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Star Wars Galaxies
La Cantina de Mos Eisley
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Le ubber patch

voila ce qu il corrige

Improved Client Stability

Client: Solved the "bermuda triangle" issue (seen most on Naboo) where the world disappears and you cannot escape.
Client Crash: Fixed client crash when opening e-mail
Client Crash: Fixed bug - "2087 Internal Driver Error on Present"
Login/Logout: /logout now quits the game until we can fix a bug with logout not allowing you to select another character

Advancement: Added apprenticeship XP requirement for all Master boxes
Advancement: Fixed weapons giving wrong XP
AI: Improved ai's ability to deal with opponents at extreme range
AI: High level and ferocious creatures will kill their incapacitated target immediately, even if they are still in combat with other things
AI: AI will switch from a knocked-down target to one that is a more immediate threat
Architects: changed xp type granted by crafting stations to architect xp.
Armor: Examination of armor components improved
Armor: Fixed shield schematics so that their special effectiveness value may be altered through experimentation.
Armor: Fixed some bad schematic template references in tantel armor.
Artisan: Redistributed some of the powerups and fireworks from novice artisan to other artisan "engineering" skills.
Artisan: Doubled the Xp granted by novice CDEF weapons.

Bazaar: make items with counters show their count in commodities market
Bazaar: lowered cost from 500 to 100 to post an item
Bio-Engineer: You can't sample from your or someone else's pet
Bounty Hunter: Increased bounty rewards
Bounty Hunter: Fixed probots/probe droids
Bounty Hunter: Fixed bounty informant code strings
Bounty Hunter: Fixed double mission reward for bounty hunter missions

Certifications: Fixed wookiee bowcaster cert
Chairs: Fixed sitting in chairs in doors and out.
Cities: fix for invulnerable mission npcs randomly popping people into combat mode
Client Visuals: fixed freezing rain when switching planets
Cloning/Insurance: Reduced insurance costs.
Cloning: Cloning at bind is no longer a 1-shot deal; clone as often as you like for a single payment
Cloning: Reduced wound penalty for not cloning
Combat: Decreased time it takes to kill a creature
Combat: Fixed combat spam for scatter hit 1/2
Combat: Fixed typos in combat spam. Added in missing messages for low blow and for panic shot
Combat: NPCs can now fight in water
Combat: Redid armor combat spam so it reports the amount of damage the armor prevented, not the amount of damage the armor took.
Combat: decreased grenade speed
Combat: increased knockdown/posture change delay
Combat: unarmed lunge cost decreased
Combat: bad xp caps for marksman fixed
Combat Visuals: fixed a number of bugs associated with the visual playback of the grenade attack
Combat Visuals: Animations will now play when Brawlers use special moves while moving
Controls: Fix shift states getting stuck incorrectly
Controls: Hooked up control-mousewheel in chat window for font size increments
Cooking: Food experimentation should now work
Crafting: Fixed a problem with various armor components falling under the wrong category in the crafting screen
Crafting: Fixed drafts with identical names not showing up in crafting list
Crafting: Fixed a problem with blaster barrel advanced not being granted at expert firearms
Crafting: Fixed a typo in the resources of advanced weapon stock which improperly referenced linksteel
Crafting: Droid component modules and crafting droids should work again
Crafting: Added more error messages for reasons you can't craft
Crafting: Factory crates now take the same name and complexity of the object they contain
Crafting: Fixed crafting experimentation success calculation
Crafting: Added the ability to affect number of charges on heavy weapons. The result is that heavy weapons are able to have many more charges than they previously were
Crafting: Updated the droid crafting module descriptions in order to clarify their usage
Crafting: Added "radioactive" as a viable power type
Creature Handler: You can no longer call pets in private homes, but you can call them if you are "near" your residence (and added system message to this effect)
Creature Handler: Fixed tame bug where pet deed would vanish but new control device would not be created
Creature Handler: Pets will now obey the commands of people they are told to 'befriend'
Creature Handler: Pet transfer will put the pet_control_device into the new master's datapad, and warn if this is impossible
Creature Handler: Fixed bug where previously incapacitated pets would continue to move very slowly forever after
Creatures: Removed camera shake from large creatures
Creatures: Fixed Gorax move speeds to match intended velocities
Creatures: Fixed size of really small ewok, dulok, and jinda cubs.

