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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.43 Patch Notes

Citation :
Marvel Heroes 1.43 Patch Notes


This week’s patch focuses on some key bug fixes and some fully open public test launch of the new AXIS Raid and the new StarkTech Upgrade System for Artifacts.

The patch will begin at 6:00am Pacific Time and should require no more than two hours of server downtime. The size of the patch, for most PC users will be approximately 335 MB.

Operation Omega

Operation Omega is active! Details incoming.

Easter Event

A special 1-time quest has been added for Easter. It will be available for the entire week, until next patch. The reward is: Candy!


The time has come for heroes to rise up against the evil of Red Skull combined with powerful monstrosity of Onslaught.

“Red Onslaught” has taken over and occupied the mutant home of Genosha. Your task: Throw him out and end his reign of terror.

The addition of this second raid to Marvel Heroes is the toughest content in the game and will require coordination, gearing and thoughtful choice of power allocation and use.

To access this 10-person raid zone, visit Beast in Xavier’s School to travel to Genosha. You’ll be met by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Genosha Liberation Force, who greatly appreciate the assistance of heroes.

For the first week of public-testing release, some of the raid enemies will be toned down to encourage public testers to battle through all 3 of the encounters, including Red Onslaught himself. Most of the rewards are in place and testers will be able to keep those.

Two new motion comics further the story and share the Marvel Heroes take on Red Onslaught and how he fits into the game and permanently affects the future of the Marvel Heroes story.

Influence System

The Genosha Liberation Force introduces a new mechanic called the “Influence System”.

By introducing a fairly simple Influence system into Marvel Heroes, we are able to continue using the same existing currencies as previous raids and avoid having new currencies for each and every raid. This will prove important over the coming months and years and we introduce more and more raids and high-level content. We'll have about 3 currencies total instead of hundreds.

In creating this Influence system, we kept the elements that we appreciated from various reputation and factions systems over the years (for example, influence systems allow us to provide consistent rewards without relying on pure luck of the drops) while avoiding overly complex or overly grindy systems.

With this Influence system, any style of player can flexibly achieve maximum Influence in 8 weeks, with a few hours of play each week.

To gain Influence with the Genosha Liberation Force, there are four options, appealing to players who prefer different types of content:

  1. Defeating raid encounters each week, earning 25 Influence for each of the first two raid encounters and 50 Influence for defeating Red Onslaught himself. (Up to 100 per week from the Genosha raid)
  2. Completing the Weekly Genosha Mission earns 100 Influence.
  3. Completing a Daily Genosha Liberation Force mission earns 25 Influence each day.
  4. Acquiring a 24-hour buff from a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in Genosha and defeating enemies anywhere in the game will gradually gain any amount of Influence, up to the weekly maximum of 200. There is no cost associated with this and it may be refreshed any time. Players who don’t wish to raid and don’t wish to do any missions could exclusively use this method for all of their Influence gains, although it will be slower.
With those four options for Influence gain, players can focus on methods they prefer and avoid methods they don’t enjoy.

For example
, You could choose to do daily missions if you like them, or avoid them completely and just focus on one weekly mission and defeating enemies in Midtown while buffed. Or you could do the new raid and the weekly mission in one day and be covered for the entire week. It’s hugely flexible, which was an important design goal.

The weekly maximum for Influence gain is 200, regardless of whether you acquire the Influence through raiding, missions or simply defeating enemies while under the effect of the Genosha buff.

Designer's Note:
We're calling this the Influence Systems instead of "reputation", since it's hard to argue that heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor don't already have a hugely famous reputation among every being on the planet, so Influence with each group is a more thematically appropriate for Marvel Heroes.

Influence Rewards for Genosha Liberation Force

The Genosha Liberation Force Quartermaster will offer the following rewards at each Influence level: (more items to be added when the Red AXIS Raid releases)

Influence Level Zero - “Neutral” (zero Influence)

  • Stack of Med-Kits
Influence Level One - “Proven” (achieved at 200 Influence)

  • Recipe: Upgrade Medallion to Item Grade 66
Influence Level Two - “Allied” (achieved at 500 Influence)

  • Reliquary of Rarity
  • Recipe: Upgrade Insignia to Item Grade 66
Influence Level Three - “Trusted” (achieved at 900 Influence)

  • Recipe: Upgrade Medallion to Item Grade 69
  • Item Grade 80 Legendary Items
Influence Level Four - “Legend” (achieved at 1600 Influence)

  • Recipe: Upgrade Insignia to Item Grade 69
  • Recipes to craft AXIS Raid Unique Items
  • Stark Miniaturized Sentinel Pet
  • Title: Liberator of Genosha
Raid Currency Consolidation and Future Plans

Instead of adding several new currencies with each raid, we’ve converted Eyes of Demonfire and Hearts of Demonfire to a S.H.I.E.L.D. Commendation flavor, for use in all future raids for the end of time...

With these currency changes, no new Raid currencies are planned to be added.


  • Champion’s Commendations will generally be used for cutting-edge, high-difficulty content.
  • Protector’s Commendations will be used for Red-level Raids or newer Green-level new raids.
  • Hero’s Commendations will be continue to be used for most other Green-raids.
  • Eyes of Demonfire are now called Hero's Commendations and will drop from Green raids in the future, with the exceptions of the newest raids, which will drop...
  • Heart of Demonfire are now called Protector's Commendations and will drop in the Green difficulty of the AXIS Raid and Red raids in the future, except the newest Red raids, which will drop...
  • Champion’s Commendations (new item) will drop from the Red difficulty of the AXIS Raid and will generally drop from the most difficult, freshest raid.
There is a weekly cap of 250 for each commendation type from any source. This keeps the difference between raiders and non-raiders somewhat manageable and to prevent grindy situations as we add more and more raids to the game.

