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Question from TheShiv
Many people are asking if the FPS problems are going to be fixed by getting rid of the smoke and fog that hovers around, are the developers going to do anything to fix it?

EarthriseDeveloper: Now straight to question 1. Yes, those issues will be addressed according to the Roadmap. Our dev team is currently working on graphical options which players can pick to get better performance out of their PCs in exchange of visual quality

EzenSurreal: How manny devs does the game have after release?
Question from Hawks282
It seems more and more people are using the /unstuck command and various other exploits to get ahead in PvP. Are the devs aware of this and are they working to make the game fair to all?

EarthriseDeveloper: yes, the /unstuck command is only one of those issues that we would like to fix. For example there were 2 gamebraking exploits which we fixed this week during the server patches. The /unstuck command in perticular will be fixed in future client updates.

Question from Chibi
It was mentioned some time ago that there was some sort of memory issue occurring that is causing some unusual slowdowns. How is the fix coming for this?

EarthriseDeveloper: There are several types of slowdowns at the moment. The one which we are fixing with highest priority is the server lag (you should already notice the improvement since 4th of February). More improvements will be coming with today's patch and the one next week. Keep in mind that the server mainenance is also used for server side patches and fixes.
EarthriseDeveloper: The second type of slowdown is the client side with the low framerate. I answered question 1 how we are going to fix that.
EarthriseDeveloper: The problems have nothing to do with memory issues

Question from Chibi
Currently, if one wants to fire on a friendly unit one has to continually hold down the ctrl button, thereby crippling their ability to really participate in the pvp. Are there some plans to remedy this?

EarthriseDeveloper: We have not decided yet if we want a friendly fire toggle because there will be more accidents if we implement that. So far there are no plans for such toggle button unless we think of something smart which will satisfy everyone

Question from Zorky
Any estimate when in march Siege territories will be open for conquest

EarthriseDeveloper: Not yet but we are working on that. And we are still on schedule for releasing them in March

Question from EzenSurreal
will there be any recall binding to a area abilities and being able to teleport to the area...In such a large world...I my self would love to have a bind stone/ruin/device. I think you should target UO players. This could be their uo2...In the future.

EarthriseDeveloper: This feature is part of the "Choose your game feature" on our forums. So far the interest is small compared to other game features but we may consider implementing it. However it with low priority at the moment

Question from regiss
Some of the passive skills work with any weapon atm although it's under specific weapon type category. Is this a feature or a bug and when can we expect a fix if it's a bug.

EarthriseDeveloper: This is a UI bug. In reallity only the passive skills linked to your equipped weapon are functional.
EarthriseDeveloper: This bug is with lower priority, a fix should be expected after February

Question from TheShiv_School
There has been questions regaruding the server's actual location, some players have traced the server location to the west coast of the USA, the same place where the Beta server was. This trace lead to the question if the server that the game was on at release was the ame server that the beta was on. Do you have any insight on this or is it a secret?

theShiv_School: Crap... I mispelled something in my question,.. just a note - ame is sopose to be Same.
Hawks282: you spelled suppose wrong too lol
Hawks282: we all make mistakes
EarthriseDeveloper: No it is not a secret. The servers are located in New York on the East Coast. Lag and performance issues are currently complex combinations between server code and server infrastructure. Our highest priority at the moment are to resolve the lag issues. Again we would be happy if we get a confirmation by people if they feel improvement since Friday. So far only small fixes are made.
EarthriseDeveloper: More fixes are coming next week

Question from Hawks282
Are there any plans to buff combat medic and field medic roles? From what I keep hearing the healing output on those is really low.

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes, we have plans to revise those abilities. Right now the healer in the game is the player who carries Nanobotic weapon.

Question from regiss
When could we expect a fix for not getting DMZ bug. It's not that big of a deal now, but with insurance spreading it'll hurt more.

EarthriseDeveloper: We really hate this bug which was introduced since beta and we are very close to fixing it.

Question from Chibi
In the future, as I imagine this cannot be a high priority, are there plans for adding social items such as clothing?

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes. In fact we are already thinking of such items.

Question from regiss
Is insurance a work in progress or final already. Could we expect more options to it, like insuring specific items, not only slots. Is the price set or are you monitoring the usage and would say lower it if it's underused. Any plans to calculate insurance cost depending on the item itself.

EarthriseDeveloper: Insurance is an important gameplay feature for us and we will be working hard on it. You can expect revisions in the future.

