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Patch notes 1.15

Voici le patch note de la journée d'aujourd'hui:

Odin’s Bounty Event
Odin’s Bounty has returned and with it, a game mode rotation (with a new twist)!
In order to give player’s choice over when and where they want their lootsplosions and avoid slowdowns, buffed game modes will drop new Chests of Odin’s Bounty!
These chests contain numerous pieces of gear, XP, a chance at Odin Marks and even a very small chance at the Mysterious Crimson Box containing boss-specific artifacts.
These Chests of Odin’s Bounty have a short 3 cooldown to prevent players from using too many boxes and causing performance issues.
An additional very rare "jackpot" loot bonus can trigger during the Odin's Bounty event. This loot bonus is know as "Odin's Gift" and can contain a large pile of loot. As a bonus, the Odin's Bounty boost will provide an additional chance of receiving this Odin's Gift in addition to the Odin Mark benefits.
Schedule here with multiple time zones:
In addition, a daily mission has been added for the event: Deliver Odin’s Wrath!
Serve as Odin’s champion and deliver Odin’s own wrath to the enemies of Asgard for a special reward! Head to Lady Sif in Avengers Tower (located near the waypoint) to receive this mission. This mission can be completed once per day during the course of the event and will return for each subsequent Odin’s Bounty.

The southern belle X-Man herself, Rogue has joined the cast of Marvel Heroes 2015! One of our most frequently requested heroes, Rogue boasts the most diverse powerset in all of Marvel Heroes history.
Able to steal powers from friend and foe alike, players can build Rogue as they see fit with access to over 90 stealable powers (which will increase with each Hero, Supervillain, and Team-Up Hero released!) in addition to her iconic super strength and flight powers that she had stolen from Ms. Marvel.
For her Signature and Ultimate abilities, Rogue recalls multiple stolen powers at once from iconic mutants - with her Signature resulting in a deadly, screen-wide blast and her Ultimate transforming her physical form into an amalgamation of other mutants!

Cybernetics System
Cybernetics is a new system for Marvel Heroes that gives you something to do with all the loot that you earn in the world, but isn't an specifically upgrade for your hero and would otherwise just stay on the ground and provide no benefit. With the Cybernetics feature you can turn those items that would otherwise be worth nothing into Cybernetic Upgrades for your cosmetic pets or into a bit of cash for yourself. We expect to iterate and expand on this system in the coming months, with various options for players to select and personalize their Cybernetic Vacuum experience. This feature is very much a game changer for an ARPG like Marvel Heroes and we're all pretty excited to launch it and keep working to improve it.
For a detailed FAQ, click here.
Note for next week: We have a slight radius increase the width of the Cybernetics Vacuum and we’ve removed the confirmation box when donating Cosmic Items.

New Currency UI Tab
By popular demand, we have added a new UI element (found on your character sheet) known as the Currency Tab a few weeks earlier than we initially expected.
We have converted our first batch of currency types so that you’ll be able easily view them on one page, in addition to them no longer taking an inventory slot.
We'll be adding additional currency types in the coming weeks to the currency tab to cover as much as possible.

Jean Grey - Level 52 Design Review
Jean Grey has received her 52 Design Review! With stunning new visuals and powers that offer unique mechanics depending on which form she is in, players are free to play Jean Grey as they see fit: as the powerful X-Man in control, or the raging Phoenix!
For more details, please see @TheArtofRawr’s in-depth write up here:

She-Hulk Team-Up Hero
Jennifer Walters, otherwise known as She-Hulk is now available as a Team-Up Hero! With her brawling abilities and briefcase of legal documents (for real), She-Hulk is a force to be reckoned with both in the courtroom and the battlefield.
We’re aware this didn’t have enough legal jokes.

Emma Frost
Emma Frost’s Diamond Form is now visible in all costumes!
Emma Frost’s Marvel NOW! costume’s coat is now animated with her run.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer's Electromagnetic Flux shipped with greatly mistuned damage and has been changed to follow the same relative balance formula as other powers in the game.
We apologize for letting this slip through the cracks in initial Surfer testing last month. Several players did report it before launch but due to the unusual nature of the power and lack of strong precedent in tuning tags, it did not get the attention it deserved. That has been corrected for future powers of a similar nature.

