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Patch 15.1.1 - Patch note final du 27 février 2015

Adversarial Camps
Put a hard limit on the number of NPCs in a camp. This should prevent runaway camps.
Added the new baby creatures to the respective Adversarial Camp spawn setups.
Tweaked the camp spawn numbers, level gains values, and fixed an issue that was allowing the max growth values to go past what they should.
Major changes were made to the adversarial camps in Howling Hills. They are smaller in size than was previously the case.
Moved one of the camp spawners in Beggar's End so that it was further away from borders.

The mob assist code has been adjusted so only creatures of level 6+ will assist. This is to prevent overwhelming new players.

Auctions and Work Orders
Added "Search Bags" ability for Work Orders, which will find all active work orders whose item name matches items found in your main inventory and containers.
Simplified the entry of search criteria for work orders. No more confusing radio buttons next to drop-downs and text entry fields. Replaced with filtered drop-down lists for the item name, components, and filter choices.
Improved sorting of Auction search, including sorting across all pages, not just within the currently shown page.
When setting Component and Filter values for a Work Order search, the Item Name drop-down list will automatically reduce to match only those items meeting the component and/or filter criteria, to make it easier to choose an item from the list.
When you post an auction, you will now have a choice to enter total prices, or per unit prices.
When fulfilling a work order with a mixed stack item, all grades within the stack will be used as needed to fill the order, starting with the lowest grade and moving to the highest grade, until either the order is complete, or the item has no more qualifying grades within it, whichever comes first.
When creating a new Work Order, the total price you will pay when you submit the order is now displayed.
Invalid entries, in the work order "Item Name", "Component", and "Filter" search criteria boxes, will display in orange. Valid entries continue to display in white.
Added Component and Filter search options to work order creation, so you can reduce the very long Item Name list to something shorter and easier to pick an item from.
Work Orders are now limited in quantity per character.
Improved chat and email text messages related to work order creation, fulfillment, expiration, and cancellation.
Right clicking an item, in a work order list, will now display that item in the Game Database
Added a "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"Click" trigger to cancel a Work Order.
Added a confirmation dialog for cancelling Work Orders.
Added a validation so players can not Post an Auction for soulbound items.
Consolidated the Trading "Request" and "Fulfill" windows into a single "Work Orders" window.
Dropping an item into the work order drop box will automatically enter the name of the item into the "Item Name" field.
Added the ability to cancel your work order requests.
Choosing an item, when creating a new work order, can now be done by typing in the name in the "Item Name" field.
When choosing an item, component, or filter from the work order drop-down lists, the associated text field will now complete to match the chosen drop-down item.
Improved sorting of Work Order search lists, including sorting across all pages, not just within the currently shown page.
Added feedback to the automated email for an auction bid timeout to include the name of the auction winner.
You can now delete all digits in Qty field for work order creation, to make it easier to enter a new value.
Improved performance for Work Order searches.

Rain sound effects are now blended in a much better manner and at a volume which is more appropriate to the rain level.
A sound will now play any time you receive a tell. This is intended to alert players who may be viewing a combat or other tab without tells enabled.
Improved our music system to provide a higher level of volume control for our musicians.
Improved our variable footstep sound support. It is now easier for us to provide alternate footstep sounds over wider areas than was previously the case.
Added new rain, wind, and thunder sounds.
Environmental audio will now kick in instantly rather than waiting on an astronomy event to change it.
Environmental background sounds will now activate properly when moving seamlessly between areas.
Added support for snow and hard surface footstep sounds.
Added new regional music tracks for Mount Ash and Tralus Plains from Matthew Shine.
Added variable footstep sounds to multiple parts of the world that did not previously have them.
Added more background sounds to Freedomtown, particularly in the Candy Shop.
Variable sounds are now supported for walking and running footsteps.
Added a new coins sound to be used in Auctions or on vendors to indicate that something has been purchased.
Slightly lowered the "Rallying Cry" ability sound FX.
Music should no longer cut off abruptly when you switch areas.
Corrected an issue which was causing NPCs to alter your footstep sounds erroneously.

Significant improvements were made to the mastery system for different species. The species mastery system will now process its damage bonus 600% more often than before, and the damage bonus now takes both your Subsistence Knowledge of that species (from harvesting), as well as the total kills you have had against that species. For those unfamiliar with this system, it is intended to give players a small DPS increase based on the amount of experience they have against that species.
Players should generally have less issues with line of sight from other players or NPCs.
Introduced a new Combat Modifier: Reflexes. This modifier will increase your resistance to Disarming or Blinding attacks by avoiding them.
Added a new Combat Modifier: Stability. Stability helps you avoid being Knocked Down.
Implemented a new Combat Modifier: Balance. This modifier helps prevent you from being Knocked Backwards or Off Balance.
Added a new Combat Modifier: Willpower. Willpower reduces the chance you will be affected by Stuns, Dazes, or Confusion.
Widened the action mode radius for melee abilities.
Introduced a new Combat Modifier: Courage. Having high courage helps reduce the chances you will be affected by Frightening or Discouraging attacks.
Stun Immunity timers are now valid against NPCs, as well as players, and had their duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds.
Improved the way that action mode auto-selects positional abilities so that they will fire more often in chaotic situations.
Reduced the amount of damage done from critical hits from 200% to 150% and put an upper limit of a 250% damage bonus on crits.
Slightly reduced NPC melee damage. This was part of a larger tweaking process to try to bring combat more towards the balance we seek from it.
NPC difficulty rankings (Minion, Boss, etc) now have a significantly larger impact on penetration and armor ratings.
Medics can now Revive or Resuscitate friendly players in Action Mode.
Improved the selection mechanics of First Aid abilities in Action Mode so it will be more intelligent in choosing which heals to use on which opponents based on their current health.
Using hostile abilities while in Action Mode with a Medical Scanner will now use medical attacks if they are available, rather than defaulting to a standard melee attack.
Resistances now have an effect on Damage Over Time effects.
Armor Penetration for the appropriate damage type is now applied to Damage Over Time effects.
Increased melee range in action mode.
Added a Courage debuff to the Reduced Courage combat effect.
Burning effects now stack up to 5 times.
Players now have 5 seconds instead of 4 to respond to a Countered opening.
Some openings which previously had no visual indicators other than the buff icon will now display one.
You can now use the Energy Overload ability when in Action Mode and using a Medical Scanner by CTRL+Right Clicking a friendly target.
Lunging attacks are no longer auto-selected in Action Mode. They can still be used through the keys, however.
Optimized some parts of the server side combat code.

Players will no longer receive treasure or training point rewards from the Training Grounds engagements, only a chance at bonus buffs.
Added Fire Extinguishers back into Camp Kjell so that the Camp Kjell is On Fire engagement can be completed again. These had been erroneously removed when the area received a prop pass.

You can now disable HDR Lighting through the Video Options, if you so desire.
Added new animations for ranged weapons. Melee weapons will get a similar revamp soon.
Setlang animations have been redone including new movement and attack animations.
Adjusted the animation tracking used with rifle and handguns, so they look and work much better.
More visual improvements were made to Plymouth City, continuing what began in the 14.12.1 build.
Added or improved the FX of many abilities.
Adjusted the specular maps on some armor sets to reflect light properly based on material type.
Added 50 new prop models (containers, tables, chairs, beds, barrels, generators, and security cameras).
Added 99 new ability icons.
Added 70 new item icons.
Added two new female armor sets.
Added new particle textures and effects.
Updated the melee combat idle animation.
Added information stand model.
Added an animated ventilator model.
Added canopy models to the center area of Plymouth City.
Added a second female head variation which can now be selected during character creation.
Added miniature statue of the ram creature on a glassed pedestal including rotation animation.
Added 2 new console models.
Updated the appearance of the terrain textures in Freedomtown. Removed large normal maps, and adjusted scaling.
Updated the textures of the large rocks in Freedomtown with higher resolution textures abd normal maps.
Upgraded the textures of the large rocks outside of Plymouth City with higher resolution texture and normal maps.
Updated the eye texture maps on both male and female models. The human character eyes look more realistic overall.
Added another bundle of prop models (e.g. barricades, lights, doors).

Housing plots for cities no longer check city membership, just if you are part of the nation.
Added a small housing region to the Southern Chasm.
Player housing is now supported in Wyrmn Grove.
Moved some trees which were in the center of the housing area in Neverwood.

Added an inquiry to Kasey Bosch a journalist in Sept Falls. You can now ask her about stories she has written.
Added an inquiry to Major Noren in Thicket Overwatch. You can now ask him about his unit.
Added an inquiry to Peteco Carabajal the Defense Rep in Freedomtown. You can now ask him about FPR military personnel.
Added an inquiry to James Gonzales a journalist in Banshee's Hollow. You can now ask him about stories he has written.