A higher number of additional commendations will drop outside of raids. Details will be finalized in next week’s patch.

StarkTech Upgrade Slots

Starting with today’s patch, Marvel Heroes is introducing a customization option for items, known as StarkTech Upgrades. This was inspired by the Diablo 2 game system and of course, David was involved closely in the design. We hope to get solid testing of the system this week on the live servers and roll out additional StarkTech slots to various item types in the coming months and years.

The Details:

  • As of today, all high-level artifacts (Grade 50 and over) will automatically have one slot for a StarkTech Power Cube upgrade.
  • Artifacts lower than 50 can easily have the StarkTech Power Cube slot added for a trivial cost at the crafter.
  • The Crafter will automatically have the “add Power Cube slot” recipe at Crafter rank 19, in the Miscellaneous section. (By default, the lower level artifacts don’t have slots to keep systems simple for newer players).
  • StarkTech Power Cubes can drop from any Cosmic game modes (including Cosmic Terminals and Patrols) and from the AXIS Raid. They are fully tradeable and are affected by Special Item Find.
  • StarkTech Power Cubes offer +1 to a random power. This could be any random power in the game, from any hero.
  • When finding a Power Cube, the +1 power rank could be literally anything in game for any hero. As a bonus, there is an additional small chance of finding a power cube for the hero that you are currently playing. Example: If you find 50 random power cubes, you’ll likely find another five or so for the hero that you’re playing.
  • To “slot” a Power Cube, simply drag and drop the Cube over the Artifact you wish to upgrade. It will overwrite and replace any Power Cubes currently attached to that Artifact.
Hero Updates

The following heroes received bug fixes or power changes in this week’s patch.

Black Panther

  • Black Panther's Ultimate now has the Area keyword listed on the tooltip. This was always present on the damage dealing component but was not displayed to the player.

  • Gambit's Dead Man's Hand now starts at 2 cards thrown instead of 1.

  • Iceman's Ice Golems now permanently have the snowy aura active if the player has points into Construct Focus. The active portion of Construct Focus remains as just a taunt.
Invisible Woman

  • Invisible Woman's Seeker Orbs no longer have the affix that they can be used while stealthed in the tooltip, because she is only stealthed while out of combat, but using Seeker Orbs necessarily puts her into an in-combat state. Thus the affix never worked as implied.
  • A fresh feedback thread has been added to the Invisible Woman forum. If you’d like the developers to read any of your feedbacks or suggestions, please put them in that thread and we’ll check them out ASAP.
Mr. Fantastic

  • Mr Fantastic's Graviton Emitter, Hyperstatic Inducer, and Positron Emitter now have their spirit costs reduced by Strength instead of Energy Projection.

  • Thor's God Blast will now correctly follow the mouse cursor while channeling.

  • She-Hulk's Conviction will no longer be interrupted mid-animation by enemy CC attacks.
    Wasp no longer has an identity crisis that causes her to display as Spider-Woman when used in Surprise Witness.
  • She-Hulk will dodge all attacks while performing Barrister Beatdown.
  • She-Hulk’s Bar Exam, Closing Arguments, and Final Verdict no longer "lock" her down at the end of the animations.
  • A fresh feedback thread will be added to the She-Hulk forum once these changes have been on the live servers for a few days. Take your time and give us feedback so we can keeping making Jenny awesome.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the Crafter to swap UI elements unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue causing unlocked powers with no points to show blank.
  • Fixed Doombots receiving supercharged Dr. Doom loot
  • Fixed Man-Ape dropping White-Gorilla necklace at several times the appropriate rate (yep)
  • Fixed a sound issue where the Critical Hit voice-over lines were not respecting the normal retrigger cooldown.
In Development

The main items near the top of the development pipeline:

  • Onslaught Raid (public live-server testing)
  • Genosha Liberation Force mini-hub (public live-server testing)
  • Genosha Liberation Force Influence System (public live-server testing)
  • Achievement System (external alpha testing)
  • Ultron Game Mode (internal alpha testing)
  • Various Age of Ultron related stuff (in development)
  • Vision - Playable Hero (in development)
  • Scarlet Witch - Level 52 Review (in development - scheduled for Avengers 2)
  • Team-Up System 2.0 (internal alpha testing)
  • Quicksilver - Team-Up Hero (in development - scheduled for May)
  • Dr. Doom - Playable Hero (in early development)
  • The remaining Level 52 reviews (in early development)
  • Several other Team-Up Heroes (in early development)
  • Updated A.R.M.O.R. Incursion Event (in development)
  • Danger Room game mode (in development)
  • Unified Story Mode (in early development)
  • Plus much more!

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Alpha & Oméga
Je comprend mieux les délais sur les achievements maintenant:

Citation :
Ultron Game Mode (internal alpha testing)
Team-Up System 2.0 (internal alpha testing)
Achievement System (external alpha testing)
Au moins, on peut être sûr d'une chose maintenant, c'est que ca ne va plus tarder:
Citation :
Influence Level Four - “Legend” (achieved at 1600 Influence)
Title: Liberator of Genosha

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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Rasetsu [Men]
External c'est normalement pour signifier que c'est en test pour ceux de la white list. Donc c'est l'étape après la phase interne de test.
Alpha & Oméga
Citation :
Publié par Rasetsu [Men]
External c'est normalement pour signifier que c'est en test pour ceux de la white list. Donc c'est l'étape après la phase interne de test.
Mouais. Par le passé, quand c'était un truc testé non pas par tout le monde (public testing) mais uniquement les white listers, ils n'ont jamais utilisé ce terme de external testing.
Internal testing, surtout closed beta testing, mais je n'ai encore jamais vu external testing utilisé par Gaz.
Mais bon. Peu importe. Ils arrivent.

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