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WIP PTS: Patch 1.9 regroupement des informations

Pour rappel:
- c'est temporaire
- c'est partiel
- c'est sujet à modifications

Bonne lecture =)

Citation :
Publié par Amary
The usual disclaimer applies - all of this is in early stages, highly variable, and this first set does not represent the entirety of what may or may not be on deck for 1.9.



* 5/22 PTS NOTE: Tweaked a bunch of Conquest numbers for ongoing testing!
* An early version of Conquest is now on PTS for testing! At this point, Conquest will only be accessible when specifically enabled for a playtest.
* Align yourself with one of the three warring groups - the Dominion, the Oathsworn, or the Nightfall, and join three-way cross-shard conflict in a contested sliver of Stillmoor.
* Capture, defend, and enhance conflict points to not only control the region but also gain access to bonuses and resources for your team.
* Fight Colossi on the field of battle to demonstrate your power and gain additional buffs.
* The Conquest Bar displays your current Conquest bonuses and can be found in the 'K' menu under Conquest.
* For those looking to contribute in ways other than direct combat, gather Sourcestone resources and use them to create beneficial effects that help everyone in your faction. These resources can be deposited in a depot inside your base where other crafters can also process them.
* New crafting recipes for use during Conquest are now available on the trainers in Sanctum and Meridian.
* Matches begin to lock down when a single team claims 40% of the control points, or when 5,000 deaths have taken place in the match; at that point a 10 minute timer will begin for a last chance at rallying your troops!

* New Mentoring system allows you to set your character's level below what it actually is, whether you're on your own or playing with a lower-level character.
* Mentoring is available for characters of level 11+ and you can only reduce your current level, not increase it.
* The new Set Ascended Mentor Level menu option now appears when right clicking your own character portrait. You can choose what level you'd like to set your character to from this option.
* When right-clicking the portrait of another character, the menu option to set your mentor level to the target's level appears.
* While mentoring, your stats, abilities, regeneration, etc. will be temporarily reduced in line with the target level.
* Grouped characters using mentoring will receive bonus experience as long as the character with the lower natural level remains within 2 levels of the mentor and the mentor remains at least 5 levels below their natural level.

* Prestige Ranks are now increased to 50!
* The added ranks offer new milestone titles and additional Planar Attunement bonus experience when attained - 2 Planar Attunement levels worth for each rank.
* A new set of PvP Armor is now available in line with the Prestige Rank increase.
* Increased the effect of Bolstering in line with the addition of new PvP gear. Warfront Bolstering is now applied to all characters up to rank 25, and up to rank 36 in Conquest.
* PTS NOTE: The new rank set armor is temporarily using the previous set's appearances on PTS.

1.9 WORLD EVENT now in testing on PTS!

* The Undead Fish artifact collection has, at long last, been added to Hammerknell - both Chronicle and Raid. Even more reason to fish in Hammerknell!
* The Rare Artifact Attractor will no longer yield common artifacts that existed in the game prior to patch 1.8.
* When fished, the pool at Scarred Mire and Harlan's Lament will now only yield junk (though some lures will still allow you to catch fish there).
* Schools of Fish, Rare Fish, and Clever Fish now sometimes drop treasure chests.
* Fishing and Survival now have daily quests!
* The Survivalist and Fisher Artisan store NPCs have arrived. Now you're cooking with MEAT.
* Don't know what to do with your piles of common fish? Now you can turn them into Lures! Check out the recipes on the new artisan store NPC.
* Inspired chefs have developed a new Feast recipe for more variety in feasting.
* Survival: The appearance of Feasts also got updated! 'Feasts' is also a strange looking word when you type it enough. Feasty feast.


