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Dark Age of Camelot
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Patch 1.63a (Le vrai :p)

Tout frais tout chaud, rien de révolutionnaire. A noter quand même une simplification dans la fabrication des armes et armures.

Plus besoin de faire plusieurs morceaux pour assembler le tout après, seul 1 seule manip est nécessaire maintenant.

So it begins:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.63a Test Release Notes

Wednesday, June 11, 2003


1.63a consists primarily of bug fixes and features to Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations, the Camelot housing expansion, which is currently in closed beta on Pendragon. Those in the beta will receive those housing-related release notes via the private testing message boards. There are also tradeskill and world notes, which are included here.

Our current plan is to keep Foundations in closed beta to test the housing changes in 1.63a, fix any bugs that come from it, and then open Foundations up to an Open Beta in the middle of next week. If this changes, we'll keep you posted.


- Added extended delve descriptions for all spells.

- Fixed a bug in delve where most '%' symbols weren't displaying properly.

- Fixed a bug where the sell value of Unique Items greatly decreased after zoning the first time after they were found.

- Fixed a bug with the /clock displaying the wrong times for noon and midnight.

- We have expanded the /ignore command to filter out more messages from anyone on your ignore list. In addition to the text that it used to block, it will now block:

/yell <text>
Chat Group
Guild Chat
Alliance Chat
Officer Chat
Emotes (/bow and /em <text>)


We've decided to remove some of the extra steps required in crafting items. The purpose of these changes is not to decrease the overall concept of time, or coin, that goes into these tradeskills, but to remove some of the extra possible frustration of the added layers that they create.

With this we have "flattened" Weaponcraft and most of Armorcraft. Flattening is the process in which we remove the extra steps needed to make a final recipe. Previous to this, if you wanted to make a weapon, you had to make two sub-components first, then combine them to make the final weapon. Now, you simply use the same amount of total materials that you would have making the sub-combines, and the same overall amount of time... but you fire off a single recipe. No more 100% quality hilts, just to get a 94% final weapon.

In Armorcraft, we've removed the need to create studs, wires, scales, and strapping (this also includes the various studded recipes in Albion Tailoring). We've replaced them with the best equivalent amount of raw materials, erring on the smaller side. This will cause the costs of the armors to change a minor amount, but nothing on a grand scale. And yes,
Armorcraft still requires Tailoring components. Please note that this change will cause a slight variance in the costs from what you are used to, but not by much.

Also, you will notice that most of the recipes in Weaponcraft, Armorcraft, Tailoring, and Fletching will now show you the level of the item that is created from said recipe, when you delve them. As we continue moving forward, we will continue trying to add more useful information to help the crafter do his job.

Other crafting notes

- Flattened the recipes for Weaponcraft and Armorcraft in all three realms, and Tailoring in Albion

- Added level values to most of the recipes in Weaponcraft, Armorcraft, Tailoring, and Fletching for all three realms.

- Added Woodworking recipes that allows for the ability to create smaller, or larger, versions of various pieces of furniture for housing. This obviously only applies to housing, but all crafters on Pendragon will see these items in their recipe windows starting with 1.63a.


Classic/SI - Guild track quest rewards, except for the epic quest armors, have been upgraded to Shrouded Isles standards in bonus points, except in a few rare instances where the item was at or above the desired bonus point value already. No object was decreased in bonus points.

We have added guild bounty point merchants to coincide with the bounty merchants in the capital cities and expansion starting cities. The NPC names are as follows:

Torrence Edelmar
Elenya Edelmar
Luce Edelmar
Daniel Edelmar
Alexander Edelmar



Caer Gothwaite:
Samuel Kriston

The Grove of Domann:


Albion Monsters

- Hunter Kenwin and Guardian Aron at Campacorentin Station now give Kill Tasks.

Midgard Monsters

- Raumarik Revenant now has his damage table set correctly. He will also no longer heal himself when hitting a player wearing a breastplate dropped off of Legion.

Hibernia Monsters

- Word has it that the Meruchas have been appearing more frequently by the water in Connacht.

Item Notes

- The Omni Bloodhide Robe (Albion) can now be dyed.

- The Omni Bloodhide Gloves and Omni Bloodhide Boots (Midgard) should now be named properly for the slot in which they equip.

- The 80% quality items intended for salvage purposes will now drop as 89% quality items.

- The Midgard small training shield now has the correct speed.

- Bonedancers can now equip the Vest of the Diabolic.

- The Obsidian Longsword (Midgard) can now be traded to other players.

