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Trillian Pro n'est pas vraiment indispensable...

Il apporte quelques petites options par ci par là, genre webcam pour yahoo.

Enfin, voilà la liste complète de ce que rajoute la version 1.0:

* Feature: DND with offline folder on
* Feature: Make the dragging have a cool effect
* Feature: Delete key work in list control
* Feature: /clear -h to remove edit history
* Feature: skins - selected list border
* Feature: skins - hover list border
* Feature: skins - vertically center a topic controls
* Feature: Status-button control in contact list
* Feature: Inline list editing
* Feature: Default source for contact IM sending
* Feature: MetaContacts
* Feature: Mass messaging
* Feature: Auto History
* Feature: Word Matching - Highlighting, playing a sound, triggering
events, creating a tooltip
* Feature: icon holder->account preferences
* Feature: buddy icons smaller than 48x48 dont expand to full size
* Feature: List sections
* Feature: skins - List Backgrounds per section
* Feature: List backgrounds (both skins and via right click)
* Feature: Plugins
* Feature: New Connection Manager
* Feature: New Systray Alerts
* Feature: Revamped prefs to have cool icons
* Feature: Multiple list select removal
* Feature: Floating List Entries (Contacts, Plugins, etc)
* Feature: A Focus line inside text windows
* Feature: Custom menus with cool menu icons
* Feature: Focus windows (black and white, and transparency)
* Feature: Animated emoticons
* Feature: Emoticon Tooltips in emoticon window
* Feature: Left/right arrows in icon holder
* Feature: Menubars in contact list, IM windows and Webcam windows
* Feature: Pref - Links to alwasy open in a new browser
* Feature: Pref - All newline/send options can also do 'nothing'
* Feature: Windows will snap to edges of other trillian windows and
* Feature: Sort by status
* Feature: A Task menu inside the Contact List
* Feature: Dragging links and text into the edit box
* Feature: Find within window (Ctrl-F)
* Feature: Sorting in the list views (profiles, events, etc)
* Feature: Owner drawn list entries for plugins
* Feature: Plugin aliases (IE: /music in winamp)
* Feature: Autohide
* Feature: New Login/splash screen
* Feature: Added systray alert section to events
* Feature: Added cool new scheduling section to events

* Fixed: history button sometimes doenst work with some editors
* Fixed: default text in resizable buttons does not work anymore
* Fixed: Resizeable buttons dont redrawn when they are resized
* Fixed: Resizeable Buttons have a better mouseover affect now
* Fixed: Turn off dcc folder when no longer used
* Fixed: Double Buffer Icon holder
* Fixed: Uncheck of send stats doesnt stick from wizard
* Fixed: Grey out play button if skin based sound is selected in events
* Fixed: Expanded state sometimes doesnt stick in Contact List
* Fixed: if no events are found, then put in defaults
* Fixed: Some buddy icon links (aim:..) would not work correctly
* Fixed: An events.xml crash
* Fixed: Some Tab ordering was not proper
* Fixed: Tooltips will go away in list if you click
* Fixed: Mystuff crash
* Fixed: no longer use 32x32 for taskbar icons
* Fixed: No longer say 'hours' if there is only 1

* Change: Prefs font size
* Change: skins - Selected state overrides hover state in lists

* MSN: allow mail alerts to be turned off.
* MSN: added mobile messaging support.
* MSN: added support for phone number editing.

* IRC: redid the stupid connection manager.
* IRC: fixed a /list bug on H6 servers.

* AIM/ICQ: fixed potential issue with lists saving.
* AIM: allow mail alerts to be turned off.
* AIM: remove the BOS/buddy rights messages since they're inaccurate.
* AIM: fixed weird bug with buddy removals when done while disconnected.
* AIM: view HTML profiles with minibrowser

* ICQ: added SMS
* ICQ: improved profile viewing

* Y!: strip FADE tag until further notice.
* Y!: webcams
* Y!: added group conferences.
* Y!: allow mail alerts to be turned off.

* IMs: added new systray tooltips for mail alerts and connection failures.
* IMs: added systray tooltips to buddy alerts.
* IMs: show mail accounts in contact list

* Plugin: weather
* Plugin: stocks
* Plugin: winamp
* Plugin: RSS News Plugin
* Plugin: pop3
* Plugin: Minibrowser
* Plugin: Clipboard
* Plugin: My stuff
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