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Alpha & Oméga
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Preview du patch 15.2.1

Alors que le jeu est mis à jour ajourd'hui même en 15.1.1, voici déjà la preview du 15.2.1

NPCs will now stop walking when you first attempt to ask them a question (e.g. "Where is?"). The less talkative NPCs will continue to ignore you and keep walking.

Auctions and Work Orders
Improved performance for filtering the "Crafting Item Name", "Component", and "Filter" drop down lists, when typing in the associated text fields.

Rain sound effects are now blended in a much better manner and at a volume which is more appropriate to the rain level.

Burning effects now stack up to 5 times.
Hearty and Unstoppable buffs no longer give a percentage boost to health, and instead give a flat number.

Added numerous new Bonus Buff rewards for engagements.
Added new FX for bomb removal engagements.
Improved the FX when disabling mines in certain engagements,

Sped up the dual Swing animation as it was horribly slow.
Adjusted the hold duration on the looting/gathering "out of animation" so it should go out of it a bit smoother.
Added animal trophy and mounted head models for Calprates. These are furniture items.
Added new ability animation for Aimed Shot.
Added new ability animation for Focused Fire.
Added new ability animation for Disable Trap.
Added new ability animation for Extinguish Flames.
Added new ability animation for Tales.

Added Mounted Calprates Head and Miniature Calprates housing furniture items. The head is created from Calprates Heads, a trophy item on rare calprates.
There is now a /housing clearstore command. This will remove the stored housing data from your character. Once removed you will not be able to access it again. Typing the command will tell you to type an additional keyword so you don't delete your data on accident.

Items and Fittings
Magnificent Mubark Hides now have resource attributes for Energy Resistance and Health.
Magnificent Raxin Hides now have attributes for Biochemical Resistance and Critical Reduction.
Introduced a new training manual: Phosphori Filtration Secrets. This rare manual teaches you how to construct weapons from rare Phosphori organs.
Assassin Sniper Rifles are now properly categorized as Sniper Rifles, and have had some stat changes. They are now the slowest firing sniper rifle and most draining, but pack the heaviest punch.
Forward Line Rifles have had their range, energy cost, and damage reduced by 10%. However they also fire 10% faster, and have less of a close range penalty than other sniper rifles.
Larger Lurkers can now be harvested for a tail which can be refined in multiple ways.
Rear Area Rifles have been modified so that they now suffer less penalties at longer range, but heavier penalties at short range.
Reduced the value of Ammonia.
Damage proc fittings (such as Venomous Injection or Electrical Discharge) can now be equipped in off hand weapons, as well as primary hand ones.
Added a new training manual: The Dark Art of Venom. This manual trains you to be able to create new Venomous Injection and Venomous Coating fittings for melee weapons and firearms.
Added three new refinement agent types based on Lurker Tails and the various stages of refinement.
Brachura can now be harvested for rare thermal glands which are useful in crafting events.
M-88 Rifles are now automatic weapons. They feature increased range and damage but a reduced firing rate. It is also more effective against heavier armors than standard automatic rifles, while being less effective against light armors.
Updated the icons to a number of items.
Bertha is now a high powered rifle featuring a high rate of fire and deals an improved damage rate. But this comes at a higher energy cost and reduced range. It's also more effective against lighter armor than most rifles.
Fitting procs can now include buffs (on you) or debuffs (on your target) when they process.
Introduced a new advanced training manual: Organic Refinement. This training manual teaches players how to refine rare harvests from numerous NPC species.
Street Sweeper Carbines have had their rate of fire slightly improved, while becoming slightly less efficient on their energy consumption.
Added 14 new Venomous Injection or Coating proc fittings.
Vultures can now be harvested for a rare secretion gland which can be refined to create a Refinement Agent with biochemical and heavy armor penetration bonuses. These are very rare harvests from all Vultures, but are common from the bosses.
Added new resistance oriented fittings which can be obtained through adventuring (missions, engagements, drops).
Food and Drink buffs will now scale based not only on the type of item but also on its Grade.
Setlang bosses can now drop a Giant Setlang Hide which has both range and stasis resistance bonuses.
Freezing Units will now reduce your targets movement rate temporarily when they proc.
Magnificent Setlang Hides now have an additional bladed damage resistance attribute.
Added a new rare extraction from Phosphori which can be used to create new types of rare fittings.
Increased the fitting point cost of proc related fittings but also increased their effectiveness.
Magnificent Rocharus Hides have been improved so they now have Aggro Increasing and Thermal Resistance attributes.
Helltyr can now rarely be harvested for their adrenal glands. These can be refined to create a component which can be used to create willpower and stasis resistance implant fittings.
Introduced 4 new crafted fittings which add DoT and direct damage procs to weapons.
Increased the base effectiveness of food and drink items.
Added new Cross-Guard fittings for melee weapons. These fittings add a proc which will significantly boost your parry and defensive skills for a short time.
Burning Weapon and Venomous Injection proc fittings no longer do instant damage, but instead deal a stronger damage over time.
Magnificent Drake Hides can now be used as a Refinement Agent, as well as a Hide. They have attributes for both Courage and Physical Resistance.
Reduced the value of Dopamine.
Added new Cold based weapons as rare adventuring drops or rewards.