Items and Fittings
Fittings and ability enhancements now support modifying the FX of any type of ability used (optionally of course). Previously this was only supported on damage altering FX.
Fittings and ability enhancements now support altering buffs or debuffs to not only add additional components, but to replace components entirely with something new.
Added new Complete Body Morphing Kits to General Store and Disguise vendors. These will later become crafted items. Where the Cosmetic Styling Kits allow you to modify facial features, these kits allow you to modify body features.
Fitting points for Implants are now determined by your Cybernetics skill.
Shield fitting points are now properly determined by your Shield Tactics skill.
Added fitting sockets to Sweaters, Tank Tops, and Jackets.
A few Bartenders in large cities now carry a copy of the recipe book Moonlighting: The Quick and Dirty of Distilling Liquors with them; an enterprising thief could steal it.
Added a new Ranged Shielding fitting which can be equipped into shields to modify the Defense Bolstered effect to make it effective at blocking ranged attacks, at the cost of removing its dodge bonus.
New book (a song) "MuSS I Denn, by Albrecht Kepler"; will give the first reader a small, permanent bonus to Entertainment Skill.
Increased effectiveness of Repair Kits by 300%.
Repair kit now displays how much it is repairing/reducing condition into chat so it is less of a mystery.
Increased the chance that Stun Modules will knock your opponent Off Balance, in addition to Stunning them.
Refined Iron had Momentum listed as a Tertiary (4) value when it was also the primary (10) causing issues. Decrease Energy was added as a Tertiary (4) in its place.
Changed the secondary buff timer on all Complex and Arduous Advanced Stims to match the main buff timer.
ToxinBlock Compound is no longer created in Herbal Extraction. It is now provided in Chemical Extraction: Fish from Koine.
Energy Booster/Energy Tank Fittings are body only, type A, and properly set to be repaired as armor fittings.
Sulfur Trioxide is now the correct Refinement Agent for Handgun Damage Resistance. Sodium Oxide has been removed.
Removed Arms from the list of slots that the Type A Implant Fitting can slot into
All Decorative Metal Bars have had their crafting component types properly set.
Added new items to NPC loot tables and increased the chance of ability cards to drop.
Vitamin Spray has had its value reduced.
Flour has had its value reduced.
Fittings will now take damage at a slow rate when doing AoE damage.
Reduced the value of paper.
Items moved to the auction from vendors now only last 24 hours vs the 120 hours before.
You can now wield a shield with a medical scanner.
Maypuri Stalk is now correctly categorized as only a grain.
The length of some Advanced Stims, such as Focus and Max Range, has been doubled.
The fitting points for Medical Scanners are now using the First Aid skill, as intended.
Standard Transformer Chain is now categorized as a Gain Medium.
Reduced the value of Cannisters to 50 credits.
Added a special buff for the Chip Scrambler liquor. Drink at your own risk.
You can now dual wield Nightblade Swords.
Myxococcus Xanthus is now correctly identified as an antibiotic.
Light Tactical Harness and Light Tactical Thigh Rig are no longer soulbound.
Fruit Juice has had its value reduced.

Added 9 new combat oriented achievements and titles.
The anti-bot code has been improved to be able to detect bots more often.
/stuck and /unstick now have a 15 second delay before they unstick you. You will be unable to use abilities during that time. This is prevent players from abusing these systems to escape death.
Idle/AFK status is now reset when you chat.
Added minor faction gains from killing certain NPC factions.
Modified the default starting gear so it is all Light Tactical. Previously the helmet was medium armor.
Added some newer commands which were missing from the /help command list.

Improved the long range marker system for NPCs so that it supports long range markers for more NPCs.
Mission waypoints now support a Day/Night setting which allows it to disable markers to them if the NPC is not currently spawned.
New Inquiry launched mission in Sept Falls: "Kasey Bosch's Stories". What stories has journalist Kasey Bosch written about?
Plymouth Control: "A Friendly Chat". Having confirmed your desire to work for OWON Psychology, Jerlene sends you on your first mission to have a friendly chat with a trouble OWON citizen.
Sept Falls: "Ask Kasey Bosch About Brewen's Past": As part of your ongoing investigation into Sgt Brewen's past, talk to Kasey Bosch about Sgt Brewen.
Plymouth Control mission: "Peer Review". Having confirmed your desire to work for OWON Interior, Iona sends you on your first mission to talk to two scientists who can peer review some data that has been reported on the Lesoo that are observed near Control.
Plymouth Control: "Eliminate the Experiment". Having discovered your desire to work for OWON Research, Daren sends you out into the canyon below the facility in order to track down an eliminate a lesoo that has outlived it's experimental usefulness.
New Plymouth mission "Party Preparation"; Savannah Burke asks you to help her prepare a dinner party for the influential folks of Plymouth.
New Freedomtown Entertainer mission "I Hope You Can Read"; Sergeant Blythe asks those with some experience of entertaining to perform a poem and deliver gifts to his beloved before he gets orders for a new assignment. The poem is in an old earth language that seems strangely familiar to some of the folk in Freedomtown.
New Inquiry launched mission in Banshee's Hollow: "James Gonzales' Stories". What stories has journalist James Gonzales written about?
New Inquiry launched mission: Thicket Overwatch:"Major Noren's Unit". Ask Major Noren about soldiers in his unit, including Sergeant Brewen. This is part of the Investigate Sgt Brewen's Murky Past mission series.
Banshee's Hollow: "James Gonzales Discusses The Scourge of the Lurkers": As part of your ongoing investigation into Sgt Brewen's past, talk to James Gonzales about Sgt Brewen and the story behind "The Scourge of the Lurkers".
New mission in Thicket Overwatch:"Ask Major Noren About Brewen's Past." This is part of the mission series that to investigate Sgt Brewen's past.
New Inquiry launched mission: Freedomtown:"Peteco's Military Knowledge". You can ask Peteco Carabajal the FPR Defense Rep for Freedomtown what he knows about Sgt Brewen. This is part of the Investigate Sgt Brewen's Murky Past mission series.
New mission in Freedomtown:"Ask Peteco About Brewen's Past." This is part of the mission series that to investigate Sgt Brewen's past.
Added validation and feedback for players and mission writers to the Give Quest Action so now it checks if the mission to give is already completed and repeatable.
The Melanko Leaf Trade now provides the special recipe book needed to produce Melanko Serum as a reward.
Upgraded Plymouth Control mission:"Report to Daren Shin". Daren Shin explains the different career options available within the OWON Science Department.
Have amended missions "Ask Brewen" and "Ask Azrayella about Sgt Brewen" so that they are now non-repeatable.
Upgraded Plymouth Control mission:"Report to Carter Dayton". Carter Dayton explains the role of Security within OWON Community Protection.
Mission "Water is Life" will now display player name on offer email.
Upgraded Plymouth Control mission:"Report to Jerlene Cornish". Jerlene Cornish explains the role of Psychology within OWON.
The Catch the Nacoot mission emails will no longer automatically delete on a relog if you are still in the tutorial area. Once you leave the Training Facilities they will be removed instead.
Upgraded Plymouth Control mission "Report to Iona Amato". Iona will now talk you through the different career options within the OWON Human Resources Department.
Improved hostile generated waypoint support in various areas.
Updated Plymouth Control mission "Career Control" to take account of new follow up missions that have improved upon previous placeholder missions.
Upgraded Plymouth Control mission "Report to Rory Crittenden". Rory will now talk you through the different career options within the OWON Engineering Department.
Added mission opportunities in Whimsy Fields.
Added new generated mission opportunities to Causeco and Rendall Gulch in Wailing Chasm.
Added new mission opportunities in Vanth.
Added new icons to many mission items.
Fixed the Category on several harvesting missions.
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Some NPC bosses, and especially raid bosses will now have stun, knockdown, and daze immunity timers similar to players. This is to prevent players from stun locking boss encounters.
NPC health scaling per level has been increased slightly to compensate with players doing more damage on average.
Increased the health and damage of raid bosses.
Improved the combat visuals of numerous NPC special attacks.
NPC medics can now perform some special attacks in addition to healing.
Increased the damage output of NPC Shockgunners.
Beefed up the potency of some generated boss abilities.
Setlang have a new charging attack which is a telegraph that will see them move backwards and then charge players. Players who are in the way of this charge will have a chance to be knocked off balance or backwards.
Vultures can now sprint for longer lengths of time.
Lurker Raid bosses now have appropriate generated boss abilities.
Added 3 new NPC personalities: Enthusiastic, Cautious and Stubborn which will impact diplomacy checks when making inquiries.
Added a new NPC profession: Cub Wrangler.
Hokfig NPCs and pets have been sped up slightly.
Reduced the chance of plants to paralyze players.
Morgenstern Cactus will now have a chance of dropping Morgenstern Sap.
Increased the special abilities of numerous NPCs to bring them in line with the player changes.
Reduced the attack speed of NPC medics, and changed their offensive abilities to deal biochemical damage.
Reduced the range and damage of Achilleas and Cacti.
Earl Alexander (Plymouth City) is now available on both the day and night shifts.
Kitchi, a lesoo trapper, now sets up his snares close to the Laredo fort.
Helena Steele is now a Rogue Commisary vendor who sells Millitary Supplies.
Shang Jian in Plymouth City is now properly flagged as a day only NPC.
"Private Touch" located at Thicket Overwatch, tired of blunt jokes, has changed his name to "Private Lesoko".
Helena Steele will no longer attack players of any faction.
Updated General Store and Bartender vendors to include fruit juice and alcohol.

Increased pet damage by 12%.
Action Mode will now ignore friendly pets when determining line of sight.
Pet owners will now generate aggro properly even if they do not engage.
Personal turrets now have grades and will scale their level as a result of them.
Lingmaa Infants can now be tamed, provided you have 275 Animal Handling skill.
Okolat Calves can now be tamed. It requires a minimum of 750 Animal Handling skill to do so.
Jabberbulls can now be tamed. It will require 4000 skill to do so.
Mubark Calves can now be tamed at 5000 Animal Handling skill.
Changed the ranged Lesoo Pets AoE ability from a variable circle to a cone of fire attack.
Improved medical bot vaccination capabilities. Not only are they more effective, but they can be used more frequently.
Medical Bots can now only heal players within their group.
Veterinary Medicine should now be easier to raise through healing.
Tamed Drakes now have a maximum durability of 5 instead of 4.
Setlang Pets gained a new charge ability.
Support based Vulture pets now have standard attacks, in addition to their generated abilities.
You can no longer trade the single use Pet Crawlers obtained in the tutorial.
Ankle Snap now scales its damage appropriate to pet level.
Corrected an problem which was preventing several types of Genetically Engineered Drake pets from spawning.

