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Ender [_ReN_]
Alpha & Oméga
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question pour Lyla Yee : besoin de vos idée

etant donné que pleins de monde geule sur les modifs, ou aimerais proposer pleins de truc...
et que le post persisstant a autant de succes qu'un Steak de cheval au milieu d'un regroupement de vegetarien...
je vais me faire taper sur les doigts par ce que je fais un post doublon, mais tant pi

demain soir, j'envois ce mail à la charmante chargée de relation publique
attention, y as de la lecture, et j'ai pas le courage de tout traduire

je vous invite cordialement a corriger mon anglais, ET SURTOUT a me donner pleins d'idee sur ce qu'il serais bon d'ajouter / modifier / corriger

je suis pas le Ender_de_Spades de JoL pour rien

au pire metez vos idée en francais, je ferais la traduction de mon mieu et je posterais la reponce des que je l'aurais recut

A vous de jouer !!!!!


here is my new message about the french feeling about AC2.
Many question were directly ask from other players, so even if i say « I have encountered blabla », it’s not always me


-when can we hope for some new specialization?
actually, the possible number of combinations are limited
we ever found many of the same sort of character..

-when will you look into the human melee tree. even with the patch changes, it's still one of the worst (the worst ..?) tree of the game. no stunt, no life/energy leech...

-how about a jumb boost like AC1 ?

---Human Defender

actually,Emblem of Might reduce pv and pm max of the target hit with the enchanted weapon.... by 125 point at lvl 30 on Gurog as on dillo
this is a skill lvl 40, at this lvl, weapons does at least 120 - 180 damage...
this is actually the Human Defender skill whitch cost the most skill point to train.... and this is definitly the worst usefull skill of this spec.

all the defenders I have talked to agree that this skill can't reduce a PJ, or a "low" HP mob, health/vigor max by a very high amout ... but remplace fix amout of pv /pm reduced by a pourcentage won't be a bad idea... actually, this skill is... well.... no other comment

lay hand : this skill is absolutly needed if you want to train the triple strike... tree skill point used for a skill witch is useless for us directly...
what a nerf !
ok... you reduce the recast time from 15 to 3... but I really rarely use this skill, this is a "Last chance" skill... won't be as interesting as it must be :/
(and say that we can't lay hands on ourself....can we lay hands on a char 10 meter in front of us ? )

---Human Sorcer :

Turnbalde : seems to be a broken skill

--Human Ranger

Do you plan to add a shortcut to wield a second weapon in the left hand,or make some weapons left-hand only? Or make dual wield more simple to use ?

---nearly all race / spec. : Adept

only x1 hit bonus per point...0_o all players than I know (except tact ) think the same as me : useless skill.

adept xp cost is too important for the bonus it give. if you had a x1 damage bonus per point, or at least a x2 hit bonus, this skill will have an interest...

--- increase Health / Vigor regen

how does it work ? in the missile tree, I have train recoup, which regens pm over time... but for mending (improve vigor regeneration) or robustify/tenasiousness (health/vigor regen) in human magic tree it's seems that you must be like a rock, don't move, attack or anything, to regen your life ?
what is the interest in waiting +/- 10 second for regen heal... if a shreth agroes you, your health / mana won't regen... so... you're dead... and your skill haven't helped you at all.

not any players I have talk about these skill have explain me what is the interesst.... useless skill ? nearly all french players think there are.

---FI :

you have enough to read about that I think

Loot / Item

- Shades of the lost heroes:
Does the shoes buff stack with vakentu and player speed buff ? We did some testing and the shoes have no effect with vakentu haste, is it working as intended?

-There's something wrong with the loot-o-matic, lvl 45+ weapons and armor are often worse than 40- ...

-Also, all plate armor I've found got a higher speed rate than leather armor but for the same armor rating ... could we have some logic here ?

-If we are wearing 2 rings whith magic (or other) protection, will the magic resistance will be better than if we are wearing only one ?

-Do you plan to implement Two-Handed Weapons like Bastard swords, Giants Swords, or Great Axes, ect... ?

UI :

-Will it be possible to change the hairstyle of our character? And their color too?

-After a World chat channel, could you imagine a new one? For instance: /rp ? It would be dedicated only for the purpose of role-playing.

