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Bonjour frenchmen

Hi all, I received an email from ryzom yesterday that I was accepted for the beta, I didnt recieve my copy jet because the mail service is pretty fucked up here right now (strikes etc.) but I think I'll recieve it soon. So I want to talk on a ryzom forum and only found this french forum lol.

Well I'm from the dutch part of belgium and I understand french a little bit. I have a couple of questions:

1. How many people are in the beta now?
2. Can current beta testers keep playing till the final release?
3. When will the release be ± ?
4. Can you use all races/classes in beta?
5. What race/class have you picked? (I think I'll go for either Matis crafter or Zoraïs crafter)

Please answer in english (or dutch lol)

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Alpha & Oméga
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Hi Macabre.

Well... The problem is, none of your questions can be answered here.
This is not an offcial forum, just an fansite forum, and all beta-testers have a non disclosure agreement with GOA.
So no one can answer you here. ( Beta testers don't have the right to do, and others don't know the answers. )

You should rather try to find an official forum, maybe there's a link in the email you received, or try to see if you can find further information fater login in at the official website:

Aëya, secretive Trykette
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Roi / Reine
There is also an another english forum on ryzom, you can find it here :

This website is really beautiful !

Hi here.

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Alpha & Oméga
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Nobody can give you any answers. It's not allowed by the NDA (that you should have signed too ).

And if you want a german site, you 'll find one here.
Roi / Reine
I only have received an email with login and password, no cd or agreement yet. But its good that I know it now so I wont tell anybody something
You won't receive any agreement, normaly you have already signed it up. It was the pop up that appeared when you clicked on the link to complete the inscription form.

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