Player to player mail and tips now have a new spam count system. This will prevent sending a lot of mail to a player in a short time. There is also a larger cap that is cleared every 6 hours or so.

Laredo: new mission "Vid and Bowl", expanding tough cook Chelse's Mendure storyline and delving into the reasons for why scientist Crystal Byrne is in the station.
A Delivery to Koleyna is now repeatable.
Red Hot Supplies in Scorched Gorge: New Mission "Pheromone Patrol". Professor Szaranev asks you to refill some camouflaged pheromone emitters to help him continue his experiments in Scorched Gorge. Sequel to "Urgent Equipment Recovery".
Red Hot Supplies in Scorched Gorge: New Mission "Raxin Wrecking". Professor Szaranev asks you to kill some raxin near the Western Carl. Sequel to "Pheromone Patrol", but only if you made certain choices.
Scorched Gorge Outpost: New Diplomacy Mission "A Little Talk". Professor Szaranev was really upset that Dr Mercer was blabbing about his personal life, perhaps he needs a Little Talk? Sequel to "Raxin Wrecking", but only if you made certain choices.
Changed profession on "Armorsmith Supplies Wanted - Calcium Carbide" so that only armorsmiths will now give this mission.
Laredo: if inquired, Lesoo Metalurgist Steven Davis will share with you some details about his past, how he became a Laredo citizen, and his passion for metals and faraway places.
Plymouth City and Plymouth Control: new courier mission "A Lack of Batteries". Robots always need more batteries.
Added five new bonus buff types for missions.
Missions can now filter chat responses available based on things you do not have, rather than only on things you have. For example, an NPC could always do things like give extra options if you had a specific achievement or item. But there is now a new filter type so they can also give you certain responses only if you do not have them.

Put in the limit options when pasting values from a previous object to a new one. This could be used to copy scaling/rotation from another object and paste it on a limited object.
Height for housing units in nations has been reduced since you are mostly placing them on flat surfaces. They should be slightly elevated, but not as noticeable as before. The detection of other close by housing units has been reduced as well so you can stick them much closer to each other.
There are 2 new housing plot options. Both are Vendor Housing Plots. One is horizontal focused, other is vertical. It is quite a bit smaller than the smaller plots and meant to house a few vendors only. Either a stall or a very small building (living unit 1 for example) will fit on the plot.
Added the scale/rotation/free movement restrictions to Control Centers.
Fixed an issue where the limit restriction was not working on already placed housing structures.