Player vs. Player
Made some adjustments to the initial load in code on tournaments to correct a problem where they weren't initializing on startup.
Rogue Raiders should now always drop an insignia similar to other faction NPCs.
You can no longer attack other players inside of Kaavo Hold.
You will now lose reputation/faction 4x more quickly when killing OWON or FPR NPCs.

There are now static harvesters. They can be setup to spawn in specific locations with specific resources/qualities/quantities.
Harvesting tools will automatically be equipped if you do not have the appropriate tool selected but have one in inventory.
Harvester Cluster System timer changed from 3 minutes to 30 seconds. This should result in a lot more harvester clusters being generated.
Harvesters across the board have had their hopper size and extraction rate greatly increased. They now are fairly straight forward. Rapid harvesters fill in 30 minutes, Standard in 60, and Large in 2h30m. Quality increases both speed/hopper size.
Harvester Clusters now have considerably (roughly 3x) more resources than was previously the case, and water harvester clusters were nearly doubled, as well.
Tweaked the harvester/to player counts slightly, they were pretty high already, but were not being reached with the timer not able to generate enough.
Harvester clusters now last 48 hours if discovered/harvested. Non used clusters now go away in 4 hours instead of 8.
Enhancing and Enriching now only add 250ms when you fail instead of 1 second. The enhancing/enriching now stops at 2/4 seconds respectively as a result.
Harvestable resources (whack-a-node) regions now replenish/change grade every 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.
Harvestable resources are now return 2-7 results based on the difficulty of the region. Most nodes have been reduced to 1 extraction as well vs 3 to cut back on the time/extra execution for the same result.
You can now receive multiple results at a time from the Fishing Minigame.
Plymouth Pond: Added 8 of the new Static Harvesting Nodes, all for Water.
Tweaked harvesting skill rates slightly to compensate for having less swings per resource.
When harvesting stacks of resources it will now display the amount in the text banner, as well as chat.
Southeast of Freedomtown: added 3 of the new Static Harvesting Nodes, all for Water.
Twin Falls: added 4 of the new Static Harvesting Nodes, all for Water.
Lower Daxton: added 5 of the new Static Harvesting Nodes, all for Water.
Scaed'ecoo Meat can now be substituted as either Meat or a Meat Slab.
Jabberbull Meat can now be used as a Meat Slab or a Meat.
Slightly decreased the frequency at which you gain SI from harvesting.
Improved the resource quality in the Slaughter Slopes to reflect the danger of harvesting there.
Arboleda: added 4 of the new Static Harvesting Nodes, all for Water.
Significantly increased the chance of receiving an item from Abandoned Supplies.
You will now receive a water scrounging quality boost at Twin Falls.

Skills and Abilities
Due to the sheer size of the updates here they are being categorized by type. Thanks to Epitaph for sorting these.

The majority of melee special abilities can now affect multiple enemies if they are close by. There were too many of these cases to list them all individually.
Many abilities (too many to mention individually) which previously did not scale in effectiveness will now do so.
You now have three additional effective level differences on NPCs before hitting the diminishing returns for skill gain rates.
The level differential penalties on defensive skills has been updated to bring it in line with offensive ones. This means you can gain defensive skills more quickly from easier mobs than was previously the case.
Slightly increased combat skill gains across the board.
Increased the bonuses and reduced the penalties of the Evade (Dodging) and Parry (Parrying) abilities.
Added a Reflexes bonus to the Evade ability (Dodging).
Increased the duration of Heightened Senses (Tracking).
Stealth is now more effective than was previously the case.
Sabotage Robot (Robotics) has had its damage boosted significantly.
Increased the effectiveness of the Clear Mind ability (Hidden).
Drastically increased the effectiveness of Gather Self (Hidden).
Increased the defensive bonuses of Defensive Stance (Defensive Knowledge).
Added a boost to your Reflexes when using Evasive Maneuver (Bladed Weapon Defense).
Added a new Ability Enhancement: Ranged Bolster. This enhancement can be placed into Rapid Strikes, Break Defenses, Thrusting Pell, Trip or Staving Smash to convert them to use the Ranged Bolster buff in place of Bolster Defenses.
Added "Skilled Entertainer" and "Master Entertainer" achievements.
Increased the rate at which you gain defensive skills.

Significantly increased the effectiveness of the Regain Balance ability, and added a Balance increasing buff (Acrobatics), but added a short recharge time.
Added a physical resistance bonus to the Roll ability (Acrobatics).
Added a damage reduction bonus to the Avoidance ability (Acrobatics).

Increased the damage over time of the Venomous Cloud ability enhancement (Aerosol) and allowed it to stack up to five times.
Increased the initial damage of Slow Release (Aerosol) significantly.
Increased the duration of the Burning effect on Maximum Release (Aerosol) by 2 seconds.
Increased the success chance and duration of the Burning component in Release and Roll (Aerosol).
Increased the burning duration of the Wall ability (Aerosol) if players walk through the wall.
Increased the range of Spray Cone (Aerosol), and made the Burning effect impossible to resist.
Increased the chance that Focused Sweep (Aerosol) will knock your opponent Off Balance.
Increased the chance that Wide Sweep (Aerosol) will Discourage targets, and also increased the duration of that effect.
Cloud (Aerosol) will now always cause damage over time, and had its damage boosted, as well.
Increased the duration of the vision impairment effect of Smoke Screen (Aerosol).
Increased the chance to apply and duration of the Off Balance component of Gust (Aerosol).
Doubled the chance to Discourage targets when using the Make It Rain ability (Aerosol).
Heavy Gust (Aerosol) will now apply its burning DoT significantly more often, and will leave opponents Off Balance longer.
Aerosol Burning effects now stack up to five times.

Animal Handling
Increased the effectiveness and duration of Calm Animal (Animal Handling)

Bloodletting (Assassination) now does substantially more damage over time.
Assassination skills will now increase more quickly.

Increased the chance that Flanking Assault (Automatics) will Reduce the Courage of Motivated targets.
Slightly increased the damage of the Frenzied Fire ability (Automatics).
Increased the duration of the Dialed In ability (Automatics), and added a Damage Dealt bonus to it.
Increased the chance of Stopping Power (Automatics) to injure your targets legs, but reduced the duration slightly.
Increased the chance that Aim High (Automatics) will knock your opponents Off Balance.
Spraying Assault (Automatics) had it's DoT length when a target is knocked down increased by one tick but it's DoT damage decreased per tick to compensate.
Increased the AoE radius of Spraying Assault (Automatics) by 25%.
Discouraging Assault (Automatics) now has a higher chance of removing buffs from the target, and a slightly higher chance of Confusing targets which are already Discouraged.
Increased the AoE radius of Covering Fire (Automatics) by 25%, and increased its chance to Stun and the duration of that stun by one second.
Increased the AoE radius of Panicked Spray (Automatics).
Increased the damage of Concealed Burst (Automatics).
You can no longer cancel the Dug In effect of Dig in and Fire or Dig in and Spray (Automatics).
Increased the chance that Pelt Area (Automatics) will cause Covered opponents to get up and panic, as well as its chance to dispel positive effects from them.
Increased the chance that Spraying Fire (Automatics) will Discourage well Motivated targets.

Increased the accuracy, damage, and AoE radius of Blind Hack
Increased both the damage and damage over time of Slicing Blow
Increased the Area of Effect and damage of the Cleave ability
Increased the AoE radius and damage of Hurricane Slice
Pummeling Slash (Axes) has a higher chance to land its debuffs, and they will last slightly longer.
Leg Slash (Axes) has an increased chance to cause leg injuries.
Increased the damage on Cranial Swing (Axes), as well as its chance to blind opponents who were already bleeding.
Berserk (Axe Fighting) is now more effective at dealing damage, but also leaves you more susceptible to attacks than was previously the case.
Reduced the endurance cost and also the damage of Thrusting Pell (Axes), while increasing its accuracy.
Increased the damage and chance to immobilize on the Hold ability (Axes) but increased its recharge time by three seconds.
Increased the damage, AoE radius, and chance to stun on the Axe Fighting ability: Whirling Pummel.
Face Shot (Axes) now has a higher chance to Confuse opponents, but a longer recharge time.
Increased the Area of Effect radius and damage of Whirling Axe (Axes).
Twirling Trip (Axes) now has a higher chance to trip opponents, and a wider AoE radius.
Fury (Axes) had its duration and its aggro regeneration bonus both increased slightly.
Substantially ncreased the chance of breaking an opponents leg when using Cripple Legs (Axes).

