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Dark Age of Camelot
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Je voulai aussi preciser que TC est a ne pas recommander au ombre spe lame
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Alpha & Oméga
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Je voulai aussi preciser que TC est a ne pas recommander au ombre spe lame
Ben si quand, elles peuvent toujours grouper sur place...

Elles auront un peu de mal sur les vers mais un groupe est quand même vite trouvé la-bas
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Le meilleur endroit c'est les abysse pourquoi ? pasque meme si t'a des malus tu trouve facilement un groupe
trouver facilement un groupe pour une pourkoi pas soloter vio avec un barde et de la plate pour les eldricht

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Quand je dit facilement c'est selement 10 refus (si on peut appeler le silence refus ^^)
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voila ca date un peu

Well this is probably way overdue but I guess I've been a bit lax about this. I've taken what I can from all the comments and adds in v1.5 and added it here. As always, comments and adds are welcome. This couldn't have been done without all of my brother shade's input:

Link to Nightshade Solo Guide v1.5 for some good comments on these mobs -


Mag Mell: Fagan, Meara, & the named guard near the tower

Ardee: Lurikeen mayor south in the south building, named sentinel

Mardagh: one of the sentinals at the base of the tower

Tir na mBeo: Guardian Andraste (well), enchanter in the NE building

Howth: named sentinel outside the gates

Guard tower north of Howth by lake: named sentinel


1-5: local critters

5-10: mudmen/water beetles north of Ardee (Discipulus)

6-8: water beetles near Mag Mell (hot rabbit)

8-12'ish: lough/red wolves behind (W) of Tir na mBeo

10-12: Large Irebugs (yellow/blue & neutral). Across the river from Howth (OldGnome)

12: Moss Sheeries near Connla; You can find them across the delta on the hillside near a

bunch of rowdies. Mind the badgers in the water and there aren't any roaming mobs here like

the Parth Farm area (HawkEyed1)

12+: Muire Tomb

level 12-13 Primroses, meadow behind Pathanan farm in East Derg (OldGnome)

13th I went past the Curmudgeon camp and killed moss sherries. Very steady xp just don't

pull the ones grouped with clubmoss sherries. And watch out at night for ghastly siabras.


level 13-15 Roane Maidens, lake shore, east side (faction hit to Suire; they become

hostile) (OldGnome)

level 14 Forager Bears in the lake, northeast shoreline, East Derg near Parthanan farm


Level 14-15 Veil Wisps - East Derg, due east of the Parthanan farm, across the meadow,

through a row of trees and up the hill. Only spawn at night. Easy to kill. (OldGnome)

16-17: Bocan, fletch, grass sheeries in the Cliffs of Moher. They're in the forest near the

first sentinel tower (left-side of the road as you're facing westward)

17-19: Bantam Spectres on top of hill near north gate of TnN (amfortas)

18-20: Dew sheeries near Parth Farm (East Lough Derg)

18-20: Gales & misc in Cliffs of Moher. Good place as you can stealth/CS

19-20: large hill hounds across the road from Innis; Dew Sheeries around the same place


19-20: Faerie beetle between Muir Tomb and Irewood camp (HotRabbit)

20-22: 20-22 Worms in the den entrance (HotRabbit)

21-23: Beetles in Cliffs of Moher. Good place as you can stealth/CS

22: fishing bears near Basar

Low-mid 20s: Faerie Drakes near Caille. Weak to pierce and low HP due to being spellcasters

- 3 rare shade drops; boots, gloves,& helm (Connavar_Crimson)

22-23: Hill Hounds near Howth (Eurb)

22-26: These are an easy kill for their con. They do have a stun, so the HP are low. I was

able to take yellows fairly easily with my shade (where most yellows are a toss up). I

believe they also added some new drops with the last patch, see my post: <New med level

leathers and Jewelry?> (no1spec)

23-24: Dampwood mites near Innis

24'ish: Spraggon Den

24-27: ants outside Druim Ligen

24-28: Cave frogs in lower levels of Koalinth Caverns (Zedie)

24-28: Walking rocks near Howth. Nice as you can stealth/PA

25-28: Mermen near Connla

27: Sword of the Keeper quest: even if you don't use blades, this is a good quest to go on

as there's no fighting and you can make 20-25 gold (Charan Jaydemyr)

Mid-20s: bird eating frogs near the Roge just outside Ligen (vn_cswingconn)

27-29: you can do grey spectres in the frontier just N of ligen. Great spot for them, they

don't baf, you can pull w/ your DD spell and take 'em that way. I only noticed them at 29

and they were blue/green to me, so level range may be lower than that (vN_cswingconn)

28: Summoned Urdrocks that live among the rock sheeries a bit east of Koalinth (Eurb)