* Added a new 'Bag Sort' button to the inventory bag bar and the bank window. Bag Sort will rearrange the items in your bags to group them into similar categories (Artifacts next to artifacts, crafting items next to crafting items, etc.).
* Added a new visual warning that buffs are about to expire; the buff icon now fades out when the duration is getting low. This option can be turned on/off in the Settings > Display menu.
* Tells can now be sent to any player on a shard in the same region (NA or EU). Use the Player@Shard format to send messages cross-shard (ex: /tell Asha@Greybriar). Ignore also works the same way - you can ignore someone cross-shard now.
* Quests that allow party-sharing will now be offered to all Raid members.
* Experience locking has been removed now that you can set your level lower via Mentoring!
* Companion Pets no longer have a summoning/casting time or casting animations. They can only be summoned while out of combat.
* Newly-created Guilds now have default permissions that allow all members to use Guild Rally Banners, if the guild has that perk.
* Looking For Group: Fixed a bug where LFG players not inside the dungeon when the final boss is killed would not receive LFG rewards.

* Viewing a Leaderboard with the 'Top 50' filter selected now shows your actual score at the top instead of a '0' if you're not in the list, and will not incorrectly display your rank as '51'.
* Fixed timed scores that ended in zero seconds so they don't omit digits.

* NPCs: Riftblade NPCs no longer use Rift Storm.

* Pets now have a maximum active distance from their owner that when reached, will cause them to stop what they're doing and return to you.
* Slight tweak to Charge-type attack abilities; the only noticeable change should be that attacks involving a Charge can now critically hit on their own.


* Wild Growth: Fixed a pushback issue where Wild Growth could be cast faster if the Chloromancer is damaged while casting it.

* Controlled Opportunity: Fixed an issue with how this is applied to targets when using mouseover macros.
* Haunting Pain: Effects that modify DoT damage, like the Warlock's Neddra's Influence, now properly affect Haunting Pain.

* Feign Death: No longer completely despawns pets. Pets will be invisible while Feign Death is active, and reappear as soon as the ability ends or is deactivated.
* Neddra's Torture: Fixed a pushback issue where Neddra's Torture could be cast faster if the Necromancer is damaged while casting it.

* Fixed Fire Armor and Pyromancer's Armor being castable while Silenced.
* Backdraft: Will now deal damage to the target even if they are immune to the Stun portion of the ability.

* Mortality: No longer affected by damage pushback when casting.


* Rift Barrier: Now generates threat from non-reflectable attacks received while Rift Guard is active.


* Fierce Strike: Fixed a bug with Rank 6 that caused it to repeatedly chain damage.

* Destroyer's Bearing: Can now trigger off of Deathblow.
* Cornered Beast: Now properly grants immunity to Knockback and Polymorph.

* Flurry: Now properly grants immunity to Knockback and Polymorph.

* Intercept: Now has a range of 30 meters.
* Distractions now properly stack with each other so you can have two Warlords using different Distractions.


* Where the Moon Blossoms: Increased the quantity of Moon Blossoms in the Greybriar Hollow cave.

* A Bit of Subterfuge: Female characters will now get disguised as females while on this quest.

* The Track Fish ability has been added. If you already have Fishing, you'll find it in the Abilities window. Otherwise it will be granted automatically when training Fishing.
* Outfitter: Bulk Recipes have been added to Outfitter Trainers for base materials. These new recipes allow you to process 40 cloth directly into 20 bolts.
* Outfitter: Spellspun Cowl recipe now requires 260 skill to learn, to match the skill required to make the item.

* Active buffs/debuffs with durations now show specific time remaining amounts on their tooltips.
* Fishing Lures now correctly appear under the Misc > Fishing section in the Auction House.
* Successful Auction messages now include the stack size of the item sold.
* Combat Log text now more closely matches the on-screen combat text color formatting.
- There are two new types of damage shown in the Combat Log now: Block and Deflect. Combat Log textfile parsers will likely need to be updated.
* Fixed a case where Nameplates could show class mechanic UIs for classes other than your own.
* NPCs with very large models will now have their Nameplate anchored at their feet if the normal position is not visible.
* Nameplates now show casting bars for both yourself and your target.

* The Screenshot and Movie save file location is now under the Windows 'My Documents' folder.

