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Fallen Earth
Le Grand Canyon
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Social patch v1.2

La voici la voila a v1.2 enfin presque

Et oui en fait c'est juste les détails du patch qui vienne de "tomber" sur le fofo officiel

Citation :
Please note that these patch notes are a preview and not related to today's downtime.

Version 1.2 SOCIAL PATCH

Camps and Construction
For decades, the survivors of the Fall hid in the refuse and rubble of the world that was destroyed. Lurking beneath shelters of aluminum siding and scavenged timber, or under the bare trusses of decrepit homes and hovels, the Province inhabitants rarely leave the safety of their communities. Though many enterprising individuals have attempted to research methods of building new fortifications and settlements (whether of a permanent or temporary nature), few have met with any significant success before now.

A collection of innovators have begun visiting existing towns in the Province to share their knowledge, for a price. Though the information they sell is sketchy and makeshift at first, the foundations of their teachings pave the way for greater creations to be researched. Construction trainers have appeared in the towns of Embry Crossroads, Oilville, Sunshine Corners, New Flagstaff, Pass Chris, Dieseltown and Trader's Flat to begin spreading the word and teaching clones how to begin crafting the first bounties of the Construction tradeskill—player-made camps!

Bars and Gambling
In the later days of the GlobalTech enterprise, a number of underground bunkers were built throughout the Province to provide protection for their moderately valuable employees and equipment. Unfortunately, this plan was too little too late and the bunkers went empty and unused for decades until an enterprising group of Bankers and Travelers discovered the access codes. Now, they’re being the reopened all over the Province to provide a place for weary survivors to rest and, in those towns where the Travelers have sway, wager a few chips on friendly games of chance and skill.

First Night
Since the Fall, computer glitches and leap years have created controversy over the actual date of the New Year. For decades now, people in all areas of the Grand Canyon Province have used different dates, leading to much confusion. Now, the Archivist Coalition, with the help of LifeNet, has finally determined the actual date of the New Year. In the process of their research, the Coalition has also uncovered a great deal of information about various holidays that had been celebrated in the past. In honor of the establishment of the true date, the Coalition is sponsoring “First Night” a festival that combines many of the holidays past.

· Added Taverns for gambling with new levels, art, and sound.
· Added Slot Machines to the game
· Added Blackjack Machines to the game
· Added support for rejection messages from questors whose missions have Attribute requirements.
· Increased the anti-griefing debuff.
· Prevented players from receiving Death Toll for killing members of their own teams.

· Attached a temporary immunity effect to the end of any stun or knockdown initiated by a player. This effect prevents further stuns or knockdowns from affecting the victim for eight seconds, and affects both creatures and players. The duration may be updated in future patches.

Conflict Towns
· Removed faction limits from conflict town missions and put level limits on repeatable missions.

· Changed the name of the Franklin's Rider's Horse to the Franklin's Rider Horse.
· Modified Punchy McGee, Hammer Aaron, and Kenyon Holger in the Devil's Own Fortress for appropriate boss balance.
· Removed the "WOR2_" sorting text from multiple boss effects.

· Added First Night mission givers and merchants in barter and central towns.
· Added new items for First Night, including gift boxes and holiday food.
· Added music to the First Night questor camps.