28: plated fiends at entrance of DF (Zoastra)

28-29: squabblers in the Gorge (Cue-ball)

28: for bladeshades, frontier killing ire wolves, vanishers, fee lions, sett dwellers, and

greater luch. The only ones I would watch out for are the sett's, they have a big damage

bonus to leather (Egantra)

29'ish: Mist Wraiths in Cliffs of Moher

30’ish: Fog Wraiths

31: torcans in the Gorge (Cue-ball)

31-33: you could do the worm / scragger room in Treibh... (maybe even at 30 if you had new

armor, weapons and high piercing skill - near max?) (Ether_DaoC)

32-34: gorge rats in Gorge (Stuth)

32-35: Irewoods in Mt. Collory for bladeshades (wekiote)

34'ish: "flying monkeys in DF" (Pelekas)

34+: Avernal Quasits, weak to piercers (Whispur)

35: sett dwellers; Goto Mt. Collory and follow the zone wall to your left as you leave the

valley. You'll find several areas with sett dwellers. Guard patrols run through the area

and its out of the way so the normal gankers are unlikely to stumble on you. (wekiote)

34-36: Pookhas near DL (VermKind)

34–36: Pookhas & Amadans and other local spawn near DL (Pyxx-Wind)

36-39: stuff in CM entrance, juvenile megafelids (Pyxx-Wind)

38-39: Solo Rock Golems in Treibh. (The Roose)

38-40: Daehom Aeirs near Innis Carthaig far valley (Pyxx-Wind)

39-40: mobs at Corus Mines entrance (HotRabbit)

39-40: hunting "those flying crap in DF" (Genu)

40-41: Ollipheists, those ghostly trol things south of Connla, Cliff Dwellers, Phaeghouls

in Moher. (The Roose)

41: more stuff in CM (Pyxx-Wind)

41-43: white boards near Curm camp in DL (Charan Jaydemr)

42 Grove sentinels in Mt. Collory (The Roose)

43-44: Black Badgers, Deamhan Hounds, and other stuff near siopa in Innis... the badgers

and hounds don't like piercing weapons and are a tad easier to kill. Also those bog

creepers, corpans and other things around that are medium to high yellows at 44 but still

doable now, due to the changes made with the last patch. (Vindraxyl Dragonyr)
- 41/42 these can be done (HotRabbit)

45-46: Umber bears and undead ghosts near nged (Baedor)

47: Groovers and sents. in the mines near pit (Baedor)

48: Far Darrigs in far valley near Innis (Sljvirion)

48+: bloodletters & earthshakers west of Scaithag (Morphy_Caerdias)

Given Dubharian, Bladeshade (Percival) - Retired
Heart of Glendruid
"...poorest excuse for a hib I've ever seen." -- (name withheld)
"There is no darkness but ignorance." --Shakespeare
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Empereur / Impératrice
Avatar de Schi
Perso de 25 a 30+ j'ai tout fais a TC en group !

Comme c loin un /who caillte aide a voir si il y a du monde la bas !

Ensuite un /send permet aussi de savoir si il y a une place, car sinon le chemin est long!

Apres le 30 .. jusqu'au 40 j'ai tout fait a ML en groupe, en haut d'abord au fond dès que j'avais assez de fufu pour descendre relax !

En pouvant arriver seul au fond a ML ca aide bien pour trouver une tit place dans un group .. me suis même déja retrouvé dans des groupes avec 3 ou 4 ombres .. comme les mob sont pas link .. 2 ou 3 PA qui passent sur un mob .. ca surprend plus d'un senti et barde sur les capacités d'un ombre a faire des dégats, une foi correctement buff !

Sinon les abysses quand elles sont ouvertes .. d'ailleurs TC et surtout ML est désert a ces moments !
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Roi / Reine
Provient du message de Yukishiro Enishi
Personnellement les écorcheuses passaient trés bien
Mais il y en a plusieurs sortent, je sais pas si t'as remarqué
Il y a des spe 2 mains, une main normal, une main rapide...

Sinon, les molosses au level 41, j'ai trop de mal, je pense qu'il faudra que j'essaie au level 42.
Je suis obligé de claquer AP ou une potion de vie/endu pour les finir

ah ben non j avais pas remarque .. .. ben de toute facon maitenant elles sont bleu

au 42, les molosses ca passe .. mais c'est encore tendu ... surtout si le poison passe pas ..
Par contre au 43 c'est tout bon avec ou sans poison (je perds pas plus de 1/4 de mes PV).

Lubric (Ombre lvl 43 hib/ys)
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Roi / Reine
Les ecorcheuse c bien (jsuis 39) elle sont jaune le porbleme c quand ya 3 ou 4 perso faut etre patient c vachement long le repop sur ce spot
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