Bladed Weapons
Hamstring Slice (Bladed Weapons) has an increased chance of causing Leg Injuries, but the duration has been reduced slightly.
Increased the chance that Opportunistic Attack (Bladed Weapons) will Discourage an opponent who has recently been Countered.
Increased the damage, and the chance to Disarm your opponents when using Disarming Slash (Bladed Weapons), but increased the Momentum cost to compensate.
Increased both the chance to land and the duration of the Daze and Stun components of Head Slash (Bladed Weapon Tactics).
Increased the damage done by the bleeding effect of the Puncture ability (Bladed Weapons).
Bleeding Slash (Bladed Weapons) has an increased chance to cause your opponent to bleed.
Increased the duration and effectiveness of the Feign Stab debuff (Bladed Weapons).
Sweeping Slice (Bladed Weapons) saw a number of improvements including a wider AoE radius, improved knockdown chances, and a significantly improved chance to break legs which have already been injured.
Doubled the debuff duration of Springing Thrust (Bladed Weapons).
Significantly increased the chance that Furious Onslaught (Bladed Weapons) will cause targets to bleed.
Increased the damage over time of Kidney Puncture (Bladed Weapons).
Slightly increased the damage of Spinning Blade (Bladed Weapons).
Blade Flurry (Bladed Weapons) now lasts for 15 seconds and also increases your attack speed.
Open Wound (Bladed Weapons) will now always open the wound of your opponent if they are suffering from a bleeding effect.
The debuff effect of Lethal Thrust (Bladed Weapons) now lasts an additional two seconds, and increases your maximum range by 10%.
Increased the damage over time of Gaping Slash (Bladed Weapons).

Blunt Weapons
Significantly increased chance to disarm opponents and reduced the PBAoE radius of Disarming Twirl (Blunt Weapons) to a lesser extent.
Increased the chance that Staving Smash (Blunt Weapons) knocks your opponents backwards.
Reckless Swing (Blunt Weapons) has a higher chance to knock your opponent Off Balance, and will last longer when it does.
Increased the chance and duration of the Off Balance effect in the Crush Legs ability (Blunt Weapons).
Bludgeon and Stunning Blow (Blunt Weapons) each have a higher chance of stunning your opponent.
Significantly increased the chance that Killer Instinct (Blunt Weapons) will Daze opponents if they have been stunned already.
Increased the endurance damage done by the Sternum Shot ability (Blunt Weapons).
Smash Generator (Blunt Weapons) will now reduce your opponents Energy Recovery rate by a larger extreme.
Disarming Pummel (Blunt Weapons) has a significantly higher chance of disarming your opponent than was previously the case, but had its momentum cost and recharge time increased.
Debilitating Crush (Blunt Weapons) had its chance to confuse opponents increase, along with the duration of that confusion.
You now have a higher chance to knock your opponents senseless (and for longer) than was previously the case when using Head Blow (Blunt Weapons).

Counter (Counter-Attack) had its duration and damage dealt buff increased slightly but its recharge time increased to compensate.
Counter Move (Counter-Attack) had it's recharge time cut in half.
Feign Counter (Counter-Attack) will always reduce opponents attack speed if they have just been Countered. It can be used with a ranged or melee weapon but is only effective for a short cone-based distance in front of you.

Defensive Knowledge
Doubled the duration of Moving Target (Defensive Knowledge). Reduced its speed increase but enhanced its Dodge bonus.
Defend Yourself (Defensive Knowledge) has a slightly longer duration and significantly boosted dodge and block boosts.

Defensive Tactics
Increased the effectiveness of the Defensive Focus buff
Increased the effectiveness of Instill Confidence significantly.
Increased the effectiveness of Hold the Line (Defensive Tactics), and added both a damage reduction and stability component to it.
Increased the effectiveness of the Hold Tight ability (Defensive Tactics), and added a stability component to it.
The Retreat and Fall Back abilities will no longer cancel on targets if the user of the ability dies.
Improved the resistance bonuses of the Dig In ability
More than doubled the tracking/stealth detection buff in the Stay Alert ability

Increased the debuff chances of Verbal Lashing (Diplomacy).
Increased the debuff chance and duration of Verbal Assault (Diplomacy).
Unthreatening Approach (Diplomacy) is now significantly more effective in reducing aggro range.
Significantly increased the effectiveness of the Calm ability (Diplomacy). It now lasts longer, is effective more often, has a larger initial reduction to aggro, and has a shorter recharge time.
Confuse (Diplomacy) is now a PBAoE.
Increased the duration of Verbal Lashing and Verbal Assault (Diplomacy) by one second.
Diplomatic skills will now increase more quickly.

Dirty Fighting
Low Blow (Dirty Fighting) now drains twice the endurance, and also had its damage boosted slightly.
Arrogant Taunt (Dirty Fighting) now has a greater chance to sap your opponents courage, but a slightly shorter duration. It is also now more effective as an AoE taunt.
Increased the effectiveness of the Showboat debuff (Dirty Fighting), but reduced its area of effect size.
Arrogant Taunt (Dirty Fighting) had its AoE radius and debuff effectiveness increased.
Increased the chances of applying the debuff and the duration of the debuff of Eye Poke (Dirty Fighting), but also -increased its recIncreased both the duration and chance to apply the Dirt in the Eyes debuff (Dirty Fighting).harge time by 3 seconds.
Dirty Fighting will now increase skillmore quickly.

Marching Chant (Entertainment) is no longer a toggle, but now a short duration wide area PBAoE buff which does not require a rest area.
Battle Song (Entertainment) is now a short duration, wide radius PBAoE buff which does not require a resting area.

First Aid
Reduced the recharge time on Revive and Resuscitate abilities (First Aid) from one minute to thirty seconds.
Slightly reduced the Energy Regeneration bonus of Energy Overload (First Aid).
Increased the chance that Overload Powercell (First Aid) will knock your opponent Off Balance or off their feet entirely.
Slightly increased the success rate of vaccinations (First Aid).
Cut the activation time of Corrupted Nano Bomb (First Aid) in half.
Inject Sedative (First Aid) will now Confuse targets without fail, but had the duration of that effect reduced to six seconds.
Ocular Spray (First Aid) now reduces the damage dealt and defense of affected targets.
Cut the recharge time of the Rescue ability (First Aid) in half.
Nano-Stitch (First Aid) can now remove punctures as well as normal bleeding effects.
Increased the regeneration rate of Bandage Wound (First Aid) by 40%.
Extinguish Flames (First Aid) can now be used to dispel Flame Shields in addition to dispelling Burning effects.
Reduced the AoE radius of Antibody Spray (First Aid).
Reduced the usage time and increased the effectiveness of Nano-Vaccine (First Aid).
Set Bone In Place (First Aid) is now always effective against one broken limb.

Slightly increased the duration of the debuff component of Crippling Shot (Handguns).
Slightly reduced the duration of the Paralyzing effect when you use Overwhelm (Handguns) on opponents who were previously Dazed.
Increased the duration of Trigger Finger (Handguns) but slightly reduced it's attack speed bonus.
Slightly reduced the Immobilization period of Stopping Power (Handguns).
Increased the chance that Double Shot (Handguns) will knock your target off balance, and the duration of that opening by 2 seconds.
Dizzying Shot (Handguns) now has a small chance to Daze your opponent. This was originally intended but had been missing from the ability.
Doubled the AoE radius of Scatter Shot (Handguns).
Stinging Shot (Handguns) will now apply its debuff significantly more often on Off Balance opponents, and received a 5% damage boost.
Increased the duration of the Shield Shot (Handguns) debuff, improved its description and removed the Momentum cost.
Increased the amount of endurance damage done by the Body Blast ability (Handguns).
Increased the duration of Pistoleer (Handguns).
Significantly increased the chance that Neck Shots (Handguns) will cause Massive Bleeding.

The debuff component of Screw Face (Intimidation) will now apply more often and reduce your opponents ability to retain momentum to a higher extreme than was previously the case.
The Rage and Instill Rage abilities (Intimidation) will now improve your Critical Hit Chance, as well as Damage Dealt.
Increased the chance of the Terrorize ability (Intimidation) to frighten your target.
Trade Blows (Intimidation) had its recharge time reduced from 5 to 4 minutes.
Frighten (Intimidation) will now strike fear in the heart of opponents more often.
Intimidation will now increase skill more quickly.

Shake It Off (Leadership) is significantly more effective at removing negative effects from an ally than was previously the case. It also had its recharge time reduced by 30 seconds.
Significantly improved the Mind Over Matter (Leadership) ability. Its buff is now both more effective and longer lasting. It will also dispel any Discouraged or Loss of Confidence debuffs on your party.
Increased the regeneration rate of the Iron Man Mentality ability (Leadership).
The Leadership skill: We've Got This now has a 100% chance to cancel Loss of Confidence or Discouraged debuffs if they are present.
Rallying Cry (Leadership) will now add 90 seconds to the duration every time a new stack of it is applied. This is equal to the recharge time on the ability, and allows you to keep it running at all times.

Reduced the cooldown on Riposte (Parrying) from 5 to 3 minutes.

Reduced the attack speed penalty of the Humiliate and Humiliate Enemies abilities (Protection).
The Behind Me! and Everyone Behind Me! abilities (Protection) were improved by adding a Physical Resistance bonus to it.
Protection skill will now increase more quickly.

The Stun effect on Suppressing Fire (Rifles) can now be avoided occasionally, but its AoE radius has been increased.
Increased the duration of Locked In (Rifles) and changed its Dodge bonus to a Damage Dealt bonus, which is more useful for rifles.
Dramatically increased the chance that Disarming Shot (Rifles) disarms your target, and increased the damage slightly in either event, but increased its Momentum cost.
Increased the damage over time of Flesh Wound (Rifles).
Critical Rifle Work (Rifles) now has an Energy Penetration bonus in addition to previous enhancements.
Increased the chance that Startling Shot (Rifles) will Startle your opponent.
Startle Shot (Rifles) has a higher chance to debuff your opponent, and the openings it creates last longer.
Significantly increased the chance that Panic Shot (Rifles) will Panic an opponent who was previously Startled.
Static Discharge (Rifles) will now reduce Electro-Magnetic Resistance, in addition to previous effects.
Increased the damage on Rifle Fire Storm (Rifles).
In addition to now being a small cone based AoE like most melee abilities, the Butt Attack ability (Rifles) has had its knockdown chance increased. It's recharge time was increased by three seconds. Previously this effect stunned and dazed if an opponent was Off Balance, but now it only dazes but at a 75% success rate if the Off Balance opening is present.
Take Aim (Rifles) now grants a bonus to Critical Hit Chance, as well as its normal bonuses. Its ability description was also updated.
Significantly increased the chance of Arm Shot (Rifles) causing an Arm Injury.
Added an Attack Speed boost to Rifle Monkey (Rifles).
Increased the chance of Head Shots (Rifles) confusing your target.
Decreased the chance of Knee Shot (Rifles) causing a leg injury in addition to to its normal slowing effect. The percentages were too high for a ranged weapon.

