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Neverwinter Nights
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JOL Simkim
Alpha & Oméga
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Patch 1.31 VO Beta 2

Il est disponible ici pour ceux qui veulent le télécharger.

Et voici la liste des modifications.

Patch details:
Neverwinter Nights Game
- Fix to database system referencing player name variables. This fix is already in Live 1.30 but will break compatibility between player-specific data between SoU 1.30 and 1.31. We apologize for any inconvienience.
- Fixed up some SoU vs. non-SoU compatibility issues.
- Fix to henchman not loading in from the database after module transition.
- Fixed Monk Glowing eyes
- Made a theoretical fix to the "body switching" bug. Let us know if this fixes it or if its still happening at
- Added a new console command - "setfogdistance x" where x is the distance to set the fog. At this time, this command can only move the plane out, not back in.
- Fixed the ShowDMJoinedMessage ini server option so that it actually works now.
- Fixed a problem with ModifyNumAttacks not stacking properly.
- Removed penalty for point blank shots (firing into melee penalty).
- Made a fix to the GameSpy autologin process.
- Deflect arrows feat now works if either of you hands are free. Rather than the left hand always having to be free regardless of whether or not you have something in your right hand.
- Fixed "On Hit: Blindness" item property so that it now works again.
- You actually have to take damage from a stunning fist attack in order to get stunned by it.
- You actually have to take damage from a quivering palm attack in order to die from it.
- Put in a fix to allow henchman in the Original Official Campaign to equip unidentified magic items on loading to allow for the SoU henchmen changes.
- Item property "On Hit Knock" now actually uses it DC value.
- Made a fix to Attack Bonus calculation that was erroneously granting attack bonuses to certain damage reduction effects.
- Fixed a bug where you always failed your concentration check for spells on a subradial menu.
- Fixed a bug where cleric always failed their concentration checks when casting a non-cleric domain spell (e.g. an Air Domain cleric casting Chain Lightning).
- Fixed the level up summary screen so that it displays the correct hit points gained if you level up when you are diseased and you CON has gone down.
- If you're immortal and you get a death effect and your hit points are below 1, they're now set back up to 1.
- You now have to have a ring/amulet equipped in order to cast spells from it.
- Fixed the "Server Description" incorrectly appearing under the "Module Description" heading in the Favorites/History page.
- Spell Resistance from items no longer stacks with the SR from a Monk's innate ability under weird circumstances.
- Added fix for defensive casting not working.
- Fixed counterspell causing the player to walk toward the target.
- Fixed DC to detect traps to use a d20 on your roll, not a d10.
- Fixed Nature's Sense and Trackless step, so that they now take effect when in the proper environment.
- Fixed an issue with module switching and the character selection screen.
- Made a fix to drive mode keys while entering cutscene mode.
- Fixed autosave character portrait and character info, for when the autosave occurred as the player was in an area transition.
- Fixed double clicking on a button in the load game menu causing the screen shot to get messed up.
- Fixed a crash when you do massive damage to a non-creature.
- Fix to radial equip option on items on the ground.
- Fix to texture replacements. VFX for stoneskin, barkskin, petrify and shadow skin should stack properly now (removing one won't remove them all).
- Fixed "Server Description" scroll bars not working in the History/Favorites/LAN pages.
- Fixed trapped placeables that were spawned in through scripting were not being added to the area's trap list, so it couldn't be detected.
- Fixed up some ELC checks that weren't working quite right.
- Fixed a problem with hostile monsters being able to open doors that were trapped by the PC without setting off the trap.
- Fixed item containers in henchman inventory issues
- Fixed selling items from henchman's item containers
- Fixed Set/Disable Trap synergy bonus not showing up on the character sheet.
- Fixed some spellbook display issues.
- Fixed a crash while saving with certain malformed custom portrait .tga files.
- Fixed a crash when creature dies and DM is looking at inventory.
- Fixed crash in game options, if you quickly moved the "Overall Graphics Quality" slider when anti-aliasing was turned on.
- Fixed a rare crash when dropping gold into a container.
- Fixed a crash when calling unpossess familiar when you weren't possessing.
- Fixed a few memory leaks.
- Fixed a crash that would occasionally happen when viewing the LAN server details page.
- Fixed a crash when trying to pick up item in NULL area

DM Client:
- Added a new DM "Jump Single Player to DM" radial menu option. Also moved the DM "Examine Character Sheet" and DM "View Inventory" icons to their own examine sub-radial menu, in order to make room for the new option.
- Fixed the portrait not being saved out for DMs when the DM is hosting the game and saves.

- Added 7 scripting commands. Please see the script editor for more details.
void ExportSingleCharacter(object oPlayer);
void SetSubRace(object oCreature, string sSubRace);
void SetDeity(object oCreature, string sDeity);
int GetIsDMPossessed(object oCreature);
int GetWeather(object oArea);
int GetIsAreaNatural(object oArea);
int GetIsAreaAboveGround(object oArea);
- Added gender option to GetStringByStrRef()
- Added support for triggers in GetLockKeyTag() script command
- Objects should not default to private conversations, which means BeginConversation can now be used to run dialogs between NPCs.
- Made a fix to CreateObject scripting command for creating stores.
- Made a fix so game timers wouldn't get confused when SetCalendar or SetTime were called.
- Fixed EffectNegativeLevel so it doesn't cause a script underflow.
- Made a fix so that GetTotalDamageDealt() work with doors/placeables.
- Made a few small fixed to ActionEquipMostDamagingMelee().
- Made a fix to the script debugger format that would cause issues when a function with parameters and a prototype is followed by a constant value.
- Fix to GetDamageRoll(), so that it now returns the correct max unarmed damage.
- Fixed crashes caused by scripting an area to apply an AOE spell to a location or object using the scripting command ApplyEffectAtLocation or ApplyEffectToObject.

