be on Naboo.
Word is that there's a newly founded Rorgungan Swamp Town with some fellow named Captain Hassk, on Rori.
Beware of Lord Nyax on Corellia!

New battle spawn areas: these are not battlefields in the formal sense, but rather spawn areas that are battles between two sides.
- Rebels vs. Imperials battle on Corellia.
- Drall vs. Corsec battle on Corellia.
- Hunters vs. Creatures battle on Rori.
- Corsec vs. the Flail battle on Talus.
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Empereur / Impératrice
Avatar de Euska
Fort Tusken
- Set up Fort Tusken to spawn in waves.
- Added a fort tusken champion
Herald NPCs for static dungeons created and placed. These NPCs are located in various towns and other locations and give out information related to the static dungeons.
Converted six Imperial or Rebel dungeons into factional dungeons that can be controlled/defended by either faction. These PvE dungeons can change sides based on who is winning the battle there.
There are battles that now contain AT-ATs.
Non-aggro giant creatures added to newbie spawn areas.
- Added slot machines and roulette to hotels and some cantinas.
- Adding gambling commands: /joinGame, /leaveGame, & /bet
Moved location of Tusken Village so that it's not so easy to ace it over and over
Adjusted ancient krayt spawn rate
The sarlacc is now more interesting. All newbies should run there right away to see it. Or not.
Added range checking to travel ticket purchases. You must now stay near the terminal in order to complete a purchase.
Tusken Raiders: increased the level of Tusken raider special attacks across the board
Fixed rebel specops soldiers appearing as Imperial Officers
Fixed Talon Karrde (who used to be a wealthy, over-40's Zabrak woman)

Quests and missions
Delivery Missions: Added many more delivery mission locations in cities so that NPCs wouldn't all stand around in the same place
Missions: low end missions now pay less, high end missions pay more.
Missions: if a location is off-planet, display both the planet and region name
group mission rewards have had their range extended from 64m to 200m. this means that to receive part of a mission reward, group members must be within 200m of the player that took the mission at time of completion.
Missions: New mission terminals added for Artisan (crafting, and surveying missions), Entertainer (musician and dancer gig missions) and Explorer (hunting missions, and recon) mission types.
Various mission difficulty fixes.
Integrated a group mission payout fix.
Fixed group mission money split.
Destroy mission min difficulty and payoff balancing pass.
Updates put in place for all static quests, theme park quests, and random quests
Fixed a potential problem with making an escort a thug (if you have low thug faction he attacks you and you can't escort him back) on the Emperor's first quest
Emperor now sends you to see Vader
Added a new special grenade called the "Zicx Bug Bomb" - rewarded to players who complete a quest which begins by speaking to a disgraced weapons designer hiding somewhere on Rori...

fixed a problem where sometimes a player would be unable to join a regular bank after leaving the tutorial.
made the pirate in the newbie tutorial con green to new players.
fixed random spam in tutorial bug
Fixed problems with code strings in automatic waypoints

Added armor segment and segment enhancement loot drops
Added the ability for loot items to have randomized stats. The chance and extent of randomized stats is based on the creature's level.
Added the ability for the loot system to drop functional crafting components.
Added special loot items for a number of creature types. These items can only be found on specific creatures. Many of these items are components which can be used in the crafting process. Start looking.
Added exceptional and legendary item/component drops. These items are very rare and are found only on high level creatures.
Added the ability for weapons and armor to drop with skill mods.
Static (placed) locked crates and dropped locked crates will now have loot in them again.
When looting a resource container, the default action is now pickup instead of split.

