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Dev-chat de Mars 2003

Keth_Turbine dit : ahoy hoy everyone, we'll start the Dev Chat at 4 PM Pacific, or in about, oh, 25 minutes.
Jessica_Turbine dit : OK, let's get started, shall we?
Jessica_Turbine dit : I'm Jessica Mulligan, and with me is Payson, our Content Design Lead...
Jessica_Turbine dit : and Keth, our Web COntent Coordinator, who also some some design work occasionally, <g>
Jessica_Turbine dit : Durng the chat tonight, I'll be answering some of the general questions...
Jessica_Turbine dit : and Payson and Keth will be answering Lore questions.
Jessica_Turbine dit : So, without further ado....
__Paolo__ dans AsheronsCall demande : Can you please let us know to what extent this trend for "disclosure" of game mechanic details will continue thru the interface?
Jessica_Turbine dit : If by that you mean posting info as soon as we can, so players can comment on it....
Jessica_Turbine dit : we intend to continue that trend from now on.
Sir_Aether dans AsheronsCall demande : What exactly are the Drudges doing with that lake?
Keth_Turbine dit : well they are following the bidding of their masters, and their masters seem to be looking for something...(ending on an ominous note)
Vancaladin dans AsheronsCall demande : Jessica, the Kens Korner left a bunch of issues with your name on them. Have you had a chance to look at them?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Not all of them. I'm starting to pick up steam on them, though, and becoming more active on specific topics on the forums.
bridop dans AsheronsCall demande : Houses: Please tell me these are being included eventually!
Trader_Max dans AsheronsCall demande : is all of the new content you are working on going to be more of the same, or are you going to include elements such as npc's with lore, conversation trees, smaller quests etc, to provide more of a sense of immersion in the game
Payson_Turbine dit : We are planning on adding a diverse array of new content dynamics over upcoming months -
Payson_Turbine dit : from NPCs with more personality, to special live ops, to Task NPCs that offer smaller, "flavor" quests.
Jessica_Turbine dit : bridop: There will be some form of housing in AC2 eventually....
Payson_Turbine dit : Of course, we still intend to create larger, more "epic" quests to further the story line as well.
Jessica_Turbine dit : I just can't give you a firm answer yet on the "when"
Anime411 dans AsheronsCall demande : With April just around the conner is there any plans on adding some fuzzy little bunnies to the game
Arathan dans AsheronsCall demande : So many players are reaching the games current lvl cap 50,will the cap be raised any time soon ? If so will there be new content to be lookig forward too ? Such as new monsters , skills and loot ?
Keth_Turbine dit : Bunnies eh? Bunnies? Oh I think you'll see bunnies at some point. Just be careful what you wish for.
Jessica_Turbine dit : We were discussing that here just last night. There will be some form of "over 50" levels, skills or combination of both, probably within the next four months, HOWEVER...
Jessica_Turbine dit : that is not a firm promise on time yet. There is a lot to do to get ready for that.
Jessica_Turbine dit : I agree, if there is nothing for them to do. We're just going to have to make sure there is good high-level content for them.
ToppingClient dans AsheronsCall demande : 4 months is way too long for people to stay at 50
Jessica_Turbine dit : Sorry, mixed up the question and answer send,
Loup--Solitaire dans AsheronsCall demande : Do you plans to add one or more new islands soon?
Keth_Turbine dit : Yes, we have some plans to add at least one new island, while also adding some higher level content to existing islands.
Meoury dans AsheronsCall demande : I just got here and you may have been asked this already but what's the latest on what y'all are going to do to Reap Essence?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Check the April update on the lans for Reap. Changes are being made, indeed.
Arcane_coldeve1 dans AsheronsCall demande : WIll the "reaps" have less affect in PVP in the near future
Jessica_Turbine dit : If you are at full health, yes, as described in the April In Development Update in the forums.
Sir_Aether dans AsheronsCall demande : What can we expect with the Linvak Changes that are suppose to be coming in April?
Payson_Turbine dit : Linvak will receive a great deal of attention over upcoming months, starting in May.
Payson_Turbine dit : We are planning on revamping the landscape gens to refocus the concentration of group- vs.
Payson_Turbine dit : solo-statted monsters as well as adding monster camps to most of the Linvak regions.
Payson_Turbine dit : In addition, the monster from the art contest will make an appearance soon!