Rare Phosphori will now alwyas drop one of their rare components.
Updated several NPC abilities tweaking their effectiveness in an effort to reduce some overpowered abilities.
Phosphori are now very resistant to Heat damage, and quite vulnerable to cold damage.
Improved the loot on numerous Lurker bosses, including some engagement ones.
Improved the harvesting quality of some bosses and minibosses.
Increased Arrvor attack range so they do not stand too close to players.
Helltyr now feature improved resistance to thermal effects.
Improved the outfits of many female NPCs.
Reduced the size of Mubarks in the Slaughter Slopes.
Isabel Radue has abandoned her battle armor when she hits the pub at nights.

Okolat pets now receive the Quick Strike pet ability at level 4 instead of level 2.
Added a five second delay after one pet dies before you can summon a new one.

Player vs. Player
Reduced the price on military rank purchased Personal Pyro-Turrets.

Added the following resources to the Clifford Archeological Site: Cobalt, Monazite, and Pratinus Flowers.
Arrvor Stingers and Giant Arrvor Stingers (which are from the rare Arrvor) now have separate crafting branches and can be used to produce different crafting results.
Giant Arrvor Chitins now have a separate branch from normal Arrvor Chitins to allow them to be used differently when crafting.
Achillea Plants can now be harvested for a rare poison that is used in the creation of venomous weapons.
Increased the price to buy the Rapid harvesters from vendors so that crafters can show a profit when creating them.

Skills and Abilities
Increased the damage over time of the Venomous Cloud ability enhancement (Aerosol) and allowed it to stack up to five times.
The concentration skill is now functional. This skill reduces the chance that you are interrupted when using a breakable ability. This skill will now automatically increase when a concentration check is made, and your chance of success will scale as high as 90%.
Defensive Stance now toggles off Offensive Stance and vice versa.
Many abilities have new or improved FX.
Buffs now have the ability to only apply if a certain status effect is available.

Trade Skills
Added a new Firearms Crafting recipe: Heating Device. This creates a new fitting type which features a proc for ranged weapons.
Renamed Pharmaceutical Extraction to Pharmaceutical Extraction: Fishing and rewrote the description.
Heak Sinks now require Ore as their ingredient instead of a Refined Metal Bar. Only certain ores can be used.
Embers can now be used as a Refinement Agent, as well as a Heat Source.
The CPU Socket recipe now provides 5 sockets, up from 1.
Gold microwires are now created in the recipe Microwires in Robotics and require a Decorative metal bar.
Added a new Mining recipe: Plate Metal Fabrication. This allows the creation of non-stat bearing metal bars.
Reduced the skill requirement of Brake Upgrades (Vehicle Engineering) so they can be created by those new to Vehicle Engineering.
The recipes Electrode and Electrode Plate have been updated to require a Decorative Metal Bar instead of a Refined Metal bar.
Added a new Melee Weaponcrafting recipe: Venomous Injection Device. This allows you to create a venomous injection device for melee weapons which will proc a poison. The component used will determine the type of injection created.
Reduced the skill requirement of Steering Upgrades (Vehicle Engineering) to help even out the Vehicle lines progression.
Added a new Armor Crafting recipe: Reinforce Lurker Tail. This can be used on a Lurker Tail which has already been refined to create a more potent version.
The Hacking recipe Circuit Board has been updated to require Decorative Metal bar instead of Refined Metal bar.
Added a new Culinary Arts recipe: Butter Churning.
The recipe Metal Casing now produces 3 results, up from 1.
Added a new Culinary Arts recipe: Dough.
Added a new survival recipe: Organic Breakdown. This recipe can refine very rare resources from NPC species into something usable as a refinement agent.
Precious Metal Foil Production has been updated to require Decorative Metal instead of Refined metal.
Added a new rare crafting event which can will improve grade by using a heat source, or even more substantially by using a thermal gland.
Added a new Firearms Crafting recipe: Venomous Coat. This creators a fitting which coats your weapon so to add a venomous proc.
Made tweaks to the frequency and types of some crafting events. Some recipes are now eligible for crafting events which previously were not.
Added numerous new refinement agent types for improved customization.
Introduced a new crafting event for cooking recipes. This event allows you to use spices to improve the grade of your results.
Added a second tier to Turbine Production (Metalworking).
Refined Chromium is no longer considered a Refined Metal bar. This item will be removed (as it has no use) in a future patch.
Introduced a new Melee Weapon Crafting recipe: Flame Emitter. This recipe is used to create a rare type of fitting which can emit a fiery proc.
Traps are now produced in bundles of 5.