- The Forked Mephit Tail (Hibernia) now increases blunt instead of crush.

- The Ebony Arms of the Corrupt (Albion) now increases energy resist in place of a duplicate body resist.

- The class restrictions on the Manaweave Ring (Albion) have been removed.

- Muryan tricksters in Albion should now be dropping level appropriate items.

- The Vindicator set of staves from Cursed Forest should now have particle effects.

- The Fallen Archer's Dagger (Albion) will no longer drop. It has been replaced with a new item, the Felled Archer's Dagger, that uses the proper model. The original version will remain as-is for players who already possess one.

- The Stoic Defender (Hibernia) can now be salvaged.

- Shadowhands Gloves (Albion) can now be dyed.

- The Hibernia version of the Gossamer Soultourn Sleeves will now salvage for a lower value. The salvage value was inadvertently set too high on this item.

- The following items that were spiritmaster and runemaster only are now set to allow bonedancers: Twisted Evil Emerald Scepter, Twisted Evil Ruby Scepter, Twisted Evil Sapphire Scepter, Twisted Evil Diamond Scepter, Snow Crystal Runecarver's Staff, Snow Crystal Summoner's Staff, Darkened Staff of Hoarfrost, Suppressor's Staff of Hoarfrost, Regal Lupine Staff, Royal Lupine Staff, Icebound Effluvium Staff of Runes, and Icebound Effluvium Staff of Summoning.


Monster Notes

- Dungeons and outdoors: Particle effect based monsters such as water elementals and blobs will now scale properly on the fly. Water elementals will grow during rainstorms and shrink when the storms have passed. Certain types of blobs that split in two when they suffer a particularly devastating attack will now properly change scale on the fly.


- Master Reginald the Rogue trainer in Caer Gothwaite is now a Saracen rather then an Avalonian

Items Notes

- The cold cervideth shroud (Hibernia) can now be equipped.

- Kvasir's Sword of Blight and Hjalmar's Thorned Bow (Midgard) can now be dyed with weapon enamels.

- The Robes of the Severed Soul (Albion) has been renamed to Vest of the Severed Soul.

- Tuscar's Runed Buckler (Midgard) now increases energy resist in place of a second heat resist entry.

- The Choker of Catlike Quickness (Hibernia) has been renamed to Choker of Catlike Acuity.

- Luso's Claws (Midgard) should now be set to the correct DPS.

- The Death Shroud (Hibernia) should now equip in the cloak slot.

- The Vest of the Gravewalker (Albion) now increases matter resist in place of a duplicate body resist entry.

- Steinvor's Sturdy Axe (Midgard) has a different particle effect that fits a little better than the previous one.

- Players should now be able to trade the gem rewards from the Malignant Creatures quest in Albion.

- Mammoth Lined Leggings (Midgard) can now be dyed.

- Weno'iak's Chain Leggings (Albion) now increase enhancements instead of augmentation.

- Weno'iak's Chain Mittens (Albion) will now increase stats correctly.

- The Vine Covered Scythe (Hibernia) had the haste proc replaced with a life tap proc.

- Ancient Brass Longsword - procs a minor vitality drain

- Ancient Brass Cudgel - indendiary pyre (fire DD)

- Ancient Brass Rapier - electrical DD

- Ancient Brass Pike - mana DD

- Ancient Brass Lochaber Axe - mana DD

- Ancient Brass Lucerne Hammer - mana DD

- Ancient Brass Battlehammer - fire DD

- Ancient Brass Two-Handed Sword - stamina heal

- Ancient Brass-Tipped Whip - damage shield

- Ancient Brass-Shod Staff - fire DD

- Ancient Brass-Shod Quarterstaff - minor vitality drain

- Ancient Brass Scythe - Protective Aura of Flame (damage shield)

- All weapons for the The Lost Seed quest in Hibernia have had procs added to them.

- Claidheamh falcata - Minor vitality drain

- Birrag Cuaille mace - Incindiary Pyre

- Cuinnsear dagger - void DD

- Ailm Darach spear - ice DD

- Bruais Creigeir shillelagh - Incindiary pyre

- Ard-Ennoilys sword - damage shield

- Corran scythe - dark DD

- Caorrunn Calbh staff - Fire DD

Cooperative Server Object Notes

- The Glowing Dreaded Seal now stacks to 10.
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ça arrive à tlm...
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Bah j'avais pas vu, si un modo pouvait effacer ce thread qui n'a plus lieu d'être, merci d'avance
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