· Changed the recipe for Choice Salted Meat to use 2 Savory Spice instead of 5 and 2 Edible Meat instead of 2 Crunchy Honeycomb.
· Reworked the description of the Electric Motorcycle Key so that the necessary text fits within the character limit.
· Reworked the description of the Wasteland Rider Key to fix spacing issues.
· Tweaked the descriptions of the Survivalist Buggy Key, the Skirmish Buggy Key, the Interceptor Speedster Key, the Interceptor Security Model Key, the Interceptor Special Edition Key, the Interceptor Hybrid Key, all Bridles, and the Fallen Earth ATV Key.
· Added a recipe for Coarse Sugar to Cooking Components 2, and a recipe for Sugar to Cooking Components 3.
· Placed the recipes for Stable Mutations Text, Impure Gamma Restorer, and Impure Gamma Converter recipes under the Gamma Manipulation 2 knowledge.
· Changed the description for Advanced Control Systems 1 Schematics to indicate the correct knowledge.
· Changed the descriptions for Improved Tires 1, Improved Tires 2, Improved Tires 3, Advanced Tires 1, Advanced Tires 2, and Advanced Tires 3.
· Changed the stacking for the Neural Stabilizer recipe from 10 to 1, as the item is permanent rather than consumable.
· Reworked the Fried Prairie Chicken recipe, changing its stacking to 5 and adding one more Tainted Prairie Chicken Leg and one Flat Beer to its component list.
· Increased the cost of Questionable Venison from 25 chips to 70 chips.
· Fixed Impure Pheromone so that its buff applies to the user, not to the target.
· Fixed Crude, Impure and Average Adrenal Doses so that they are self-only.
· Changed the Embry Canned Stew to boost saving throw values and Health regeneration instead of Endurance. Increased the total buff duration to 1 hour.
· Changed the stacking on the Vial of Human League Blood to 20.
· Removed the Mission Item tag from the Hydra Weed Leaf trash drop and increased its stacking to 100.
· Reduced the Telepathy requirement on the Convergence weapon to 100.
· Changed the requirement on the Focus weapon from Telekinesis to Telepathy, and reduced the requirement to 45.
· Allowed the Union Badge and Union ID mission items to also count as scrap plastic and have a small sell value.
· Allowed the Human League Weapon mission item to also count as scrap steel and have a small sell value.
· Allowed the Strange Seed Pod mission item to also count as weak botanic chemical and have a small sell value.
· Allowed the Creeper Mucus item to also count as weak biologic chemical and have a small sell value.
· Allowed the Concentrator Parts mission drop item to count as Scrap Fasteners.
· Removed the mission item “Blade Dancer Plans” from treasure tables.
· Changed Slaughter Gear, Marauder Gear, Warlord Gear, and Phoenix Gear to no longer occupy the left or right shin.
· Added the Construction tradeskill, which allows players to build temporary camps. Trainers for Construction can be found in most barter and central towns.
· Standardized the mission items “Organs for Dr. Cremaster” by removing a unused trigger, allowing them to be sold, allowing them to stack in a standard size, and removing them from mobs spawned for other missions.

· Reworked the damage portion of Cannibalize (all ranks) to properly register like normal damage.
· Corrected the tooltip for Sonic Lance 6 so that it no longer shows information from Sonic Lance 7.
· Corrected the tooltip for Equalizer 3 so that it no longer shows information from Equalizer 2.
· Corrected Patient Zero (all ranks) to properly display under Patho-Transmission in the Action window.
· Fixed Molotov Mutation (all ranks) so that it shows under Thermal Control and not General mutations.
· Changed Molotov Mutation (all ranks) to work in reverse; the DOT applies, ticking to its duration, and then exploding for high fire damage. The DOT damage has been increased slightly and the explosion reduced.
· Removed the shared cooldown from Molotov Mutation and Sonic Lance.
· Decreased the initial damage on Sonic Lance (all ranks) and added a supplementary armor debuff effect to allow follow-up melee or ranged combat attacks to deal increased damage.
· Increased the use time on Benevolence (all ranks) to 2 seconds.
· Reduced the reuse time on Regenerative Fever (all ranks) to 1 minute.
· Increased the damage of Hypothermia (all ranks).
· Decreased the damage of Rending Vibration (all ranks). This was done as a fix from when the mutation inflicted crushing damage instead of sonic damage.
· Fixed an issue that was making Psionic Shock (all ranks) irresistible.

· Increased the spawn time of treasure nodes.
· Reduced the number of items generated by Mutagenics treasure notes.

· Changed the tooltips on One Shot, One Kill (all ranks) to clarify its armor-piercing ability.
· Fixed Encouragement (all ranks) so that it counts as a skill and not a mutation.
· Added Stamina regeneration to Offensive Coordination (all ranks) and increased the effect of its offensive buffs.
· Added Health regeneration to Defensive Coordination (all ranks) and increased the effect of its defensive buffs.
· Added the skill Combat Endurance to Group Tactics. This skill increases the target's maximum Stamina for a time. It is available from Group Tactics trainers of the appropriate levels.
· Increased the damage of Lingering Wound (all ranks).
· Updated tooltips on all aura-type Group Tactics abilities to clarify their effects when recipients move out of range.