Shield Tactics
Increased the chance to stun and debuff your target when using Shield Bash (Shield Tactics), but increased its recharge time slightly.
Block (Shield Tactics) had its recharge time increased slightly, but its blocking effectiveness increased substantially, while its offensive penalty was reduced by 33%.
Shield Counter (Shield Tactics) had its recharge time reduced from 5 to 3 minutes.
Raise Shield (Shield Tactics) had its recharge time reduced from 5 to 3 minutes, and its block bonus increased by 7%.

Significantly increased the range of the cone of fire for Stunning Blast (Shockguns). Also increased the Stun duration by one second.
Increased the damage of Double Click (Shockguns).
Increased the duration in which you can attack the target specified in Take Them Down! (Shockguns) to restore endurance.
Reduced the duration of the Paralyze effect in Obliterate (Shockguns) from 10 to 8 seconds.
Debilitating Shot (Shockguns) had it's spread radius increased, and its chance to cause Leg Injuries boosted, as well.
Increased the chance of Stun Shot (Shockguns) to knock your opponents Off Balance or Stun them.
Increased the chance that Balance Shot (Shockguns) will knock your opponent Off Balance, and the duration of that opening.
Increased the AoE radius of Maniacal Rampage and Maniacal Kill Spree (Shockguns)
Significantly increased the chance that Angle Shot (Shockguns) will confuse your opponent.
Increased the chance to Stun or Knockdown targets with Melon Shot (Shockguns).
Increased the chance that Chest Shot (Shockguns) will knock your opponent Off Balance or stun opponents, and slightly -increased the amount of Endurance that it drains.
Increased the chance that Shock (Shockguns) will Confuse opponents who are currently Stunned.
Increased the range of Jolting Shock (Shockguns).
Increased the damage of Overcharge (Shockguns).

Added a boost to the Courage and Willpower when using the Show of Courage ability (Survival).
Gather Self (Survival) now has a significantly higher chance of removing negative effects.

Thrown Weapons
Increased the damage of EMP Grenades (Thrown Weapons).
Increased the chance that Flash Grenades (Thrown Weapons) confuse targets, and increased the duration of their vision impairment by one second.

Thrown Weapon Defense
Increased the level of protection from Fire in the Hole (Thrown Weapon Defense).

Trap Knowledge
Sentry Alarms (Trap Knowledge) will now reduce your ability to retain Momentum, as well as Stealth chances.

Unarmed Tactics
Increased the buff duration of Unbridled Aggression (Unarmed Tactics).
Knockback (Unarmed Tactics) has a higher chance to knock your opponent Off Balance or backwards.
Kick (Unarmed Tactics) had its damage and chance to knock your opponent Off Balance increased.
Shove (Unarmed Tactics) now has a substantially higher chance of knocking your opponent backwards of Off Balance.
Body Blow (Unarmed Tactics) now has a higher chance to debuff your opponent, and deals increased damage and endurance damage over time.
Increased the chances of Jab (Unarmed Tactics) debuffing your opponent.
Headbutt (Unarmed Tactics) now has an increased chance to stun or knock your opponent Off Balance, but a slightly longer recharge time.
Trip (Unarmed Tactics) will now bolster your defense for longer than was previously the case.
Drastically reduced the endurance cost of Comeback Rally (Unarmed Tactics) but reduced its buff effectiveness somewhat during the process.
Increased the damage over time of Rip Open Wound (Unarmed Tactics).
Increased the chance of the debuff components of Feign (Unarmed Tactics) to take hold.
Increased the damage and chance to create an opening on your opponent when using Shin Shot (Unarmed Tactics).
Increased the knockdown chance, and chance to stun Off Balance opponents of the Uppercut ability (Unarmed Tactics), but increased its recharge time to compensate.
Leg Sweep (Unarmed Tactics) now has an increased chance of breaking legs which are already injured, but consumes a higher amount of momentum.
Reduced the momentum loss of the Kidney Punch ability (Unarmed Tactics), but increased the effectiveness of its endurance drain.
Roundhouse Kick (Unarmed Tactics) is now a PBAoE and has an increased damage and a higher chance of knocking your opponent Off Balance, as well as an increased duration for when it does.
Power Shot (Unarmed Tactics) now has a 75% chance to knock an Off Balance opponent senseless.

Veterinary Medicine
Reduced the usage time of Patch Animal (Veterinary Medicine) but increased its Recharge time. You lost no healing capability in this trade, but should now be able to perform additional activities in between the recharge time (where previously the usage time was very long and the recharge very short).
Reduced the recharge time of Heal Animal (Veterinary Medicine) from 30 to 18 seconds.
Cure Animal (Veterinary Medicine) is now slightly more effective at curing disease or ailments.