Arathan dans AsheronsCall demande : I have notice that alot of the skills in the game have been revised and you guys have done a great job on that. I have a question on the skill tattercoat on the enchanter skill, how are we supposed to use it ? only target I can find is my oppenets shield?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Right now, that is what it is used for. We are contemplating changes to it in the future to make it mopre useful.
TheGumpster dans AsheronsCall demande : There was mention of various "Decals" on armor (flames, rust etc), thus changing appearance, is there an ETA?
Jessica_Turbine dit : First I've heard of it. As far as I know, there are no plans for this right now.
turbolord dans AsheronsCall demande : Do Quest Points have any other purpose than showing you your progress?
Payson_Turbine dit : Right now, Quest points do not serve any other purpose than to show your progress;
Mattekar dans AsheronsCall demande : Could we please have the ability to dye weapons?
Payson_Turbine dit : however, we are currently investigating a content feature where you can use your quest points to “buy” certain items or skills.
Payson_Turbine dit : We’re not set on this, but it’s on the table right now.
Jessica_Turbine dit : There are no plans for dyable weapons right now, sorry.
Whispers-Giovanni dans AsheronsCall demande : Will PK points be fixed so we can use the kingdom skills?
TheBracket dans AsheronsCall demande : Are there any plans to add large, readable bodies of text to the game? One of the best features of AC1 was the ability to take time out from hunting and sit down with a book... without ever logging out.
Jessica_Turbine dit : That is another subject we've been batting around here lately (PK points and KvK). We'll talk more about that publicly in the near future, I think.
Payson_Turbine dit : We would certainly like to have a text UI so we can add more flavorful and in-depth texts to the game.
Payson_Turbine dit : Once time allows, we're going to try to add this feature.
GuyIncognito10950 dans AsheronsCall demande : I know Bounty Hunters will be recieving more 'lovin' soon, are there any skills in particular you're looking at changing?
Jessica_Turbine dit : YOu can expect to see a whole list of them either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Check the forums; we're cleaning up the May In Development document now,
bridop dans AsheronsCall demande : Alchemists.... any plans for them?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Same asnwer as the Bounty Hunter one... changes coming in May, watch for the In Development post.
Nosepenguin dans AsheronsCall demande : Are the hivekeepers going to take over the world?
Jessica_Turbine dit : In May, maybe...
Jessica_Turbine dit : We're giving the HKs the love they deserve in May
Delryk dans AsheronsCall demande : I dont see a lot of different armors... are there going to be some "flavour" sometime soon? Everybody looks pretty much the same right now...
Jessica_Turbine dit : This one is a priority for me, and the art guys have been doing a great job....
Jessica_Turbine dit : But much really depends on how other develoment goes, too. The artists also support the Content designers...
Jessica_Turbine dit : and have other art to pick up, such as UI additions, etc. It is on my mind a lot, though.
SkeletonBeelzebub dans AsheronsCall demande : How are you guys gonna celebrate the 100 days of AC2 ?
Vancaladin dans AsheronsCall demande : How are the REAL helmets coming? Any timeline?
Payson_Turbine dit : Nekkid Tumerok dancing gurrrls!!!!!
Jessica_Turbine dit : You should expect to see some additional helmets in May. And they are really, really cool; I want one.
Bellawyn dans AsheronsCall demande : I just wanted to point out that tha actual helmets are not that bad looking, I'm getting accustomed to mine.
Jessica_Turbine dit : The artists are good, thanks...
Jessica_Turbine dit : Someone else asked if we are looking to expand the art staff, and I accidentally deleted the question...
Jessica_Turbine dit : but yes, we are. MOre as it happens.
cobere dans AsheronsCall demande : I've seen several people comment on a "dead spot" that exists in the upper 30s for character progression. Do you feel this is a legitimate concern and are there any ideas discussed or plans at this time?
Payson_Turbine dit : Yes - our CRS data has show that there are a number of “ruts” in our content
JDC_Stigs dans AsheronsCall demande : Are you eever going to try & get more women to play (eh. by adding the cooking skills)?
Payson_Turbine dit : where players tend to have a difficult time progressing.
Payson_Turbine dit : We are planning on adding more content over upcoming months that are designed specifically for these level ranges to address this issue.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Yes, but only if they remain barefoot. Oh, and we're adding pregnancty to the game, so they have to stay in the caves.
Jessica_Turbine dit : That was a joke, in case anyone didn't get it.