Sector One
· CoG Storyline
o Restructured the mission series “Wanted Dead” to make it show a waypoint for each target.
· Dish Field
o Removed a previously required item from the mission “We Are Not Alone.”
· Embry Crossroads
o Changed the waypoint for the mission “Right to bear Arms” to lead players to a trainer who can teach them what the mission requires.
o Removed a duplicate title from the merchant Eli Porter.
· Highway Bridge
o Replaced the target object for the mission “Water Under the Bridge” with a non-animated model to guarantee that it works correctly.
· Hotel Nevada
o Deactivated the local LifeNet pod, as it is deep within hostile territory with no nearby garage.
· Midway
o Prevented the NPC Mish Browning from giving out the wrong portion of a mission chain.
o Changed the story text of the mission “Regulatory Commission” to clarify the goal.
o Added additional dialogue to the mission “Beginning of the End” and the series “Rightful Masters” to prevent the same dialogue from appearing twice in a row.
o Added additional Scrap Copper mining nodes around Midway.
o Broke up the greeting text of mission “The Price of freedom” and hid the waypoint.
o Added training books necessary for the missions “Pharmacy After the Fall” and “Basic Defense Maneuvers” as rewards for previous missions in their series.
o Fixed a sign reading “Bunker House” that was clipping into a building.
o Chained the mission “First Aid or Torture?” to its follow-up step as dialogue suggests.
o Changed the goals for the mission “Every Bit Helps” so that the player now uses the mission item on all three targets, as the dialogue suggests.
o Chained two missions in the series “Altered States” together to require fewer trips to the same enemy camp.
o Changed the mission “Regulatory Commission” so that it both creates mission items that the player may have lost and cleans them up when the player no longer needs them.
· Mumford
o Changed “Storm” to a non-living object.
· Needle Eye
o Prevented a mob that spawns as a part of the mission “Grain Drain” from also counting towards other missions.
o Removed a harvest node for an obsolete mission item.
· New Toro
o Changed the Code Piece item received from the questor for the mission “Entering the Codes” so that it cannot be sold. Allowed the Code Piece that drops from mobs to be sold for a small amount instead.
· North Burb
o Made the mission item “Bag of Mutated Chicken Meat” destructible.
o Fixed the mission “Reaching” so that the target spawns correctly for all paths.
· Odenville
o Fixed the NPC Nancy Spencer so that she uses her hammer
· Oilville
o Changed the creatures that will count for mission “Clearing the Way.”
o Added XP rewards to the new ATV missions.
· Pass Chris
o Flagged the second steps of the mission series “Last Chance Power Drive,” “Burning Up,” and “In the Skeleton Frames” as repeatable.
o Fixed the mission “Light at the End” so that it cleans up the mission items on completion.
o Prevented the Night Wolf Mauler from attacking other Night Wolves.
· South Burb
o Edited the text of the mission “Live and Let Dye” to remove a reference to a merchant who no longer sells the required Knowledge book.
· Terance
o Removed an obsolete mission item drop from the Black Hood Thug.
o Edited the text of step two of the mission series “A Complex Plan” to clarify the goal.
· Trumbull
o Added new goal text for step ten of the mission series “Pandora's Box.”
· Watchtower
o Changed the NPC Dr Corman so that he is always in the world with a respawn time of two minutes.