The changes are:
  1. Base Damage per hit has increase very slightly.
  2. Damage ‘ramp up’ is 50% each phase instead of 75%
  3. Power Cosmic cost halved from 250/s to 125/s
  4. Power Cosmic cost increases +25% each ramp up, so +50% total at max channel
  5. Natural Power Cosmic regeneration is paused while channeling
Additionally, a bug was fixed in which the “micro-beams” were sometimes able to hit the main target. These beams are intended to “swat the flies” away rather than dealing additional damage to a boss or other lone target.

The Power Cosmic - Legendary Item
The Power Cosmic Legendary Item has been changed so that users can now gain 1500 damage rating to each damage type instead of allowing a three-damage type hero to gain 3000 total.
Heroes will still receive multiple stacks of +1 to all attributes, one for each damage type that they hit with (up to +3).
Only the raw damage affixes were affected (levels 2-4) to prevent a large disparity with Rogue, who can easily rotate 3 damage types. No other heroes are affected in any way by this change.

Cosmic Prestige & Doop Rune
Due to unfortunately being omitted last week, Cosmic Prestige XP has been doubled this week and a Gifted Doop Rune will be granted as a free login gift for five days in a row, starting with this patch.

Queens Zone Changes
The Queens Intro Zone has been changed to be a single player, more easily navigated instance to prevent new players from becoming lost or confused.
This is one of the many small upgrades we're making to the new player experience to keep things simple and understandable.
We have a high volume of new players to Marvel Heroes - if you would like to suggest adjustments to early parts of the game, please see the thread in the Developer Feedback section of the forums. We've already received solid feedback that has resulted in some planned improvements.

Ghost Rider Alejandra Blaze
The Enhanced costume for Alejandra Blaze will now feature her sport bike as originally intended.

Waypoint Change
Waypoints are now account-based rather than hero based. When you log in, all waypoints you have unlocked will now be available for all of your heroes.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
Impending attack indicators for certain Raid boss attacks should no longer disappear at low graphic settings. We're continuing to do full passes on enemy attack indicators to ensure graphics settings don't affect them in any way. If you notice any that aren't working as expected using a particular setting, let us know.
The tooltip for Blessing of Bast should now properly show gains in Tenacity in its next rank preview.
The tooltip for Khonshu Unbound should now properly show gains in Tenacity in its next rank preview.
Hawkeye will no longer be broken out of stealth when triggering his Accuracy group buff.
Ms. Marvel's Radiant Cascade no longer stops movement powers mid-cast when it is firing pulses.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Emma Frost to display a “slide” animation.
Rocket Raccoon’s M78 Plasma Launcher should no longer leave lingering visual effects when Particle Quality is set to Low.
Star-Lord’s Close Quarters should no longer occasionally reset to maximum cooldown after being activated rapidly.
Cosmic Doop is now properly tagged as a boss, preventing him from being instantly killed by certain effects.
Storm's Crashing Hail will now correctly damage Raid bosses in all situations.
Health and Spirit Regeneration effects from Omega nodes should now apply correctly to all heroes.
A large pass of older VFX is complete, removing some particles that didn’t display to players, but were still called by memory and therefore affected performance.
Similar to the extra info we recently displayed for Attack Speed, the Block chance listing on item tooltips now shows exact percentages, rather than the tooltip rounding up for display purpose. No item rolls or chances have changed.
Several miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements were made over the last month and launch in this larger patch.
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Alpha & Oméga
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Thanks for your patience this week. I've livetuned XP to +100% and RIF & SIF to +50%.
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Je sens que je vais m'y remettre, juste pour Rogue.
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Avec quelques popos de buff xp c'est intéressant, j'ai fait lvl 55 -> 56 cosmique en 1h30 .

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