ArcticAvi8or dans AsheronsCall demande : Do you plan on giving monarchs any more functions in the near future? I love the motd
Jessica_Turbine dit : As a matter of fact, I started a new topic just today in the Forums, to discuss just which new capabilities to add.
Jessica_Turbine dit : CHeck out the Allegiance forum categories.
-Ravez- dans AsheronsCall demande : Are there any plans on adding "Mini-Games",like Chess in AC1.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Not right now, no.
WorkingDude007 dans AsheronsCall demande : Asheron isn't really dead is he? *cry*
Keth_Turbine dit : Nobody really knows, actually, he disappeared after his final spell went awry. He is presumed dead though, since the spell was powerful enough to destroy Bael'Zharon.
Whispers-Giovanni dans AsheronsCall demande : Jessica, will you marry me?
Jessica_Turbine dit : No, but you can buy me jewlery.
Dev_Eldog dans AsheronsCall demande : Most of us that play Bounty Hunters had no idea that you intended them to be a "Crowd Control" class. Why dont you post the intended roles of each class?
Nadavian dans AsheronsCall demande : Jessica, will you marry ME?
Jessica_Turbine dit : I don't know, what are you wearing?
Keth_Turbine dit : Well, that is a good idea, and we can see about doing that. However, when we post our May update, you'll see the roles we are envisioning for the revised classes.
overkill7769 dans AsheronsCall demande : can u give us any hints to the hk updates any at all
Jessica_Turbine dit : Nope, but you'll be able to read abiut them tonight or early tomorrow moening.
WlLDFlRE dans AsheronsCall demande : Jessica, marry ME, I'll swear to you! Don't tell my patron ...
Jessica_Turbine dit : Maybe I SHOULD start an allegiance...
Nosepenguin dans AsheronsCall demande : Any live events going on? New ones? Old ones?
Jessica_Turbine dit : As a matter of fact, the Admin crew have been running quite a few live events over the past couple of days...
Jessica_Turbine dit : and more are planned for April. Nice ones, too. You will know fear.
wrongfeifong dans AsheronsCall demande : Will there any large griant monster we will fight in the future? or any human we could fight ? (NPC human monster)
Payson_Turbine dit : Yes - we are planning on adding the contest monster to Linvak Massif.
Kotare dans AsheronsCall demande : From what I understand, HKs are gona be useless untill the May update, and that is a long time to upset people to the point they don't care for the game anymore, is there anything you can do or say to convince them to stay?
Payson_Turbine dit : Other critters are also in the works -- be very afraid...
Jessica_Turbine dit : Kotare: All I can say is, we ARE giving them love in May. I hope they will have some patience...
overkill7769 dans AsheronsCall demande : will u give hk a reset if they dont like the changes?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Yes, that's a promise.
Loup--Solitaire dans AsheronsCall demande : Is NAlicana(if it is her name,I'm not sure )as powerfull as his mentor Asheron?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Just a general note on questions....
Jessica_Turbine dit : We are answering Lore questions and general dev questions tonight....
Jessica_Turbine dit : Anything on billing, et al, are not something we can answer tonight, sorry.
Keth_Turbine dit : Nope, Asheron was a very special Empyrean. Nalicana was just a regular old Empyrean, even though in general an Empyrean is much more powerful any mortal.
Greymalk dans AsheronsCall demande : Then why are u allowing Marriage Propasels Through? DUH
Jessica_Turbine dit : Well, mainly because I thought it was funny. Your mileage may vary.
Kotare dans AsheronsCall demande : On the reset mentioned about HKs, is that reset just for HKs or for all?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Not sure yet. Certianly the HKs.
Nailer814 dans AsheronsCall demande : Will there be a skills reset in April?
Mike2709 dans AsheronsCall demande : When will we see the re-entrance of main line story characters IE:Asheron/Celdiseth into the AC2 story line?
Jessica_Turbine dit : We won't make a decision on that until tomorrow. But it is looking like no, right now.
Payson_Turbine dit : You can expect to see some familiar faces very soon - starting in April!
ToppingClient dans AsheronsCall demande : do you read the forums in too see what the players want? The ac2insider forums are censored so you really don't have a clue what the players are thinking
Keth_Turbine dit : Well we try to take a look at all the various boards, but try to limit our posting to the official boards so players know that there is one place they can go to find developer responses to various topics.
Keth_Turbine dit : Since a number of people at Microsoft and Turbine read the moderation queues for the official boards, I think that players do get a chance to state their feelings, even though their post may not be seen by everyone.