Sector Two
· All-Mind Storyline
o Edited several strings in the mission series “Between the Lines” for punctuation and clarity.
· Blaine
o Moved some hostile cockroaches that were too close to the LifeNet pod.
o Added “Traveler” to the name of the Confidence Man NPCs to make it clear that killing them will result in Traveler faction loss.
o Deleted a porkupine generator that was overlapping a wall.
o Changed the NPC Teri Bumpas so that she chases players who have aggro.
· Devon Township
o Removed the “Messer-ed Up” mission series from the questor Domino Rodriguez.
o Prevented one of the ambushers from the mission “Weeding out the Opposition” from potentially counting toward one of the kills for “Pests from Hell.”
· Fracture
o Changed the level requirements for the mission series “Some Assistance Required” to remain consistent throughout.
o Prevented Hazi from giving out a wrong step of the mission series “Breaking the Law.”
o Added a warning to the story text of the mission “Breaking the Lawmen” that the mission sends players into a PvP area.
· Hollister Point
o Adjusted the target level for all missions to 30.
o Updated all faction versions of the "Devil's Whispers" mission to give 750 chips.
o Updated the missions "Underground Research" and "Lost in the Ruins" to reward 475 chips.
o Updated the missions below to reward 225 chips and 500 XP.
§ ”Our Turf"
§ "Tech Wreck"
§ "Blast Off"
§ "And the Rest Will Follow"
§ "An Axe to Grind"
§ "A Little Lesson"
o Reduced the chip reward for the repeatable versions of the missions below to 50.
§ "Plague of Devils"
§ "Hunting Devils"
§ "Fire and Brimstone"
§ "The Devil's in the Details"
§ "Devil By the Horns"
§ "Bearers of Darkness"
§ "Feed the Worms"
§ "Careful Cultivation"
§ "A Better Crop"
§ "Digging at the Roots"
§ "A Soldier's Duties"
§ "Bringing Light to the Darkness"
o Increased the required amount of Salvaged Iron for the missions "Metal!" and "More Metal!”
o Decreased the required amount of Salvaged Wood and Frayed Cotton for the missions "Installing New Stalls" and "Installing More Stalls."
o Fixed the Lightbearer and Enforcer versions of the mission "Devil's Whispers" so that it will not cause players to get stuck if they abort it and retake it.
o Put a shirt on a Vista guard who was missing one.
· Kristo’s Rest
o Fixed the mission "Security Step Up" so that it completes properly.
· New Flagstaff
o Altered the goal text for the mission “Line of Credit.”
o Fixed the NPC Lila Stavros so that she chases players who have aggro.
o Restructured the mission series “Biological Curiosities” so that the step requiring a Medicine skill of 60 comes later in the chain.
o Changed step six of the mission series “Provident Elixir” to clean up the mission items.
o Added the Boss tag to the mob McGark.
· Picus Ridge
o Changed step four of the mission series “Bad Signal” to generate mission items from earlier steps that players may have lost or deleted.
o Added a custom goal string to step two of the mission series “Asset Recruitment.”
· Pumphouse Road
o Allowed the object target for mission “Commence Primary Ignition” to be activated at a much greater distance.
· Sunshine Corners
o Edited the text of the mission “Visiting Vistas” to give the correct location for the target NPC.

Sector Three
· Bankers Hole
o Changed the mission chains “Who Do you trust” and “Ceasing the Storm” so that players who drop them are able to pick them up again from NPCs.
· Brigg's Point
o Pulled El Cadejo deeper into his lair to prevent an invisible bump on the floor above him.
· Chemtown
o Changed the story string of mission “Tech-nically” to no longer specify the item goals.
· Dieseltown
o Fixed a typo in the description of the target item for step one of the mission series “Promise of the Future.”
o Adjusted the items and quantities needed for missions in the series “Best Location to Scavenge.”
· Earthbound Bunker
o Added the correct ammunition to go along with the gun reward for the mission “Back Into Danger.”
o Removed redundant Boss tags from Redstone mobs.
o Increased the range at which players can use the mission item for “Synthesized Sanity” and still have it count toward the mission goal.
· Encounter Areas
o Changed the target item for the mission “Not Feeling Well” to Impure Geologic Chemical.
· Fracture
o Edited the story and goal text of the mission “No Imminent Danger” for punctuation and clarity.
o Added punctuation to the greeting conversation of the mission “Tetanus Builds Character.”
· Gaia
o Increased the respawn times for local Survivalists.
· Papermill
o Balanced the AP rewards for faction gated missions in town.
· Raven’s Roost
o Fixed the mission "Not Quite Government Issue" so that it completes properly.
· Repository
o Edited the text of the mission “Thick is the Hide” to refer to Torn Furs.
· St. Sebastian’s
o Edited the text of the mission series “Enhancing Potential” to use the correct pronoun for the speaker.
o Replaced the item given by the mission “irradiated Rangers” with a mission-only item.
· Trader's Flat
o Adjusted the positions of the Trigger-Happy sentries to provide an absolute safe path for players to take to the mission objective of “Outside the Box.”
· Warhall
o Expanded a cave used for the missions “Breaking Camp” and “Merciless Politics” and separated the two mission targets within the expanded cave.
o Edited the story string of the mission “Redhand's Faithful” for clarity.
· Waste Farm
o Updated all missions in town with a target level of 35.
o Changed the quantity of the target item needed to 15 on the missions “Testing Your Metal, A Balanced Diet,” “Keeping Warm,” and “Vista Tech 1.”
o Adjusted the number of kill targets needed to 10 for the missions “Stupid Tech Tricks” and “Only You can Prevent…2.”
· White Crow Storyline
o Changed the phrase Ja Voznik to Ja Vosstal to make it read correctly in Russian.

