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Major Gump

Dernières publications

28 avril 2017 à 13:32 - Discussion
A new tournament is being organized, if you want to participate sign up here: Lire la suite
25 avril 2017 à 10:11 - Messages
Yeah, no outside buffs or potions was allowed.... Lire la suite
24 avril 2017 à 08:47 - Discussion
Hiya, hope you enjoy the following matches from the first tournament! For some including me it was a short event ^^ But congrats... Lire la suite
7 février 2017 à 15:42 - Messages
From what I can see the player who is now in possession of Robin does not use the actual character which clearly proves the acc... Lire la suite
17 janvier 2017 à 23:17 - Discussion
Poster une photo de vous-même! Post a picture of yourself! Here is Major Gump and Doomguard Gump: Lire la suite
13 janvier 2017 à 11:51 - Messages
Would be nice with a ACP that cost like 50tokens so we have 1 color that is cheap. I will not be able to gather 500tokens+ unfo... Lire la suite
We are all allowed our own opinions. May I ask how many tokens you have?... Lire la suite
18 décembre 2016 à 20:27 - Messages
We are 3 from sweden that keeps crashing and having difficulties to login today.... Lire la suite
3 novembre 2016 à 20:05 - Messages
30 octobre 2016 à 18:24 - Messages
I have found one only. Marked in red. Lire la suite
22 octobre 2016 à 15:14 - Messages
I was banned just now for some reason. Did this happen to more players?... Lire la suite


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