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[UI] DarqUI Unified

DarqUI Unified

Oct 10, 2018: Chaos Descending Beta (Oct 21)

For Beta Testers: you can download everything using the DarqUI utility except the Guild window. Check the "Skip" checkbox for Guild and use the Beta version below instead. (Oct 21)

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, drop a copy of the DarqUI Unified utility into \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ and run it from there. The utility will detect its location and download into the correct folder. You will also get a Beta Tools tab that will assist with porting settings from Live or Test.

If you are not a Beta tester, you don't need to do anything special. You can use the DarqUI updater as usual to receive file updates for Live servers as they occur.


Oct 19: Transport Window

The DarqUI Transport Window has two new features:
  • Favorites tab
  • Option to click the transport categories instead of mouseover
Click the Edit button to add and remove favorite transports for each character and configure category tab behavior for all characters

Thanks to SerenityMW for both suggestions. Thanks to SerenityMW and Rosyposy for testing and feedback


Sept 27, 2018: DarqUI v3.1.1.6

A new version of DarqUI is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements:

Multi-account Camp window
  • Switch quickly between characters on different accounts
  • Add characters and servers automatically or manually
  • Preset account login info or input manually in-game
  • Give each account a nickname displayed on tab labels
Credit to thepriz for a suggestion that inspired this feature

Utility v3.1.1.6
  • Multi-account Shutdown (Camp) interface
  • Extended target alerts feature
  • New Letterbox configuration page
  • Corrected a bug in the Stat Monitor dropdown
  • Duplicate Settings window: fixed an issue with certain DPI settings
  • A new option to exclude DarqUI files when initially setting up
  • The updater can now offer to delete unused DarqUI files
  • Fixed some color list dropdown choices

Notes: DarqUI utility v3.1.1.6 or higher is required to set up the multi-account feature. Entering account usernames and passwords is optional. The single account quick-camp dropdown was not changed. The Shutdown (Camp) help file has been updated to explain fully the new feature.

If you are currently using the DarqUI account-switch feature on the main login page, please migrate to the new multi-account camp window. The old loginscene file is not compatible and will be deprecated in the near future.


Sep 20, 2018: Target Alerts

Using the Extended Player window you can receive visual and audible alerts when your target is a quest update, gives bonus AA experience, or matches a specific name. Use the Player/Extended Player page in the Window Manager to configure this new feature.

Thanks to Hiza for the suggestion

Aug 26, 2018: Large Preset Broker Prices

The Set Price window has been amended to include large broker price presets. Large presets are platinum-only, and can be saved up to 10 million (9,999,999p) for each character

Thanks to Aniko for the suggestion

Aug 21, 2018: Alternate Letterbox

This new window duplicates the function of the built-in game letterbox with some technical distinctions and additional features. Rather than reducing the size of the 3D world viewport which has been reported to produce glitches with certain video hardware, the new DarqUI Letterbox overlays top and bottom masking areas onto an unaltered viewport.
  • Specify black or a different color
  • Change opacity
  • Change size of upper and lower areas independently
  • Show or hide decorative tinsel borders
  • Allow or prevent mouse click-through
  • Settings are configurable for each character
Thanks to Furiant for the suggestion

To access settings for this window, open the in-game Window Manager and choose Letterbox from the dropdown. Also please click the Help button at the top of the Window Manager if you have any questions about the window.

Jun 28, 2018: DarqUI Utility v3.1.1.5

A new version of the DarqUI utility is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements

  • Import and export settings between all characters for all DarqUI components
  • Rename customizations when you rename a character
  • Restore the frame on a frameless full-screen game window
  • Add an optional note to backups when creating a restore point
  • EQ2MAP checks for updated files much more quickly
  • Fixed an indexing bug with Stat Monitor dropdown controls
  • Communication with Census and update servers uses a more secure method
  • Increased maximum number of slots for custom themes and skins
  • Enabling profile viewers without a character selected no longer throws an exception
  • Inventory

    + Special naming for house files is no longer required when using Census
    + Sort housing layouts by item count (right-click context menu)
    + Click category headers (Bank, Vault etc) for bag slot lists with slot and item counts
    + Optionally stack duplicate house items in results pane and printable reports
    + Right-click to view or delete a housing layout in the results pane
    + Printable reports accurately list your first familiar and first wardrobe item
    + Optionally view and search hidden characters in inventory
    + Date/time in name of printed report matches time when report was generated
    + Bad URLs for house and dungeon item in-game links have been corrected
    + Invalid housing layout files are bypassed
  • Utility pages updated

    + Enemy List
    + Experience
    + Gear Buff Macros
    + Hotbars
    + Player/Extended Player
  • DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.1.0.4

    + Uses a more secure method to communicate with update servers. DarqUI_Notify is included in the download on this page. For help installing or upgrading, check here
Citation :


DarqUI Unified combines the best of DarqUI, DarqUI Live and EQ2Inventory into one, with some useful new features. Standard DarqUI users can now choose to make quick, permanent configuration changes right from the game screen while playing, as an alternative to loading up the external window utility. There is no longer a limit to the number of characters that can be customized, and many of the settings that were previously shared by all of your characters can now be configured for each character separately.

DarqUI Live users can take advantage of an all-new configuration app with features like Quick Setup, backup and restore, character and spell file maintenance, and a new lookup feature that queries Daybreak servers for spell lines and icons to use for your spell buttons. The DarqUI Unified configuration app has been rewritten from the ground up to provide all of the conveniences from the DarqUI Window Utility and the Live Updater. You will find many usability improvements and an uncluttered design that matches the familiar in-game window manager.

Large size windows DarqUI Unified offers larger-size versions of many windows to accommodate higher resolution monitors. Choose the size you prefer from the Updates page of the utility. These include Active Journal (quest helper), Casting Bar, Chat, Dissonance, Examine, Experience Bar, Group, Implied Target, Maintained Spell Monitor, Maintained Spells, Mercenary, NPC Spell Monitor, Pet, Player, Raid, Savagery, Target, Threat and Tracking. DarqUI windows that were already usable with higher resolutions include Detrimental Effects, Gear Buff Macros, Hotbars, Icon Bar and Spell Effects.

EQ2Inventory Track and search equipment, bags, bank, shared bank, house vault, Wardrobe contents, mount and Familiar collections and up to 9 houses, guild hall and player-made dungeons per character from the DarqUI Unified interface.

Chat Log Parser features keyword, category and date/time searches that recognize English, German and French log files. Use the preset category filters or build your own using regular expressions.

EQ2MAP integration Install and update the official EQ2MAP alongside DarqUI with a single click.

Help system Help files are now available for all DarqUI Unified windows and utility functions. Context-sensitive help information can be accessed externally from the window utility or from the window manager in-game. Use the new, more robust "Make default" feature on the Files page of the utility to set DarqUI as your default. This will prevent needing to use /loadui from the game window which crashes the awesomium browser.

Spell Suggestions There is a new French spell suggestion file in addition to German and English.

DarqUI Unified Notifications is a Windows tray icon that checks periodically for DarqUI and EQ2MAP updates. More information for setting up and using DarqUI_Notify can be found here. The app is optional, and is included in the download on this page.

Visit these links for more information:

Installing DarqUI

DarqUI Unified Features

System Requirements

Recent Updates
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Mise à jour du 10 Octobre 2018 : Chaos Descending Beta
Avatar de Pantero
JOL Pantero
Alpha & Oméga
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Oct 10, 2018: Chaos Descending Beta (Oct 21)

For Beta Testers: you can download everything using the DarqUI utility except the Guild window. Check the "Skip" checkbox for Guild and use the Beta version below instead.

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