· Added new camp objects.
· Added a non-gambling Tavern level.
· Polished assets for improved look and performance:
o Merry-go-round and swingset.
o Tool chest
o Jackhammer
o Helipad
o Reptile Farm
o Sunshine Corners banner
o Helipads and landing strip
· Raised several buried objects around Blaine.
· Fixed a building model to make it sit properly on the ground.
· Fixed collision on a roof to keep objects from floating above the surface.
· Removed the shiny gloss from a pile of bones.
· Moved the door on the Tannerfield well level back so that it instances properly before the player enters.
· Fixed some problems with the exterior of the Haven clinic.
· Adjusted collision on the floor grate of the sewer level.
· Adjusted pathing in Junk Fortress.
· Adjusted pathing in the Coppermine cave level and closed off a short tunnel that was causing problems. Prevented players from climbing the cave wall.
· Fixed a bug that prevented female characters from moving over moss on a floor without jumping.
· Adjusted pathing in the Bramby Mine and fenced off a problematic area.
· Updated pathing in the Waffle Warehouse.
· Removed a large rock from the entrance to the Trader’s Flat LifeNet pod.

· Updated the male base pose by fixing the upper body and neck.

· Added suspension sounds to vehicles.
· Added more dynamic pitch shifting to vehicles.
· Added sound effects for the following.
o Setting up a camp
o Using an injector
o Eating and drinking
o Getting in or out of a car or buggy
o Mounted weapons
· Fixed a bug with improper material sounds for numerous objects.
· Improved performance of ambient sounds using caching and file conversion.
· Improved sound Occlusion.
avec l'arriver d'un skill immu ca va changer la donne ne pvp

lien officiel :
Avatar de Ranxx
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ranxx
la construction un peu plus dévoilée, ca fait envie !!!

les jeux d'argent dans les bars, une bien bonne idée qui colle vraiment bien à l'ambiance du jeu.

bref, j'ai juste hâte que cette cette mise à jour arrive !!

"The new social patch is set to go live Monday, December 14. The server will be down from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST (GMT -5) at this time as we add in this exciting, new content! Stay tuned for details and be sure to check out our patch notes preview here."

source :

bon ben ca sera up demain si j'ai bien compris

plus d'infos sur le patch :

avec trailer à l'appui.
Badbob - crafter/pistolero sur Fallen Earth
associé au Cartel

Avatar de Ardaric
Ardaric [CVols]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ardaric
des villes de clans, enfin

du bon dans ce patch
franchement sur le cul là !

Dans la plupart des gros MMO, ça met trois a quatre fois plus de temps pour voir rajouter autant d'évolution... voir jamais !

Chapeau !
Avatar de NerGGaL
NerGGaL [J4D]
Avatar de NerGGaL
Allez les 45 revenez construire des barraques en S3.
Compte #299695
Oui enfin un jeu oules Devs écoute les joueur et font en fonction de leurs besoin, plusieur des idées retrouvé dans se patch vienne de la partie suggestion du forum officiel

Avec des GM suractif woow que du bon dans se jeu
Avatar de Hazraelle
Avatar de Hazraelle
Impressionnant ! Mais avec tout ça, on n'est pas prêts de vous revoir sur les forums de sitôt...
Comment je vais gagner mon pain moi ?

Peut-être que d'ici quelques mois j'essaierai de faire un saut sur ce jeu. Seulement s'il a toujours la cote et si les MJs restent sympas. Mais ça, ça m'a pas l'air trop mal parti. Profitez bien en attendant, bande de p'tits veinards !
T'inquiète, on profite !

Et en effet c'est plutôt bien partit ! Le jeu a un joli petit succès, modeste, certes, mais joli quand même ! ça fait plus de trois mois que le jeu est sortit et je croise toujours beaucoup de monde en S1 malgré l'immensité de chaque secteur et le fait que je joue pas franchement durant les tranches horaires américaines!