Server-specific changes:
- Added the option to backup a character file on export.
[Server Options]

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset:
- Sped up loading of resources in Hak Paks.
- Added progress bars to loading of Hak Paks
- Added ability to hear soundsets when clicking their names in the listbox in the soundset selection dialog.
- Added Location Adjustment dialog to Area Editor context menu for object instances.
- Added context menu option in area viewer to go straight to the inventory dialog for creatures and placeables.
- Fixed 6 memory leaks.
- When opening a module that does not currently require all the expansions that the toolset currently has installed, the user is warned that saving the module will flag it as needing all the installed expansion packs.
- Toolset no longer checks the "Location" string in registry to determine where its resources are located. It will just use the directory that it is being run from. This means that you can have two installs of neverwinter, one with XP1 and one without, and the toolset executables will run be able to run independently from each install folder.
- Help | About dialog now lists the installed expansion packs.
- Fixed BadStrRef appearing when mousing over certain regions of various dialogs inherited from the generic wizard dialog.
- Fixed BadStrRef hint when mousing over area listbox and Finish image in Module Wizard.
- Fixed the Location Dialog to have the correct caption.
- Fixed access violation when loading custom palettes when a custom blueprint contains a palette node ID that does not exist in the custom palette tree for that blueprint.
- Sped up loading of resources in Hak Paks some more
- Conversation Editor, Script Editor, and Plot Wizard now include warnings if editing or trying to save a resource that already exists in a Hak Pak or in standard game resources.
- Added Option to toggle the above "editing-a-standard-resource" warning on or off.

Creature Dialog:
- Added Clear Spell List button
- Certain creature models will now play their Pause animation instead of standing frozen.
- Main form's Edit menu no longer contains "Placeable Properties" menu item if more than one Placeable is selected, since the Placeable Object dialog does not support multi-edit.
- Fixed "Full Plate +4" appearing instead of "Building Module..." on the Build Module progress bar.

Area Transition Dialog
- Auto-created area transition script when editing a transition door or trigger's OnClick event was not the same as nw_g0_transition. It is now.

- Added Find Text menu option and shortcut to the Palette treeviews.
- Changed terrain palette to select a node on right-click.
- Refresh Palette menu option flags module as modified.

Plot Wizard
- Added support for giving negative XP in Plot Node Wizard.

Script Editor:
- if there is selected text when you invoke the search dialog, the selected text will now be automatically entered as the search string.

2DA Files Changed in this Update:
- iprp_spellcost.2da
- spells.2da
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Avatar de Le grognon
Le grognon
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Le grognon
hummmm la v1.31 est presque aussi bonne que la 1.30.. rahhh LOVELYYY
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Compte #2611
Je sais pas si j'ai bien tout lu mais toujours aucune trace de ce fameux éditeur de quête ?
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Avatar de eMRaistlin
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de eMRaistlin
tiens, pourquoi spell.2da change ?
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Avatar de Simkim
JOL Simkim
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Simkim
Je sais pas si j'ai bien tout lu mais toujours aucune trace de ce fameux éditeur de quête ?
L'éditeur de quête est présent depuis la 1.29 non ? Ok, là je suis en 1.30, mais j'ai dans les "Wizards" un truc qui s'appelle "Plot Wizard" (ça doit être éditeur d'intrigue en français ou un truc dans le style).
Je pense que c'est ce dont tu parles.

Pour l'histoire du spell.2da, je sais pas. Faudrait aller voir si quelqu'un de chez BioWare a donné plus de détail là dessus.
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Avatar de Splotch
Splotch [Mrd]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Splotch
Re: Patch 1.31 VO Beta 2
Provient du message de simkim
void SetSubRace(object oCreature, string sSubRace);
void SetDeity(object oCreature, string sDeity);
Cool !
Voila qui va aider pour faire d'autres races ou pour gérer les dieux.
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Calen Lath
Hé ben la version final 1.30 FR est pas sortie et il sont déja entrain en beta 2 pour la 1.31 An

que dire

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Avatar de Simkim
JOL Simkim
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Simkim
que dire
On peut dire que la 1.31 corrige des bugs que la 1.30 avait apporté, et qu'il est possible qu'on n'ait pas de 1.30 finale (je pense que SoU VF sortira direct en 1.31, mais c'est juste une hypothèse).
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Avatar de Rhyghar
Avatar de Rhyghar
Moi j'aime bien ca :
- Fixed counterspell causing the player to walk toward the target
C'est une des raisons pour lesquelles j'ai arreté de jouer des mages.

Sinon, je suppose que SoU doit obligatoirement s'installer sur un NWN en 1.29. C'est peut etre pour ca qu'on bloque l'arrivé des patch en france....
..::Heavenlynet le net paradisiaque ::..
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Avatar de Gorion
Avatar de Gorion
Non, rien a voir.
J'ai installé SOU sur un NWN 1.30 et sur un NWN 1.11 je crois (la version de base de NWN VO) après un formatage. Les deux on très bien marcher, sans surprise de ma part.
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