User Interface
Editing your chat text is now easier. Clicking on the text line will set the cursor at that location, and it's possible to select part of the text, for deletion.
Auction search now uses filtered drop down lists for Component and Filter choices, to make it easier to select component and filter categories. (Similar to Work Order search)
Moved "Harvesters" tab from Trading Window (Work Orders / Auction / Shops) to "Surveying" window.
Cleaned up some of the mail data being sent back/forth from the client to the server. It was excessively sending lots of data. It should speed things up a bit.
Added "/help resetchatsettings". This was previously on its own command, it resets a lot of the server chat settings.
The inventory and container windows will only show empty slots for the number of actual inventory slots left available. This should make it more clear when your inventory is full.
Added a two decimal limit on buff effects in tooltips.
Added the action mode distance/attack UI updates to the hardware cursor mode.
Selecting "Chat Tab Settings" will no longer create duplicate "Chat Settings" windows.
When opening the "Chat Settings" window, the current chat tab in the settings window will now match the current chat tab in the chat window. After saving or closing the "Chat Settings" window, the chat window's current tab will no longer reset to the first tab, but will remain unchanged.

Vehicles and Mounts
The Shielding vehicle ability now utilizes damage reduction rather than damage susceptibility.

Thicket Overwatch now has 2 crafting stations and 2 bank terminals.
Terraformed steep terrain in Jenu Plains so players can't walk off the world.
Improved terrain textures throughout the Doma Highland region so all area borders look seamless.
Added bank terminals for crafter access in Plymouth, Freedomtown, Sept Falls, and Kaavo Hold.
Added an area wide den spawner to the Clifford Archeological Site. In addition to the previous camp based opportunities there are now Arrvor, and Cacti in the area.
Improved terrain textures throughout the Loch Aza region so all area borders look seamless.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Bandits killed were not counting for generated missions or engagements in Halona.
Fixed a bug related to tamed pets permanently dying and not cleaning up entirely.
Medical items will now show their type properly in tool tips.
Fixed Arrival Waypoint at Galloway.
Corrected issue with Setlangs hit nodes which was causing bullets to land on their feet that should have hit them in the body.
Corrected some issues with Morgenstern spawn locations in Brenning.
Fixed the mouth distorting issue on the crafting(tablet typing) animation for both male and female.
Fixed Arrival Waypoint at Pickens Pass.
Pressing the key to bring up the main game menu, or to unselect a target, should no longer cause the camera to suddenly jump.
Removed extra spaces from "The Fisherman" achievement title.
Fixed the mouth distorting issue on the ground sitting animation for both male and female.
Fixed 2 mountains assets that you could get into the hollow center of in Galloway.
Activating stealth while sprinting will now cancel sprint, and vice versa.
Fixed an issue that was adding an extra blank space to character composed name when you have a suffix achievement tittle selected, making Vehicle name read as "composed name 's".
Fixed an issue where when first going into action mode you wouldn't be getting node information properly until you clicked the mouse.
Fixed, grounded, unburied, or relocated several waypoints in Pontoc.
Renamed a series of items from "A Soldier's Letters:" to "A Soldier's Letter:"
Fixed an issue which prevented players purchasing items directly from another player's shop, if the shop had more than 25 items listed.
Fixed an issue which was causing weapons to render incorrectly in some cases.
Moved some furniture which had been placed in the Docile Scout Bots path in Freedomtown.