Hid born date and played time on the character sheet, since they didn't display anything.
/find: added bazaar, mission, & bank terminals to /find and planetary map
Strings: Fixed lots of spelling mistakes, added many new descriptions
Improved container error messages (so you have a better idea why you cannot drop something, or put it into a container)
fix range checks to objects in containers (bug was causing the UI to use the very topmost container, which for interior objects was the building itself)
fix for more ui settings not saving
Character Sheet: fix for data display on character sheet
Containers: fixed a bug that allows players to remove doubly-nested objects from containers they don't own
Examine: weapon attribs now show damage type, armor piercing level, damage over times, & powerups
Examine: reformat weapon special move attack costs in attributes
Examine: display crafting tool effectiveness in attributes
Inventory: fix inventory sort order not saving
Inventory: don't highlight things as equipped when they are in an equipped bag
Mail: fix sort order for mail browser on the date column
Overhead Map: render waypoints on overhead map
Planetmap: allow closer zooming of the planet map
Radar: change radar blips to render top to bottom: player, target, group leader, group members, can attack you, players, creatures, others
Radar: make control-mousewheel work with radar window
Skill Page: skill mods, commands, and certifications now sorted
Skill Page: show skill titles in skill information
Split: make sure splitting can't occur on objects we can't manipulate
Split: add resource name to resource splitter
Trades: fewer actions will cancel trades
Travel: fix partial occlusion of galacticmap/planetmap button, also restack planets so Rori is selectable
XP Monitor: make exp monitor choose a more appropriate skill to display when the currently selected skill is learned
Waypoints: fixed bugs with waypoint naming
Waypoints: fix waypoints being deactivated when traveling
Enable button bar mail icon
New HUD element available for labeling waypoints and showing distance to them. You can now also turn off the flashing arrows pointing towards waypoints if you'd rather use the new UI widget.

Added sounds for steam and sparks
Attached sounds to 3po protocol droid
R2D2 now has correct sounds attached
Pitch shift removed from random stormtrooper conversation sounds
Fixed all sound crackling, popping, warbling resulting from sound buffer starvation.

Client and visuals
Client: More framerate improvements
Fixed a crash in the intro.
Fixed numerous other client crashes.
Client Performance: sped up collision by breaking up geometry into pieces
Fixes for floating buildings.
Fixed the problem with running while holding a rifle, where the run would appear jerky.
Fixed Rori fog
Changed cluster selection screen to sort by performance & population, then recommend up to 5 servers
A bunch of work on water visuals.
Add warning dialog boxes for old drivers
Update terrain sliders to match new max defaults

Changes that are already on live, but have happened in the last month, and we want to remind you of them in case you missed any of them:

AI: Creatures harder to knock down
AI: Creatures will not stay knocked down as long
Audio: Fix the 3 volume sliders from resetting to 0 when entering the game.
Battlefields: Don't allow players to move battlefield markers (wups)
BioEngineer: prevent sampling DNA from baby creatures
Client: lots of work to improve frame rate, and reduce stuttering in high-traffic areas.
Client: fix bug where animation messages don't get processed when object getting created needs to be asynchronously loaded. This prevented some visual effects from showing up on some creatures/NPCs in certain conditions.
Client: client now warns if RAM is below required amount
Cloning: fix cloning sometimes teleporting player to the facility's location instead of inside it
Combat: change /rescue to check for player as target (so you can't grief someone by rescuing their NPC / Creature target and then killing them).
Combat: Baby creatures will no longer give xp (for killing them, that is)
Combat: fix for aim exploit
Content: fixed instance of NPCs spawning in walls.
Corpses: All players get auto-insured for their items for now while we track down a problem where items off corpses can be lost.
Corpses: fix corpses to get ejected from buildings when the building is deleted
/corpse: integrating update to /corpse usable distance from 20m to 40m
Crafting, Powerups: Fixed a bug with crafted weapon powerups that caused them to grant twice the experience they were supposed to.
Crafting: Factories now properly grant only 1/10th full crafting experience.
Creature Handler: called pets will "count" toward the max number that can be controlled regardless where they are, and creature handlers will only gain xp for pet-kills if they and their pet are both near the kill.
Fireworks: fixed /launch so you can no longer /launch things other than fireworks (though, it was very funny.)
Ghosting: lots of ghosting fixes.
Groups: prevent joining groups when already full
Guilds: prevent guild member titles that are too long
Harassment: added /report to report harassment
Harvesters: Fix for generators shutting down immediately
Harvesters: Fixed the base installation construction site so that it does not allow other structures to be placed on top of it.
Harvesters: Harvesters now consume power over time instead of just requiring power to start.
Harvesters: Harvesters now send a message explaining the problem if they fail to start.
Harvesters: deactivate harvester if maintenance is not 100%
Houses disappearing: related to ghosting issues, lots of fixes.
Houses: Removed getting bumped from a house if you decline to pay the access fee. The /eject command does this and does it better. (Fixes exploit of using access fee window to teleport back to a house for free.)
Medic: fix gating medic xp bug
Missions: fix for players running out of mission objects
Missions: fix for disappearing mission objectives
Network bandwidth optimizations
Pets: fixed pet exploit for gaining xp by renaming pet
Pets: fixed faction pets will delete their control device when they are incap'd, cannot store pets within 60 seconds of combat, cannot call or store pets while in combat
Scout: if a creature breaks your /maskscent you cannot remask your scent for 60 seconds.
Scout: You no longer get experience from using a trap on a baby creature.
Slicing: There is now a two minute delay per player between attempts at hacking a mission terminal.
Structures: Changed the structure repair logic so that paying maintenance automatically initates a repair cycle. It is not longer necessary to wait for a maintenance cycle for repairs to occur.
Surverying: The chance for a critical event during sampling has been increased by 3%.
Surverying: Two additional types of critical event for sampling have been enabled.
Surverying: The sampling loop has been slowed down, there is now a 25 second delay between samples.
Surverying: The action pool cost of sampling has been increased.
fix for sometimes not getting your newbie equipment from the tutorial
Fixed low LOD being displayed in examination windows
Fixed player not being able to move if in first person
control+shift+G debug window now shows more accurate numbers for bandwidth usage
Fixed the "can't move player" bug that occurred when the player had not ever been rendered, such as when playing entirely in 1st person view.
Vendors: You can now withdraw money from your vendor's maintenance account.
Vendors: make refused vendor items not disappear into the ether
Vendors: Passive merchant XP earned from owning a vendor that has items for sale has been increased.
Vendors: Changed vendor and pet name filtering to use isNameReserved.
Vendors: Merchants now get XP when a player visits their vendor.
Vendors: Merchants now get XP when a player pays their access fee.

Ceci en plus des montures/vheicules et speeders ainsi que ville de joueurs dont on parle dans un autre poste
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Avatar de Acken
Avatar de Acken
Traduit voir au lieu de copier coller !
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Munn
Provient du message de Acken
Traduit voir au lieu de copier coller !
nia nia nia c'est celui qui y pense qui le fait

Plus sérieusement , il y a l'air d'y avoir quelques petits details sympa dans tout ca
Rien que les missions pour les artisans et les entertainers c'est tres sympas

Ah quand la mission : relooker Leia ?
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Pleins d'ajouts et corrections, certains très intéressants. Je remarque surtout la partie PvP :

Control of static factional dungeons now affects the status of control of the Galaxy in the Galactic Civil War.
- The number of player-built factional HQs on the map now affects control of the Galaxy as well.
- The side that is winning in the Galactic Civil War conflict gets a 15% bonus to all earned XP.
- The side that is losing in the Galactic Civil War gets a 30% discount on the cost of all faction perks.
- Reduced the cost of factional perks to compensate for the slower gain rate for faction points.
Fixed duels preventing secure trade.
Faction point caps are now variable for your aligned faction. The amount of faction you can have is equal to the cost to reach your current rank times 10.1. This means at the rank of Colonel, which costs 6000 faction to achieve, you can have up to 66,000 faction points stored up.
Made it so that you will get a faction enemy flag for attacking someone who is factioned, even if the attacker was a personal enemy
Vu qu'on est pas attaché à un camp (comme à DAoC), ça risque pas d'avoir pour conséquences que plein de joueurs vont basculer du côté qui domine sur le serveur pour profiter du bonus d'xp (et fuir leur malus s'ils étaient pas seulement neutre mais de la faction qui perd), rendant encore plus impossible un renversement de tendance de la guerre ?
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Avatar de Bienfait PourToi
Bienfait PourToi
Avatar de Bienfait PourToi
Fixed the max sale price on vendors being the same as the bazaar.

