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Alpha & Oméga
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Ma 1ere News leater

ps: c bien leater?

Apres plus de 7 mois que je m'etait abonner (et desabonner aussi vite que ca) j'ai recu ma 1ere news leater !!


With a single command, Primarch Anjuren Kahn, the fearsome leader of the Progen Centuriata warriors, declared war on the alien Vrix, igniting a galactic conflict that will rage across the Earth & Beyond™ universe.

From his mighty warship guarding the sprawling weapon mines of 61 Cygni, Kahn builds the most ambitious weapon ever conceived in his struggle to repel the enigmatic and ever-multiplying aliens swarming into our galaxy from another dimension.

But not everyone is convinced a war with the aliens is justified. Other leaders claim Kahn's war is part of a darker plot, one to seize control of the entire galaxy for himself. Still others claim there is more to the aliens than meets the eye and are dangerous in ways that no one yet suspects.

No matter what side of the war you're on, the launch of the conflict brings players new missions, new enemies, new factions and an epic storyline that will progress through this year and into the next.

For more information on how the galaxy has changed, consult your class leaders and Net-7 reports at Universal Net-7 News.

Fans, Dev Team party all day and into the night
Earth & Beyond's first-ever Fan Gathering was held May 24 and featured lots of game discussion, prize giveaways, and a huge amount of fun. The first attendee arrived onsite at 6am while the last attendees remained well past the 8 PM closing time.

Held at Rivalution in San Jose, California, more than 130 Earth & Beyond pilots attended the event, meeting their guildmates, friends, other players, and members of the Earth & Beyond team. For details about who said what, check out the complete story at our May Fan Gathering Report.

Stay tuned to for announcements about upcoming fan events. The next one is scheduled for July. See you there!

High level spawns waiting for you
Powerful and rare new adversaries, dropping new loot, have been spotted in Cooper and Kitara's Veil. If you're level 100 and up, feel free to go a' hunting. If you're not -- bring your friends! In some cases, you can cause a spawn's appearance by how quickly you defeat their lesser minions.

For information about what changed in the last game update, read the complete story at... Latest Patch Updates.

The galaxy needs more heroes
With the V'rix war heating up, humanity's survival depends on new starship pilots willing to fight for the cause. You can help by recruiting hotshot pilots with Buddy Registration Codes. You can get them at

With each player you refer into the game, you get at least 2 skill points and 100,000 credits and even more with multiple recruits. Click here for Buddy Reg information.
et bien, y'a qlq de WW qui c reveiller !

Ps: les nouveau vaisseaux prevu (le scoot ect..) sont - il présent?
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Marneus
C newsletter

Et sinon, c bizarre que tu ne recoive que celle ci, moi j'en ai recut plusieurs autres depuis...

En ce qui concerne les scouts, pour autant que je sache, y a pas trop de nouvelles...
Ca doit arriver, un jour, bientot...
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Elric l'aigri
Avatar de Elric l'aigri
more than 130 Earth & Beyond pilots attended the event
Wow, ils ont fusionné tous les serveurs pour obtenir un tel résultat ?
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