Removed the deleted Vehicle Upgrade Mold recipe from the Vehicle Engineering training manual.
Fixed a bad argument in the "Snap Inspection" mission description.
Fixed an issue which didn't allow users to use a rifle on abilities which were flagged to be usable with any ranged weapon.
Grounded some floating rocks in Bradshaw Peak.
Fixed it so you cannot place a structure on an unclaimed city plot or someone else's city plot (oops).
Corrected an issue which was causing FPR NPCs to no longer drop Insignias.
When sending a chat message, if the first character is a single quote, closely followed by text that is NOT a chat channel name, the message will be sent to your default chat channel. (e.g. you can now send 'bout time to your default chat channel).
Bank inventory slots no longer stay gray after dragging an item over them.
Stitched terrain seams in Raymead.
Chat window scrolling should be more consistent.
Surveying for water should no longer result in finding other resource types.
Fixed an exploit with a certain dialog branch of the Enough is Enough one time mission.
Corrected an issue where the recipe window would display deleted recipes if you already knew the recipe.
When equipping an item from the inventory, the bag size and overflow state is now properly updated.
Checked all resource spawns in Arid Grove, and fixed those that were not correctly populating
Venomous Injection fittings now properly do biochemical damage.
If you go over 10,000 points at any skill of Subsistence Knowledge, it will now read 10000/10000 in the Subsistence Knowledge window.
Arid Grove: Pulled multiple waypoint paths back to the surface of the land
Corrected an issue which was causing non-crafted Damage Reduction fittings to need to be repaired with Melee Fitting Repair Kits when they should have required Armor Repair Kits.
Fixed a hole at Fallen Tide where player could get stuck.
Smoothed out a blocky bit of terrain in Lower Pontoc.
Fixed it so when hiding the cursor in software/hardware mode it won't trigger the tooltips when the hidden mouse is hovering over a npc or some other node that would pop a tooltip.
Fixed an issue which was preventing First Aid skill gain messages from appearing in chat.
Added some stats to the Character Sheet which were missing before.
Vendor purchased Large Mineral Harvesters are now grade F0 like other harvesters.
Fixed a bug which caused a gap between the arms of one female visualization type (such as Heather Charity).
Corrected an issue which was causing the combat chat log to display the wrong damage numbers when dual wielding when the overhead numbers were displaying the correct numbers.
The FPR Bounties no longer refer to Rogue Bounty Collectors.
Corrected some issues with waypoints and regions in the Slaughter Slopes.
Fixed an issue with dead NPCs and the assist code.
Opening or closing a window using a hot key, should no longer cause the camera to suddenly jump.
Fixed some broken skeletal blends on some NPCs which were causing minor issues.
Fixed one of Cherry's spawn points which was buried in Plymouth City.
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Zaw
Le patch est attendu pour la semaine prochaine.
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Vicomte / Vicomtesse
Merci! ça bosse dur on dirait c'est cool

Par contre, on a une vision concernant l'optimisation graphique? parce que là....
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suycyco [[LGP]]
Dieu supérieur
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Mise à jour du patch :

The 15.2.1 build has finished the QA process and is now being prepped for release to the production servers. We should announce a date next week when the patch will drop. We keep updated patch notes for each build on our forums. You can find the detailed patch notes here.
15.2.1 brings with it a lot of content updates and bug fixes like most patches, but we wanted to quickly summarize the major changes in the patch.