Dernière modification par Medenor ; 23/05/2012 à 11h13.
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Et surtout n'oubliez pas que
  • c'est temporaire
  • c'est partiel
  • c'est sujet à modifications
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Au dela de l'arrivée du R50 et du stuff associé que j'ai hate d'éprouver IG, y a vraiment plein de ptits trucs sympas.

Conquest, Mentoring, Aventure instantanées low level (meme si les 2 dernières sont moins dans mon scope) vraiment pas mal.

J'ai noté un truc qui faisait rager sévère :

Citation :
* Pets now have a maximum active distance from their owner that when reached, will cause them to stop what they're doing and return to you.
Le nombre de fois où on se retrouve à 10% de vie avec un pet au cul qui tape à 10 mais qui finit par nous tuer alors que son "maitre" est à l'autre bout de la map BG...

Ah et surtout :
Citation :
Et surtout n'oubliez pas que
c'est temporaire
c'est partiel
c'est sujet à modifications
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Avatar de Llenor
Bah, le truc vraiment important pour moi, c'est que c'est la dernière version avant la 2.0.
Autrement dit, le dernier patch avant la première extension réelle.

Plus ça qu'autre chose qui est important, allez hop hop hop plus vite la 1.9 arrivée, plus vite la version suivante en place, tout ce qui compte.

C'est l'add-on qui déterminera l'avenir réel de Rift parce que c'est lui qui aura la visibilité nécessaire pour les non joueurs pour remettre le jeu sur le devant de la scène et donc apporter du sang neuf. Pas les patchs qui finalement ne concernent que les abonnés actifs. Ca ne ramène pas du monde un patch. Un add-on si.

Hâte de voir ça. Surtout à cause du mystère qui l'entoure.
A part la confirmation d'une extension, pas la moindre info dessus.
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Alpha & Oméga
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Citation :
Publié par Llenor
Bah, le truc vraiment important pour moi, c'est que c'est la dernière version avant la 2.0.
Autrement dit, le dernier patch avant la première extension réelle.
Nope, la 1.10 déjà annoncée, à mon avis pas avant 2 maj.

Après la 1.11 peut-être, lançons les paris!
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Comte / Comtesse
Avatar de Celticmist
Il y a des trucs qui ont l'air intéressant

Le mentorat va être sympa pour jouer avec ses amis plus bas lvl sans trop s'ennuyer. Mais est-ce que, si un lvl 50 baisse son niveau, il va gagner de l'exp harmonisation planaire?
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Medenor [Nono]
Alpha & Oméga
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Citation :
Les Mentors reçoivent des récompenses appropriées en XP car le contenu qui devait normalement être affiché en gris, récompense maintenant en fonction du niveau tout juste modifié.
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Ça promet comme d'habitude, ils ne chaument pas chez Trion et ça fait redoutablement plaisir à voir.
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m***e, j'ai oublié de venir tester le mode conquête sur le PTS hier ...

Y'a eu des améliorations ?
Avatar de Jemmyt
Avatar de Jemmyt
@Etupa Quand je me suis connecté hier, 20 minutes avant l'event, il n'y avait personne (hormis 3-5 joueurs qui testaient leur build). Je me suis déco en pensant que ça avait été annulé.
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Le temps à attendre pour la MAJ est comme son contenu: décevant.
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Déesse supérieure
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Comment tu peux savoir que son contenu est décevant alors que rien n'est terminé ?
Avatar de Aeryle
Déesse supérieure
Avatar de Aeryle
Surtout que tout le contenu de la 1.9 n'a pas été dévoilé.

Et franchement, je préfère avoir une 1.9 correct en terme de contenu (raid 10 + Deux nouvelles inva sur l'ile + nouvel event mondial) et que Trion se concentre sur les 6 zones mystérieuses pour les faire arriver au plus tôt, plutôt que d'avoir plein de truc en 1.9 et d'être obligé d'attendre 3 plombes pour avoir de nouvelles zones.
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Alpha & Oméga
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Mouais finalement rien de bien folichon niveau PvP, la zone RvR je l'attends depuis trop longtemps.... désolé Trion mais là je plie bagage

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