Droids: Droids will now name themselves through methods identical to other pets
Droids: Droid component modules and crafting droids should work again
Droids: Droid special abilities now show up in examine window
Droids: fixed a check for presence of droid containers and for pet medical droids

Entertained: Fixed bug that could cause players to be stuck in "entertained" mood
Entertainers: Fixed bug with multiple musicians playing different songs
Entertainers: Changed Entertainer Hairstyling branch to Image Design
Entertainers: Battle fatigue can now be healed by entertainers at the outdoor theater in Vreni Island
Entertainers: Fixed the camera jitter bug with dancers
Entertainers: Lowered the complexity on a couple low end instruments so they can be crafted with a Generic Crafting Tool
Entertainers: Changed instrument crafting to grant Music experience.
Entertainers: Fixed bug that would drop equiped instrument when trying to play from radial menu.
Exploits: Fixed "bank anywhere" exploit (you can no longer access containers in your bank from anywhere)
Exploits: Eating now has a 1 second delay (You can no longer pound food to eat an item many times in one frame)
Exploits: Fixed Berserk exploit while using ranged weapons
Exploits: Can no longer sell items to junk dealers multiple times
Exploits: Fixed aim-shoot-aim exploit
Exploits: disallowing "/tip bank" from tutorial

Factions: Fixed bug where you could gain/lose Imperial/Rebel faction from killing things other than Rebels or Imperials
Forage: Lowered the buffs on foraged foods as they were better than many crafted foods (and easier to get).

Ghosting: Fixed several more instances where this could happen
Grief: Make menu requests cancel secure trade (so you can't split a resource container in the trade window without someone else knowing)
Grouping: Fixed bugs with group difficulty
Grouping: Fixed group mission payout distributions
Guilds: Fixed a bug where the guild terminal couldn't be used after server restarts unless the guild leader used it first.

Healing: Reduced XP from focus/willpower wounds to reduce entertainer/medic exploits
Healing: Fixed a problem with mind costs being applied when out of range on healing
Holocron: Various content additions
Holocron: Added info to the Holocron for safely logging out of the game
Housing/Structures: Added a check for admin before setting a building's privacy
Housing/Structures: Furniture can no longer be pushed through walls
Housing/Structures: Faction HQs no longer count against your lots
Housing: Fixed an issue which could cause houses to sink into the terrain
Housing: Fixed not getting a deed back when you destroy a structure you own.
Housing: Fixed a problem that would cause deed reclaimation to fail if the player's inventory is full.

Image Design: Made /imageDesign a bit more friendly when using design self (small xp grants, and no longer need self targeted)
Image Design: Reorganized image design ability grants
Insurance: Reduced insurance costs
Insurance: Fixed occassional code string in insurance menu issue

Loading Screens: Fixed lots of bugs
Looting: If for whatever reason, no players are granted xp for the kill, the corpse is locked with no permissions granted for looting

Merchant: Changes to picking up vendors: you can no longer pick up a vendor once placed; a 'remove vendor' option now appears in the vendor control menu
Merchant: Changed master merchant and advertising IV skill boxes to be maintenence reduction boxes.
Missions: Fixes to delivery rewards and destroy mission distance
Missions: Fixed bug where you could get completion system message after failing mission
Movement: Lightened restrictions on movement validation that caused rubberbanding.

Newbie Experience: Fixed problem with newbie tutorial debris not being attack-able
Newbie Experience: Fixed skill initialization for new characters
Newbie Experience: Updated starting email sent to player to explain how to find a newbie helper
Newbie Experience: Fixed skipped newbie tutorial stat migration voiceover so the user can see/hear it again
Newbie Experience: Updated tutorial cloning info to explain how respawning at the nearest facility wounds players, unless they've cloned there
NPCS: Bartender now invulnerable
NPCS: Random conversations added to stormtroopers
NPCS: Prefect Talmont no longer screams in a womans voice if you kill him.

