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Alpha & Oméga
Non je n'ai pas l'editeur... N'imp' En revanche pour dire cela tu dois l'avoir...
Je tire mes informations de sites dédiés a T4C... suffit de chercher
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Avatar de Jeska
Avatar de Jeska
Je vois pas en quoi ce genre de données doivent à tout prix rester secrètes... Ca ne ruine en rien l'intérêt du jeu selon moi...
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Avatar de Peyton
JOL Peyton
Alpha & Oméga
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J'te crois pas.
Donne moi l'url du site.
Ces infos ne sont pas censé être données alors si c'est dispo sur un site ça me ferais bien rire.

Moi non plus j'ai pas l'éditor c'est mon chien Rex qui a mis des logs sur son site internet.
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Avatar de Erish Ethael
Erish Ethael [Evos]
Alpha & Oméga
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*** Version 1.04 Release (09/16/99 -- 16:00 EDT) ***

FIX: Willpower and Luck are both removed from character creation and from the user interface (Ctrl-S).
FIX: Willpower & Luck points in excess of 10 (for each attribute) are returned to you as attribute points; you can spend them normally.
FIX: Modifications to the Pick Lock, Peek & Rob skills to compensate disappearance of Willpower & Luck. Pick Lock reqs are now Lvl 12/Agi 40. Peek reqs are now Lvl 5/Agi 30. Rob reqs are now Lvl 17/Agi 50.
FIX: Trainers Shadow (Lighthaven), Lyria (Arakas) and Baldric Silverknife (Raven's Dust) have been modified to accomodate the removal of Luck from the game.
FIX: Items Ring of Chance, Pendant of Luck and Amulet of Ironwill will become obsolete (they were boosting attributes that no longer exist). For a short period, they will have a full resale value as compensation for their upcoming deletion. If you have such an item, sell it before we destroy it.
FIX: Players' Manual edited to reflect the removal of Willpower and Luck from the game.

FIX: Graphical bugs fixed (black squares, wrong/missing graphics, etc.).
FIX: Minor blocking corrections done where necessary.
FIX: Music zones properly implemented on Raven's Dust.
FIX: Added spells listing in Players' Manual.
FIX: The safe in Silversky castle was moved slightly so it isn't hidden by the castle's walls.
FIX: Improvement to lag detection features provides additional data: network icon flashes briefly if your ping is bad.
FIX: Targetting on brown rat has been slightly adjusted for improved accuracy.
FIX: Bank robbery quest fixed.
FIX: The price of healing potions wasn't correctly set. You would have seen a price of 100 on the screen, but 125 gold pieces were actually deducted from your pouch. The correct price listed is now 125 gold pieces.
FIX: The resell values for the mana potions and mana elixirs have been slightly increased.
FIX: Some lag issues have been resolved.
FIX: Fine Steel Scimitar +2 has been fixed.
NEW: User-friendly feature gives you the opportunity to send Vircom various info files (*.log, *.GP, operating system, user name, server name etc.) upon entering the game if a crash or problem occured during your last game session.
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