GuyIncognito10950 dans AsheronsCall demande : Lila seems left out of all of this. Will you marry me?
Lila_MS dit : Already taken Guy, sorry
Keth_Turbine dit : I lost the question, but it was regarding Rytheran and why he's the only Firstborn making an appearance right now
Nosepenguin dans AsheronsCall demande : Can we make your paychecks as hard to find ebon pyreal? hehe j/k You deserve them.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Uh.... no.
Keth_Turbine dit : and there's a pretty good reason for that, which will be revealed in the fullness of time.
ubynoob dans AsheronsCall demande : So, where are the Tuskers and Gromnatross?
Mike2709 dans AsheronsCall demande : Any hopes of increasing the drop rate of certain trophy items? *coughtyrantpiecescough*
Keth_Turbine dit : Tuskers were sadly hunted to extinction by human mages, poor devils
Jessica_Turbine dit : We're watching this. There seems to be a mixed reaction top the toughness of finding them...
Jessica_Turbine dit : ...but lots of people seem to be able to get the necessary pieces together.
Keth_Turbine dit : Gromnatross, well ya never know when they might pop up. They are grand creatures though, so showing one in AC2 might be a challenge. (They would be absolutely enormous)
Jessica_Turbine dit : I'm personally not adverse to a change inthe drop rate...
Jessica_Turbine dit : but I don't want to do anything that will screw up a dynamic.
Jessica_Turbine dit : We'll keep our eye on it.
kakarotto1124 dans AsheronsCall demande : Where are the Olthoi?
Keth_Turbine dit : Muahahahahahaha…
Keth_Turbine dit : there I'mdone
Xanthus_Noir dans AsheronsCall demande : Low drop rate does not an epic quest make.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Understood. We are looking at it. But the weapons were being made on the very first day, so they pieces aren't THAT rare.
doc_miller dans AsheronsCall demande : Just what happened to Rez'arel?
Keth_Turbine dit : Well the Devastation was, erm, well devastating. The battles fought were truly epic, unlike anything seen before on Dereth.
Keth_Turbine dit : If you are familiar with AC1, you know that the Obsidian Plains were created by the first trapping of Bael'Zharon by Asheron, thousands of years ago.
Mike2709 dans AsheronsCall demande : Could you shed any glimmer of hope on the PK point system? Like any future plans? Do you want ideas? An ETA maybe?
Keth_Turbine dit : that was nothing compared to what happened when Bael'Zharon was on the loose again.
Jessica_Turbine dit : We actually have some ideas on PK points... but I'm not going to give away anything at this stage.
Keth_Turbine dit : oh, sorry, Rez'arel was the red moon, it is now the ring you see in orbit around the planet, duh sorry...
Arathan dans AsheronsCall demande : What is Gaerlan doing in malthbor vault, wasn't he a big baddie in ac1 ?
_chanta dans AsheronsCall demande : will mobs always run through rocks and small objects or will you fix the ai and return the code back to a more realistic state?
Keth_Turbine dit : Well Gaerlan was transformed into an undead creature at the end of the AC1 story arc that featured him
Jessica_Turbine dit : On mobs: We're in the middle of reworking our physics system, so this will happen. Not right away, but it is happening.
Keth_Turbine dit : since then, he wandered around in a pretty pitiful, and whiny, state. Fortunately the undead found him and gave him a job and a purpose in his un-life!
Shoo9580 dans AsheronsCall demande : Are you ever going to implement flying mounts?
Jessica_Turbine dit : HIghly unlikely.
Jessica_Turbine dit : Sorry, I think they'd be cool, too.
Xanthus_Noir dans AsheronsCall demande : any thoughts on mounted combat?
Jessica_Turbine dit : This isn't anything we're going to get to any time soon...
Jessica_Turbine dit : Sorry, but we need things like more spec trees and to fix some other classes first.
Drewsafina dans AsheronsCall demande : More spec trees? Did I hear that right?
Jessica_Turbine dit : Yeah, but I ain't talking timetables, .
MrQuazarr_MS dit : Sorry about my tardiness... The dumb doctor wouldn't let me out of the office on time!
Xanthus_Noir dans AsheronsCall demande : Can we expect "Fetterguard Armor"?
Payson_Turbine dit : Fetterguard Armor? No.
Payson_Turbine dit : But we’re working on adding special tiers of armor suites in upcoming months, suitable for a number of level ranges. J
GuyIncognito10950 dans AsheronsCall demande : When will Pookie return(summer, fall, next year)? You seem to be dropping lots of hints.