Ca veux dire que les marchands pourront pas vendre plus cher que 3000 credit ????

Chuis pas sur d'avoir bien compris la .
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Avatar de Sétoss
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Sétoss
c'est clair que ça chome pas mais bon on est sur "the greatest saga ever told : yours!"

Bon boulot Euska.
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Avatar de Lostsoul
Avatar de Lostsoul
J'ai cru que c'était une blague....

Tous les jours on se tape des hotfixs en se disant qu'il y 50 développeurs acharnés dessus...
Puis hop ! en fait c'étais juste du Hotfix superficiel...
Y'avais 150 autres développeurs acharnés qui bossaient en parallèle sur du debug plus profond,
des modifs d'interface, de gameplay et du contenu.
Ouch ! Ils marchent au café en intraveineuse ?

Sacrée liste !!!!
y'en a vraiment pour tous les goûts.
(J'adore le coup des machines à sous dans certains hôtels et cantinas. Les ATAT, le nouveau système de waypoint etc etc ...)

S'il nous sortent un patch comme ça tous les mois, le jeu vas être méconnaissable très rapidement.

Bon courage pour la traduction
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Empereur / Impératrice
Oui, c'est vraiment alléchant et cela encourage à persister sur SWG. Ce jeu semble vraiment avoir bp d'avenir.

Un petit bémol cependant. Il serait bon qu'il règlent les problèmes de performances de leur serveur. Les délais de plusieurs secondes entre un clic de souris et le déclenchement de l'action deviennent sacrément chiants, isn't it ?
Et c'et bien leur serveur, avec un ping de 160 ms il ne devrait pas y avoir de pareil retard.

C'est vraiment dommage, tant d'ambition au niveau du jeu et de pareils problèmes technique ...
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Alpha & Oméga
Fixed the max sale price on vendors being the same as the bazaar.

J'en connais qui vont gueuler lol
ca va je montais pas au dessus
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Avatar de Roen
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Roen
COmme le vendredi matin au boulot c'est repos, je me lance dans la traduction, rdv dans 1-2 heure
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Avatar de Totoo
Totoo [DKs]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Totoo
h -1h pour la traduc la roen bosse
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Avatar de Kallysta
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Kallysta
Yeehaaaaa !!!! enfin des missions que je vais pouvoir faire !!!!

a quand les missions de seduction pour recuperer des renseignements
"La théorie, c'est quand on sait tout et que rien ne fonctionne. La pratique, c'est quand tout fonctionne et que personne ne sait pourquoi. Ici, nous avons réuni théorie et pratique : Rien ne fonctionne… et personne ne sait pourquoi !" Albert Einstein
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Pleins d'ajouts et corrections, certains très intéressants. Je remarque surtout la partie PvP :

Vu qu'on est pas attaché à un camp (comme à DAoC), ça risque pas d'avoir pour conséquences que plein de joueurs vont basculer du côté qui domine sur le serveur pour profiter du bonus d'xp (et fuir leur malus s'ils étaient pas seulement neutre mais de la faction qui perd), rendant encore plus impossible un renversement de tendance de la guerre ?
Pas vraiment.Car si l'on est vraiment dans une des deux factions,on ne peut pas changer si facilement de coté.Il faut d'abord redevenir neutre,pour ensuite regagner les points de l'autre faction,et si l'on a été tres actifs,redevenir neutre signifie quasiment refaire toutes ses actions en sens inverse,ca peut être tres long.
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Laen [CdE]
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Heu quand l'un a 15% d'xp l'autre a quand meme 30% de discount sur les perks je trouve ca plutot bien, le seul probleme c'est qu'a terme il sera plus interessant de perdre.
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