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Dark Age of Camelot
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[Mythic] Grab Bag du jour :

Grab Bag, Foiled By Technology
from Sanya Thomas
2003-03-28 19:53:48

This week's grab bag consists of general announcements instead of the miz of questions and announcements you are used to. Why?

As you might imagine, I get a copy of every virus and spam encouraging me to enhance various bits of my anatomy. The fact that I do not actually have some of those bits owing to the gender I was born with is irrelevant to those sending me the spam. Anyway. Something I got earlier this afternoon is locking up my email client, and I cannot open the "questions" folder - where the questions and the answers for tonight's grab bag are stored. So, the usual Q&A of the evening is going to have to wait until Monday.

I do have the annoucements portion, of course, as I type those up throughout the week. Read on:

April Fool's Day is next Tuesday. Please be aware that several clever people are planning general wackiness. Indeed, one clever patch note spoofer even jumped the gun a bit and posted some this afternoon. Remember, if you don't see it on the Herald, it's not true. The Herald does not do April Fool's jokes. The resident typing chimp does not have a sense of humor in that regard. Just double check here before you hit any panic buttons!

Speaking of the Herald, there is a handy dandy web form for those of you who have technical and other hardware issues. Please go to, fill it out, and someone from technical support will hop on it. Please do not use this form for billing issues or in game problems – forms with those types of problems will be deleted.

Got a letter from a guy named “Vincano” on the Iseult server. He tell me that he’s trying to coordinate a server wide event, and the Town Square won’t help. It seems the plan was originally for his guild to get together and take a “picture” (a screenshot) to send to a guildmate who is in a dusty, sandy place right now, and won’t be home for awhile. Then someone suggested that all of Albion get together for the picture. AND THEN he though maybe it might be fun for the entire server to gather for a picture, to be sent to all the Iseult players who are in dusty, sandy places far from home.

So, here’s his “event”:

“On March 29th, Albion will gather at the North Gate of Camelot for pics and video taking, starting at 4PM EST. Then at 5PM EST, we will gather at the Albion Mile Gate to gather w/ our Midgard and Hibernia server mates and have another pic/video session.”

I should say – this event is not sponsored by anyone at Mythic, and we can’t guarantee that other people will respect the event or not kill anyone attending. I also feel like I should point out that it might well be a trifle… well, laggy if turnout is high. But I certainly wish you all the very best of luck in getting a screenshot to remember. I’d love a copy

Speaking of screenshots, go to the Camelot Vault. Scroll down to the Featured Screenshot (it's an article, *and* a link on the right sidebar). Look at the screenshot. Make sure you click the screenshot and look at all the teeny details. Ye gods and little fishes. Our friend Lepidus wasn’t kidding when he declared this the Best. Screenshot. Ever.

One of the devs asked me to put this in the column last week due to the number of inquiries he had on the subject, and I completely had a memory lapse. Here it is, a week late:

Q: From the Herald: "Frontier monsters are now itemized using new class specific random object generator templates." Does this mean that items will be "Skald Only, Bard Only" types or will they simply have class specific bonuses?

A: They have class specific bonuses.

See you Monday afternoon with the rest of the bag. Have a great, safe weekend.
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( En gros, rien de neuf... faut attendre Lundi pour de nouvelles infos )
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Joli grab bag lol
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