-Is it possible to have the recast time of a spell in minutes/seconds when it's grey ? the grey indicator is sometimes not enought for long recast spell (like turets, even if recast time still to be ok, you still have a long time to wait, but don't know how)

-Would it be possible to add something like a friend status (bugged in french version..), but for our vassals and patron? We would have more space in our friend list, and I know it was available in AC1.

-Correct some error on the minimap

-Could it be possible to have a dragable map and make so we have it centered on us, instead of having to search for that green dot

-Could you add dongeon/vault maps ? maybe with a fog of war or something ? (all strategy game succeeded in adding a fog of war on map... why can't you ? )

-Will you allow us to upload a picture that would be seen by everyone when they use the "E" button on our character (like avatar)?

-Could it be possible to have a key that will give us access to the 2nd bar directly ? like Lshift+1 = skill 11, instead of having to switch to 2nd shortcut bar, then use 1, then reswitch to bar 1.

for exemple :

right now, we must do : ctrl 2 + 2 + ctrl 1 to use skill number 11 and re-set macro bar on the first.. it's not easy.

-Actually, only the leader of a fellow is in green, can we hope that the green one was the selected char. in the futur ?

-Title of character is shown in alegance window, so sometimes, we only see this title (too long) but not the char. name ...

-Will it be possible to have a REAL description of the weapon/jewel effect ?
I mean that, right now, for an onyx ring lvl 12 with magic resist and lvl 45 emeraude ring with magic resist too, there is nothing to know if one is better than the second.

KvK / PvP / Combat

-add KVK without need of pvp like kill a (BIGGG) boss to control a place (but allow pvp for protect our place ) or KvK "quest" (how about a smal capture the flag ? ^^)

-add place without monster where pvp will be more fun than now (like castle to protect...)

-there is only 4 type of color for ennemy : red, dark-red (?) yellow and dark-yellow (? too)

will it be possible to have more color for them to specify thier difficulty for us ?

-in KvK zones, will it be possible to have a different color for our opponent ?
I'm order and can't see if this is a domi or a shadow how is comming... neither if this is a strong shadow or just a « young » one
(and at least, even if we can't differentiate domi/shadow/order ... diferent color for oponent lvl will be very more interesting )


-Please allow more items to be stackable : keys, trophies, potions...

-Will it be possible to set an item as « important » to prevent selling it cause of a wrong drag and drop.

-all mob, when attacked, run on us to close combat.
will you had magic/missile mob ?

Craft :

-Will we be able to cook and make our own drinks (no potions, something like fruit juice etc?)? or craft useless item (for example, have access to a database of item skin and allow us to give them a name, like we do for inscrition)

-Slithis scales don't exist at all...but are needed to shield resist improvment T2.... when will it be solved ?

-If armor will have magic effect, will crafted weapon/armor have a random chance to have an effect too ?

-Will we be able to craft magic jewel (or item in fact)?

-mining skill seems to be very too random... please, help the little dwarf we are to recolt more good things !

-will we be able one day to have carpenter skill... example : house building

Other :

-The non aggresives animals don't exist yet in Dereth: will we see them back? (like the little rabbits in AC1)

-I'd love to see inn and other features that make enjoy the towns for us. Any plan like this in the near future?

-On linvak, it is near imposible to found a place with 2 "solo" mob without a group mob between them.... will it change ?

---French support :

please... ask the IG support to accept our help request even if it was not --the french support day--

many of us talk english, at least a little, but I have heard of some cases when even if we ask help IN ENGLISH, the IG support refuse to help us....

fortunatly, it was not all the time ))


-I think this have already been talked about, but it would be lovely to be able to mount/dismount at will during the ataur lifetime ( 15 30 60 minutes ).

-Will it be possible to buff our mounting so that it runs more quickly ? And why not others buff ?


-Let's talk about music. A plug-in to import your own composition could be nice.

-Do you plan to add more musical style for us to play ? I'd Like to play the "love-boat" main theme while I brew non-alcoolic brevage for my roleplaying friends in the non-smoking cavendo inn


-how about the colision bug ...?