Trade Skills
Batching quality maximum is now 100% instead of 95% and the minimum quality has been clamped to 80% from the previous 65%.
Reduced batching times across the board (in particular for lots at/under 20).
Added Automated Harvester Body Production recipe to Metalworking. This recipe crafts the body type needed for any of the four harvester types.
Added Recipe: Pigment Extraction: Plant. Makes Green pigment from Morganstern Sap (Book Modern Style)
Added recipe to Metalworking: Simple Composite Blade Fabrication. This recipe creates blades that are used in simple, non-weapon items.
Added the recipe Preemptive Stim Production to Pharmaceuticals. This recipe creates several types of effect prevention stims and is found in the Advanced Pharmaceutical book.
Added Rapid Harvester Control Circuitry and Regular Harvester Control Circuitry to Automated Unit Circuitry Programming.
Added a new event to the crafting system for Pharmaceuticals; this has been added to advanced Pharmaceutical recipes.
Added 3 new products to Mineral Breakdown: Refined Vanadium, Refined Ytterbium, and Refined Dysprosium. These are Rare Earth metals used in Artillery.
Tryptamine, Rhodopsin, and Histamine now require Oxalate Buffer Solution to be produced.
Basic and Curved Glass Production in Cosmetic Styling have been altered. These recipe now correctly require Glass Fining Agent as the agent type instead of Fluorspar specifically. Fluorspar may still be used in this agent slot as it is a Glass Fining Agent, but other agents with this type also exist.
Anhydrous Barium Fluoride is no longer a result of Anhydrous Chemical Synthesis. This recipe has also had its skill requirement changed to 500. Some results now require better than minimum grades; failure to achieve this grade will result in a Failed Chemical.
Cree'it Oil now comes in 5 quantities from Fungii Extraction instead of 1
Transitional Chemical Reaction now has slightly higher requirements; its minimum skill is now 150.
Enriched Stimulant Synthesis can now product Advanced Damage Absorption and Advanced Damage Resistance stims; these stims negate a percentage of incoming damage... at a cost.
Injectors can now be made with any Refined Bio-alloy Bar. B grade or better results now also yield additional injectors.
Recipes that required Refined Chromite were altered to use any Refined Metal bar. All four were all Installation recipes.
Added the following dyes for the Primary Armor Channel: Green, Dark Goldenrod, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Crimson, Salmon Pink, Olive Drab
Mineral Reduction now includes a Complex difficulty. Certain products can now only be produced at higher difficulties. Failure to meet this grade requirements will now produce a Failed Chemical as the result.
Cosmetic Styling: Added recipe for Specialized Prism Cutting (book Modern Style)
New Recipe: Dye Tin. Use this to create a Light Tint / Dark Tint to mix with dyes to create additional colors
Silicone now produces 10 results instead of 5 since it is one of the most used resources in the game.
Renamed Chemical Extraction to Chemical Extraction: Logging.
Purified and Distilled water now yield 10 units, up from 5.
Specialty Filling Production now has slightly higher minimum requirements.
Added 4 new Culinary Arts recipes: Chip Scrambler, Vodka, Rum, and Moonshine. These are available in a special recipe book.
Changed Modern style book icon to match other books
Added the following Secondary Dyes: Forest Green, Saddle Brown, Indigo, Burnt Orange, Gold, Spring Green, Dodger Blue, Dark Violet
Renamed Power Infuser Pattern to Power Infuser Mold Pattern
Many crafting components and several training manuals have new icons.
Medium Nanomesh Panels may now be created in Tailoring at 600 skill; Heavy Nanomesh Panels are now 1200 minimum skill.
Enriched Stimulant Synthesis can now produce Advanced Increased Detection stims; these stims gives an advanced increase percentage to tracking.
Chemical Reduction and Chemical Acidification have has been significantly expanded and now includes 4 tiers of difficulty. Certain products now require greater than minimum grade or difficulty; failure to meet this requirement will result in a Failed Chemical product.
Added recipe Harvester Production to Metalworking. It can be found in the Advanced Metalworking book. This recipe is used to create mineral, lumber, plant, and water harvesters of the standard, large, and rapid varieties.
Artillery: Optical Cavity Production - Added Outputs for Norton-Tessarae Gradient Beam Optical Cavity, Norton-Chau Multi-Beam Optical Cavity, Targetted Beam Optical Laser
The Culinary recipe Milk has been renamed Special Extraction: Plants and now creates both milk and sugar from Hok Weed and Sweetfinger Mushrooms respectively.
Acid-Base Reaction has been greatly expanded and now includes 4 tiers of difficulty. Certain products in Acid-Base Reaction now require greater than minimum difficulty to create; failure to meet this requirement will result in a Failed Chemical.
Tidied up branching of Optical fibers so that all recipes are consistent using component type of optical fiber and the respective branch where needed.
Reduced the base value of milk to match sugar.
Destructive Distillation: Hardwood now produces 3 Acetic Acid from Cree'it and 2 Rubber from Anjara, up from 1.
Added Chlorophyll as a green pigment extracted from Morganstern Sap
Added Installations recipe - Cable Construction to its recipe book.
Processor Blade Assembly now uses Simple Composite Blade instead of Composite Blade. This recipe also no longer uses metal and instead needs 8 Mounting Brackets.
Many chemistry recipes have had their product output normalized to either 3 or 5.
Basic Stims have had their durations increased.
Special Extraction: Plants now produces 10 units of milk or sugar but requires 2 plants, up from one.
Injectors are now only craftable at Simple, Normal, and Complex and are now more difficult to craft at Complex difficulty.
Sulfuric Acid now requires a minimum grade of B.
Hardwood, Softwood, and Specialty Lumber recipes now require twice the number of logs but also produce twice the products.
Processor Pump Assembly now requires the proper components: Rubber Hoses, Refined Metal Bars, Power Coils, and an Elector Actuator.
There are now Simple/Normal/Complex/Arduous Repair kits that result from the repair kit recipes. This fixes an issue as they impact repair rates and don't stack properly.
Improved our support for GMs to diagnose and correct issues with trade skill recipe mastery levels.
A Lumber Blade Assembly is now craftable in the Processor Blade Assembly recipe in Metalworking.
Acid Solvent Synthesis is more difficult. The minimum skill requirement is now 300, it has a Normal difficulty tier, and certain products require higher than base quality or difficulty to produce. Failure to meet the grade of difficulty requirements will produce a Failed Chemical result.
All recipe books now have the same icon to avoid confusion.
Aluminum acetate has been removed from Acid-Solvent Synthesis. This mordant was extraneous.
Repair Recipes now require 5 repair materials instead of 10.
Manganese Dioxide is no longer created in Mineral Reduction in Chemistry. It is still refined from Pyrolusite through the recipe Mineral Breakdown in Mining.
Renamed Robotic Suit Software to Automated Unit Circuitry Programming. It is now slightly more difficult to achieve Normal difficulty results.
Chemical Synthesis now produces 3 of each item (except Silicone which remains at 10). The minimum difficulty at which certain products can be made has been changed. Failure to meet this difficulty requirement will result in a Failed Chemical result.
Decreased refinement skill gain rates.
Added Advanced Speed stims to Enriched Stimulant Synthesis.
Added a "failed" product for attempting (but failing) to reach Normal difficulty, A grade Refined Cerium in Mineral Breakdown.
Reduced the bonus you received to water quality in some areas as it was set too high.
Added failed embyro to Advanved Genetic Recombination as a catchall to allow higher grade outputs to be attempted.
Bandage Production now requires an Antibiotic as the agent instead of Sterilization agent.
Transitional Chemical Reduction is now more difficult. It requires a minimum of 500 skill in Chemistry.
Refined Silver Bar is now only created through Decorative Metal Refinement using Silver Ore.
Set defaultstacksize of Round Stone Tabletop to 1 so that it can be made.
Transitional Chemical Acidification is now much more difficult. It requires a minimum skill of 750 in Chemistry.
Traps are now produced in bundles of 5.
Grenades are now produced in bundles of 4.
The recipe Fruit gelatin in Culinary Arts now correctly requires 2 Fruit and 1 Sugar as ingredients. Pectin is now the only agent needed.
Vitamin Spray is now made with Purified Water instead of Bonding Agent as the agent.
Light Tactical Thigh Rig now requires a Metal Buckle as a Fastener.
Light Tactical Harness now requires only Simple difficulty, C grade to create.
Paper Making now requires 10 wood, rather than 1
Silica changed from a minimum C to a minimum F product as it is needed heavily for Silicone.
Genetic Engineering: Advanced Genetic Recombination - Fixed DNA linking issue where recipe was asking for a DNA type that could not be added
Set defaultstacksizes and reduced values of the following: Myxococcus Xanthus, Vitamin SPray, Seasoning, Meat Tenderizer, Seasoning Mix.
Removed unneeded Vehicle Upgrade Mold and associated recipe.
Fixed an issue with Brachura DNA Sample. It can now be used in the Tertiary DNA component slot.
Fixed the defaultstacksize on Omega-3 Fish oil to 1, and reduced it's value.
Removed some random values in the crafting backend.
Fixed the filters on the Black Armor Dye Creation, you can now make all 5 pieces.
Removed Refined Chromite from Mineral Breakdown, the refined form is no longer necessarry
Fixed an issue where the results had been deleted from Wooden Tabletop Fabrication. Tabletops are once again craftable.

User Interface
Added a gamma slider to the video interface. It is clamped to .5/1.5 for now until we get some feedback on it. This requires the client to be in full screen mode in order to function.
Added a window scale option to Interface option, it will scale many of the UI elements in the game.
Added ability to "Compress" your main inventory, which will slide items to the top of the inventory, clearing empty spaces.
Added ability to select multiple emails at once. Single click to select a single email. Ctrl+click to toggle the selection of an email. Shift+click to select/unselect a range of emails, from that email to the last one that was selected/unselected.
Work Order Email will now come from the "Work Order System". They will be displayed in green (no longer white), and can be filtered along with the Auction System emails.
Multiple emails can now be emptied and deleted at one time.
When email has attached credits, but no other items attached, the number of credits is now shown in the lower left corner of the coin icon, for that email entry.
Mission font Size now in the Window Options part of the Interface Options. 6 different options that will adjust the scale of the mission text.
There is now a /waypoint share. It spits out the waypoints in a format that can be shared with others and added using the command line (or putting into the GUI).
Added a Targeting Indicator option in the Interface Options menu. This option allows you to alter the appearance of your target indicators. The default display uses all three methods as have been used in previous versions. You can optionally use any of the indicator types on their own, or a hybrid type.
Floating text now uses the window scale as well as the font scale.
Chat bubbles now scale according to the saved chat scale size.
Locking an action bar will now lock both it's movement, and the ability to drag away additional icons. This can be used by players to avoid accidentally dragging away icons as a result.
Action Bars are now unlocked by default. You can right click to Lock them.
Action Bars will now save user defined Lock settings.
Vertical Ability bars now have a small section above them to make them easier to drag/click on.
Ability bar hotkey text now is brought to the front properly so it isn't under the icon.
Added a Region Map toggle button on the minimap.
Camp locations are now displayed as icons on your map or minimap.
Unset key bindings should no longer display "_U.cmdname". They will now display "Not Set" instead.
Player can now close the Read Book window using the ESC key.
Read book window now will fade in on open.
Added /help loadoldsettings - it will load your old settings and save them into the new DB.
Harvesting text banners now display the grade in the text banner. This was previously only listed in chat.
Improved the Split Stack window so input value is selected by default. You can type in directly when window opens instead of clicking on it first.
Training Manual tooltips now shows how many recipes you have on your character compared to the total. You can view the info card for the book to get a full breakdown.
Altered the up and down difficulty indicators on NPC nameplates to reflect the new skill differential changes.
The Survey and Vehicle windows should now save position properly.
Player can now close the Chat Tab Settings window using the ESC key.
Character Sheet should properly save in the right spot now.
Chat Tab Settings window now will fade in on open.
ToggleShadows (Ctrl+P) actually toggles shadows now.
Windows without position information now start out centered horizontally and slightly to the top of the screen.
Fittings and Ability Enhancements now display a description in their tooltips.
Going idle will no longer reset your chat channel to General chat.
Disabled some commands so player can't call them while dead.
Moved all of the local settings over to the new DB so it can easily be copied/saved if needed. This should also correct an issue where your settings could have been overwritten if patching didn't go correctly.
You can no longer drag items to an empty slot of a received email.
Several Improvements and fixes to Cloning Options when player dies.
Now if player use Ctrl+G when dead then the cloning options window will popup again.
Camps are now visible on the World/Region Map.
There is now a local waypoint stash. This is stored locally on the client. It can contain up to 500 waypoints.
You can now double click to add Ability Mods to an open ability window.
Item cards and tooltips now show max stack size for an item.
You can also now drag fitting mods to abilities on the ability bar.
Added a Tip when you fail enhancing or enriching to let players better know when they are wasting their time.
Added Region and Zone Coords to many areas for the region map.
Updated Fal Sept region map background.
Kalazar Mountains now has a proper region map (Shift+M) instead of Plymouth map.
Updated Freedomtown Region map.
Updated Plymouth Region map.
Doma Highlands now has a proper region map.
Tralus Plains now has a proper region map.
Mount Ash now has a proper region map.
Fixed an issue with an extra arrow showing up in the vertical ability bars.