Keth_Turbine dit : That would be telling. And where would the fun be in that? He'll probably pop up some day.
CTU-Bauer dans AsheronsCall demande : Will there evr be any plans to re work the spell effects, I mean you have this great engine and well...I would like to see some cooler effects when i buff or cast a spell
Jessica_Turbine dit : Sure, there are plans for that, but we have to finish optimizing the graphics engine, first.
Keth_Turbine dit : continuing the Pookie thread...
kombatkiosk dans AsheronsCall demande : Since I have not played AC1 who is Pookie ?
Keth_Turbine dit : A foul loathsome creature of immense power and evilness and, he was a White Rabbit.
Mike2709 dans AsheronsCall demande : Any ETA on the fix of PK point system? The "special" pets are currently just un-achievable wishes
Jessica_Turbine dit : Gandalf: After Allegainces, KvK is the next dynamic to get my attention...
Jessica_Turbine dit : I'll be starting round two on it next week, to help decide just what we need to do...
Jessica_Turbine dit : check out the Allegiances forum category to see how we're going about it...
Keth_Turbine dit : Cuz people love the Pookie questions...
Arathan dans AsheronsCall demande : Pookie vs Bael'Zharon who would win ?
Keth_Turbine dit : Funny you should mention that, there is some concept art in the hall here at Turbine
GandelfOfHG dans AsheronsCall demande : hehehe thanks Jessica I love ya
Jessica_Turbine dit : Yeah, but would you let your brother marry me?
Keth_Turbine dit : it is Bael'Zharon holding Pookie as a gives me nightmares
Vilous-Frostfell dans AsheronsCall demande : Maybe not, but I'd let my brother buy you jewelry.
Redemus dans AsheronsCall demande : The Virindi, please I miss my masters, bring back the Singularity, the Atua N'gamaru, I want to loose mah tale
Keth_Turbine dit : We are thinking about it, we want to do it right wait and see.
Jessica_Turbine dit : OK, time's up on this one, folks...
Jessica_Turbine dit : thanks for showing up, and to those who didn't get thier questions answered...
Jessica_Turbine dit : our apologies. There were just too many to answer.
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En résumé:
-Turbine continuera à dévoiler les ajouts des patchs afin que les joueurs puissent en discuter(comme en Mars et en Avril)
-Les drudges ont construits le barrage prêt de Rithwic pour suivre les ordres de leur maître qui semblent chercher quelque chose(la cité engloutie ?Des white pyreals ?)
-Jessica sera plus active sur certains sujets des forums officiels
-Il y aura des maisons dans AC2,maisl ils en peuvent pas nous dire quand exactement
-Ils comptent donner plusieurs voies au contenu dans les mois à venir,comme des NPC avec plus de personnalité,ou des NPC qui nous donneront des quêtes plus petites,tout en continuant à créer de grandes quêtes épiques pour faire avancer la storyline
-Il y aura des lapins dans AC2,mais ils nous conseillent d’être prudents avec ce que nous souhaitons(probablement en référence à Pookie)
-Il existera du contenu au-delà du level 50,comme des levels ou des skills supplémentaires ,ou une combinaison des deux,probablement dans les 4 mois à venir,mais ils ne promettent rien quant à ce délai,car ils désirent offrir un bon contenu high-level
-Une nouvelle île au moins sera ajoutée,tout en ajoutant du contenu high-level sur les îles déja existantes
-Il y aura des modifications sur la skill « reap essence » en Avril,comme la rendre moins efficace si l’utilisateur n’a pas perdu de health
-Turbine s’occupera de Linvak dans les mois à venir à partir de Mai,en changeant les spawns de monstres « de groupe » et de monstres solos,ainsi qu’en ajoutant des camps de monstres;de plus,le monstre du concours d’art devrait apparaître d’ici peu
-la skill « tattercoat » de l’arbre enchanteur sera modifiée pour la rendre plus utile
-Il n’est pas prévu d’ajouter les effets graphiques « d’états » sur les armures pour le moment
-les quest points ne servent à rien pour le moment,mais ils permettront d’acheter des objets et des skills dans le futur...Turbine ne s’occupe pas de ça en priorité pour le moment,mais ils en parlent
-Il n’est prévu de pouvoir teindre les armes pour le moment
-Ils donneront plus d’infos sur le PK et le KvK dans le futur