Dommage qu'il n'ai pas plus de succès chez les francophones par contre... Mais bon, c'est pas bien grave non plus !
Avatar de Hazraelle
Avatar de Hazraelle
Alors ça... La barrière de la langue y est pour beaucoup, j'imagine. Mais je pense que c'est plus un bouclier qu'autre chose. Vous avez vraiment envie de voir débarquer des masses de joueurs dans votre petit monde chéri ?

Ils ne mordent pas tous, c'est certain. Mais plus il y a de monde, plus c'est difficile de s'y retrouver. Et surtout, ça devient plus compliqué à gérer au niveau des MJs.

Bref, j'essaierai plus tard, quand je pourrai. Histoire de venir vous plumer dans les tavernes en buvant un bol de lait. En attendant, j'vais éviter de pousser tout le monde au hors-sujet...
Compte #299695
rahh merci pour la video borkybork

je viens de caler on pourra construire son campement ou on veut, se faire un petit feu et déguster une biere un ne pairie chiken grillé à point

Citation :
Alors ça... La barrière de la langue y est pour beaucoup, j'imagine. Mais je pense que c'est plus un bouclier qu'autre chose. Vous avez vraiment envie de voir débarquer des masses de joueurs dans votre petit monde chéri ?
Etant donné que les armures HL brillent pas, que les habits des fille ne son pas fait de 3 bout de tissu laissant entrevoir beaucoup de chose, que c'est pas un jeu ou le stuff fait tout et ou l'habileté du joueur y est pour beaucoup (du haut de mon 38 j'ai déjà tuer un 45)
je pense qu'on à pas trop de souci à se faire vis à vis de la faune qui pourrai venir nous rejoindre
Et de toutes manière ceux qui viennent ne reste pas longtemps
Avatar de Gannon Darmon
Gannon Darmon [MegaT]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Gannon Darmon
Excellent !!
C'est vrai , c'est rapide , un peu comme si ... c'était déjà prêt ?!

Citation :
Publié par Hazraelle
j'vais éviter de pousser tout le monde au hors-sujet...
Comme si y'avait besoin .... de nous pousser
Avatar de Ranxx
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ranxx
par contre à ce que j'ai compris, les camps de joueurs ne sont pas des villes de joueurs...

il s'agit plus d'un campement (nomade) que l'on pourra déployer et qui appliquera des buffs.

en revanche l'apparition des "bunkers bars" et de leurs jeux d'argents ça a l'air génial !!
(encore un aspect nouveau rarement exploré dans les mmos)
Badbob - crafter/pistolero sur Fallen Earth
associé au Cartel

Avatar de Meralors
Meralors [VdN]
Avatar de Meralors
Citation :
Publié par Gannon Darmon
Comme si y'avait besoin .... de nous pousser
Gaffe Ganno tu as comme moi couplé les erreurs. Tu fais parti d'un groupe reconnu comme agitateur (faut que je te forward les MP du modo qui m'a dit ça, y a du lourd ), et tu quote un modérateur. Ha bah voila je suis hors-sujet... bon bah c'est la faute de hazraelle

Super patch, contenu, modification & correction, toussatoussa
Avatar de Ranxx
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ranxx
d'apres mes calculs, les serveurs seront down de 9 à 16h demain, me trompe-je ?

remarque on s'en fout c'est dimanche y'a téléfoot
(haaaaaaaa mais qu'est-ce que je raconte moi ?!!)
Badbob - crafter/pistolero sur Fallen Earth
associé au Cartel

Avatar de Hepcat
Roi / Reine
Avatar de Hepcat
Citation :
par contre à ce que j'ai compris, les camps de joueurs ne sont pas des villes de joueurs...

il s'agit plus d'un campement (nomade) que l'on pourra déployer et qui appliquera des buffs.
Pour ceux qui ont connu swg, c'est des camp comme cela, puis aussi des camp qui buff nos compétences en restant dedans un certain temps(comme mater les fesse des danseuse dans swg) mais via des "cibles" par exemple.

il n'est pas encore question de ville de joueur c'est un patch qui devrais amener ca dans le future, par contre la compétence qui permet de créer les campement sera la même que celle lier au création de maison.(enfin c'est ce qui est dit dans les dev-blog qui sont déjà sortit)

et borky ya le jour du saigneur sinon puis ya Monk dans l'après-midi. ...

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