Permadeath: fixed another case where this could occur
Pets: Fixed bug that would cause Pet Control Devices to sometimes not be named.
Pets: Fixed Pet Control Devices for taming wild pets to have appearance of pet.
Pets: Fixed error in attribute display of crafted pet control devices.
Pets: Pets now have names with (parenethesis) around them to distinguish them and to fix a grief with naming a pet the same as a player
Pets: transfer command will work again.

Quests: Updated lots of dialogue for NPCs, including Leb Slesher and Vana Sage
Quests: Fixed lots of bugs, text strings, etc.
Quests: Fixed bugs associated with spawning of escort targets
Quests: Updated Random Quests to fix all known problems

Repair: Possible fix for weapon repair problem.
Repair: Also made repair kits auto fail when the repaired max HP of the item drops below 20.

Sample / Surveying: You can no longer sample or survey while dizzy.
Scout: Traps no longer work on pets
Scout: Traps now use line of sight check when thrown
Scout: Traps will no longer get stuck with "The trap is not ready to be used again" bug
Scout: The delay on throwing traps has been increased slightly
Skills: Changed references to shock wounds to battle fatigue in skill descriptions
Sound: Fixed problem with missing sounds on a couple of 1h sword animations
Sound: Added Darth Vader breathing sound
Sound: Fixed mouse droid infinite move sound loop
Sound: Added probot sfx
Sound: added updated stormtrooper effects
Sound: Combat music recategorized as background music so that it is turned down w/ the music slider
Sound: Added proper sounds to crafting stations
Sound: Changed female Moncal vocalizations to sound more ladyfish-like
Sound: Integrated new combat music selections from the classic Star Wars trilogy
Spawning: Fixed some issues with lairs spawning on player's houses.
Spawning: Fixed POIs spawning in towns.
Species: Fixed wrong stat boost text in Bothan species description
Squad Leader: Xp now only granted when in range of target (64 m)
Survey: Integrated fixes to survey/sample and other exploits
Survey: /survey and /sample commands are now blocked by skill animating (You can no longer survey/sample while dancing)
Survey: You no longer get multiple waypoints while surveying

Theme Parks (Emperor's Rêtreat): Fixed quests not using the proper "dontknowyou" lines
Theme Parks (Jabba's Palace): Fixed EV9D9
Theme Parks (Rebel Hideout): Leia and company should now spawn at hideout

UI: Fixed alignment of group HAM bars
UI: Fixed bleeding icon
UI: Fix radial menu converse and other server-added options from switching hotkey numbers
UI: XP Monitor should no longer lose entries
UI: stop showing volume & hitpoints for creatures in getAttributes
UI: stop showing armor effectiveness for armor with zero effectiveness
UI, MissionBrowser: retain selected tab choice when refreshing view (bug 19952)

Visuals: Characters only attempt to look at their lookat or combat target if it falls within a 160-degree view cone centered in front of them (this effect still needs polish)
Visuals: Corrected problem with visual anamolies on ATI Radeon 9700
Visuals: Improved look of stars

Wearables: Fixed several duplicate wearables names
Worlds/Cities: Renamed "kaadara"
Worlds/Cities: Updated region names
Worlds/Cities: Removed Jawas from city conversations
Worlds/Cities: Edited city region locations and size for the "you have entered BLAHcity" messages

XP Fix: You now have to be within 64 meters of a target to get XP
XP Fix: Dead players will no longer receive XP for kills
XP Fix: You don't gain any XP if a non-pet NPC or creature does greater than 33% damage to a creature/NPC
XP Fix: You have to do at least 5% damage to a creature/NPC to get any XP

par contre ils ont pas donnée la liste des bugs qui vont etre ajouté
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Himura San [rezu]
Avatar de Himura San
Mouarf ca dvait être méga buggé la béta -_-

Sinon bah c clair qu'il y aura encore des bugs a la sortie, mais bon j'èspère que ca sera jouable ^^
Valie Berserker - mid/ys - caran annun [inactif]
Iganna Eldritch - hib/broc - Resurrection [inactif]
Uchiha Barde - hib/broc - Resurrection[inactif]
Uchikill Ranger - hib/broc - Resurrection [inactif]
Belluchi Séide - hib/Glastonbury - Inc erf Add [actif]
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Avatar de Chevalier66
oups pas vue
qu il avait ete poster avant
un Modo peux virer se thread
merci bien
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