Vehicles and Mounts
Increased the movement speed of tamed mounts.
Increased the damage of Mounted Attacks.
Increased the chance that Gnaw Legs (Rocharus Mounts) will knock your opponent Off Balance or cause a Leg Injury.
Increased vehicle Mine damage.
Corrected an issue which was preventing the Turbo Boost and Shielding perks from granting the vehicle ability which they were intended to grant.

Adjusted the bloom and fog settings.
Improved much of the environment and path nodes around Plymouth City.
Cleaned up texture seams and dirt scaling issues throughout the Freedomtown region.
The minimaps in the tutorial areas are much easier to view now.
Added more occluders to problem spots in Plymouth City to increase frame rates.
Updated the appearance of the terrain textures outside of Plymouth City.
Improved terrain textures and scaling throughout Wailing Chasm so all area borders looks seamless.
Reduced mob density in Daxton. It is still more packed than many areas, but a little easier to navigate.
Made numerous adjustments to the mob distribution and placement in Wyrmn Grove.
Texture and terraforming work throughout South Timbertol.
Minor decoration and adjustments to mob and camp distribution in the Maple Mires.
Props placed in Banshee's Hollow for "The Holler" news.
Props and lights added to Pontoc Medlab.
You will receive a small permanent boost to your fishing skills if you visit the Kazarma Bridge in Laredo.
Added an exploration point to the Kazarma Bridge in Laredo; it will now appear in the map.
Laredo Waystation: Added titles to the majority of buildings; they should now show up on the map.
Removed a large boulder that was blocking a road in Fal Midlands.
Minor terraforming work in Malfrow.
Props and lights added to The Sevens.
Made some alterations to the road outside of Freedomtown's south gate.
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Bug Fixes
The ignore list should now work properly across areas.
Fixed an issue with dynamic missions and the different maps causing massive framerate loss and causing animations to hitch.
You can no longer equip a weapon or piece of armor that you do not have enough skill for.
Assassin and Peacekeeper armor sets will now display properly on female models.
You can no longer equip fittings intended for a specific type of item into the wrong items.
Corrected a problem with footstep sounds not always resetting back to the default if they were underground.
Fixed an issue which could cause your weapon to not render when you first logged in.
The max characters per server warning now properly states that you can only have four characters per server, rather than four per account.
Fixed a bug wich was causing Action Mode Ability Bar not displaying after relog.
Stitched a large terrain seam in Treachery Wastes.
Waypoints should now turn off if the NPC is not up at that time of day.
Fixed a problem which was causing NPCs to disengage before they should have in group encounters.
Fixed a bug that was causing Abandoned Supplies to not be extractable.
Equipping weapons via double clicking in inventory should work correctly now, following the rules regarding dual wielding and 2H weapons.
Corrected a typo in the Discouraging Asssault ability description.
Minor terrain work at the entrance to Fort Laredo to ground a platform that was a few inches above the ground.
Fixed a bug which was making the Draw Attention ability (Protection) far more effective than intended.
Fixed several areas in the Freedomtown region where you could swim under the world.
Moved some of the paths in Pontoc so they are closer to the city and not underground or in buildings.
Embervault is no longer listed as an Unnamed Area on the minimap.
Stitched terrain seams on the borders of the Mogami Trail.
Fixed an issue with dead NPCs and the assist code.
Fixed a bug related to tamed pets permanently dying and not cleaning up entirely.
Corrected an issue which was causing pets to have difficulty rankings that were erroneous. For example, no pets are Minibosses, but due to this bug they were appearing to be so.
Fixed some issues with female skeletal morphs.
Fixed an issue in some situations where you will hit a loading screen crossing a seam and it would not come out of the loading screen (this does not fix all of these issues, just a specific one).
The /newbie command is now working properly for players.
Updated Plymouth mission "Rents Due" to fix typos, eliminate mention of DNA and have consistent rewards.
Fixed terrain seams throughout Timbertol.
Pontoc MedLab is accessible again.
Added a new /help fixtutbug command. If you find that none of your skills will raise above 16 skill, then this will fix your problem.
Fixed an issue that was offering incomplete quest "The Assassin Diaries" to players.
Stitched terrain seams in in parts of South Timbertol.
Fixed several crafting component icons which were displaying the default icon.
Environment sounds will now properly close when you log out of a character.
Fixed Enviroment type, Display Description and Display Name of Infernal Wastes area.
Repaired terrain seams in Western Fal Sept.
Fixed a typo in the Enraged ending message.
The Yeoman in Plymouth City have kicked their habit of standing on top of computer consoles.
Fixed a bug which could allow you to miss out on 500 an 6000 skill point achievements if you had used skill imprinting to go over the value.
Fixed OWON Arrival Waypoint at Timbertol Trail.
Fixed an issue which was preventing players from looting or extracting in action mode.
Fixed an issue with mail items being improperly being removed from the client in some instances when an item was added from the server (for example when Scrounging).
Fixed a rare ability lookup bug.
Fixed some backface issues on rocks and grounded a couple floating trees outside of Plymouth City.
Dragging an item icon back to your inventory, from the single container slot on the Work Order Fulfill, Auction Post, and Player Shop windows, will no longer leave an image of the item in the single container.
Stitched terrain seams in the Dead Expanse.
Repaired a problem which was preventing Damage Dealt fittings from applying the proper amount of damage.
Repaired an issue which was causing toggled effects to not toggle back on after being interrupted.
Fixed a bug that was preventing ability bars from closing correctly when all were open.
Corpsman and medical bot area heals are no longer referenced as Area Heal Test.
Fixed a Mute related issue.
Toggled ability will no longer try to continue refreshing when you are in a vehicle or dead.
Heavy Enclosed Masks can now be traded.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the use of CTRL+X to sit.
Fixed several paths at Plymouth-Hole Trail that had buried and flying waypoints.
Stitched terrain seams near Oasis Watch.
Fixed some invisible models at Sept Falls.
Hotkeys 41-48 (the hotkeys for keys 6 to = on the fourth action bar) are now working properly from the key bindings.
The Eye Color drop down for females and the old man variation to males is now displayed as Eye Color rather than Eyes_Mouth.
Fixed an issue that was causing auction house lists to sort incorrectly.
Fixed a grammatical issue in the "Free the Nacoot!" mission.
Removed some badly flagged replicated fields on the vehicle npc data.
Dead NPCs shall tell no more tales.
When using an ability on your action bar to equip a weapon or piece of armor, your inventory should no longer appear to still have the item.
Fixed a minor animation glitch in the getting up from looting animation.
Corporal Bonstein now has the title: Military Supplies.
The OWON arrival point in Howling Hills is no longer underground.
Fixed an issue with the Hacker Needed hacking mission.
Fixed farm path at The Shacks so Danny don't walk over the fence.
Fixed an issue which could cause blunt to not swing if you did not connect with a target in action mode.
Fixed a branching error in the Solid State Gain Medium recipe.
Baby Rhinocs will no longer attack their parents in the wild.
Fixed an issue where a vehicle with no sockets was not getting the basic speed/movement information.
You will now get a client side denial message if you attempt to drag a 2h weapon into a slot when you have a secondary weapon already equipped. It was stopping it on the server, but the icon was being moved on the client causing issues.
Southern Aza: Adjusted Broken Aquaios spawn
Corrected some typos for NPC professions/personalities description.
Fixed an issue in entertainer FX which was causing the emitters to last for much longer than they should have which could have caused minor performance hits.
Corrected an issue where players who died while sprinting would remain in sprint mode.
Fixed an issue where harvester info could roll over an unsigned value on the client making it display a rather large number.
Stitched terrain seams in Rendall Gulch and the Faolan Hollows.
Fixed an issue that was sending false message of "You are not in a nation" when using /nchat cmd.
Fixed several paths at Obstinada that had buried and flying waypoints.
Fixed an issue where if you moved a weapon from your primary slot to your secondary it wouldn't update the client properly causing all sorts of issues until you relogged.
Fixed a terrain tear in Aumi Valley.
Moved some harvestable nodes in Tecooy Run so they would not spawn underneath trees.
Fixed typo in the Dolep Island Exploration Achievement.
Fixed an issue that was alowing player to stay on AFK mode even doing some actions/movements.
Changed it so you cannot sprint while mounted.
Fixed some mangled pathing in one of the engagements in Camp Kjell.
The safe points for FPR and OWON characters in Eastfal Valley are no longer a couple meters above ground.
Fixed a bug which was preventing Damage Reduction bonuses from being applied properly.
Can now drag an item from mail and add to a valid stack in your inventory.
Repaired an error which could occur if one of the players in an AoE heal died simultaneously when the ability is used and could have prevented other players from being healed.
Solved an issue that was preventing sprint mode to stop consuming endurance when player stopped moving at all.
Corrected a problem which could have caused you to gain skill in the wrong pet skill under certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue with the OWON safe point in Northern Trails. It was previously underground.
NPCs will no longer pop from 1 spot to other when they are loaded into awareness on the client.
Plymouth Pond: Rescued Placebo plants and Vultures from below ground.
Genetically Engineered Leeching Blood Drakes now have a grade so they can be created properly.
Fixed a bug which was preventing the use of basic flamethrower attack on Action Mode.
Fanshaw Hollow: Adjusted Aquaios resource spawn to avoid getting stuck in rocks and trees
You can now drag an item from your mail, and back into the original mail slot, or any of the empty sibling slots, without receiving any warning messages.
Fixed a bug in the Threat Detection code which could have resulted in improper results when trying to detect if a character on a vehicle was stealthed.
Solved an issue that was preventing players from testing the "evil" voice on character creation, and which was preventing some of this voice's audio from playing in game.
Fixed Several Paths and Harvestable Regions at Lower Fal Canyon.
Corrected an issue with environmental sounds playing sounds from the wrong time of day after a teleport or fresh login.
Footstep sounds will now clear out of memory more quickly.
Fixed grammatical errors in several harvesting achievements which were copied from the same template.
Messages from successful creation of work orders and work order fulfillments are now displayed in the "Info" chat channel, instead of "General".
Fixed a transparency issue on nameplates.
The arrival point in Western Fal Sept is now in a better location.
Fixed an issue with containers and Fittings.
"Roaming NPCs" will properly plant themselves if their AI state is dropped as it was causing some issues when the state was picked back up. They also no longer try to run back to their starting spawn point.
Fixed a bug which was reversing the benefit of Increased or Reduced aggro. In essence Increased Aggro buffs or fittings were causing you to generate less aggro, and vice versa.
Fixed a terrain issue where players where able to jump off the map on Training Grounds outdoors.
Fixed an issue with equipping/unequipping items into containers.
Fixed some distance calculations on both the client/server with combat as well as an issue in Action mode.
Fal Midlands: Moved resource so that is does not appear in a rock
When typing in an item, component, or filter name in the Work Order search window, the associated drop-down will now scroll to the closest matching item.
Fixed a terrain tear in Elkar Woods.
Corrected an issue which was preventing you to see a swinging animation when using Lethal Thrust (Bladed Weapons).
The Lunging Thrust description no longer refers to it using Momentum, since that has been changed.
Northern Trails: Moved a Water resource spawn location to stop it spawning in a rock
Removing a fitting to a container was not working properly, that has been fixed.
Stitched terrain seams in the hills outside Freedomtown.
Added a validation so player can't do /suicide while dead.
Fixed a bug in the Dazed immunity timers which was preventing them from working properly.
You can no longer delete mail from the Read Mail window, if the mail still has attachments.
Fixed an issue which was preventing Scaed'ecoo meat from working properly in recipes due to missing a grade.
Scrollbars should display correctly after updating work order lists.
Fixed a bug related to gaining Training Points at certain Recipe Mastery Levels repeatedly.
Fixed several path nodes in Scar's Wall, most of which were harvest nodes.
Fixed an issue which was causing the sound on some medical abilities to cut off before it had fully played.
Fixed an issue that was preventing Devils Brew Bar Resting Buff at Sept Falls to recycle.
You can no longer purchase faction Teleports with Training Points.
Setlangs at Fal Midlands have grown more hostile.
Fixed an issue with the Effect Mechanism recipe; it was lacking agents and therefore could not be processed.
Put in proper checking for placing down nation housing plots. Was just letting anyone place them down before. You have to be a mayor or have mayor rights now to do so.
Fixed a terrain hole to prevent players to get stuck in it at Fletcher Trail.
Fixed a bug in Disarming Shot (Rifles) where the activation time was set to a huge number, so the ability would bug you out and require a relog.
The Desolate Veldt is no longer listed as an Unnamed Area on the minimap.
Clamped any possible negative or 0 repair values from repair kits.
Fixed an issue with some old code that was causing ability data to download that was not needed. This should improve login to zone speeds and reduce memory usage a bit. It was also causing some FPS related issues in very certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue where the main bar was not displaying the correct key binded to the command.
Fixed some pathing issues in the Fal Midlands.
Acid Damage should now have biochemical penetration and resistance values applied.
Fixed an issue where players could go under the world at Lurker Lake.
Corrected an issue which produced a client side visual mismatch when you tried to unequip an item from the Character Sheet when your inventory was full.
Fixed the lock/unlock togging on/off every time you would reset the interface.
Fixed an error which could cause fitting slots to not appear correctly on some items.
Grounded floating trees in Ingall's Pass.
You can no longer lay down a control center if you are part of a Base Nation (OWON/FPR).
Disarming Shot (Rifles) will now properly disarm targets. It was giving the effect before but not actually disarming.
Time and weather effects are now functioning properly in the Desolate Veldt and Shattered Heights.
Fixed an issue with the Ability Queue option.
The Jaw Snap NPC ability will no longer completely ignore armor.
Closed two loopholes to avoid the anti-bot detection schemes.
Crafting, Bank, and Skill imprinting stations are now active in Ranger Station 56.
Fixed a bug in the FPR Bounty Collections. If you turned in Rogue Insignias it was trying to take OWON insignias out of your inventory instead.
Stitched terrain seams in Eastern Fork and Rizzo Ridge.
Corrected a bug which was not disabling sprint mode after death.
Corrected a problem which was preventing medical scanners from consuming energy to heal.
Fixed a bug where in some cases NPC titles were displayed on pets.
Leverstow: Iron and Maeglium Regions reshaped to avoid hills and appearing under rocks.
Laredo: pruned an Achillea from the bridge over the pond.
Being Disarmed will now properly reset on death if the effect hadn't yet expired. Previously players had to wait for it to expire. This was for a short time but was erroneous.
Fixed a path waypoint to prevent NPC to get jammed with Manned Cannon at Thicket Overwatch.
Moved the safe point in Treachery Wastes so that is was above ground.
Fixed issue with Work Order fulfillment, where you couldn't fulfill a work order with a single grade range (e.g. A9)
Fixed the map coordinates for Embervault and Decayed Fields in Mt Ash.

