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Release Notes - Jeudi 3 mars 2016

Site relooké !

Pas trouvé de traduction pour les notes de patch de cette semaine..


  • Terran Uniforms:
    • Terran Empire Jupiter Outfit (Leeta’s Variants):
      • Added Female Costume part “Upper Jupiter 1 Open 2”.
      • Added shorts “Terran 2”.
      • Added “Chestgear Terran - Utility 4”.
      • Added “Hipstattach Left Terran – Dagger”.
      • Players who already purchased and unpacked this box will have access to these parts in the tailor upon logging in.
    • Female Terran Odyssey Uppers now correctly have all color tints available.
    • Resolved various clipping issues with Badges on Terran Uniforms.
    • Kobali Bridge Officer legs now correctly appear when wearing Terran Shorts.
  • Updates to frigate pet controls so that they will be able to follow their owner more reliably and won't linger in attack states when no enemies are nearby.
  • Resolved an issue where not all team members received rewards for participation in PvP queues.
  • Resolved an issue with the Holonovel Code Fragment that was preventing players from ever being able to run the assignment more than once.
  • Resolved an issue where "Sunrise", "Stormbound", and "Time and Tide" automatically gave players a Lockbox upon replays.
    • Players may choose to get a Lockbox in place of other rewards from the missions.

Known Issues:

  • Selecting “Ready Starship” in the ship selector is not moving slotted items over to the ship for some players.
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