-Even with HotFix, hourglass-on-transmute-all bug still exist...even if it apprear less often

- Could it be possible tu prevent erase of shortcut by requiring a double clik on the shortcut to be removed from the shortcut bar (for example)?many times we erase it by doing a drag and drop we don't whant to do

-when using the auto attack when in air… there is a real bug whitch cause your character teleport 5 meter by 5 meter instead of running…very annoying.

-/cg /cr /ct still HS...

-shield wall rest time under top left icones is bugged. it don't re-init when recast.

-French "/friend status" still don't work !!

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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Maohi
Ender a regroupé les questions que vous voulez poser a Lila Yee.
Il a mis de belles couleurs, du coeur et de l'amour.

Merci a toi

N'hesitez pas a continuer de poster les questions qui vous tracassent concernant AC2.
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Maugz
Ender, l' est ou ma question sur l' amélioration de l' arbre mélée humain de base ?
C' est super important je trouve, car on est pas gaté ..
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Avatar de Ender
Ender [_ReN_]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ender
tu du caca dans les yeux C le 2eme point juste en dessous de "SKILL" et juste au dessus de human defender
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Avatar de Maugz
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Maugz
Oki, mais je suis sur que tu as edité entre temps *essais de garder un semblant de dignité *
Mhm ender tu tentes de me tromper ...
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Maohi
Vos questions sont encore dans l'ancien post (fermé) qui se trouve ici
Ender se charge gentiment de poser les questions a Lila Yee.
Si une question n'est plus ce thread ou autre problème, envoyez un MP a Ender qui mettra (si il veut) son post a jour.

Mais vous pouvez toujours allez poser vos questions vous meme

EDIT : sujet déstické, Ender veut pas
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Avatar de Elenah
Avatar de Elenah
Tu peux lui demander un buff de jump ? comme dans ac1 on ferais des concours de saut en hauteur ..................

:bouffon: :bouffon: :bouffon:

A++ Body

P.S. : désolé je suis fatigué
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Avatar de Ender
Ender [_ReN_]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ender
aucune proposition pour le pvp / kvk ?

pour le craft ?

l'inventaire ??

pas d'autre bug ???

aller quoi, me dite pas que j'ai tout dit
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Avatar de noodles
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de noodles
  • Rendre la mort plus handicapante (pour le PvM aussi, la perte de vitae est très peu pénalisante)
  • Permettre aux tueurs un gain d'Xp, la possiblité de récupérer les items ou l'or de son adversaire
  • Augmenter le nombre de zone PvP sur Soleilcouche
  • Rendre toutes les villes, ou une zone très proche de chaque ville en zone PvP (tout ça dans un intérêt Rp)

  • pouvoir crafter sa maison (définitivement)
  • permettre la création de plein de chose complétement inutile
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Avatar de Maohi
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Maohi
D'avance, désolé pour le boulot en + de traduction
C'est juste des petites questions comme ca qui me viennent a l'esprit (et oui j'en ai un !) de temps en temps.

- Les melees, comme on le sait, sont favorisé par rapport aux magic et missile pour combattre des mobs de groupe (dillos/shreths...) car les mobs arrivent tot ou tard au CaC. Comptez vous ajouter un jour des mobs de groupe plutot spé Missile ou Magic ? J'entends par la des mobs qui restent le plus souvent a distance et tirent ou des projectiles, ou de la magie.

- Comptez vous ajouter la possibilité de créer des objets ne servant a rien ? (c'est con comme question, mais qu'est ce serait drole ) Du genre : bouteilles diverses, tasses, revues pornos, maillets de juge, crayons, cravaches (pour la monture par exemple ), etc...
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Ender [_ReN_]
Alpha & Oméga
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Lilandrea Vifargent
Avatar de Lilandrea Vifargent
Re: question pour Lyla Yee : besoin de vos idée
édité pour sauver Ender
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Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ariendell
Thumbs up
Moi j'dis Lil' elle roxx en anglais

Merci pour les corrections Lil'
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Avatar de Ender
Ender [_ReN_]
Alpha & Oméga
Avatar de Ender
done, et efface moi ton blabla que je me sente moins ridicule
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Avatar de Lilandrea Vifargent
Lilandrea Vifargent
Avatar de Lilandrea Vifargent
Edité si j'ai le temps et le courage je continuerai

/edit : d'accord avec la bébé de dessous c'est deja beaucoup de boulot ce que tu as fait
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