Question from Hawks282
Many people dislike the chat in-game because it's either too small or the red makes your eyes bleed. (lol) Are the devs aware of this and will they change it at some point?

EarthriseDeveloper: We don't like the chat either and the first fix is coming soon, it will be a color fix. Our plans are to enahnce the chat funcionality in the future with many customization options

Question from Asura
Performance wise, could we please be able to turn off alpha blended effects such as smoke or dust, it it a real performace hog

TheShiv_School: ACTION would like to note that you can change the chat in the game folder by editing the CSS code...
EarthriseDeveloper: We will work on a way where non-gameplay related effects will not cause effect on the game perfrormance

Question from regiss
Crafting is kinda cumbersome cause of it's interface. Any plans to revise it, add options to craft more items in one go and such. Could we expect an autostack button. And sort button for bank, also showing quality of items on icons in the bank.

EarthriseDeveloper: We are aware of that and the first small improvement will be seen in the next game patch. Everything that you listed will be added to the game in our future patches

Question from Asura
If wasn't asked: "/Unstuck" is being abused and breaks pvp as people unstuck away from combat, this should be highest priority fix

EarthriseDeveloper: We are aware of the issue and will work on fixing it in future builds.

Question from The
later on down the line could there be a bounty hunter system put into the game?

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes, it is still in our plans, but it will be introduced after April. Let us complete the Roadmap first
The: yay!

Question from regiss
When is the first client update coming.

EarthriseDeveloper: We are currently focused entirely on the servers. However we don't want to keep you playing the same game for such a long time. Our internal testing of the first client patch starts Monday. It will feature some affiliation and karma fixes, a lot of world updates, new sounds, the backward diagonal walking and some bugfixes. The crafting itnerface enhancement may also be there but I cannot confirm

Question from Asura
Could we have a faction points shop where you could buy things from your faction, the higher the faction points the bigger discount for example

EarthriseDeveloper: This is also in our plans for features after April
EarthriseDeveloper: Any more questions?

Question from TheShiv_School
Some of the GMs have been seen in /y chat and as actual players (their toons are seen around). Queries related to support have been asked in the /y chat and the GMs are answering them there. Will there ever be an in-game support system similar to other MMORPG's?

EarthriseDeveloper: Our GM system is still being under development. However our GMs are flooded with all kinds of requests and we are still thinking for the most optmial way for communication. Right now the best way is to use the Petition System and website support system

Question from Hawks282
We are noticing a pattern in your patches they seem to fall on Fridays. Is this your official "patch day" or just coincidence?

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes, right now we prefer to work one week, deploy a build for internal testing at the end of day Friday and release on the following week. However this pattern will change in the future as we start to add big features like the sieges for example

Question from Asura
Could we please get proper NPC portraits?

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes, this is somethin I personally don't like at all at the moment and we will work on adding better portraits. The problem comes from the fact that we want to complete the Roadmap on time and we want to fix all gamebraking issues and I don't see how we will be able to add this feature soon.

Question from Asura
Can I have a set of the GM armor?

EarthriseDeveloper: Yes, if you come and work in our office
Zorky: hehe I bet he is on his way now
TheShiv_: I am.
The: lol
Zorky: Thanks All For Coming
Zorky: Thats it for now until next time
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Alpha & Oméga
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Dans les grandes lignes :

- Le serveur est à New York, sur la côte est américaine, comme promis peu avant la release.

- Les problèmes de lag sont en cours de résolution (problèmes d'échanges entre le serveur et l'infrastructure réseau).
Il y a également un problème de framerate pour le client mais ce sera corrigé dans le prochain patch.

- Deux patchs serveurs ont eu lieu (dont un aujourd'hui) et un patch client est prévu pour très bientôt (en test interne ce lundi) et il devrait contenir pas mal de corrections, et des modifications pour le chat du jeu ainsi que quelques nouvelles options graphiques personnalisables.

- Les buffs passifs d'une arme ne sont valable que si celle-ci est en main
contrairement à ce que l'on peut voir à l'écran (bug d'affichage uniquement)

- Ils ont conscience de certains abus et ils sont en cours de les limiter/supprimer.

- Le fait d'appuyer sur CTRL pour le tir ami / allié / neutre ne devrait pas changer tant qu'une option plus consensuelle et intéressante s'impose... (c'est pourtant bien chiant !)

- Ils sont toujours dans les temps concernant la feuille de route (notamment pour les guerres territoriales en mars)

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