  • UI Revamp - As you can tell above we started on the UI revamp. The patch includes some initial work on core UI elements as shown above, but there still is more work to be done (the minimap for example will be in the next patch with a new look and more options). Other elements are not finalized as well. You might even notice the filter bar in the inventory window now can filter by name, there is also one for vendors now as well.
  • Underground Cities - We will save a screenshot on this for later, but nation cities now can grow to level 10. At level 4 they gain access to an underground space and can place a teleporter above ground to take them below. At level 7 and 10 the city grows in size giving more space. At level 10 you will have 4x the space you have above ground and there is more room for further growth in future builds once initial testing is complete of the system. A handful of other nation changes are in the notes as well. Transportation options should be forthcoming in the next patch or two so you can travel from faction zones to large player cities!
  • Action Mode Ability Configuration - There is now a UI for configuring what abilities are used in action mode. You can now select the abilities and place them in any order you want. There were also a few bug fixes making action mode a bit more friendly to use.
  • Housing Rent - Every 2 weeks you will now need to pay your rent. You can pay up to a little over a month's worth of rent. We will increase this later in the Alpha and during Beta/Release
  • Penetration and Resistance Fittings Tweak - There is now a larger gain in Normal/Complex/Arduous Fittings. We also fixed the "armor stacking" issue making players nearly invincible. We will have a new system for shells that I believe everyone is going to like in the next patch or two to resolve the issue of crafted shells not being useful and how resistance on armor related to penetration on weapons.
  • NPC Armor/Penetration Stat Changes - To go with the above changes, NPCs now scale a bit more aggressively in these areas making higher level NPCs more challenging.
  • Structure Pickup - Somewhat heavily requested feature. You can now pickup a structure and put it back in your structure list instead of deleting it.
  • Vendor Bots and Entertainment areas for Cities - There are now a variety of NPC vendor options like you find in the faction cities (for crafting goods, etc). You can now place them in your cities to use. There is also a new entertainment floor so entertainers can do their thing.
We hope everyone enjoys the new build when it is released."

Pas encore de date de sortie mais ça ne devrait plus tarder.
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Baron / Baronne
toujours pas de date de béta?
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Avatar de Space Pirate
Space Pirate
Avatar de Space Pirate
Envoyé par Berur1er Voir le message
toujours pas de date de béta?
C'est la prochaine étape, ça devrait plus trop tarder je pense, enfin j'espère ^^
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Avatar de Zaw
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Zaw
Et donc le retour des sièges et du pvp de conquête ?
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suycyco [[LGP]]
Dieu supérieur
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En parlant de beta, il me semble avoir lu quelque part qu'ils considéraient la beta comme une sorte de sortie du jeu, ça voudrait dire plus de wipe après la fin de l'alpha?
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Avatar de Zaw
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Zaw
Envoyé par suycyco Voir le message
En parlant de beta, il me semble avoir lu quelque part qu'ils considéraient la beta comme une sorte de sortie du jeu, ça voudrait dire plus de wipe après la fin de l'alpha?
C'est un point qu'ils vont devoir éclaircir si c'est le cas.

Il y avait des jours d'accès anticipé dans les packs kickstarter puis fondateur allant de 7 à 2 jours.
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Avatar de suycyco
suycyco [[LGP]]
Dieu supérieur
Avatar de suycyco
Bah je sais que perso j'aurais du avoir des acces beta 2 et 3 et ça s'est transformé en un acces total à l'alpha pour avoir backé entre les deux phases de kickstarter.
Alors à force c'est plus très clair.
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Avatar de suycyco
suycyco [[LGP]]
Dieu supérieur
Avatar de suycyco
Ils déploient le patch mardi.
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Avatar de Breannor
Breannor [INQUY]
Dieu souverain
Avatar de Breannor
le patch a été déployé par contre pour ceux qui sont pas sur steam il faut tout re dl

perso j'attends un peu le debug avant de tester

j'ai acheté pour la ville du regroupement fr :
- un npc pour avoir toute les trucs de craft dans la ville (reste pas mal de npc à acheter)
- un truc pour danser (les spécialistes se reconnaitront)
- des bidules water, food, luxury pour améliorer la ville (pareil il est possible de compléter bc) , j'ai fait qq amélioration d'ailleurs
et de la déco

Dernière modification par Breannor ; 15/04/2015 à 21h31.
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