-Ils aimeraient pouvoir ajouter des textes(livres,entre autres) dans AC2,et se pencheront sur le sujet lorsqu’ils en auront le temps
-Des changements pour les bounty hunters,alchemists et hivekeepers sont prévus pour Mai,et ils nous conseillent de surveiller les forums officiels dans les jours à venir pour voir les posts « in development » de Mai
-Il y aura plus d’armures différentes dans l’avenir
-De nouveaux casques seront ajoutés en Mai
-Turbine comptent augmenter les artistes(traduction approximative de « art staff »,équipe s’occupent de l’art dans le jeu)
-Ils savent qu’il y a des niveaux difficiles à passer(comme les niveaux supérieurs de la trentaine(je dirais 36-39,entre autres)),et ils comptent ajouter du contenu pour ces niveaux
-Plus d’infos sur les ajouts futurs du systèmes d’allégeance su rle forum officiel consacré au système d’allégeance
-Il n’est pas prévu d’implanter des mini-jeux,comme les échecs dans AC1(j’étais pas au courant pour les échecs)
-Personne ne sait si Asheron est vraiment mort,mais il est présumé mort en raison de la puissance de on sort(ce qui revient à dire qu’il ne l’est pas,à mon avis)
-On aura une meilleure idée sur le rôle prévu par Turbine pour les différentes classes lors des infos sur le patch de Mai
-Il y aura de nouveaux events en Avril,qui devraient nous effrayer
-Nalicana(pas sur du nom) est moins puissantes qu’Asheron,mais bien plus puissantes qu’aucun mortel(c’est une empyréenne,mais je me demande d’où elle sort)
-Il y aura un skill reset,au minimum pour les hivekeepers,en Mai
-Il n’y aura pas de skill reste en Avril
-On peut espérer voir des visages connus en Avril(Je ne sais pas qui est Celdiseth, quelqu’un peut-il m’éclairer à ce sujet ?)
-Ils lisent bien les forums d’AC2HQ mais répondent/postent seulement sur les forums officiels pour que les joueurs aient un endroit précis où chercher les dernières informations
-Nous saurons pourquoi seul Rytheran est apparu pour le moment dans l’avenir
-Les Tuskers ne seront probablement pas présents sur AC2,les mages humains les ont conduits à l’extinction de leur race;les gromnatross seront sans doute un jour présentes,et ce sont vraiment des monstres énormes(bien plus que les tyrants,apparemment
-Ils surveillent les infos sur le drop rate des trophées,mais ne veulent pas briser une dynamique
-pas d’infos sur les Olthois(à part un étrange rire de Keth...)
-Rez’Arel(la lune rouge,présente dans AC1)n’est autre que l’anneau en orbite autour de la planète
-Turbine a quelques idées sur le PK Rating,mais ils n’en diront rien pour le moment
-Gaerlan est devenu un mort-vivant à la fin de son histoire dans AC1,nce qui explique sa présence dans le Malthabor Vault
-Ils retravaillent le système physique,donc il est possible que les arbres et les rochers redeviennent solides pour les mobs...pas tout de suite,mais ça peut arriver.
-Probablement pas de montures volantes
-Les combats sur montures ne sont pas prévus pour tout de suite,ils auront besoin de choses,comme des arbres de spé plus nombreux
-Il y aura plus d’arbres de spé dans le futur,mais ils ne donnent pas d’infos sur la date
-Pas d’armure « Fetterguard »,mais ils travaillent sur de nouveaux sets d’armures pour tout niveaux,dans les mois à venir
-Pookie reviendra,mais ils ne veulent pas dire quand
-Ils amélioreront les effets de sorts lorsqu’ils auront finis d’optimiser le moteur graphiques
-Le KvK est leur prochaines priorité après les allégeances
-Ils pensent à redévelopper la partie « singularity » des Virindis

Je tiens à préciser que ce dev-chat était remplis de questions réponses humoristiques que je vous laisse découvrir !
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du genre une bonne demi douzaine de
Jessica will you marry me???
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ouais je l'ai trouvé moyen comme d'hab. c'est des vrai politiciens chez turbine
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Avatar de Krellian
Celdiseth ct un mago PNJ de ac1, un archimage/vendeur de spells quoi

olthois, lol de keth ben c pour bientot alors
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Avatar de darhn
Avatar de darhn
ah vi celdiseth, c'est pas celui au nord de dereth?
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