Backer Perk NPCs (NPC perks from Kickstarter)
Steven Davis; a lesoo metallurgist who loves nothing better than to talk. He was adopted as a baby and brought up by the Farthing family.
Chelse Mendure tough minded cook; she runs her family, her family runs the "Sam's Plate" and you could say the "Sam's Plate" keeps Laredo running.
Crow Jones; one of the Mendures. Good fellow, great trapper, but stubborn as a Blind Maw.
The quiet member of the Laredo Waystation based Farthing family, Chase Dickson teaches vehicle engineering to new mnemosynes whilst running the Vehicle Workshop.
Laredo Waystation based adventurous doctor Miranda Lochner teaches medicine to new mnemosynes, delivers medical care and maintains the cloning equipment as well as being a member of the Farthing family.
Idealistic botanist Crystal Byrne teaches botany to new mnemosynes and is part of the Farthing family at Laredo Waystation.
Private Aaron Meadows is part of the locally based Farthing family and known for his sense of humor. He is also a member of the garrison defending Laredo Waystation.
Private Dotty McDuff is a soldier with a love of equipment and gadgets. She follows orders but you can't make her do anything she doesn't want to do.
Funny Fisherman Barney Jumboprawn has arrived to Laredo to try his craft in the local ponds. Barney's a fisherman from Koleyna, of all places; you'd think he can only fish a Helltyr, but he actually knows how water works.
When night falls over Laredo, sniper Hans Richter is entrusted with guard duty from the watchtower. It's said around the station that Hans' one of those clones that were baked with twice the dose of "Can Do" and enthusiasm.
Tough Master Sergeant Nebbs from OWON Military Command now commands the troops in Laredo Waystation, northeast Timbertol. Chelse Mendure may disagree who runs things in Laredo, but only when the Sergeant is not around to hear.
Curious Scientist and Misti Mooren is now stationed in Laredo Waystation, northeast Timbertol. She's a student botanist from Plymouth Control; she's specializing in Fragarias Achilleas.
Rylie Zedd; She's the general store clerk and a member of the Mendures family. How she gets such a diverse range of unusual stock tho is another question, very shady.
Billy Dixon; He is an automotive engineer. He's very helpful and loves getting people's vehicles back on the road.
Captain Thompson; He's a local fisherman, very good one too. Tells everyone he's captain of a boat that sunk in one of our lakes, no one has found it yet tho.
Private Anna Scarvin; She's a soldier who loves a fight. If there is any action she is always the first one there.
Private Guri Mystique; Ah, she is a soldier here, however she seems more interested in flirting with the passing travelers than defending the locals. She is about during the day.
Private Isrek Oki; He can be found keeping watch outside the walls at the fishing bridge during the night.
Pedro De La Torre; he is a hardworking auto mechanic. Ex military I believe. He can be found in Banshee's Hollow.
Shannon Love; she left the military to be a cook in the local canteen, she is very generous, you always get your credits worth there. She can be found in Banshee's Hollow.
Shawn Ivey; he is a true bohemian, during his moments of clarity he is very insightful, shame those moments are few and far between. He can be found in Banshee's Hollow.
Kasey Bosch; she's a Journalist with a reputation for writing the truth, pretty unusual in their career path. Helpful too apparently.
James Gonzales; he's the new reporter at the Banshee's Hollow newspaper known as The Holler. He's curious, friendly and charming, not to mention enthusiastic, a little inexperienced though.
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Avatar de Kyvar
Kyvar [EcdO]
Avatar de Kyvar
Plein de bonnes choses
Je suis pressée de voir si les bugs et les problèmes d'optimisation que j'ai rencontrés sont corrigés.
En tout cas ils bossent bien, ça fait plaisir!
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Zaw
Je viens de poster la preview du prochain patch (le 15.2.1) c'est déjà énorme aussi...

A noter que pour l'installation du 15.1.1 sur les serveurs, il y a un downtime à partir de 15h chez nous pour une durée de 4 à 8h.

Dernière modification par Zaw ; 27/02/2015 à 18h12.
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Alpha & Oméga
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Merci Zaw !
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de lolox
vache !!! la longueur du patch note.
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Comte / Comtesse
Avatar de boulcas
Oula oui énorme patch ^^
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Avatar de Case Gibson
Case Gibson
Alpha & Oméga
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Ouah impressionnant, je vais probablement bientot reprendre le jeu du coup
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